Elizabeth Anna Bryan Osgood lost at sea (5)

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Elizabeth Anna Bryan Osgood lost at sea (5) - i X mm KVOIi. XXVII., NO. 105. CHICAGO,...
i X mm KVOIi. XXVII., NO. 105. CHICAGO, TUTJKSDAX MOKNTtfG, jrtXLY 7, 1898. POUR PAGES. X IXkKjlU OUT Or CITY CAKB1IH DISTRICTS. TWO CKT. J Wm OVER 500 II French Liner Bpurgogne Sinks in a Collision with the Cromartyshire. Cromartyshire. CREW IN MAO PANIC Men Drive Women from the Boats and Leave Them' to Perish. COLLIDED IN A FOG Every Effort Was Mada by the 'y. i Other Vessel to Rescue the Drowning Steamer Ore-; Ore-; Ore-; clan Assist, wort. Many of those who ware struggling In the water attempted to drag themselves into the boat and on rafts. These were rudely pushed back. It was a time in which compas sion waa net to be found. Here. too. knives and other weapons did their work. It waa a case of Save- Save- himself who can." ' Mr a. La Casss's Bxperleae. , j Mrs. La Casse thus described her experience . "1 heard the foghorn of the approaching ship as It sounded la response to the whistle of La Bourgogne. I realised that la an instant there would be a collision. I saw the big hull of ship loom la the fog and almost immediately there was a terrible crash. . Our steamship ea reened over oa her side and the waves washed la and swept some of the passengers against the iron stanchions of the steamship. They were chiefly steerage . passengers. -The -The last that I remember of the disaster itself itself was that I took hold of a raft oa the deck and was washed overboard by a big wave. held on to the raft, however, and then lost my senses." A. La Casse. her husband, who is an instructor of languages, saw his wife, apparently dead, on the raft, being tossed In the trough of the a He leaped overboard and caught her lust aa she was slipping into the water, and both floated about for some time before they were rescued. Mr. La Casse, when describing what followed. aald: "It was a scene of horror. A large number of those who were below were unable to reach the decks, and went down with the steamship. I saw a boat load of women go Oown. The accident happened a few yards from- from- oa There were about forty somes In the boat, but not one man In It, and, strange to say, the -boat -boat was launched without an oar. The women oil not remain quiet la the boat. To escape the spray from the waves that dashed against the lifeboat, several of the women went to the other side of the boat. and It cspstaed. and every soul waa lost. The. screaming Jest aa the oat turned over was terrific Three of the women remained afloat for a- a- few seconds and then disappeared I could not reach them from the raft. I had- had- no oars, and I experienced great di acuity In keeping on the raft with my wife, who was senseless snd pros trated by my side. ' I tried to restore her. but was unable to do so for some time. I saw scores BOMB III THE PALACE Attempt to Km Queen Bgent and Kins of Bpaln Failed. ARRESTS WERE MADE One Alleged Conspirator Was Executed at Barcelona. It Is Believed That ths Wsala-Bs Wsala-Bs Wsala-Bs Assasslaa Ars Adhereats ! Dsa i Carls a, taa Preleader. Special Dispatch to The later Ocean. WASHINGTON. D. C. July . Information has been received in Washington to ths effect that aa attempt was recently mads to blow up ths apartments of ths Queen Regent sf Spain at Madrid with dynamite. Several men w arrested for alleged complicity la the plot, and ons sf them. Alegandro Argorano, Waa confined in the 'fortress at Moajuich. at Barcelona, end afterward executed. Ths others ars 'still aa- aa- der Arrest. - Absolutely no official information has been given out concerning the attempted crime, and the ' press of ths Spanish capital was kept In igaioraacs of it- it- It is believed, however, that the bomb waa placed by adherents ef Don Carlo, Carlo, who wished to expedite his accession ts ths threns by 'the destruction either of ths boy King, Alfonso, sr his mother, ths Queea Regent. Hints were dropped of an anarchistic plot, but ths Carllst theory is given mors credence. Ths apartments of ths young King and his suits ars aot la ths east era wing of ths palace. in which the bomb was found, but ars aot far from there, and it is thought that ths conspirators WORD FROM GENERAL SH AFTER i Has Arraasred to Release Hsbssa aasl Says His Mea Ara Well. Bpeeial Dispatch to The Inter Oceaa. WASHINGTON. D. 'C, July A Ths official day In Washington waa a quiet ons. A few dispatches from General Shatter, which were unimportant, la eomparlsea with the advices received from 'the same source oa Sunday and Monday, wers mads public by ths War Department. Department. Th flrst was: "PLATA- "PLATA- DEL ESTE. July . To" ths Adjutant Adjutant General at Washington. Camp, Near Santiago, Santiago, July . I am la receipt of a letter from General Saul, agreeing to exchange Hobsoa and mea her. To make exchange la the morning. Yesterday he refused my proposal of exchange. "8HAFTER. Major General." Ths General Saul referred ts la the dispatch Is evidently General Toral. a mistake having beea mad ia transmission of the saessag. 8ooa after th receipt sf this telegram a mas-sags mas-sags mas-sags waa received from General Shafter, assuring assuring ths Secretary of War and th Adjutant General General of ths condition of their sons, whs ars with Shafter 'a army, ' and -about -about whom they have been anxious. Ths telegram follow: "PLATA DEL ESTE, Via Uayti. July . T th Honorable Secretary of War, Washington. Camp Near. Santiago, July 4. Captains Alger snd Sewell and Mr. ' Corbln are well. . I am feeling better. Had hoped t be up this Basra-leg. Basra-leg. Basra-leg. but as everything Is qalet I will remain still. Oeneral Wheeler Is feeble, bat remains with ths command. Oeneral Teaag leaves for Key . West today. General Hawkins slightly wounded la foot. All other well. ... -. -. . "SHAFTER. Commanding." TO CARE FOR INJURED TROOPS. War Departsarat If as Mad Casapfete . Prepasatlaas. ' Special Dispatch to .The' later Oceaa. WASHINGTON, D. C, July (.Complete preparations preparations havs beea mad by th War Depart-meat Depart-meat Depart-meat for ths 'cars sf the wsuaded soldiers sf E barter's army as sooa as they reach the Florida coast. Aa order was seat from ths Adjutant General' office today directing that as soon as WAITING FOB TROOPS Shafter and Sampson Hare Not Begun the Bombardment. . HOBSON TO BE FREE War Department Is Informed He Will Be Exchanged. Rivalry Betweea Frleads af tsasssa ' aad Schley !t Praaasals far Feaee frasa Spa I a. nectal Dispatch to Tba later Oceaa. WASHINGTON. D. C. Jaly C The bombard ment sf Santiago ha set yet begun, and th Urns for th sttack depeada upoa the conference betweea Admiral Sampson sad Oeneral Shafter. It Is denied that there Is friction betweea the. commander of th land aad naval farce, hut It is admitted that actio at Santiago I important, aad that ths President advised ths conference betweea Sampson aad Shafter. that they might agree upon & plaa sf eo-pe eo-pe eo-pe ration that weald enable them ts tak th city with ss little loss f Ufa ts, sur forces as possible. Whether this roerereeee has beea held neither th War asr Nsvy Department professes te knew. . Ths latest balletla from General Shafter. mads public, was dated yesterday, aad received this morning. The General reported that Oeneral Baal sf ths Spanish forces hsd agreed ts exchange exchange - Lieutenant Hobssa. aad ths exehaage would be made at vacs. Hs alss reported that at mea wers feeling well, aad that hs waa Improving, Improving, but alacs all waa qalet hs weald remain remain still. . Hs ha beea 111 aad ceaflaed ts his bunk laes th fight began last Friday. WILSON MAY GO TO GEORGIA. HI Mesrlasest Pravlsloaally Schedaled to Mars ta Caasp Taaas'r. Special Dispatch to The later Oceaa. SPRANG FIELD, 111.. July C Several days sgs Governor Tanner telegraphed ts Cos Marsh, head sf the military committee, snd Sen ator Cal loin, asking thsxa ts make a special ef fort to have ths bill providing for ths paying sf oncers la ths army psssed at one. Both Con-gresssBsa Con-gresssBsa Con-gresssBsa Marsh and Senator Cullom replied, aad promised ts ds sll la their power ts comply with his wish. . Tonight the Governor received a telegram telegram rota Congressman Marsh saying that ths bill had beea passed, aad that ths officers will receive receive their pay from the time of leaving their hisses aad armory. Govsrnor Tanner says there Is as truth la the riner that ths Eighth regiment, colored, wader Captats Marshall, has' flunked. The Oev- Oev- sraor stated that la ths event that the Eighth doe fsil ts cams up ta ths standard Colonel Hart lean" regime nt will aot bs ths oas called lor. .but Cok-ael Cok-ael Cok-ael Bin ford Wllssa's regiment will be order d te report st Camp Taaaer. A rare war wss averted by Colonels Campbell aad Swift Meaday Bight. Colored sentinels have s la the habit sf playing p reeks sa whits soldiers by needlessly arresting them. Sunday alght four . whit soldiers war arrested robbed by negroes repress sting thesssslves ss stntraels. Great Indignation resulted through sut ths Ninth regiment whea this known. Moadsy alght about JO negroes armed with casts and assay with bayonets fixed west lata ths compaay streets sf the Egyptians, wa der pretense of sarsaadlag but ta reality ts make a hostile dcmoastrstloa. Ths entire whit red-meat red-meat red-meat ross ap. seised axes, clubs, knives, such revolvers ss they had. aad rocka, aad bricks, aad completely surrounded ths colored Invaders. At this Juncture, fortunately for ths colored sen. Co'oaels Campbell and Swift arrived sa ths scene. Tbey satwasded ths whits aaea ts return ts their cecnpaay streets, aad ordered ths colored mes to leave. Aa order waa leased by Post Comaaaader Rescs forbidding members of each regiment from visiting ths quarters af ths others. " Seriate Finally Adopts the House Resolution by a Vote of 42 to 21. NO CHANGE IS MADE Every Amendment Offered by the Opposition Is Defeated. ACT WILL BE SIGNED Only Await the Approval of tha Plsaident to Make the Ittlaruid a Part of the United States.

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