The Elf and the Valentine

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The Elf and the Valentine - so T !.-- I**// * " e A "' W The Valentine In...
so T !.-- I**// * " e A "' W The Valentine In Which I Teach Way to Make a an Elf The Valentine. I first saw him sitting on the root of a big tree, crying as though his little elf heart would break. He didn't see me, and I was of "two minds whether to let him know that I had seen him. But he looked so sad and so desolate, that I decided to -speak. Anyway, I had never before spoken to an elf, and \ wanted to see what would happen. "How do you do?" I sai3. (I hoped that that was the proper way to address an elf; but it did sound ridiculous to ask' one of those tiny elf-things "how he did"!) The little elf looked up at me with surprise. He was -dressed all in green, like the usual elf, and was quite as small as any that I have "ever seen in pictures. That is to say, he would prob- blade. ac manufacture ably measure at least half the height of a very short grass And the tears that he cried! Why, if a baby cried like that, they'd never have had to be dried away. His tears looked like the. hundre-Jth part of a glistening dew drop. '"I--I do very well, thank you." he said in answer to my question. "And how do you do?" Now that .wasn't the answer « ' crying! That frightened me, for I had never heard of elves cry* ing. So I stood first on, one foot, snl then" on the other; and then,' not having decided what to do, I tried standing on both. And then I knew just what to do! I would ask him -\hat was the trouble. "Why arp you crying?" I asked him. "Is there anything that 1 can help you about?" "Xo, you are a PERSON", and PERSONS never know how to help elves." "But perhaps I could," I answered. "I am a very different sort of a PERSON, or I coul 1 never se'e you!" "That's so," replied the elf. "I hadn't thought of that. Well, this is the trouble. Have you ever heard of a Valentine?" "Goodness., yes!" I answered, as I sat down on the root of the tree. "I^e given Valentines ever since I was knee high to a blade of grass!" "I don't think it's very nice of you to make fun of my size,' IIP objected, and as flew up am' alighted on the palm of my han 1 "But if you'll help me, I'll for give you." I promised. I hadn't meant to be impolite, any wry. "Yesterday," sml the green elf "the daffodil fairy, who is my best friend, fell sick. There didn't seem to be a thing the matter with her, but every minute she became sicker and sicker. No body could do a thing for her First the queen of the fairies ('own right beside the bed of the daffodil fairy, and laid his Valentine in her hands. "Open your eyes." I heard him say to her. "I h a \ e bi Valentine." Slowly, she opene 1 her P \ then they sparkled, and she sat straight up in beil. For she had ber precious Valentine! And from that very minute, she commenced to get well. She hopped out of bed, and began dancing vtitli the other fairies. Little green elf looked as happy as a prince, danced an 1 sang at he r \ cry side. Then suddenly, the fairies stopped. "Let's all have some Valentines," they said. "And let's give them to each other, so we'll never get sick." So with a whisk of their wings, they flitted a w a y the tiees, to look for loso petals and spiderwebs. Only the little green elf stajed behind to thank uie. And then he, too, suJdenly disappeared, and was gone with the rest. That was many years ago, every year since then, on Valentine day, I find a rose petal Valentine on my window sill. Some- t'mos I wonder how it gets for I know that the little green elf cannot leave the forest. Hut I ask no questions; simple take the Valentine in, and keep it until the nc\t yoar, when I'll get another. I've never seen the littk 1 green elf since, nor hove I ever seen tho daffodil fairy. Rut I they are happy, and g^ivo Valentines each year. For every year, I have a new rose petal

Clipped from
  1. Iowa City Press-Citizen,
  2. 02 Feb 1924, Sat,
  3. Page 6

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  • The Elf and the Valentine

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