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 - After 18. B to B3, Black cannot avoid losing a...
After 18. B to B3, Black cannot avoid losing a by correspondence this is a serious loss, fro ni ina gatne havlncr on A V n^ King's position besides. y " Ulnn °t recover Still, they might have made a better fight by not attemntiivr , anrl fli«a naxun Vmt Cf*Ab* tAmnnMn? onlUt*. :._ 1 • iLi it Useless] PI , -i n & theu u, but thev could not succeed - • P yed afte '- defend the pawn, but seek temporary safety in castlintr t ° ^ 4Cb5| y to possible) to get an attack upon White's isolated Qp PJ~'~I y ! ng ^en (if wards to win this pawn „ _ ouwcea The final weak move was 29 v \ v e bacl White's 30. Q to K2 won the game by force. Whitev «• & where " 5 -as the-first move in nrnhw 65 ^ B to B2is position of the King. tp de rep, SATURDAY, MARCH 12. The team representing America in the Anglo-American cable match on Friday and Saturday next has been sent to the hon. jsecretary of the British Chess Club, the names being D. G. Baird, J. F. Barry, E. Delmar, J Galbreatb,' A. B. Hodges, E. Hymes, H. N. Pillsbury, A. K. Robinson, Reserves : J. M. Hanham. and L, Schmidt. The British team remains as published by us in February J. W. Showalter, and F. K. Young. E. • h Jacks j Jacobs, C. D, Mill Trenchard. Two better teams could not have been selected, and a keen contest as well as a number of good games mav fairly be anticipated. r h A well-contested match between Brixton and the Ludgate Circus Chess Club was played last week. When time was called Brixton stood nine games Orel. White. 1. P to Q4 2. P to QB4 3. Kt to QB3 4. B to Kt5 5. PtoK3 6. Kt to B3 7. R to B sq 8. P x P 9. Kt to K5 10. PtoB4 , 11. QP x Kt 12. B to Kt5 13. B 10 Q3 14.BxB 15. Q to B2 16. Q to B2 Q Riga. Black. P to Q4 P to K3 Kt to KB3 B to K2 P to QKt3 Q Kt to Q2 B to Kt2 P x P Castles Kt x Kt R to K sq P to B3 Kt to Q2 QxB Q to R5 ch Q to R3 Orel. White. 17. Castles 18. Px P 19. Kt to Qsq 20. P to KR3 21. P to QKt3 22; R to B2 23. QtoKsq 24. Q to Kt3 25. P x P 26. B to K2 27. B to Kt4 28. RtoKt2 29. R to B3 30. R x P , Resigns Riga. Black. V to U3 Kt x P K to K2 V to m Q R to K Kt to K5 Kt to 03 P x T Pto.QKt4- 15 to Kb IJ to 06 V to Kt5 1> to K7 •i White lost time with the premature 7. R to-B sq, with the Dremntnir 8. Kt to K5, followed by the indifferent 10. P to B4. ~ developed the KB and castled Instead of 10. P to B4 they might previous have They should have to any of the moves indicated 10. to eight. Three unfinished games were sent to Mr. Hoffer for adjudication. 11. B x Kt, BxB; 12. B to Kt5, P to B3 ; 13. Two of these were given in favour of the Ludgate Circus, and one was drawn. with an even game. played Kt x Kt, Q x Kt • B to Q3 and then Cast 1 The Ludgate Circus thus won the match, in spite of having forfeited four games at starting, by 10}4 games to §%. The defence play highly ingeniously, their combination • L A match between the St. George's Chess Club and Cambridge University, played at Cambridge, resulted in favour of the St. George's Chess Club by six games to four. The Monday following the cable.match the University week commences. Both Universities have a fixture of trial matches with the leading clubs of the Metropolis, and the Universities combined play against the British Chess Club on the 22nd inst., whilst the Inter-University match will be played on the afternoon of the 25th also at the British Chess Club. commencing with .10...Kt x Kt, followed by the subtle 11...R to K sq, leaving a piece /;/ prise. (It should be pointed out that if 10. BP x P, then 11...kt to 02; 12. B x B, Q x B ; 13. B to K2, F to B3 breaking up the centre ; and that White could not capture the Knight left en prise because of 12... B to .154 with an overwhelming attack in all variations.) White avoided all pitfalls, and might still have kept an even gamcki; for the weak 19. Kt to Qsq. They should have played 19. QR to K ^ P to B4 (best) ; 201 P to KR3, R to K2 ; 21. P to KKt4, &c, • leavin'L- St Kt to Q sq as a last means of defending the weak KP. Black being able to get two passed pawns the Exchange —as White could not capture the V>V without losin; lack won* with ease an interesting and well-played game The Cantabs are to play a match against the Hastings Chess Club at the Queen's Hotel, Hastings, on the afternoon of the 28th inst., and in the evening Mr. Hoffer has been invited by the Committee to play all comers simultaneously, the Cambridge team included. PROBLEM NO. 99 By P.G. L. F. BLACK. The result of five games L J in the Pillsbury-Showalter match at New York is to hand. Pillsbury won three, Showalter one, and one was drawn. The President of the South Norwood Chess Club, Captain A. S. Beaumont, has arranged a meeting for this evening at the Anerley Vestry Hall. Mr. Blackburne will play simultaneously blindfold against six opponents, and Mr. Hoffer plays over the board against all comers—probably twenty- five or thirty players. Contingents of visitors are expected from Sydenham, Norwood, and Croydon, "as well as a number of ladies from the Metropolis. • L L • h Mr. Burn, not having seen his way to accept the conditions drawn up. by the British Chess Club for the projected match with Janowsky, negotiations have been broken off. The two following games played by correspondence Orel (Russia) present interesting phases : between Riga and Ritra. Orel. White. Black. 1. P to K4 . P to K4 2. ' Kt to KB3 Kt to KB3 '3. Kt x V P to Q3 4. Kt to K133 Kt x P 5. P to Q4 P to Q4 6. 13 to Q3 Castles B to K2 7. 13 to Q3 Castles Kt to QB3 8. P to 154 B to KKi5 9. Kt to B3 Kt to B3 .10. P x P KKt x P 11. B to K4 B to K3 12. Q to Q3 PtoQR3 13. P to QR3 B to B3 14. R to K sq QKt to K2 15. Kt to KKt5 P to KKt3 16. Kt x B P x Kt r 17. Kt x Kt Kt x Kt 18. 15 to B3 K to B2 PETROFF'S DEFEXCE. Riga. White. ' 19. B to Kt4 20. Q to R3 . 21. R to R6 ch OR to Q sq R x P B x R B to Kt3 O to ()3 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. B to K3 28. Q to B4 29. P to Q5 30. Q to K2 31. P x P 32. 33. 34. R P ch x R to QR4 B to 04 ch e 35. B to B2 Orel. Black. R to K sq K to Kt2 K to R sq P to B3 R x R Kt to B2 0 to K2 Kt to Kt4 R to Q sq Q to Q2 B x P B to B3 Q x P B x R Kt to B2 B to B3 Resigns WHITE. White to play and mate in three moves. r , SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 98. 1. R to K4, Any move ; 2. R-or B mates. r THE RUSH TO THE KLONDYKE. How many peo the Klond} befoi the summer would be hazardous to guess, have an unquestionable interest at the present time. Africa 3,000 - miners are expected, and about as many but the following figure From boutn from The safest variation is 7...Castles ; 8. P to B4, Kt to KB3 ; 9. Kt to B3, Australia advices received San Francisccf*' P x P ; 10. B x P, B to KKt5, ecc, thus avoiding all complications. Black, however, had a fairly defensible game (in spite of the wasted P to QR3) if he had played the precautionary 13...P to KR3 (instead of B to B3); this would have prevented White's 15. Kt to KKt5,whilst it would have enabled Black to castle in safety. After 15. Kt to KKt5 Black was compelled to 15...P to KKt3, as well as to 17...Kt x Kt, because if 17...P x Kt then 18. B x P ch, which wins easily. The least 50,000 will go from our own shores. . apace for conveying this multitude by turning into passcngc r F y " in the coal-carrying trade ot tne nearly all the boats Pacific in the neighbourhood of 'Frisco, ship Company alone will, it is expected, from that citv in the course of this month The Pacific Co people

Clipped from
  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 18 Mar 1898, Fri,
  3. Page 34

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