The Old Fisherman by Walt Murphy March 3, 1967

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The Old Fisherman by Walt Murphy March 3, 1967 - BY WALT MURPHY Here we arc, started into the...
BY WALT MURPHY Here we arc, started into the jord the daily doings month of March and if its en-j waterfront and trying to trance was like a linn innk- nut sorvp in m-inr HIP hi^tnrv ;in ,i i The for that Iamb as it departs Regardless of the weather pattern and old time predictions, it really hasn't hurt the fishing one bit. Wednesday morning, about eight o'clock, Larry Faulk of Fort Walton Beach \\as fishing from the catwalk on the Destin bridge when his line was jerked with a lusty pull and the reel hummed for a few minutes. When the tussle was over, Larry pulled a beautiful big red fish up onto the planks. When his catch was weighed in at I ho serve in print the history and of these hardy fishing i schools people I wonder if other writers have a clip board on their desk, full of little notes, not from other people, just notes I write to myself from time to time? Those are those random thoughts that pop up from time to time and are jotted down with the idea that 1 will check them out use j;ome of them in a future column. S o m o h o w there is up when it's time to put another edition together and the notes keep piling up. There are quite a few here; like, ask Capt. Ronald Gibson who built the Gibson Girl and has it ahvays been in Destin waters? This one says mention in some column that the old Tiki Too, operated for many years by Capt. Jack Cason, is now sailing out of Fort Walton Beach and is called the Islander. Must remember to ask Capt. Jack to tell me the history of the original Tiki one of the?e. days. Here's one, find out when and where the Dolly was built and get background history. This should make a real story. See Capt. John Melvin or Capt Buck Melvin. Then there is the note that reads, "get someone to tell how some of the fishing spots got their names." For instance, Ihe Billy, little Amberjack, the Timbe rholc, the Mud, Nick's knob, the Eighleens and a host of Sea Store it scaled an even 211 something that comes Ibs. 8 ozs. Mr. Faulk was using live shrimp for bait at the time of the catch. That was the only one that was reported to us, but since then the cat walk has been lined with anglers right Up until dark. While this activity has been taking place on the bridge, the snapper boats are still going ou and are still bringing in some real good strings of fish. Fresh Water Report Kennedy lake is producing a few bream and crappie with an occasional bass. The Choctahat- chee River is falling but is still muddy and the only catch report we have is a few bass caught at the dam. No wore mis week from our contact al Freeport. Remember, fresh water fishermen, if you let us know what and where you arc catching them, we will include the information in t h i s column. Phone your story to TErrace 7-2441 in Destin; Thanks. Latest from the Water Front The r e b u i l t Glory, rapidly nearing completion, has gone to the drydock for painting and caulking. The new Shooting Star will be launched in the near future. The engines arc set and lined up and Capt. Chubby Destin and Uncle John Destin will complete the fitting out after the boat is brought around to the local harbor. Capt. George Wheeler will take the Laurie K., to the dockyard for bottom painting and chocking within the week. Capt. Tommy Browning expects his new Carolina- built troller will be ready for delivery some time in May and the new Sailtisher should be ready to join the Gentry fleet about the same time. Capt. Buddy is ready to leave for Carolina the minute the boat is ready. No word at the moment as to the arrival of Capt. Howard Marler Jr's., new troller. Capt. Royal Melvin still working every day to get the Venture out of Ihe dockyare and in service. Capt. Howard Marler Sr. should have the Jet Star I alongside the home dock any day now. Glad to hear that Capt. Curry Horn is well on the road to recovery after surgery. Last word from his first mate Grace is that he is up and walking around a few hours a day and will soon be released from the local hospital. Capt. Horn has purchased the old Shooting Star and will operate it, under a new name, put of the port of Destin starting this season. If you really want to find out all of the latest along the water front, just join us any morning, between six and eight over a steaming cup of coffee at Crawford's. That's where most of the skippers and deck crew gather each morning to others. Note; write the story of Capt. "Roll Down" and how lie got that name, reference Capt. O. T. Melvin and Uncle John Destin. Try to find out exactly how many John Destin paintings are hanging in Destin liomcs. These are just some of the lighlights of my collection of notes that will, in time, I hope, appear as stories in this col- imn. Then there is the matter o ftaking time off and going ilong with Capt. Dewey "Buck" 3estin to capture porpoises and a trip with the seine boat. There is no end of material available here in Destin, just waiting for the proper time to set it all in type and preserve t in a chronicle of a way of ife, of those who go down 1o also serve even though they only sit and wait for the sundown and the return of the fleet. (\ctually the only lime one can ·eally set these stories down is during the winter months. The summer months are filled with our daily i-eports of the tinend- ng flow of fish from the bounti- ul waters of the Gulf. Come join us and let's go fishing to Jerry the for averaging Larry a anyone the as and and one at Tennessee's Named SEC ATLANTA, Ga. CAP) -- Ray Mears, who offset inexperience with a dandy defense and guided Tennessee to the top spot in the Southeastern Conference basketball race, today was in exchange views and opinions on iishing and boatbuilding as well as discussing the current topics picked over of the day. You know, the lirst time ever four the had been driving all night, from up in Northwest Louisiana a n d ' were looking for a breakfast i spot. We came over the bridge | and there \\as a lighted spot 1 that looked like an oasis to us. named SEC Coach of the Year by The Associated Press. coach was, last coacn "j 1 - · ' ^candi- I l t i a K Florida's Tommy Bartlett You know, the llrst lime l uaii. r u j n u d * ^,1,..,,., ,er stopped in Destin was a. and Vanderbilt's Roy Skinner, ,ur o'clock in the morning, a t , b the AP's Southeastern ie old Gateway Restaurant. Wo "~ ( points a ^aino a ycai u,o. The The Citv Recreation Depart- , I last It was there at a davbreak cof- mcnt will hold a meeting Mon-' fee klatch th'it I fn-st met some day March 13, for all coaches ' of the Destin skinners and and assistants coaches of the with learned of the famous fishing Little Major League Baseball of to be had here. teams. This was seven years ago and Th( . mc(ltin£; will bo hcld right thon I decided that this was to be the spot, thk would 1 0 - c i ock tho Community Center at i ,, At I six to , ________ ihe\ are kno\\n for the bo my snu K harbor or the rest Tho purposc of the meeting | S rate but of m years \\oll. that dream !,,,;,, he , o comp i Pto fmal nHTM i -- - - - came tuie and here T am. la- for 1hc oomin!; sea son. For fur- fhTvois mely trying to recountjind rec- t ] 1(M . information contact Arky, - | Vaughn at 243-3119.

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