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28 THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET NOVEMBER 4, 1898 GOT SATURDAY , October 29. We have received reports of two League matches in the A Division which have been played during the week :. Brixton v. Ibis, won by Brixton by fourteen games to six ; and North London v.. West London, won by North London by 12^ games to 1%. There is no surprise in the results. The winners were expected to score, especially,'s<pi North London, who have a powerful righting team this year, as the strongest Athenaeum players have joined the club. The recently constituted Essex County Association is to be congratulated upon their achievement in drawing a match, thirty players a side, with the powerful North London Chess Club. The latter put their best team in the field, inclusive of the strong Athenasum contingent, which lately joined the North London, but in spite of all the final score was fifteen points each side. On the top boards Mr. Trenchard, for North London, beat Mr. Hoon ; Mr..Ward, North. London, drew with Dr. Smith; and Mr. P.. Carr, North London, drew with Mr. H.Wagner. This is the, Association's first match, and they have also entered for the County Championship. A handicap tournament is being started at the British Chess Club, jn which the strongest players of the club will compete. Of the seven games played in the match at the British Chess Club, between Messrs. E. O. Jones, and G. E. Wainwright, the latter scored three games to two, and two games were drawnl The Ealing .Chess Club, whose session commenced pn October 4, is already in full swing. Amongst other attractions in prospect are twenty- four matches with neighbouring plubs, a handicap tournament, a championship tournament, and a " place " tournament. One special feature of the present session, is the increased number of second-team matches, for the encouragement and improvement of players of moderate strength. In connexion with these is a Junior Division, for youths under eighteen. This division, which is intended to act as a feeder to the parent club, enjoys all the privileges of the club, as well as the advantage of practice with stronger players—the best means of attaining proficiency. The club meets on Tuesday and Friday evenings at eight o'clock, at its club-room in the handsome municipal buildings erected in commemoration of her Majesty's Jubilee. All residents interested in the science of -chess are cordially invited to look in and inquire ior the Rev. Francis Bishop, the hon. sec, who will be sure to receive them courteously. At a complimentary dinner given to. Dr. Tarrasch by the Nuremberg Chess Club, he said, in returning thanks, that the Vienna .Tournament was the last in which he took part. He will rest now on his laurels, as he cannot hope to equal his achievement at Vienna. Lasker, however, is of opinion that Dr. Tarrasch will change his mind. ; On'revient 1 toitjoufs• d sesftremiets .amours. , We give three interesting specimens of the Hamppe-Allgaier Gambit, played by correspondence between some strong Russian amateurs. A few years ago this opening was more frequently played, there being some interesting games on record in the Chess Motithly by the late Dr. Zukertort, Hirschfeld, and the Rev. W. Wayte. In all these games, however, the •defence adopted 8...P to Q3. The distinguished Russian amateur Zybin, who played successfully in the. Correspondence Tournament of Le Monde Illustre', Paris, endeavoured to test the defence of 8...P to Q4 in serious games by correspondence, and he appears to have established his case—that is to say, he gives additional evidence to the superiority of the 8...P to Q4 defence, for it was given as best in the books long before the present games were played. There is no need for special review of the games, as the three specimens given illustrate the variations sufficiently—namely (1), White mav also play 9. PxP, whereupon 9...QKt to K2; 10. B to B4, Kt to Kt3 ; or 9. Ktx P, whereupon 9...KKt to K2 ; 10. B to B4, B to K3 ; 11. Castles, K to Kt2, &c, yielding Black a won game. Black's defence iii the" following games, however, is more telling, as he leaves the Knight enfirise, with 10... B to Q3, getting a winning attack if 11. BxB and 12. P x Kt. In the second game Mr. Zybin's opponent tries 10. Q to^Q2 unsuccessfully, and in the third game hjs opponent changes* the development with 10. B to Q3, but also unsuccessfully. The games, interest : however, are also pretty, apart from their theoretical W. Shlipin. J. Zybin. White. Black. LP to K4 ' P,tbK4 2. Kt to QB3 ; Kt to QB3 1 3. P to B4 P x P 4. KttoB3 P to KKt4 5. P to KR4 P to Kt5 6. KttoKt5 P to KR3 7. Kt x P Kx Kt 8. P to Q4 P to Q4 • 9. B x P . ' Kt to B3 10. P x P B to Q3 11. BxB QxB 12. PxKt Q to Kt6 ch W. Shlipin. White.' , 13. K to Q2 14. K to K sq 15. B to K2 16. K to B sq' 17. KtxKt 18. B to B4 ch 19. Q to Q3 20. QxBch' 21. Q to Q3 22. KtoKtsq 23. K to R2 Resigns The first ten moves as in the above N. 12. 13. 14. Tereshchenke. White. 11. Q to Q2 B to B4 QxB. Q to B2 15. Castles QR 16. Q to Q2 KR to K sq R to K3 QR to K sq P to Kt3 QxR Q to Q2 R to B sq Kt x Kt P to Q6 P to 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23, 24. 25. 26. R5 B. Trabunchikoff. . Black. Kt to K2 BxB Kt to Kt3 K to Kt2 R to B sq Kt to R4 B to B4 Q to Q2 QR to K sq R x R Kt to B3 R to K sq Kt to K5 B x Kt B to B6 . Kt to R sq game: 1 N. Tereshchenke. White. 27. PxP 28. Q to B3 29. B to Q 5 30. K to Kt sq 31. QtoKt4 32. Q to Q2 33. BxB 34. P to R4 35. P to Q5 36. R to Q sq 37. Q to Q4 38. QxQ 39. R to KB sq 40. K to B sq • ' ' Resigns J. Zybin. Black. Q to B5 ch R to K sq ch Q to Kt6 ch Kt to K5 R x Kt B to K3 BxB K to Kt2 R to B sq ch Q to B7 ch R to B6 B. Trabuncbikofl. Black. QxBP QxP " QtoB5ch R to K6 Q to QB2 Q to K2 P x B Kt to B2 K to B sq Kt to Q3 Q to K4 R x Q R to B4 Kt to K5 Repeat the nine A. Romashkevich. White. 10. B to Q3 11. B to B4 ch 12. B to K3 13. Q to K2 14. Castles 15. PxB 16. QxKt 17. Q to B5 18. Rx Kt White can only P to opening moves from the first game J. Zybin. Black. PxP ' • K to K sq Kt to QR4 B to Kt5 Bx Kt Kt x B P to B3 Q to K2 QxR A. Romashkevich. White. 19. R to KB sq 20. Q to R5 ch 21. B to Kt5 ch 22. Q x R, ch 23. PxP 24. P to Kt6 25. R to K sq 26. K to R sq Resigns J. Zybin. Black. Q to K3 K to Q sq PxB K to B 2 P to K6 P to K7 Q to K6 ch P to Kt6 B to K5 ; 29 prolong the game with 27. Q to K5 ch, QxQ; 28. P x Q, Kt7, R to KKt sq, and wins. PROBLEM NO . 130. By E, ' V. Tanner. BLACK. WHITE. White to play and mate in three moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO . 129. 1. K to Kt2, K to B3 ; 2. Kt to B5, any move ; 3. Q, or B mates. 1 ••' ZULU PRESCRIPTIONS. The Under-Secretary for Native Affairs in Natal has recently delivered a lecture onZulu Social and Domestic Life." in the capital of that colony, in the course of which he gave some interesting particulars concerning certain prescriptions of the Zulu medicine men : If you have the mumps, go to an ant-bear's hole, look into it, and call out "zagiga ! zagiga ! " (let me alone !), and if you return home without looking back, the mumps will leave you. If you are deaf, get a monkey's ear, burn it to ashes, mix the ashes with hippopotamus fat and beeswax, drop some of the mixture into your ears, and your hearing will soon be as good as the monkey's. Excellent prescriptions, no doubt, but you must first catch your monkey, hippopotamus, or ant-bear, as the case may be.

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