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 - 24 llfHfe WfeSfMIN^TER B tj DGEl" EPTEMBER 23,...
24 llfHfe WfeSfMIN^TER B tj DGEl" EPTEMBER 23, 189^ (BY OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT.) * ... ' ' r SALISBURY COUNCIL HOUSE, September 15. h • The meeting of the Southern Counties Chess Union was opened . on Monday evening at the Banqueting Hall of the Council House at Salisbury by the Mayor, Mr. H. Harris. ? The Mayor, who kindly placed the Municipal Rooms at the disposal of tlie local committee, welcomed the visitors in a short but appropriate address. He^toas Mr. Horace Chapman, president of the local committee, and the secretary of the S.C.C.U., Mr. A. Schomberg, and the local secretary, Mr. C J. Woodrow. The chief event is the tournament for the championship of the S.C.CU., and in this competition eleven players have entered. J. ; H.Blake (Southampton), G. E. H. Bellingham (Dudley), Dr. M. Bliqtfen (London), F. H. Elwell (Southampton), W. H./Gunston (Cambridge), R. Loman (London), A. Rumboll (Bath), C. H. Sherrard (Stourbridge), A. L. Stevenson (Ashford), W. Ward (London), and B..D. Wilmot (Birmingham). -In the second-class tournament thirteen players compete, amongst them Lady Thomas, Miss Finn, and Mrs. Fagan, and at the time of writing Mrs. Fagan has the honour of leading, the talented lady,having won her games in five successive rounds. Fpurteen players compete in the third-class tournament, and there are also three ladies fighting in this contest—Mrs. Chapman, Miss Eyre, and Missfctooke. The Ladies'Tournament, six competitors, was won by Miss Prothero, the second prize being divided between Mrs. Mayow and Mrs. Sidney. A Handicap Tournament, sixteen competitors, was started this evening at the suggestion of the energetic but unsuccessful competitors of the Ladies' Tournament. A good deal of enthusiasm is evinced by the chess­ players of Salisbury, and they vie with each other in making the stay at Salisbury agreeable to the visitors. Amongst the entertainments the garden party at Dr. Manning's splendid grounds may be mentioned. A large number, of ladies and gentlemen, including the Mayor, availed themselves of Dr. Manning's hospitality. Refreshments were provided in a spacious tent, an excellent orchestra was in attendance, and some. of the ladies enjoyed a game of croquet. At 6.30 p.m. play in the tournaments continued, the morning having been set aside to playing off unfinished games in the championship contest. The following are two pretty games played in the chief event : SCOTCH GAME. J. II. Blake. White. 1. P to K4 2. Kt to KB3 3. PtoQ4 4. Kt x r 5. Kt x Kt 6. B to Q3 7. Q to K2 8. Castles 9. B to KB4 10. KttoQ2 11. Kt x P A. L. Stevenson Black. P to K4 Kt to QB3 P x P Kt to B3 Kt P x Kt P to Q4 B to K2 Castles R to K sq P x P , B to Q2 J. H. Blake. White. QR to Q sq Kt Q to B3 P to K R3 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. B to KR6 17. B to Q] 18. Q to B3 19. 20. A. L. Stev<. nson. Black. •Kt x Kt KR to Ksq B x B eh 21. QtoB4ch P to Kt3 Q to B sq B to Q3 Q to Q sq B to K3 P to B3 B to B2 K x B Resigns r 5...QP x P yields a variation similar to the form of the Ruy Lopez played by Tarrasch v. Lasker at Hastings. It would have been much safer against such a master of the Scotch as Mr. Blake. 9...R to K sq might be passed, but not 10...Px P, which necessitates the weakening 13...P to Kt3. He had no means afterwards of defending the weak QB pawns, and made matters worse with 15...B to Q3 (15...B to B sq would have been somewhat better), and the only means of averting immediate defeat would have been at the last moment 19...K to B2. Mr. Blake made the most of his opportunities. SCOTCH GAMS. C. H. Sherrard. W. Ward. C. II. Sherrard. W. Ward. White. . Black. White. Black. . 1. P toK4 . P to K4 12. Q to Q2 R to Ksq 2. Kt to KB3 Kt to QB3 13. PtoQB3 P to KR3 3. P to Q4 P x P 14. B to R4 B x P ch 4. KtxP Kt to B3 15. K x B Kt to Kt5 ch 5. Kt x Kt KtP x Kt 16. K to Kt3 PtoKt4 6. B to Q3 P to Q4 17. BxP Fx B 7. KttoB3 B to QKt5 18. P to KB4 Q to Q3> 8. P x P P x P 19. QR to K sq R to K6 ch 9. Castles Castles 20. R to B3 Q to R3 10. B to KKt5 P to B3 Resigns Q to R3 11. Kt to K2 B to Q3 r This .game is better defended than the .preceding one. White has nevertheless a good game till he made the weak move 14. B to R4, over- looking the fatal 14...B x P ch, which wins by force. He could w a > " xB; 15. P to QB3, followed by Kt to Kt3 ; or 14 B to S also without danger. The ending after this sacrifice was elegantly play 14. Q by Mr. Ward. yed PROBLEM NO. 124. By O. F. JENTZ. BLACK. wm mm WHITE. White to play and mate in two moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 123. 1. B to B8, Kt x B ; 2. Q to R4 ch, K x Kt ; 3. B to K8 mate. 1. K xKt : 2. Q P ch, K to R4 ; 3. O to Kt4 mate SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 122. Q to Kt3, Any move ; 2. Q, B, or K -rj THE LATE HON. H. HOWARD. The death of. the Hon. Hubert Howard reminds me (writes a newspaper correspondent who has of M I heard about W. Ramsden of th Santiag e Britisl tly returned from C It wa Consul place. his daring and coolness in wh Mr. H leader G he ran in attempt it might be termed a tight ent out from Santiago to join the ranks of ireia. He was warned of the serious risks to return, General Weyler having given orders that persons coming from the enemy's lines were to I with as spies. The knowledge that Howard was with the k tionists had come to the ears of the Spanish authorities, and the island had been given for his capture sh he try to leave Notwithstanding the lookout that was kept for him, Howard succeeded in safely reaching Santiago again, and made good his escape without arousing A few days after departure Mr. Ramsden of the fact, met a Spanish officer who had been in command of a body of troops stationed some miles out of Santiago. one of I had pleasure said officer of your friends the other day entertaining Indeed." remarked Mr. Ramsden. Yes. "continued the officer. " he came estate on horseback, and on mentioning your name I took him in, refreshment, and had his horse groomed and fed srave him H extremely fine fellow, and, being a friend of yours, I was only glad to extend my courtesies towards him." "'-'H< did not enve you his name, l suppose Mr. R No plied the officer, " I don't think he did to would be interested r '' Caramba ! '' shouted the Spaniard now that it was " Then perhaps ; Howard Mr Not Howard the woods with Garcia, and for whom we have the lookout comment. ' fool " The same was M Ramsde < And if I had only known!" said the officer him slip through my fing If I ad weeks on s laconic " What him I should have been assured of promotion— at least, I should have go a star." By this time, however, Mr. Howard was well on his way from Cuba. ABOUT EVEN. J f The Scotsman in Edinburgh : ".We hae Wei-hai-Wei. The Scotsman in New York An' we hae Hawaii, we nae. Ottawa Journal. PINK'S JAMS contain no ARTIFICIAL COLOURING, PINK« JAMS have no CHEMICAL PRESERVATIVE. PINK'S JAMS are ABSOLVTELY PURE. THEREFORE THE BESX

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  2. 23 Sep 1898, Fri,
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