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Strad - AMUSEMENTS AND ARTS Gypsy Buys Sfrodivarius In...
AMUSEMENTS AND ARTS Gypsy Buys Sfrodivarius In California Violin Shop SAfi FRANCISCO (AP) - Most genuine "Stradivarhis" *to!tl» fwnd rti lesser shops turn ort to be f*fce». Sut not so with <m bflHpht by gypey violinist Atf«ftl D'gorko. , *n etiteftairter at Riekey's ftudift wn at Pato Aho, fmind an old Kalian Wftlm at a violin shop here, in excellent WH* dftton. ft WBs peffeet 1ft tone and other essentials, it also was labeled inside "Antenlus Stradrvarrus Cre* monensis, 1TM." dealer told D'gurto 19 forget forget the label. It flbVtoUsly forged, he said. 6ut D'zurko bougftt the nwflt anyway, and had he been an ordinary violinist the story might have ended there. However, he was not an ordl» nary violinist. He says he is a full- blooded gypsy of the Lavutara class, of which there afe less than six on the West coast. He also is one trf the few gypsy musicians with a college education and cwj* servatory training in fflusie, D'Zurko soon was convinced that his violin Sounded Very ffiUch like a Strad. He named It the "Gypsy Stradivarius," much to the annoyance of other musicians musicians who thought he was trying to put oh ARPAD D'ZURKO With 'Gypsy' Stradivarius particularly at a the the mir- Violin maker Frank Pdssa 6f San Franelco ehallenged him oft the name v and talked him into get* ting a complete The issue shifted to New York, and to one df the nation's top violin violin experts, Rembert Wuriitier. in his files were the exact dimensions dimensions of a mold Used by the divari family, now preserved in a mUseOrn in Cremona, Italy. D'Eurko's instrument fit the di> mensions of the mold perfectly. Wurlitzer says this matter of the mold is ''interesting," but in* ciderttal to the actual authentication authentication of the violin. He says ihe label was a take, one of the many that have turned up in this country. The San Fran* Cisco dealer was right. The label could be disregarded. But WUHttzer ptDnounced the Violin to be the true handiwork of Francesco Stradivarius, son of Antonius. Wurlitzer also says the violin had been in the collection of f. C. Petersen, of Berkeley, Calif., as it bears "a tiny mark or brand which Petersen put on each of the items in his collection.'' The supposition is that after Petersen's Petersen's death the violin passed through the hands Of several deal' ers \Vho Were not acquainted with its true origin. D'Zurko bought the instrument for less than $10,000 ahd values it at a lot more than that. But it isn't for sale. Lucille Ball Finding 1. EM* M t •Mrt I. Poets *.PMHctt M 11. JtJBl tt, i-_. wit !» tAMtrHfc* iftmff 84. Short 17. Morning II. iniMf It. f>*Aec>«k feftlUi II; VMtmttt 24. Ml. In Cr«U M. Gasp :t«. Eshlmft 37. Small biitch $». Tapuynn <0. Of Utter 41. Inert «lis 14. Dtfl«*d 48. Tnlls |H' gr. rnh S4. Pastoral 56. Espy II: $h? k SB. Pin*!* trfce DOWM 1. Stnmrners HAS alphabet before the the It's Amateur Swimming Solo Invitational the South Athletic Y.W.C.A. Mystery Are Venezuela

Clipped from
  1. Lake Charles American-Press,
  2. 24 Nov 1962, Sat,
  3. Page 6

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