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 - 24 THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET J ULY 1, 1898 t -...
24 THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET J ULY 1, 1898 t - INTERNATIONAL CHESS AT VIENNA (FROM OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT.) + VIENNA CHESS CLUB , June 20. , r PILLSBURY V. TARRASCH.—Dr. Tarrasch has just resigned (6.50), and I can just manage to send the game ; but have no time to play it over. Not much interest was taken in the other games, except in the one between Blackburne and Alapin. Steinitz had a comparatively easy victory over Baird. He assaulted his opponent's position on both wings, and finally trapped his Queen. Schiffers makes a good fight with Janowsky, and Walbrodt with Showalter, but Burn should lose in a short time. PILLSBURY V. TARRASCH. RUY LOPEZ. H. N. Pillsbury. Black. • 1. P lo K4 2. Kt to KB3 3. B to Kt5 4. BtoR4 Castles P to Q4 B to Kt3 P to QR4 P to.R5 Kt x Kt O x P 5. 6. 7. 8. .9. 10. 11. 12. Kt to Q2 13. B to R4 R to K sq ch Kt to B3 Q to Kt4 Kt to K5 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Bto B4 19. B to KKt3 '20. 21. Dr. Tarrasch. White. P to K4 Kt to QB3 P to QR3 Kt; to B3 "Kt x P P to QKt4 P to Q4 P to Kt5 Kt x QP P x Kt P to QB3 Kt to Kt4 B to Q2 Kt to K3 B to K2 Castles H. N. Pillsbury. Black. 26. Bxl 27. 28. 29. 30. Q to Q S( i Kt x B 22. O x P ch 23. B x Q 24. B to B6 25. B x P ch Q to B2 B to Q3 P to KB4 Kt to B4 Q x Kt P x (,) B x B B to Q3 K to- R sq QR to Q sq R to Q4 K R to Q sq R to Q7 31. KR to Q5 32. K to B sq 33. R to R7 34. PtoKKt3 35. .P to Kt3 36. P to R4 37. I 38. R 39. R 40. P to Kt4 41. K to Kt2 42. R to Kt8 43.RxR 44. RtoKt7 45. RxKtP 46. R to Kt6 47. PtoKt4 48. R x P 49. R to R8 ch 50. P to R6 to Q8 to Kt8 to Kt6 Dr. Tarrasch. White. RxB B to B sq P to Kt3 Kt to Kt2 R to Kt sq K to Kt sq Kt to B4 R to QB sq B to Kt2 B to B sq R to QB3 R to B3 P to B5 R to B4 R to Q4 R to Q5 R to Q2 Kt x R Kt to B4 B to Q 3 B to K2 Kt to R5 B x QKtP K to B2 Resigns June 21. An important round was played this morning (the fifteenth). The two favourites had to watch each other so as to keep neck and neck. It will be readily admitted that, although Alapin made such a splendid score, he was •ail easier opponent for Pillsbury than Janowsky, who was paired with Tarrasch. Pillsbury, howeveiyhad not only no walk over, but he was the first to propose a draw before the adjournment. Alapin declined the offer, but it was clear that when play was resumed he would not disdain to take his half point instead of risking to get a zero. Shortly after they sat down ^to the board, a repetition of moves and a draw followed. We append the .-game ALAPIN'S OPENING. S. Alapin. White. 1. P to K4 2. 3. •5. 6. 7. Kt x Kt 8. 9. 10. B to K3 Kt to K2 P to Q4 Kt x P Kt to QB3 P x P Q to K2 ch Kt x B 0.1. 12. 13. 14. P to KR3 Q x B B to Q3 B to K4 H. N. Pillsbury. Black. PtoK4 B to B4 P x P Kt to KB3 P to Q4 Kt x P Q x Kt B to K3 PxKt B x B Castles S. Alapin. White. 19. B x P 20. 21. 15., [ 16. 17. 18. Gastles QR R to Q7 Q x Q Rx P Q x KtP Q to Kt5 Q to R5 Kt to B3 Q x BP RxQ Kt to Q5 P to QR4 R x R 22. B to R6 23. P to B3 24. K to B2 25. B to Kt5 26. P to Kt4 27. 28. 29. R to K3 30. B to K2 31. P to R5 32. R to B3 ch 33. R to K3 34. RtoB3ch R to B sq ch R to B3 •H. N. Pillsbury. Black. QR to KB sq KR to B2 R x R R to B2 Kt to Kt6 ch KttoB4 K to B2 Kt to K5 K to K2 K to Q3 K to K4 P to Kt4 K to B5 K to K4 K to B5 K to K4 and after a repetition of moves a draw was agreed upon. • ™ • r In the Fifteenth Round, Tchigorin beat Schiffers, Burn beat Showalter, Schlechter beat Trenchard, and Steinitz beat Caro. The games AJapin Pillsbury, Walbrodt—Blackburne, and Maroczy—Lipke""were drawn. Ta^rrasch^—Janowsky and ^Marco—Baird were not - finished. In the -Sixteenth Round, commenced this morning, four games were finished at the , r 1 H j two o'clock adjournment. Pillsbury beat Walbrodt, Janowsky beat Ala ' Tchigorin beat Halprin, Marcp drew with, £aro. The games SteiniF ln * Lipke, Blackburne—Burne^ and Schiffers—Tarrasch were adjourned in^ even position. In the games Schlechter—Baird and Showalter—-Trench/n the first players had the advantage. June 23. One of the dullest rounds was played yesterday (the sixteenth), fh important games—namely, thdse! 6f M the fiavourites, or those thit wer^ recovering and drawing tb the fr^ heavy and correct in proportion to their sdundniess. Q After Pillsbury had- dis|ios^;Jo Janowsky of smartly, and Tchigorin of The game was a dead draw from beginning up to the resumption of plav bm then Tarrasch set down to a long sitting, and gradually by dint of sheer patience squeezed a win out of a position Iji which there was absolutely no other advantage than two Bishops' against Bishop and Knight remained .Schiffers v. Tar^asc!? game lasted till nine o'clock p.m. The June 24. An exciting day for the favourites- Tarrasch and Tchigorin engaged in an important game ; Tarrasch to maintain his lead, and Tchigorin endeavour­ ing to get into the front rank. . Walbrodt v. Janowsky is another important game, but this was decided early, Janowsky winning, wffich brought him to within a point of Pillsbury s score. Burn and Pillsbury were watched With keen interest. . Pillsbury had no easy task, being second player, to make any headway ; Burn piayed steadily and simplified the position to the ending, and then proposed a draw. Pillsbury declined, having then just a faint shadow of a shade the preferable ending ; but after the adjournment he lost a Pawn, and had to fight for a draw. Tarraschand Tchigorin were then left, Alapin having beaten Schiffers in the meantime, and the game was very complicated,, neither having any perceptible advantage. Tchigorin as usual went for his opponent with an attack on the King's side (in spite of being second player), Tarrasch breaking through on the Queen's side. Maroczy spoiled'his chance by losing to-day with Halprin. Baird beat Showalter, Trenchard drew with Blackburne, and Lipke beat Marco. r June 25. The last lap round the course will be run on Monday. Pillsbury leads with fourteen points to-day after the eighteenth round, having beaten Trenchard, whilst Dr. Tarrasch has only drawn with Alapin. Tarrasch has, however, still an adjourned game to finish with Tchigorin. This will probably be drawn, and'then the score will be even. On Monday Tarrasch has to play Walbrodt, and Pillsbury Baird, and without the l^ast wish to detract from Mr. Baird's skill, it will be admitted that Walbrodt, if he be so willed, caii play a very hard game. OUR CHESS PROBLEM. PROBLEM NO . 113. ' iBy Ol NEMO. j I BLACK. WHITE. • r White to play and mate in three moves r SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 111. 1. B to Kt5 K to B3 2. B to K8 Any move 3. Q to Q8, or Q to K5, or Q to B4mate 1..................K to B2 2. B to K8 ch K to B sq or Kt sq 3. B to Kt6 mate. 4 SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 112. 1. Q to Kt4 Rx Kc 2. Q to Q6 RxB 3. Q to K6'mate 1 .......Anv move 2. Kt to B 3 ch

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  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 01 Jul 1898, Fri,
  3. Page 26

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