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34 THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET JANUARY (5y 1899 SATURDAY , December 31. The meeting at the Craigside Hydro, Llandudno, commencing on Monday, will, be attended by a number of first-rate amateurs, including Mr. Burn. The meetings at the Hydro are becoming now an annual institution. The attractions of the establishment under the supervision of the courteous secretary, Mr. A. Firth,,who is an ardent chess player himself, prove a salutary diversion after a hard match game. A game from Mr. Lasker's simultaneous play at Manchester, which he kindly.forwarded to us : RUY LOPEZ. Mr. L. Black. P to K4 •„ Kt to QB3 Kt to B3 E. Lasker. White. PtoK4 . Kt-to KB3 B to Kt5 P to Q4 ' 5. Q.toK2 6. B x Kt 7. PxP 8. Kt to B3 9. P to QKt3 10. B to Kt2 11. Castles; OR. E. Lasker. White. 12. Ktto'Q4 13. Q to Kt4 14. Kt to B5 15. Kt to K4 16. Kt to B6 17. P x B 18. Ktto K7 19. P to KR4 20. P to R5 Kt to Kl6 ch 21 Mr. L. Black. B to R3 , Q to K sq Kt to K3 K to R sq B x Kt P to Kt3 R to KKt sq R to Kt sq P to.Kt4 •• Resigns KtxKP Kt to Q3 KtPxB Kt to Kt2 B to K2 Castles Kt to fi4 P to QH4 A simple variation would be 4...P x P j. 5. P to K5, Kt to K5 ; 6, Castles, B to K-2 &c. ; further he could have played 6 ...QP x B ; 7. P x P, Kt to B4, &c. On the tenth move he missed an opportunity of advancing P to Q4, whilst 11. ..P to QR4 followed by B to R3 was a misconception altogether, as White could easily give up the Exchange for the attack even jf he had Castled on the King's side. With 15. Kt to*K4 White threatened 16. Kt x KtP, thercfoie 16...K to R sq, but even this move could no more save the game, it being immaterial whether Black took the Kt at B6 or not, as Mr. Lasker speedily and brilliantly demonstrated, A game played in the Championship Tournament of the City of London Chess Club: RUY LOPEZ.: , II. W. Trenchard. White. 1. PtoK4 2. Kt to KB3 3. B to Kt5 4. Castles 5. P to Q4 6. Q to K2 7. B x Kt 8. PxP 9. R to Q sq 10. Kt to Q4 11. R to K sq 12. P to QB3 ' 13. P x P 14. R x Q 15. KttoQ2 . 36. P x B ' 17.. Kt to B3 18. R to K7 19. RxRch 20. BtoKt-5 • 21. R to Ksq 22. Kt x R 23. P to B3 24. K to B2 25. Bto Q8 26. Kt to Q3 27. B x P The two moves 9. R to Q sq and 11. R to K sq may be saved by the variation 9. Kt to B3, followed by P to QKt3 and Bto Kt2, which yields a good attacking variation, as in the preceding game, or after 9. Kt to B3, 10. R to"K sq, a favourite variation of Pillsbury's. White seems to have been bent upon simplifying the position ; but his submitting voluntarily to an isolated pawn cannot be endorsed. Instead of 15. Kt to Q2 he might have developed 15. B to K3 followed by Kt to Q2 and doubled Rooks. Black's 17...B to R3 is an ingenious move, as he must have also calculated the consequence's of White's 18. R to K7 and the leaving of his QP cn prise. White saw, however (perhaps tardily), that he could not play 19. R x P because of 19...Kt to Kt4, followed by B to B sq, thus Winning the exchange; but he played weakly afterwards in giving up the QPB, probably under the impression that he could imprison the Bishop, otherwise he might have returned 25...Kt to Q sq with the loss qf a move only. Mr. W. Ward. II. W. Trenchard. W. Ward. Black. White. Black. P to K4 28. BtoKtS K to B sq KxB Kt to QB3 29. Kt to Kt4 K to B sq KxB Kt to B3 30. KtxBch K to Kt2 Kt x P 31. P to QKt3 Kt to Kt7 B to K2 32. KttoKt4 P to QR4 Kt to Q3 33. Kt to B2 Kt to Q6 ch KtP x B 34. K to K3 Kt to B8 Kt to Ki2 • 35. PtoQKt4 KtxP Castles 36. P x P Kt to B8 Q to Ksq 37. P to Q5 P to B4 B to B4 38. Kt to R3 Kt to R7 P to B3 39. Kt to B4 Ktto B6 Qx Q . 40. Kt x P ch K to R3 R x P 41. Kt to K8 Kt x P ch B x Kt • 42. K to K4 ; P to B5 Kt to Q3 43. KtxP P to B6 B to R3 44. Kt to K6 • P to B7 lv to K sq 45. Kt to B5 ch KxP Kt x R 46. K x Kt P-toB8 = Kt R to K3 47. P to B4 . K to Kt3 R x R ch • 48. Kt to K6 , Kt to K7 K to B2 49. PtoB5 Kt to B6 ch K to K3 50. K to K5 , K to B3 Kt to Q3 51. P to B6 Kt to Q4 Kt to B5 52. Kt to Q8 ch K to B4 P to Q3 53. P to B7 Resigns K to Q2 Resigns Trenchard played very skilfully, the ending commencing with 29. Kt to Kt.4, and retained the pawn plus, but later on he might have played better with 39. Kt to Kt5 (instead of 39. Ktto B4). He had, however, a good enough game, and' won it cleverly, the latter part being particularly interesting, and an instructive example of end-game play. . On January 9 commences another meeting of first-class players, including Messrs. Blackburne and Lasker, at Donhead House, Salisbury, Mn Horace Chapman's country seat. The meeting is to last about a week, and a number of consultation games will be the .pihe cie resistance of the pro­ gramme. '. The score in the Janowsky v. Shdwaiter match, New York, is Jar.owsky four, Showalter two, and two draws. In the Championship Tournament of the City of London Chess Club, TVIr. T. C. Laurence is leading with 4 win?, no losses ; Messrs. Herbert Jacobs and Serraillier follow with 4 wins out of 5 ; Mr. Harold Jacobs with %% out of 5 ; and Mr. A. Mocatta with 4 out of 5. In the Winter Tournament of the Club, Mr. T. C. Gibbons leads in Class I., Mr. F. Drury in Class II., Mr. T. Basil Collins in Class III., and Mr. A. F. Fryer in Class IV. •• ' • . : The following is the score in the even tournament at the Eritish Chess Club : Wainwright won 4 out of 4 E. O. Jones ,, 3^ ,,5 WardJiiggs „ 2}i •,, 5 Hart-Dyke won 2^outoF5 Latter Young 5» IK 6 5 , The " Book of the Games " played in the Vienna Tournament is completed. It is edited by Herren Marco and Halprin, and costs only lis. 6d., cloth bound. Address, Geo. Marco, W 7 iener Schachgesellschaft, 7^Schotten- gasse, Vienna. A match between Albin and Mieses is on the.tapis. It is to be played at Hanover. PROBLEM NO. 139. By W. Finlayson. BLACK. WHITE. White to play and mate in ihree moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM No. 138." 1. R to B4, B x B ch ; 2. R x B ch, Kt x R ; 3. Kt to Q6 mate. THE SPENCERIAN NEW YEAR' 3 CARD. Mr. W. R. Hughes, the Birmingham City Treasurer, has issued his usual Spencerian New Year's Card. It bears upon it the familiar emblem of Evolution, and the two following quotations from the Mastery's works : Religion, everywhere present as a weft running through the warp of human history, expresses some eternal fact; while it is almost a truism to say of Science that it is an organised mass of facts, ever growing, and ever being more completely purified from errors. And if both have bases in the reality of things, then between them there must be a fundamental harmony. In much of the science that is current there is a pervading spirit of irreligion ; but not in that true science which has passed beyond the superficial into the profound. . . . So far from science being irreligious, as many think, it is the neglect of science that is irreligious—it is the refusal to study surrounding creation that is irreligious. The first quotation is from 11 First Principles," the second from "Education." / BORD'S PIANOS.—25 per cent. Discount for Cash, or 14s. 6d. per Month (second-h-in^, 10s. 6d. per Month) on the Three Years' Hire System. Lists free of C; STILES and CO., 40 and 42, Southampton-row, London, W,C. Fianos exchanged. J

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