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46 THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET DECEMBER 16, 1898 on SATURDAY , Dec. 10. We have received the circular issued by the hon. secretaries of the Tournament Committee. It is a voluminous document, giving the genesis of the movement and outline of the programme which the, Committee hope to carry out. The General Committee occupies the front sheet of the circular, consisting of eighty-three gentlemen, comprising the elite of the chess players of Great Britain, Sir George Newnes, Bart. (President), the Marquis of Ripon, Viscount Folkestone, M:P., Lord Russell of Killowen, Sir W. Hart Dyke, Bart., M.P., Sir H. Harben, Captain Al S. Beaumont, L. A. Atherley-Jones, Q .G., M.P., heading the list. It is also gratifying to notice the names of the Rev. C. E.' Ranken and Mr. E. N. Frankenstein, the two opponents who have, unwittingly, been supporters of the opposition hitherto. It is proposed in the circular to issue a book of the Tournament games, -and every subscriber of two guineas or more will be entitled to receive one •copy of the work. Appended is'the following subscription list : Sir George Newnes....... Anonymous Col. T. E. Vickers, C.B. Mr. Horace Chapman......... Mr. J. Sidney Smith Mr. H. W. Trenchard ... .. Mr. H. Eschwege ••• Kent County Chess Associa- North London Chess Club (first instalment) Sydenham Chess Club (first. £ s. d. 200 0 0 100 0 0 52 10 0 50 0 0 25 0 0 10 10 0 10 10 0 10 10 0 10 0 0 5 5 0 5 5 0 Mr. E. N. Frankenstein. Mr. A. Mocatta Mr. J. M. Brown Mr. R. Steel, C.S.I Mr. Thomas Hewitt .... Mr. Ward Higgs \ Mr. L. Hoffer Mr. J. IJ. Cope .... Mr. J. W. Russell Rev. J. F. Welsh.*'. Mr. J. EJ. Rabbeth .. Mr. Henry.MilIs.......... Rev. C. E. Ranken Mr. R.,Ghipperfield .... £5 s. d. 5 5 0 5 5 0 5 5 0 5 5 0 5 5 0 5 5 0 5 5 0 5 5 0 5 5 0 2 2 0 2 2 0 2 2 0 2 2 0 2 2 0 It may be noticed in parenthesis that with few exceptions these subscriptions have been received at the first intimation in the Westmi7ister •of the proposed national movement. In the A Divisjon of the League competition Brixton beat Hampstead by thirteen games to seven, and are now leading with five won matches. North London come next, having won four matches out of four played. Mr. La'sker lectured on the 5th inst. at the Insurance Chess Club, the subject being the "Modern School." The principles dilated upon by Mr. Lasker had chiefly reference to, and were illustrated by, Pawn-endings. A numerous and appreciative audience followed the master's illustrations, and he was warmly complimented by the chairman, Mr. King, at the conclusion of the lecture. • The British Chess Club play a match this day, commencing at three o'clock, against the St. George's, at the rooms'of the latter. A game from Mr. Lasker's recent simultaneous play at the City of London Chess Club : QUEEN'S GAMBIT DECLINED. E. Lasker. White. 1. P to Q4 2. Pto QB4 3. Kt to KB3 4. P to K3 5. B x P 6. Kt to B3 7. Castles 8. Q to K2 9. P to K4< 10. Q x B 11. B to B4 12. KRtoQsq 13. Ktto QKt5 14. P x P 15. QR to B sq 16. P to QR3 17. KttoKsq 18. Kt to Q3 19. Kt x B Mr. Cur nock. Black. P to Q4 P x P Kt to KB3 P to K3 P to QKt3 B to Kt2 B to K2 B to Q4 BxB Castles P to B4 Q to B sq Kt to K sq BxP Kt to QB3 Pto QR4 QtoKt2 R to B sq P x Kt E. Lasker. White. 20. B to Q5 21. BxP 22. PtoQR4 23. P to B3 •2.4. R x R ch 25. Q to B3 26. Bto Q6 27. Q to K3 28. B to B5 29. B to Kt6 30. B to B7 31. Q to B5 32. B toKt3 33. B to B7 34. B to B4 35. P x Kt 36. Q to B5 37. K to R sq 38. B to K3 8...B to Q4 is a^n inferior move, unless White were to inferior move of taking the Bishop, whereupon the Mr. Curnock. Black. Kt to K2 R to Kt sq Kt to KB3 KR to K sq R x R Kt to B3 R to QB sq PtoR3 R to K sq R to Kt sq R to R sq Kt to R2 R to QB sq R to R sq Kt x Kt KttoQ2 Q to R2 ch P to K4 Resigns reply with a still more Pawn retaking would prevent the advance of White's KP. As it is, the advance of the KP is facilitated, and Black has to part with his useful Bishop, in order not to lose more time, thus leaving a weakness of the Queen's side pawns. Next he should have played 12...Px P, and if 13 R x P then Q to B sq, and later 13. ..Q to R3 might be suggested. It 14; QR to B sq, then QKt to Q2 with a comparatively defensible game. As the sequel shows, Lasker resorted to the simple device of isolating Black?s QBP, then quietly winning it, and concluding with a neat ending. A smart, played by the champion of the City.of London Chess Club, in the present tournament in which this season's championship of the club is being contested : « FRENCH DEFENCE. T. F. Lawrence. White. 1. P to K4 2. PtoQ4 3. Kt to QB3 4. BtoKt5 5. P to K5 . 6. P to KR4 7. QtoKt4 8. Q to R5 ch 9. Q to R6 10. P x B 11. KKttoK2 E. O. Jones. • Black." P to K3 P to Q4 , Kt to KB3 B to K2 KKt to Q2 P to QR3 P to KB4 P to Kt3 BxP Q to K2 Kt toQB3 T. F. Lawrence. White, 12. Kt to B4 13. Castles 14. KKt x QP 15. Kt x P 16. B to B4 17. Kt to B6 ch 18. P to Q5 19. Kt x B ch 20. KtoB6ch 21. B x Q 23. Q toKt7 E. O. Jones. Black. Kt to B sq Kt to Q sq P x Kt Q to B2 B to K3 K to K2 BxP K to K sq K to K2 Kt xB Resigns 6. P to KR4 at this early stage is a variation which took Mr. Jones out of the books. He replied with the precautionary 6... Pto QR3, which is loss of precious time in a variation meant to be bold and attacking. He should have played 6...P to QB4; and if 7. Q to Kt4 then 7...B x B; 8. P x B, P x P ; 9. Ktto Kt5, Kt x P ; 10. Q x P, QKt to B3 ; 11. Q to B5, Q to Kt2, with a pawn ahead. If 7. Bto Ki5 then 7... P x P followed by Kt to QB3. It 7. Kt to Kt5 then 7...P to B3 ; 8. KPxP, Kt x P,&c. The text-move is purely defensive, and gives White the required time (his centre not being molested) for Q to Kt4, which brings Black into difficulties. He cannot Castle instead of 7...P to KB4, because of 8...B to R6, and White threatens immediately B x B and Q x KtP. He makes matters worse with 8...P to Kt3, allowing Q 1 to R6. He should have played 8...K to B sq ; 9. KKt to K2, Q to K sq, &c. Later on 11...Q to B sq would have been better ; but after White had brought his Kt to B4, and the subsequent sacrifice, Black could no more save the game. Mr. Lawrence is to be complimented upon the brilliant manner in, which he played this game. BaDanaapnanigpqpncaaaBPDPCPDP Q TOBACCONISTS COMMENCING.-H]iiatrated:Giiide,(259 pages), 3d. 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