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Whitacre in bowling - .. the highball I " added a member of tho...
.. the highball I " added a member of tho Daniels company In the party. v 'From Chicago comes this direful tale, which seems " too good to be true ": - The company which Is playing " A Little Outcast" at Hopkins's arrived late. This is nothing unusual, for trains, especially theatrical trains, have bad habits la regard to promptitude When the company finally reached the theatre It was discovered that the baggage was missing, and It was soon learned that the baggage car containing all the costumes of the performers had been left on a siding at Akron. Ohio. Accidents of this kind, alas, are also far from infrequent with dramatic aggregations. ' Time was flitting. The audience had arrived. Up in the gallery the small boys were drumming with fist and heel. It was evidently a case of ca In the street clothes, a trick which - has been done before, and done successfully. As luck would have it, the play Is one In which nearly everybody can wear his or her ordinary apparel, and hence - the lack of costumes could be bridged. One performer, however, and that one the most important of the bunch, was stranded high and dry. The stranded ona was Ann Blancke, the petite leading woman of th show. Miss Blancke plays a boy's part ra the drama. Everything she had In the way of stage attire waa back In the missing car. She stamped her feet, and shook her small head. Manager Fennessy knit his brows and pondered, but could not relieve the strain. Suddenly Miss Blancke had an Inspiration. " Catch me a boy," she said, "and see that he Is a fat kid. I'm well, rm small, but-l'ra plump, so catch a fat one! " - " Mr. Fennessy and a stage hand went forth, and soon espied a trim youngster, deep of chest and fat of limb. They laid hands upon him and strove to urge him toward the stag door.- The boy. protested. - " "W need your clothes," cried the anr lous Fennessy. . " Z need 'em myself, Leg go my neck! " yelped the boy. - " But we'll pay you for tha nse ot your clothes." - " Don't want to lend 'em. I'm rein flah-In'l " walled the lad. But strong arms were upon him, and he was dragged to a dressing room. Wild sounds of strif and Juvenile shrieks came from that room for about ten minutes. Then Mr. 1-ennessy emerged with a suit of boy' clothing on his arm. He conveyed the suit to Miss Blancke's room; the small actress tried It on, found It a perfect fit. snd flew forth Just in time for th opening scene. And all throta-h that play an indignant small boy. in blue underwear, sat howling in a deserted dressing room, and even the A which was handed him at the close of the performance - did not assuage his wounded dignity. . ... FRANK DANIELS'S NEW PIECE. . Sftcial t$ Til Nrm York Timti. . - BOSTON, Oct. 18. An audience that filled tha Colonial Theatre tonlght enthusiastically applauded Frank Daniels and his company tn the new musical comedy. " The Office Boy." Messrs. Epglander and Smith have made a very happy vehicle, a company combining beauty and cleverness has bean fathered, and Mr. Daniels himself has liberal opportunities for drollery. Repetitions were demanded of all the members, some many times, and the performance wss protracted until a late hour. Mr. Daniels's part la that of a boy in a lawyer's office who is mistaken for his cousin, a celebrated Jockey. Louise Gunning, who was married In New York on Bun day and who looked radiant and happy, made th vocal success ot th evening, while Eva Tanguav created a sensation by her dancing and character singing. Two of the many taking numbers are Mr. Daniels's songs "rn on the Water Wagon Now " and " I Thought Wrong." Rehan and Skinner at Atlantic City. . Spttial t Tk Srw York Timit. ' -ATLANTIC CITY, N. X. Oct. 1 ft. The reception at Young's Pier Theatre to-night ot the Rehan-Sklnner combination In " The Taming of the Shrew" was most cordial, and the open commendation of th Individual work of Miss Rehan as Katharine, -and Mr. Skinner as Petruchlo was strongly marked. - The attendance was very large and the audience was vociferously enthusiastic Among others attracting special attention were George Clarke's Christopher Sly, and Edmund Breese's Lucentio. , ON LOCAL BOWLING ALLEYS. Judging; from the enthusiasm shown by the members of the 811k Bowling. League, which opened its inaugural season at Ca-dleu's Monarch Palace alleys. Twenty-sixth Street and Sixth Avenue, last night, this new organisation ought to become one of the most -popular ot the bowling associations, which are more numerous than ever before in Greater New York. The Silk League is composed of twelve clubs, representing as many large wholesale dry goods firms, soma of which were members of the Commercial League last season. The bowling nights for this season are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Two clubs are scheduled for each night, each playing three games. The championship trophy. 1 to be awarded to the club winning the greatest number of games during the sea-sea, and should sny club win It twice consecutively the trophy will become the property of that organisation, in addition to this trophy, ther will be five club prises, seven Individual high-a.verage prize, on individual h!rh-core prise, one blab-team-score prlxe, three hlgh-team-averago prlres, and one special prise for the bowler rolling th greatest number of consecutive clean frames in any on seris. awarded at th close of what promises to be a very successful season. Following are th scores of Ust night's games in this and other prominent leagues: BILK BOWLTXO LEAGUE. Mmereh Felae Alleys. FIRST OAUK.-H. A. Cer Co. Bowltrtg Oub Qerrtts. Is: Britton. ITS; Irnbr. iiiij Tathill. IV; William. 174. Totl,MS. fsplelmann Co. Bowline Cluo w onward. 117; Course. 124; Kelisr. fro; Keller, 120; J'aply Ui. Total. 61f. 8C0M OAMg-gplelmana 4s C yowltof I f - Club-Woodward 151: Goprs. 1?5; Xlfr. 144; Keller, 140; Napier. 104. TouJ. 634. - H. A. Caeasr A Co. powllns Club Oerdta, 140; Britten, 104 Dernhers, 143; TuthlU. 188; W alls tn. ITS. Total, 771. - THIRD OAME.-H. A. Caesar a- Co. Bowling aob-Gerdts, 147: Rhelnbold. 143: timbers. ls; TuthlU, 183: Williams, 197. Totai. 828. 8rllmann A Co. Bow! Ins Club Woodward, 148; Oo"ra19ft; Keifar, U3; Keller. 168; Kapler. 147. AMERICAN. NATIONAL TOURNAMENT. Thum'a White Elephant Alley, rrRST- GAME. Alsonouln Bowllns: CloV Vreeland. 18; t.lndn. 147; 8ml th, 14; Parker. 1M: Wyman, 181 Total. W7. M."mvr' Rockland Bowllns Club Warner; 199; Doersch. 178; Odell. 177; Powall, 1S9; rry, 17L TotaX 44. SECOND GAME Roc It '.and Bowltnf ' Clab VClgnmr. 180: Doersch. 15); Cdsll, 14fl; PowelL 147; Perry, 182 Total, 826. Fidelia Bowllnt Club 4chulta 179; Dumas, 181; Rfrtbarmal, 210; Luhrs, 181; 173. Total. 830.- THIRD GAME. F1Mle Bowllns Club Sennits. SIS: Dumaa. 146; RotharroaL SIS; Luhrs. 182: Amenn. 1BU Total. 981. Algonquin Bowling Clab We land, 189; Lln-dn, 187; Smith, 180; Parker, 171; Wyman. 100. Total. 807. , ' Lira INSURANCE BOWLING LEAGUE. ' Vauric a John's Alter. ' TIRST GAME. Mutual Una Bowllns a ah No. 1 Carbonell. iW; Miliar. 168; Garrlsos, 178: Grlada, 302; Whltn.r. 188. Total, 828. Mutual Reserve Bowline- Clab Knndr.r 128: ttonnlston, 144; Birmingham, lie; - HalL 123: Perry, 1H3. Total. 60S. SECOND GAME.-PrudenUal Bowling Club No. 1 Mackln, 174; Lwls, 142: Auaun. 133; Bchlff. 17-3; Olasoir, 168. Total. 848. - , Mutual LU Bowllns Club No. 1 Carbonell, ' 1A&; MlUer. SIT: Gsrriaon, 200; Grtoda, - 143j Wh1tpr, 154. Total. Ma THIRD GA ME. Prudential Bowline Club No.' 1 Mackln. 187: Lewis, 144; AusUn7lT3; BchlfC' 162; Olasora. 14. Total, 840. .1 ,r, Mutual Reserve BowUn Chib Kennedy, ITS; Pennlston. 183: Blrmlnsbam. 120j HalL 160; Perry, lai . TotaL 743. . . . ; 00LTTMSIA BOWLINO LEAGUE. ' ; Bchlusins Columbia Alleys. FIRST GAME. Preato Bowllns Club Whit-acre, 189; A P. Hatch, 198; Geore Schluslnav SIS: Howell. 172; Bard well. 147. Total, 038. Iwaso Bowling Club Grant, 195; Squtraa. 191; Dukea, 159: Jenkins, 136; Miles, 140. Total, 841. 6ECOND GAME. Iwaso Bowling Club Grant, 193; Bqurre. 148; Duke. 224; Jenkins. US; Mile. 18. Total. 642. Pnotnlx BowUns Club Church. 181; Brown. 40; Pop. 100; Rose, 20o; UaTilaad, 177. Total. 879; THIRD GAME. Phoenix - Bowllns' - Club-Church. 226: Brown, 177; Pop. 1U; Ro, 203; BavUand. 171. Total, 932, Presto BowMns Club Whltaers, 135; A. 8." Hatch 179; Gorse BchlusUuj. 170; Howell, 178; Bar4wlU 170. Total, 843. STOCK EXCHANGE J OURN AMENT. Broadway Arcad Alleys. TIR8T GAME R. H. Thomas Co. Nlehola, 174; Leaner, 154: Pchwlna,. 179; Ebeerln. 124; Flrnn. 17a Total. 607. Currl Brothers R. Dobeeeki, 1SS; Been. 149; Harsey, 140; T. Dobeckl. 191; Veaile, 140. Totel. 784. BECOND OA ME. Currl Brothers R. Dobeckl. 154; Roche. 124; Hersey, 1S3; T. Dobeckl. . 15; Veasie, 140. Total. 707. Bartlett. Fraxlar 4k Carrlnston Moria. - 114: Baker, 121; Paeaner. 118; FMUlpa. M; Millar, 142. Total, ell. . THIRD GAME. Bartlett, Praaler St Carrlnaton Phillip. 112; Baker, 111: Pasnr, 118; Marin, 184; MiUer. 140. Total. 638. R. H. Thomas A Co. Nichols, 199: Lasher. 138; Schwlaa, 133; . Bhearln. 134; riyna. 221. Total. 824. r ' HARLEM BOWLING LEAGUE. Thura a KahladorTs AHy. FIRST GAME. Hyperion Bowllns Club Carter, 14S; Vl 143: Becliar. 154; Schlett. 130; Herrmann, 44. Total. 909. Audubon Bowline Club McOutrs, IBS; Curtis, 157; Martin, 16S; Llehler. 194; Maher, 18. T-tl. T. SECOND GAME. Audubon Bowllns Club Mo-Guire, 148: Curtis. 147: Martin. 144; Llebler, 170; Maher, 207. Total, M. , - Morris Bowllns Club Weber, 171: Hutehlns, 182; gchwarts. 179; O'Neill, 154; Macdonald. 203. TotaL 3. - - THIRD GAME. Morris Bowline Crab Weber. 17; Hutehin. 14: Rchwarta. 13; O'Neill, 149; Macdonald, 181. Total. T84. Hyperion Bowltus Club Carter, 191; Vteaer, 207; Secher. 185; Schlett, 159; Herrmann, 152. Total. 894. - ' - .' NEW YORKT BOWLINO LEAGUE-i Amsna A Tries'i" A11ys. 1 -- FTRST ' GAME. Bt Mark's Bowling Club-Trunk. Jr.. 153: Irvine. 127: Chadwlck. 157; French, 1): Harris, 17a Total. 793. - Nw Tork Bowling Club Lwreac. 143: Buck.' 174; Duncan, 144; Coffinan. 144; Cory don, -14L Total, 808. v SECOND OAVE.-t.' Mark's Bowling Club-Trunk, Jr.,145: Irvine, 130; wtiadwick. 199; French, 144: Harris. 128. Total, 744. Central Bowllns Club McAdama. 144; L Bourveau. 144: Clancer. 171; Bchnled. 194 Cur-ley. 143. Total. 814. THIRD GAME. Central Bowling Club McAd-am 178: L Bourveau, 140; Claneey, 191; Bchnled. lfO; 8trinsr. 155. Tout. 847. Kcw Jereey Bowllns Club Lawrence, 1S5; Buck, 181; Duncan. 196; Cottman. 170;. Cory don. 144. Total. 882. - - Gars Outfought " Jo Grim. PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 18." Joe " Gar.s, the lightweight champion, and " Joe " Grim; the Italian pugilist of this dty who stood sis rounds before ," Bob " ntsslm-mons and received severe punishment last week, engaged in a six-round fight to-nte;ht at the 'Washington - Sporting- Club. Gans had the better of the fig-ht from beginning to end. sending tirim to the floor one or more times la nearly every round. The Italian received a severe pounding, but th colored champion wss unable to knock him out. The Qiattcr of Teeth v - ' may b; the'ilr$t symptom of . a heavy cough or cold. If it is so in your case, take Hale'i 'Honey cf Horehooad and Tar at once. ' It will cure coughs and co!ds.N AH druggists, 25c.t 50c, and J?t. Pike's Teotbacbe Drops Cars la 0ns Mlaotg .

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