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24 THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET ' JANUARY 7, 1898 One of Mr. Blackburne's blindfold games from his recent exhibition play at Leeds : 1 Two KNIGHTS DEFENCE." JANUARY 3. The fixtures for the new year are the Craigside meeting of British Amateurs at the Hydro, Llandudno, which commenced on Monday. Amongst the competitors are Messrs. Burn, Bellingham, Atkins, and Shenard. On January 23 commences a four days' chess festival at Hastings, the chief feature being competitions in which Bird, Blackburne, Burn, and Janowski (of Paris) are to take part. The next interesting event will be the cable match between Great Britain and America for the trophy given by Sir George Newnes, and held at present by Great Britain. The Metropolitan League Competition will close the season, unless the Vienna Jubilee Tournament is held in April. The date is not fixed yet, as the autumn might be more suitable to a number of competitors. Leading scores in the Championship Tournament of the City of London : Scraillier, 4>£ out of 5 ; Trenchard, 8 out of 10 ; Ward, 6 out ot 8 ; Physick, 5 out of 7; Howell and Jacobes, 5 out of 8; Curnock and Ward Higgs, 4 out of 7 ; and Dr. Smith, 7>£ out of 11. In the Championship Tournament of the Metropolitan Chess Club Messrs. Muller and Michell are the winners in one section, and in the other Messrs. O'Neill, Shaw, and Herbert Jacobs, are leading. The winners in the handicap are: Class 11. A, Messrs. Parsons and Woodhouse ; Class 11. B, Messrs. Newman and Tripp. The winners in Class III. A and Class 1II .R are not yet decided, and in Class IV. Messrs. Simpson and Leroy are the winners. Leading scores in the handicap at the British Chess Club are: Section A, J. D. Sprague and J. L. Busse, 6 points out of 7 ; and W. Ward-Higgs, 4M points out of 5. Section B, W. H. A. Mundell, 4 points out of 6 ; and G. E. Wainwright, 3 points out of 5. An interesting game played in consultation at the Brooklyn Chess Club, New York, between Messrs. Chadwick and Elwell (White) and Messrs. Marshall and Zirn (Black) : Messrs. Chadwick and Elwell. White. 1. P to K4 2. Kt to KB3 3. B to B4 4. PxP 5. Kt to K5 6. P to Q4 7. Kt x QP 8. Kt to B3 9. B to K3 10. Q to K2 11. P x Kt 12. Kt to B2 13. Kt to Q sq 14. Castles 15. Kt x B 16. Q to Q2 17. QxQ PETROFF'S Messrs. Marshall and Zirn. Black. P to K4 Kt to KB3 1' to Q4 P to K5 B to Q3 P x P e.p. Castles R to K sq ch Kt to Kt5 Kt x B Q to R5 ch B to QB4 Q to Kt4 B x P R x Kt R to KKt6 DEFENCE. Messrs. Chadwick and Elwell. White. QR-toK sq R to K3 KR to K sq Bto Kt3 R to K7 R xQ 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. .33. 34. P x B P x P dis ch Kt to R3 R to K5 R x P P to B3 R to R5 Kt to B2 Kt to Q3 Kt to K5 B to B4 RtoKtS Messrs. Marshall and Zirn. Black. K to B sq B to Q2 P to Kt4 Kt to R3 B to K3 K x R K to B sq R to Kt5 P to R3 P to B4 R to Kt sq R to Kt3 KR to Kt3 KR toQB3 R to B2 Kt to Kt sq Resigns *•)•— 3...P to Q4 is inferior. White's variation 3. B to B4 is not the best, and Black may get the better game simply with 3...Kt x P ; 4. P to Q3, Kt to B4 ; 5. Kt x P, P to Q4 ;* 6. B to Kt3, Kt x B, &c. ; 8. Castles would have been good enough ; but the complications arising from White's line of play are not so dangerous as might appear. Black gains back the. pawn, but at the expense of an undeveloped position. The alternative, therefore, would be 13...P to QB3, in order to get the Queen's side pieces into play. After White's excellent 16. Q to Q2 Black makes the only move at his disposal to avoid immediate loss. If 16...Q to K2 to prevent exchanging Queens, then 17. P to Q6, PxP; 18. Kt to Q sq and wins the Exchange at least ; because if 18...R to K4, then 19. R x P, &c. Black niight have tried 19...Kt to Q2 followed by Kt to B3. In the sequel Black wins the Exchange with 22. ..B to K3, but has nothing: better. If 22...Kt to B4, then 23. Q6 ; and if 22,..R to K sq, 23. P to Q6 wins equally. Perhaps they might have tried lor a draw at the last moment with 25...R to KB4, so as to be prepared ior the sacrifice of the R for B and P. There is another chancewith 29...R x B ; 30. P x R, R to Kt3 ; 31. Kt to B4, R to KB3, and K x P. Afterwards they have no more resource. It is a pretty game, although we suspect that White's 22. R to K7, giving up the Exchange, was an oversight which, however, turned out unexpectedly favourable. SPA WINTER SEASON.—Mild climate and only twelve hours from London. Casino open as usual with Concerts, &c. Excellent sport, Tobogganing, Hunting. High-class hotels at greatly reduced inclusive tariff. Finest iron baths in Europe. Sure cure for Anaemia aud Weakness. For all particulars address JULES CREHAY Sec, Casino, Spa, Belgiim. Mr. Blackburne. White. 1. PtoK4 2. Kt to KB3 3. B to B4 4. P to Q4 5. Kt to Kt5 6. P x P ; 7. Q to K2 8. KxQ 1 9. BtoKt'3 10. Kt to KB3 11. BtoKB4 12. B x Kt 13. Kt to Q2 14. PtoKR3 15. Kt x B 16. KR to K sq 17. B x Kt 18. K to Q3 19. R to K4 Mr. Meredith. Mr, Black. P to K4 20. Kt to QB3 21. Kt to B5 22. PxP 23. P to Q4 24. QtoK2ch 25. Q x Q ch 26. Kt to K4 27. PtoKR3 28. B to KKt5 29. Bto.Q3 30. BxB , 31. Castles QR 32. B x Kt ch 33. KR to K sq . 34. Kt x P 35. RxB 36. P to KB3 37. PtoQB4 Blackburne. White. QR to K sq P to QKt3 P to Kt3 Kt to Q2 KR to K2 Kt to B3 Kt to Q2 P to KB4 PxP R x R K x P R to K2 RxB Kx-R K to Q3 P x P ch K to K3 P to B3 Mr. Meredith. Black. P to QKt4 P to KKt4 K to Q2 Rto.K2 P to B4 K to Q3 B to B3 PxP R to K6 ch P x R dis ch B to B6 B x Kt ch R x R K to Q4 P to B5 ch P x P ch K to B4 , K to Q4 Drawn 38. K to B3 5. P to K5 gives a lively continuation, and an even game if a simple position is preferred. 7. Q to K2 made it all easy for Black, who eventually won the Queen's Pawn, and all White could hope for is a draw. The alternative, therefore, would be 7. K to B sq, with many possibilities for the stronger player. It must not be forgotten, however, that this is a blindfold game from a series played simultaneously. 10. P to KB4, B to Kt5 ch ; 11. Kt to B3 would only hamper the development of the QB. White, therefore, selected the best continuation. Black would have done better with 11...B x Kt ch, followed by B to Q3. He got, however, a good enough game, as he kept a pawn ahead in the ending, and he could have made more of it had he played 18...R to K3. If 19. Kt x B, then 19...R (K3) x Kt; 20. R x R, RxR; and if 21. K x P, then R to K7 would win. After 23. Kt to Q2, taking off the attack upon the Bishops, Black had a chance to remove 23...R to QB sq ; and if 24. P to KB4, then P x P, followed by B to Q3, &c. ; whilst in the text he had the QR in a useless position. Being perhaps apprehensive of more trouble, he speedily wound the game up to a draw by giving up the pawn plus. The ending was splendidly played by Mr. Blackburne, although : ' 1J 1 " 1 '' v * enough for an ending over the board. it would be difficult PROBLEM NO. 88. By C. W„ of Sunbury. BLACK. WHITE. White to play and mate in three moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 87. 1. B to B6, B moves ; 2. Kt mates. + A CHESS MATCH BY TELEPHONE. The members of. the . Isle of Wight Chess Association have arranged a telephonic chess match with the members of the Norfolk and Norwich Chess Association, which will take place on • Thursday, the 13th inst. This will be the longest distance match which has ever been played in this country. The president of the Isle of Wight Association is Sir Richard Webster, Q.C., M.P., while the vice-presidents include Lord Tennyson, ISir George Newnes, Sir Charles Seely, Mr. Godfrey Baring, and the Mayors of Newport and Ryde. The Isle of Wight plavers have had the Esplanade Hotel, Ryde, placed at their disposal, whilst the Norfolk players will meet in the large hall of the Young Men's Christian Association at Norwich. There will be four or five instruments fixed at each end, and it is anticipated that the match will take about five hours. Play will be by the clock, at the rate of twenty moves per hour. The number of boards will be eight at each end.

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