Election Results for Kansas - White Cloud Kansas Chief - 11-10-1859

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Election Results for Kansas - White Cloud Kansas Chief - 11-10-1859 - Cf)c fianaag t)ief. OL. MILLER. EDITOR. WHITE...
Cf)c fianaag t)ief. OL. MILLER. EDITOR. WHITE CLOUD, XAKSAS: Tkirtiay, : : leTfaher 10, 1859. The Election. Another elecction has taken place in Kansas, end the result will be known in few dsys. At this precinct we had a livelier time and a larger Tote than ever before. There were just a ronnd hun-dred hun-dred votes polled. Here is the result : For Delegate to Congress. Parrott, 6S Johnston, 35 For Conneilman. Beeler, 67 Beebe, " 37 " For Representatives. Oiborn, 62 Vanderslice. 37; Burke, 63 Whitehead. 35 Robertson. 63 O'Drucoll. 34 For Sheriff. Torter, 62 Shepherd. 36 For Register of Deeds. Hampson. 63 Lee, 34 For Probate Jndge. Maynard, 62 Dougherty, 36 For Treasurer. Davis, 62 Treble. 36 For Countj Clerk. Boder. 54 Utt. 44 For Surveyor. Ingolls, 62 Plowman, 36 For County Attorney. Camp. 62 Fan-all, 36 For Superhitendent of Schools. Bayless, 63 Watrons, 34 For Coroner. Brown, 62 Stewart, 36 The Republican rote is as large as it aver was. It was just the same in June. The Democratic vote has largely increased. increased. This is accounted for, not by persons persons deserting tho. Republican ranks, but by their drawing in a large vote from the country, which has heretofore gone to Iowa Point. They tnsdo tremendous efforts to poll a large vote, and worked night and day to accomplish that end. Every voter that they could possibly persuade persuade to come here, they had on hand ; and they'even boasted, that they wonld carry the precinct. On the other hand, Republicans whose most convenient voting voting place is here, wsnt to Iowa Point. It all amounts to the same, however, in the end. At one-time it looked as if the Republican majority would be reduced very low ; but the boys polled in towards the close, and we came out better than anticipated. anticipated. If tho Democracy want to carry this precinct, they must go beyond Cedar Creek for their men. Bseler runs 12 votes ahead of his ticket. ticket. This was caused by Democratic votes, for which they deserve credit. We hereby tender our thanks to the Iowa Point Dispatch for this result. The superhuman superhuman efforts of that sheet against Beeler, had the effect to give him the highest vote of any candidate on the Republican Republican ticket, lien did not vote for him merely because he is a White Cloud man, but because an effort was made, to ory him down simply because he resides near this place. Such will ever be the effect, when tho place of a man's residence residence is urged as an objection against hiru. With the exception of Beeler, the Democracy Democracy fought desperately against the Republicans and got "whaled" in White Cloud. The Republicans, were Abolitionists, Abolitionists, Disnnionists and Insurrectionists. Insurrectionists. Poor, old, crazy John Brown, with his dozen white fools and three or four black allies, was a fruitful source of capital. capital. Had he been in White Cloud for three or four days previously to the election, election, he would have been tortured worse by listening to the agony created on his account, then he suffers from his wounds and the anticipation of his approaching hanging. Especially was old Brown preached up to Virginians. Every man whose great grand father had been born in Virginia, had old Brown vividly pictured pictured off to him, as an inducement to vote against the Black Republicans. We have understood it has heen boasted that all the Virginians voted together at this lection. This is a mistake;, for we know of a number who had not the fear of old Brown before their eyes, and Toted, Toted, not to spite the said Brown, but to give expression to their sentiments. We no not approve of this thing of men banding banding together for political purposes, upon no other ground than that they were born in the same State. If all wonld do so. what tort f a "mux" would we have of it ? It would be sectionalism reduced to rulgar fractions. It is not a whit better than religions denominations or members of fraternities voting in a body, as such. Iowa ToWMRir. Tbe Democratio majority in this' Township, embracing ' the precincts of Iowa Point, White Cloud and Highland, ranges from 20 to 40. They calculated upon 75! The total vote is as follows . Iowa Point, 212 . White Cloud, 100 Highland, 84 Total. 396.. Almosf 400, We do not believe any other Township in the County comes up" to it. y 'Old Brown's trial is ended. He has been convicted, and sentenced to be hang on Friday, the 2d day of December next. One of his followers has also been tried and convicted. Buchanan's Office-Holders' Ticket. The Conglomerate Democracy met at Lawrence, October 25th, to nominate Sute ticket under the Wyandotte Con stitution. Not more than one-half of the Counties were represented ; and persons residing in Leavenworth, and other con venient places, principally Federal officeholders, officeholders, cast the votes of the delinquent Counties. The old Pro-Slavery rank and file were there, with ft large delega tion of the renegades. Bammed ary was there, from Lecompton. Bam. A. Me- dary, from Riley County, eon of old Sam., was there. C. W. Blair, son-in- law of Sammedary, whom Tom Corwin beat out of his boots, for Congress, in Ohio, ft year ago, was there, from Bourbon Bourbon County. With the whole Med ary family on hand, is it any wonder that the old "Sam." of all should come ia for the first cut ? Here is the ticket : For Governor, Samuel Med ary who was never in his life, except once, elected to office by the votes of the people, but who has many a time held office by ex ecntive appointment. He was elected to the Ohio Legislature, from Clermont County, many years ago. In that body. he was instrumental in creating the office of Printer of State, to which office he was elected by his own vote, and got rich on the stealings. He was appointed Governor Governor of Minnesota, and succeeded in cheating cheating the people of that State, by means of the Pembina frand. He was then sent to Kansas, to cheat the people here, but failed. He will be miserably beaten, in December. He was the Prince of the caucus which commanded the Democrat io members of the Constitutional Con vention to withhold their signatures from the Constitution. He has always been a tool, and that is all he is fit for. For Lieutenant Governor, John P. Slongb, of Leavenworth who, several years ago, was elected to the Ohio Leg islature, from Hamilton County. While the Legislature was in session, he disgra ced himself by striking another member. for whioh he was expelled from his seat He went back to his constituents, asking them to wipe out the disgrace, by electing electing him again ; but he was defeated in a County which usually gave from 2,000 to 8,000 Democratio majority. He then slunk off to Ksnsas. He was elected to the Wyandotte Convention, from Leav enworth County; and in that Convention attempted to get up a row, but was cool ed down by McCulIough. He ended his Convention career, by refusing to sign the Constitution. For Chief Justice, Joseph Williams, of Bourbon who is at present one of the recierai mages, ne is a genuine o.a granny. Had he done as he ought, therf 1.1 1. 1 k i:..i t ,v- WUU1U U1TO UCCD UUI VCIJT 111UB VI IUI lawlessness in Southern Kansas, " which has disgraced that portion of the Territory. Territory. For Associate Justice, (two years,) Robert B. Mitchell, of Linn a, Federal office-holder, a renegade, and a tool. He was one of those who went into the caucus caucus to prevent the Democratic Delegates from signing the Constitution. For Associate Justice, (four years,) Samuel A Stinson, of Leavenworth a member of the Wyandotte Convention, who refused to sign the Constitution. For Congress, John A. Ilalderman, of Leavenworth an old Border Ruffian ; a member of the Lecompton Constitutional Convention ; a supporter of the English Swindle; and who travelled over the Territory, stumping it against the Wy andotte Constitution. For Attorney General, O. G. Thurston, Thurston, of Allen who did his best to defeat the Constitution. For Auditor, Joel- K. Goodin, of Franklin who was the originator of the Minneola Speculation ; a renegade, and an opponent of the Constitution. For Treasurer, Robert L. Pease, of Atchison a Pro-Slavery man. He don't amount to a pod of Peat. For Secretary of State, A. P. Walker, of Douglas a Border Ruffian, from Alabama, Alabama, who has figured extensively in Kansas, and ia but a small potato, at best. For Superintendent of Public Ins true tion, w. d. aicwiu, oi juarauau-wnomft-Xy. We have meagre returns from we don't know, and expect never to have occasion to. There's the ticket. Nearly every candidate candidate was either a member of the Wyandotte Wyandotte Convention, and refused to sign the Constitution, or wss in the caucus, where the command was issued. Every man on the ticket opposed the Constitution, Constitution, and several of the Democratio organs organs still contend that Congress will not accept it ; yet here come the greedy fellows, fellows, every one asking for office under that miserable, abominable, swindling Constitution, which they have abused much. Self-sacrificing patriots, ain't they? At the close of the Convention, some innocent soul, probably forgetting that the Delegates were mostly Buchanan's office-holders, offered ft resolution, indorsing indorsing Douglas; but it was hooted and hissed down, without even so much as being put to vote. What more could be expected of Convention controlled by snob men, and the nominees of which are mostly of the same stripe ? There are hosts of lead-talking Douglas men in Kansas what will they do now, sines their favorite has received such treatment at the hands of a Democratio State Convention? Convention? We predict that they will never whimper, bat will lick the hand that smote them, and jote the ticket. . . Tn Rssclt u rn Coomr. The fight in this County aeems to have bees a drawn battle, and neither party is in crowing condition. The vote is very close. The Democrats appear to have elected Beebe to the Conned ; Vender-slice Vender-slice and Whitehead. Representatives ; Lee, Recorder ; and Daugherty. Probate Judge. The Republicans elect Osbom, as Representative ; Porter, Sheriff; Bo der, Clerk ; and probably the balance of the County officers. . That the Republicans have a small majority ia the County, we have not the slightest doubt, judging from the vote on Delegate to Congress. - Parrott is ahead of Johnston ; and the Republicans have themselves to thank for it, that the whole ticket is not elected. While we rejoice at the election of Porter for Sheriff, we deeply regret the defeat of Hampson for Recorder. We wonld rather have see: every other candidate on the ticket defea ted than these two. Lee hsa done more. and in a meaner way, to injure the Re publican canse, than any other man in the County; while Hampson has rked harder, and spent more time and money, for the success of the canse, than any other other Republican in the County. Besides, no better nor more competent man can be found. Yet Republicans have defeat' ed him, and elected Lee. Such men de serve to nave their toe-nails pulled out by the roots, with red-hot pinchers I Seriously, let us ask, what encourage ment is it for the Republicans in one por tion of the County to labor for the cause night and day, and work with might and main on election day, for the success of the ticket, when members of the party in another portion of the County, art trad ing off part of the ticket, and thereby de feating it, in order to subserve local in terestc? Is snob work as that, calculated to incite. men to continued activit We thooght the battle waa being fought upon principle ; but if, as we suppose, we were mistaken, we want to be consid ered out of the ring. We do not mean to assist one portion of the County to speculate, and have our candidates, to gether with some of the truest and best men in the County, defeated, for thanks. We intend to publish an official abstract of the votes, by precincts, that it may bo seen where the treachery was enacted. We know the Townships. Gentlemen of Washington, and several other Townships, Townships, yon will have no right to grumble if the compliment is returned in December! Let us see how the scratch game works on you! If 63 Republican votes are not entitled entitled to any consideration, perhaps they can be dispensed with. Um Captaib.-We have lately b,eQ rem;nJed of the olJ gto of th J Captain who, when about to go into battle, battle, pointed to the enemy, and addressed his men, exhorting them to bravely face the foe, and fight as long as they could ; but when they could no longer stsnd it, to turn and run winding up with the observation, " as I am a little lame, I'll start now !" Watrons, of the Iowa Poinf Dispatch, and Democratic candidate for School Commissioner, in his last week's issue, called upon the Democracy to come to the polls, and enlarged upon tho importance importance of a single vote.. On the same day, he struck his tent, loaded np bag jmd baggage, goods and chattels, and put o9 for Oregon, Mo., to make it his future home. A convenient wsy to get out of . , a predicament J T Vote ohthb CoHSTnmoir. Gov, Medary has issued a proclamation, decla ring the vote on the Constitution and Homestead. It stands : For Constitution, Against, 10,421 5,530 Majority for it. For Homestead, Against, 4,891 8.783 4,772 Majority for it, 4,016 Total Vote, 15,951 i.ne vote was tight There are at least 20,000 voters in the Territory, indicating indicating a population of 80,000 to 100.000. meagre Eastern elections.. , Republican gains are reported in Wisconsin. In New York City, there is a very large. Democratic Democratic majority, which waa expected. The State has probably gone Republican. In Maryland, the Americans have elected their State ticket, the Democrats have both branches of the Legislature, and the Congressional delegation stand the same as in the last Congress. There were terrible terrible riots in Baltimore, as usual. Noth ing from Massachusetts and New Jersey. L- iyholb bur. uere we are, witn a whole sheet once more 1 Does it look natural ? If our readers despise the looks of a half sheet as badly aa we do, the two which we have bored them with, will enable them to appreciate a whole sheet, even if it doea occasionally lack in terest. we tainc we snail now go through the Winter without any more balks. V TTram.Avn '!'H avaraM PinnMn majority ia about 26. A large Republican Republican gain aver the vote on the Constitution.' Constitution.' The Republican vote islargaly increased, increased, while the Demoeratie Vote is slightly decreased. The figures show that a number of Republicans voted for Lee, against Hampson. They ought to be ashamed of it. . ' "Mr Ox an Yoca Bcu" For sev eral years, Kansas was overran by hordes of ruffians from the Slave States the Atchiaons and Reida. of Missouri ; the Pates, Stringfellows, and BrocketU, of Viriginia; the Bufords, of Alabama; cut-thro aU from Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia they murdered Free State people, people, robbed them, destroyed their prop erty, and oppressed them in every con ceivable manner and form. While this was being done, the Southern chivalry and the Democratio press were laughing over it, and sneering at "Bleeding Kansas." Kansas." Now, when old crasy Brown and a dozen or two white desperadoes and black scamps enter into a mad in a Southern State, which could not pos sibly result in scenes more horrid thsa tbeee perpetrated in Kansas, these same persons and presses are the first to raise the howl, the loudest in their expressions of horror, and keep np the cry the longest. longest. They persistently charge the whole affair upon a party which haa denounced the movement - from the start, and which disclaims any sympsthy for those who were engsged in it. Prominent members of the party, are charged with complicity complicity in the affair, and letters are published to implicate them ; and in order to refute the slander, they are compelled to come out in cards to the public, over their own signatures. If a horde of Virginians from Harper's Ferry were to invade Kansas to-morrow, take possession of houses and kill citizens, how many of these same persons we have spoken of, would denounce denounce it aa'a Democratio move, and endeavor endeavor to manufacture capital out of it, to use against that party ? It makes a great difference, whose ex it is that has been gored. typlftALTH. The sickly season is now r ' .... ..i t,..Tt, msiv mi em a in An town. The people of White Cloud had prided themselves upon the health' of the place ; but they have thia season paid for past exemption with compound interest. The latter patt of August, the whole of September, and the first part of October, witnessed blue times here. Such a time wss never seen here before, and will probably not soon be seen again. We hope so, at least. There were at one time some thirty persons in town sick, and twenty of these were down with the Typhoid Fever most of them in a very critical condition. That is a feaiful number to be down at the same time, in a small town, with scarcely enough well to take care of the sick. During the past season, there have been but two families ia town which had no doctor's doctor's bills to psy and one of them is our own. There have been but few deaths, which is remarkable, considering the great number of desperate cases. Pbtersob's Maoazimi. We are in reciept of this popular Lady's Msgsains for December. It is a splendid number. "Peterson" has a circulation already, of nearly 100,000, bnt will be greatly improved improved in 1860. It will contain about 1000 pages of double column reading matter ; 14 steel plates ; 12 colored steel fashion plates ; 12 wood engravings proportionally mort lAan any eihsr periodical periodical fit. Its stories and novelets are by the best writers. Its fashions are always the latest and prettiest. Its price is but Two Dollars a year, or a dollar less than Magazines of its class. Subtcrib for it and tav m dollar. To clubs, it is cheaper still vis : three copies for 85, or eight for 810. To every person getting getting np a club, the Publisher will send two splendid engravings, of a size for framing. framing. Address, CHARLES J. PETERSON, 306 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. Specimens sent gratis. The Atlantic Monthly, for No vember, is on onr table, containing twelve original contributions. This Magazine has passed into new hands. Let them speak for themselves : In assuming the control of the "At lantic Monthly," Messrs. Ticknor k Fields wonld ssy to its readers, that the Magazine will be conducted npon the same general plan aa heretofore. It will be their aim, that, under its new management management the Magazine shall not fall short of its present high standard of excellence; ill ana tney wouia oespeax a continuance ot the liberal patronage which has hithertoTw been accorded to it, and which is the best proof of the public appreciation of its merits. All communications upon the business of the Magazine should, in future, be addressed addressed tO TlCKHOB k FlILDS. Boston, Oct 18, 1859. are rejoiced to and that the renowned Chemist of New England, Dr. Ayer, haa at length turned his attention attention to tho disorder which hangs like a blight on our community, Onr section ia as healthy as any other, with one single single exception, and that is Fever and Ague, which haunts ns on every side. But his remedy do eurek a we should know it must, if he made it. Cast out this bale- ful distemper from among us, and "osjl ia one of the loveliest spots in the West, Stntintl, Fedrfitld, Iowa. - V? Iowa Pout. The average Demoerat ie majority is about 80t The total vote ia precisely the same as on the Constitution Constitution 212, The Republican vote falls off 7, and the Demoeratie vote increases 7. The Republicans of Iowa Point did well. " '

Clipped from White Cloud Kansas Chief10 Nov 1859, ThuPage 2

White Cloud Kansas Chief (White Cloud, Kansas)10 Nov 1859, ThuPage 2
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