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 - Chest Campaign Is fCoininueil from Page One.)...
Chest Campaign Is fCoininueil from Page One.) ton Coal company employes, $8,374.45; Thomas F. Quinn, $1,000; South Penn 'olllrries, $1,000 - Lackawanna Hills, 82,000; K. T. duPont deNemours, $2,500; P., I,. & "W. railroad employes, $2,645; Mr .and Mrs. lialpli E. Weeks, $1,200; .Mrs. M. B. Fuller, $1,700; W. F. Hall - Mead. 2d, $1.10u: Mr. and Itrs. M. J. Martin, $1,200: Mrs. Annie O. Fulton, $1,500; Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Kingsbury, $l.n"0; .Mr. and Mrs. G. d'A. Belln, $1,250; E. S. Dolph, $1,000; Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel O. Robertson, $1,100; Household Outfitting company, $3,000; Mrs. II. M. Boies, MOO; Jennie Iewls - Kvans, of Lewis & Reilly, $1,500; Hattie A. Peck, $1,000. The invocation, ifollowlng the singing' of one verse of "America," was offered by Kev. U". 11. MoOlaullin, pastor of Raymond Memorial church, Unive.r - salist. Instrumental music was furnished by the Lackawanna railroad employes orchestra. Letters expressing the hope that the campaign will be successful were read by Chairman Relin from Hugh Frayne, organizer for the American Federation of Labor, and Rev. William McKinley Dawkins, pastor of the Bethel A. M. E. church. Mrs. Gertrude Goodfrlend and Miss Laura Jones, ot the accounting depart ment of the. Lackawanna railroad rendered vocal solos. Dunhr.m Was Chairman TT. G. Pun ham, president of the reo - pies' Savings and Dimo bank, was introduced .as chairman of the meeting. He spoke of the Community Chest as a wonderful proposition, growing in Influence .md popularity every day. "We are Jlnding it oasier to get increases this year than before. It has taken considerable time to eduarte the people to the value, of the Chest plan," said Mr. Dunham. Harold Conrad, chairman of the publicity committee, requested that everybody read the advertising in connection with the campaign. "Those who follow the suggestions In the - Cold Feet - Damp Feet - Wet Feet . Then a Watch out! Youtj in for a cold unless som thing radical is done. No person dan afford to run chances from now on, because the weather's apt to "switch" considerably. So For Health's Saks Have Your Shoes Soled NOW! Tt won't take long to hav the work done not if vou put It tip to our WHII.K voir WAIT KKRVICE. W not only do the best work In the city, hut we do the quickest. Ask anybody! Wonderlift Heels The talk of 25c the town. Put on any style ot 1 a d 1 e ' shoe heels at SHOE REPAIR CO. 109 Washington Ave. BALL QUICK Headed for Success papers will find many valuable Ideas to help in selling (the campaign." The newspapers were praised for the liberal space given to the Community Chest effort. He advised looking over the window displays, which, he said, carry sales arguments. Thanks were extended to the Comerford Amusement Company for shoving the campaign motion picture in its theaters. C. S. Weston, chairman of the banks division, in making his report, spoke as follows: Before submitting my report, T want !n justice to the banks and myself correct an erroneous impression which might naturally be drawn from a newspaper report of my talk yesterday which Indicated that I was having a bard time "uiaimiiB corriDuuoiis from Hip banks. r.xactiy the reversn Is true. My work chairman of the banks division was accomplished in less than three hour.' Kvery bank In Scrnnton and Dunmorc subscribed promptly and willingly and tho i - iimpiaro report was In my pocket when me campaign opened on Moncl.iv. Knr reasons with which you are all familiar, bonk contributions arc made subject ni'iMuvm oi sincKnoirierg and were all approved last year. There are 22 brinks in Scranttjn and Punmore, all contributing. The subscriptions are based on the size of the deposits of he several banks nu ino amount asKea for was the same as last year, with a minimum of $30. The contributions vary from a minimum of $.10 to a maximum of J7.500. The total nnount subscribed Is 125,784 or 100 per Chairman Charles Dorrance nre ceded the reading of his report for the mines division with reference to a car toon drawn by a mule driver in tho Pine Brook colliery of the Scranton Coal company, which showed the thoughts of the mine workers toward the Chest. "Last year." Mr. Dorrance said, "the employes of the Scranton Coal company contributed ?3. 400. while this year, through the efforts s.i James L. Cooney, president of the com pany, and Mr. Fray, they have given $8,374. This is an Increase of 242 per cent." Team No. 1. Ttftlph F. "Weeks, captain, pledces 70 total amount J:;. 5(15, romributluns ,;f 100 and over: Mr. and Mrs. Ralph K. Weeks, J1.000; Uem - KO V. miliar .:... 55.M1; .1. It. Wllliay'j Stores, JliiiO; Oeorise M. .tones, $100; ;. K. Corcoran, 100; A. Yv Cloae, 100: Consumers jro Co., 4o0. Ten 111 No. S Edward W. Warren, captain. pledcs 4? total amount $1,901.75; contributions ot nun and over: .t. t. llowley, $1,200; H. J. Bellman, J ion. Tenm No. S. James P. JleAnully captain; pledges RD. total amount, $4,StiS; contributions of $1'0 and over: Mrs. M. K Fuller, t1.7n: W. Hnllstead, 2nd, $1,100; Charles Dorrance, t4"0; Mrs. K. K. Prendergasl, $10; Mr. and Mrs. W. JI. Jessup, $1011: Alfred jr. Connell. $100; Mre. t;raua S. i'ullcr, $100: Albert J. Uard. $100. Team No. 4. P. J. Caoy, capinlu, pledges 7S; totat amount. $4.SS0; contributions of S100 and over; Mfliirlro Siiverbui & Co.. $I.60o: Mr. and .Mrs. M. .1. Mi - niii, $1,200; Pennsylvania Central Manui'actunnir Co., $50'p; W. II. Coon 4: Co., $2''ll; Kichard M O'Brien, $125; Mr. and .Mrs. Ceroid It. Williams. $100: Sirs. John M. Lurk", $100; W. H. Chandler & Co.. $100; Wolf Hild - man, $lou; . ,. t.ynott, $100. Tetim No. S M. T,. Goodman, captain, pledges 1011: total amount. $5,230; contributions of $100 and over: I.ouls Cruses. $100; Penn Storo Co. , $100; H. .1. Smith Co.. $125; H.irwitz & Solomon. $125; n. S. ('ruber, $U0; Anthracite Overall Co.. $200; .1. Merhlovlcs lirother, $250; T.lnder Brothers, $noo: Finley Company, $300; Charles H. Scot: & Family, $400; Krotosky Brothers, $2, - 000. Team No. t. Otto R. Conrad, raptain. pledges llj; total amount, $2.1 lt;.5o ; tontributions of SM0 and over: William H. Pack, $450: Ke - gina Ilealey, $2"0; Hell Von .siorch, $150. Team No. 7. fieth W. Shoemaker, cnptaln; pledges, fl7. tni n I amount $2,WI; roniributions of $100 and over: Mrs. (irare llro - .vn. $100; Jlrs. K. N. Hsilstead, $100; . Wnodlnwn Farm l'alry, $500; .Mr. and Mrs. Harry .1. Jones, $200; Mr. and Mrs. I;. Jl. Dnvls, $200; Mr. and Mr. K. If. Davis. $.100: John JS. Wilson. $150; liavld J. Reedv, $150; John T. Richards. $200;' Bmployes Anthracite Trust Co., $105 Team No. R. O. It. T.tttell, raiitaln; pledges. 0"; total amount $4.4S(i; rontrlhutlnns of $100 and over: Mrs. Annie C. Fulton. $1,800: Donald .1. Fulton. $S00; Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Kingsbury. $1,000; J. V. Oakford, $500, Mrs. A. II. Storrs. $150. Tenm No. ft. .T. C. PI fl tt. rnptnln: pledges. 95: tolsl amount t6.U1.30: contributions of $100 and over: Mr. and Mrs. I - '. K. McCumti. $100; Mr. and Mrs. X). H. Morgan. Mod; Pennsylvania Supply Co.. $100; Kllrnbeth M. Haub. KIO0; Waller M. Heady. $U0; !. P. ."tark, $150; Charles Jt. Cleiter. $200; rtohwell H, Patterson, $200: H - nrle Tl. Von Htorch $200; II. M. Kelgel, 3"00; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hummler. i;io; - vv. I,. Hill, $500: Oeorge It. Smith. S.'.oo; H. C. Wallace. $500; scrnn'nn F.lectric, Const, f'o., $236; Mr. atid Mrs. G. d'A. llelln, $1,250. Team No. 10. Thomas Harrison, captain; pledges 21: total amount, H445.50; eontrlbut oris of $100 and over; Mrs. Miry I'. Hornn, $275. Tenm No. 11. Marlln P. Kennedy, captain; pledges, i:; total amount, $0,012.(0; contributions of $1"0 and ovr: City 'Imployes, f'ep'. of I'i'blle Health i! v Tlell, S187; 13. J. i.ynett, $3,000; Mr'.nughlln Uros.. $200; Howard A Ptelle. $inn. Tenm No. It. H. O. Punham. captain: pledges 90: totui Hmoitnt, $5,401,50; rontributitms of $100 and over: Cornelius Conievs, $100; .T. L. Connell Corp.. $5001 K, H. Dolph, $1.. 000; Kermnn J. Ernst, $K'0; I). 8. Osrdner, lion: Mr. and Mrs. W. I,. Henwood. $150: ft. 0. Jermyn. Jr., 1100; Mr. and

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  1. The Scranton Republican,
  2. 14 Nov 1924, Fri,
  3. Page 3

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