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TliE -KEW YOUK TIMErf. THURSDAY. JANtJAKY itf. I'Jli I tt M. CRIHIHAL COURT CRACKING A suf- tft Inu nL . j J ItsiUlQ fissures, raicnea up IAIN Three Years Ago, Opening Dis astrously. PLANS FOR NEW BU LDINC Civic Centra Proposal Up To-day In cludes a Sita Opposite! Tombs. The question of ths establishment of a civic centre comes up to-day before the Board of Estimate, with every probability nf t ha aKlAntlnn IKa tivtrwaa I As at . aa war Refln- " 1. - I Court House site and park. Connected with that plan la the suggestion that It wj soon be necessary to rebuild the Criminal Cour-. House, and that It wouJd oe advisable to sell the present aite and in on steam- erect me new building directly across Centre Street from the Tombs, which would place the Criminal Court on the edge of the park Viat it la proposed to cnnte. - . j To make thia it o-o-ost Inn niAM AnnAHnn. became known yesterday that the dlsin- uy iwrariAn nr ,na i m t i 'ah.i uhimim. had iiiln.' and that thf nto I nnThe ellvafor IbZSIV?"!,0 S structure 1 slowly sinking. T was found. eleva,or PPtua that ahe ine new danger, to which ail who attend I She lay unconscious , the Criminal Cnurta nf hla Muititv . .u.T f 1 ".l ?u. at tn foot Of the exposed, became known eartv veerdav f"' "TJiT hurriedly nt I " . . . " . ' I eavaa etiuwuiaineff CB1L Wflirft nrAllaThl I as W w v . a ... . - .", BABY KILLED IN .ELEVATOR. 2-Yaar-Old Mitchell Roggen, Thrown to Hall Floor, Has His Skull Fractured. John W. Reynolds, a aegre who relieves at luuch time the regular elevator opera-tor tn the Morris Hall Apartments. U West IHHh Street, ran to tha apartment of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Roggen on the fourth floor about 1 o'rWk yesterday afternoon with 2-ycar-old MtioheU Ka In his artna. The baby waa unconscloua, and Reynolds explained that he had fallen on the tile pavement of the hall. He aaid that France Arkerroan, the baby'a nurse, had summoned the elevator to the fourth floor, and had pushed the baby In his carriage Into It and then stepped In herself. The ear had descended about four feet when the girl called out In fright that her dreea was caught In the door. Reynolds stopped and started up again. As the car reached the foarth floor, he said, .the girt pulled the door open and sprang out. dragging the baby carriage arter her. Reynoloa was not able to atop the ear Sly t the floor, and It waa still ascending very slowly, and waa several Inches above the hall when the nurse Jumped with the carriage. It upaet and the baby waa flung oat on his head. Reynolds, frightened by the acctdent. let the elevator rise almost to the firth floor before he managed to stop. Then he descended to the fourth floor. The overturned carriage and the baby lay there. The girl had disappeared. Lr. Sch warts of 'js Cathedral I'arkway was summoned hurriedly, and he worked over the baby for two hours. At a o'clock, however, he led. His skull had been fractured. lit the' eirltement the BEVERIDGE FLAYS CHILD LABOR EVILS In Carnegie Hall Address Former t Indiana. Senator Urgea Immediate Reforms. 1 PUTS IT UP TO CONGRESS Says Crazy-Quilt Legislation of Forty, aeven Oiffsrsnt States Cannot End Present Ruinous Conditions. casioned I the nurse girl waa forgotten, or. If thought of at all. waa supposed to have run awav In her frtrht V ...t. made for her. and It waa not until nearly m it k no"r Ute whn 8PL August ...r.....,.urH mi i uier rrom tha J. haa wn.K, u; I EJ?" hIf fiiir?rIIS5 JU 1 2L...-"rr'?on. 'd. that the girl hid . . - " ,1,J " iraciUTM lrt h Ih lnl.ra.1 ln4.. I craca, over seven inches in width, ex- probably a fractured iki.iT w. h7;J;i tAnrirf from xiw wtiitm.n'i nrit. AfNo. .. .",'.. Jrmciurea skull, lie hurried par- to the reoorters- room on th third floor . KJ2.l,!?"IlV,1 Dut that she room on the third floor. I nt-nK.Ki i Tki. .-.j I -u.u urn. a , vwvta. ea Lf Lrrrcs,! vju au .ajwr i uim ua the slightest cracks, for one through Coroner Holtzha ch8rylVeVonno'u,d7uthn.. hea5lin3 returoout1 i&P 'T shoulders had opened In Judge Rosalskya rested H VrTi. 1 m.nJ wa"ar: room, and extended thmurh th. Plum. IVi explained how the accident on a his Jive room, and extended through the Cham bers of Judges Mulaueen and Footer of General Sessions. Numerous other cracks were discovered In other rooms about the building, while large fissures opened tn the tiled floor about tha second floor of the building. la District Attorney's Office. had occurred. aDnarentlv rlnHn. him self nf blame. ' tha Cnrnnmr I ltarnd thl he car had risen 'well above luunn uoor alter- Miss Ackerman had Jumped, suggested that the girl had either fallen in a faint down the shaft or. Kntc-strlcken by the accident to the by. had Jumped down, intending to kill f I T She A is. i In District Attorney Whitman s office a neea last night. .u- crack atxmt seven inches in width and I - Former Senator Albert J. Dover idge ef Indiana apeaklnc under th ausptcee of the Civic Forum and the Ch:Vd Welfare League, before some 2.T0 persoas In Carnegie Hall last Bight. Qrgod a Natkot! child labor law as the only method of endln the child labor evil In the varVoJS. States, which singly, he said, are power-j less against theVombtned Influences ef the tremendous Interests that thrive and get dividends from child labor and seek to perpetuate It. lie declared that these Interest have succeeded in lulling the popular Impatience and diverting the Nation-wide agitation against child labor some firs years ago Into a mere harmless and unreadable though accurate and comprehensive report In large volumes, banded la by the Congressional Child Labor Investigating Committee appointed at that time; that nothing further has been done In the matter by Congress; that both political parties have completely Ignored the aubject. and thst President Taft and his Cabinet, tn " a Niagara of addresses " ut every conceivable subject throughout the country, have said never a word on child tabor, and seem never to have heard of the subject. Meanwhile, he said, the Socialists, demanding the National abolition of child labor, have made steady gains. The political parties and Congrees are

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 18 Jan 1912, Thu,
  3. Page 22

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