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TITE COUHIER-JOURXAXj i r i v.PtA iM uit i ri hixv 1 1 1 nri Fomrm : 7 Q Oll .t; v..t RTrt . if J M m II A - - - ft ! r. n "i t ' Yesterday wm about the dullest Say Which Churoliil. Downs is likely to see for some tune. 11 advance guard ot the horsed coming here was expected last night, and frc.n to-day on tho stables will arrive in quick succession. J. M, Thornton' horses were the first to leave Nashville for this city, and this morning they will be back in the tails they left two weeks ago. Many mortis are coming from Tennessee, and fiy ttf-nionow the exodus from Losing ton will also liegln. There are many. yacunt box-stalls at the track now, but application have come in tlucx ana last, and by Wednesday morning stabling room will be hard to find Very few of the hih-cl-u Western horses will bo absent, and this tateting will bo the lirst reunion of the many good ones who did not start at Metxphia. and who were divided between .Lexington -and .Naah- Yille. Already the near approach of racinz ha put a good d'ul or life into affair:, at the track, and while nothing sensational was done yesterday there (was an . unusually buniaofi-iiie look about the siablca. After the morning gallops the boys did not pats the time ' lounging in the sun. playing ocntz under the rheds, or fishing lazily for mud-cats in the shallow little lake. All through the day th- blanketed strings were bein led in and out of the stable yards, extra polish as given to the smooth coats, and fevered tendon were bathed in the cooling tubs. Trainers began to watch the horses in their charge with mure than usu-ii earc, and every-tiling indicated that the meeting wjj near at hand. Tbe nuniln? work was chiefly noticeable for tho trial of Hart Wmlace, the Longfellow Stephanl- colt whoe running qualities Wire pureiia-ed trom Tom Wallace last nonui by the Bashlord Manor tahl. The colt, since his rttara to the track from Air. Loug a larm has been feiven onl.7 comparatively esy work, and yesterday was the first time be was a-sked to do the Derby dMaure at anything like racing speeds Ha. did it in i :4 I, a good peiforuiunce, although - the finish was noue too Btrunsv It was last enough, however, to, encourage bis admirers, and he-will, have some little bucking when he goes to the pott in the Derby. , - ' "' - , - Two other colts that will bo supported a., outside chances in the race are High Tar ill and i'ort Scout. Their iuipruve-tncut recently has been remarkable, and horsemen are beginning to watch their vork closely wiien Dr. ilarr'a string is l-d out on tli trick. On form, of course, they are out-clawd by several of the probable starters, but a good many "plpce bets will so on the ongt-Uow puif, ncverthel-s. They were givca cidv ey wotk yesterday. nr 19 JH Ttf hi. box on the lawn and buv tlie same sort of worthli infoimation, amid tne lnut;h of a crowd. Conwrjucntly, th pttronage would be greatly curtaiUxU dv'mi v.cre the privileges sought aft.r. I It is not likely that- tney win ne, now-ot. lor tli tout has cenerallv other occupation of an even shadier sort, ana his modo nature will thrink from tho Pillory of the tout-box. So the revenue, of th rlub wi'l not be much incivaaed. hut t!ol. Clark's funny experiment will bo interesting, neverttadesi. www Another reformation will be directed against the jockeys' vulets. If a boy can't carry Id own saddle, he can ride at some other track." pays Col. Clark. This Reason the riders will weigh in t the new saddling paddock und wcigu out in tlie old elace. under the iudgi-s stand- irom thire a pith inclosed by neat iron fences leads to tlie jockey s room undr th- fcTand fctand, and up this wtlk they will have to 6aunter alon, without the sunnort of tho burly black touts who call themselves vnlets. Theao fellows are not wanted here, and if they dire to see tb races it will have to be from the wliitewaslH-d, Btund at tho lowtr end of tho grounds. The telegrams from New York stating that Ihilrtfer had decided to start Tenny in the Brooklyn, furnislted the topic of the day among turfmen here. .It was a surprise to everyone, and the majority etill believe that the great sway-bock will not go to tho i-oat. Most of the trainer here think that if Teuton reaches Brooklyn tit, he onn Nut even Tenny, but tho local theories nearly all agree that 1'ulsiXi-r's horse will not face the ling. One idea suggested is that the J-Iastern owners have persuaded lulsifer to utart Tenny merely to prevent Barnes from having the mount on Teuton, but this is discredited, for it it known that durins the last few weeks Tcnny's owner has hacked Teuton in the books and hfs openly expressed Ids belief that the Western hone would wia. For this reason some. bHieve that he wants a little more at longer (Kids. A visit was paid to Mr. Murphy yes- s 2 .. . 1, It Y. ... . I. w. r, ' .1 but he was not at tlie traek. it woUKl not le such a serious ioes after all, though Barnes is a good jockey, if Teuton's owners co'ild sec'ire the services of surh a boy as Britton from the hcoggans. ro s.ieh effort has been maxle yet, of course, and none bit bo. but it would be a treat thins It the best or the western horses could be pdoted by, tho best of the Western Jocks. As the time comes on for the big Hastern races, Teuton's chances become mora critical. Not a single in an who haj seen hi best work here doubts that Teutea can open Eastern eyes, if he is fit on the day of the race. . That " IP ik terribly significant, however, for the Ng ch?stniit is a horse liible to go wrong between darlight and dark. He is on. lire now. and the. only aueetion is. can he Lo kcit so a wcolt longer T ins lore feet have been in tho coolinjj tub rather oir-n lately, hut this is probably a pre caution only, for in hh gallop be s!iows no sign of weakness anywhere. ill admirers-ore Biirnrisi'd at tho delay in his den rt u re. but Murnhv it wetty well acquainted with his business and if all goes well Teuton will finish hi two days journey in ample time to make tlie race of hU life. He will probably start Monday, which will give him two days' rest after his arrival. Sam Bryant expect! to leave Thursday, but some bnprovement to Ids prop erty delayed him. He will leave to morrow with hii enure btring. lua mare Julia W has had a alight attack of somotliing like lung fever, 'hnt she wsa Improving yesterday, and will likely be able to leave with the others. , la the season for CRACK COLTS ALL. Farad a j Shows His Class By Winning the Lexington I Stake. Gorman Conceded Five Pounds and Ran. Him To a . Neck. Huron, Another Groat Colt, "Wins tha Day' Btaka At Nosh-. .." Yille. Lexington's Raees Marred By An Ac cident That Will Cost a Alan His Life. Tf ASHIXOTON AND GUTTENBTJEG. LEXINGTON- Racs, mnHcma: esooicd noasa,. First. ..r. El Leonar4. Ojmnast. feMoad.,.bius Maid. ...-.ConBi Stnn.y. Third. ...Trust Mi Hawkins. Fourth.... Faraday Gorman. Fifth..... .Two Bit. Farm NASHVILLE. Rirs. Fiaarr Hoiiss. Ecooan Hocsa. First.. ,..Oov. Host Linlithgow. Second. ...Too 8wel Bool Third MUt Young ..BlusVaO. Kourth.... Huron Tout raxtoa. Fit til.. . ..ZaoUppa sUggie LbuS, WASHINGTON. Race. FnsrHoRM. Sicoxo Horns. First ...... fVIntrtguaa t.. . . Feartaas. Becood . ..King bolomoa ...... AMhcm. Third. .Bscrai. Kiocilom. Fourth.... Fkx Lrw. Gri. Fifth. Rapeator Utfawara, CUTTENBURQ. - Sacs. rntsT Hoasa, . Etooiro Roasm. ...JsyQoFi. . .... Fambtr. ....Th Forum. First. ..... Romanes.. .... Swond ...Autocrat....... Third Rover ......... Fourth... .Mom Ross Colt,....Capt. Oarlaod. Fifth...... Unci. Boh.... Irtac Howard. Slxtli Fir.flj- .....Kinsstock. FARADAY'S WELL-EARNED RACE. rnnpcdlm II im Jr ire. Peiidi. tbe Great (iormai Pushed II im Close Lexington, Kj May 8. (Special J A big crowd saw five good races on the tenth day of tbe meeting, and tbe publio got a little the best of the bookies, as three favorites won. and another race was captured by well tacked second choice, ine traca was very dusty, but all the events were run off in fast time and several of the fin ishes were close and exciting. Ed Leonard was tbe favorlto for the first race and he won, but Gymnast gave him a very close caO. The betting on tbe second race was rather light, and Corlnne Kinney went to the post the favorite. IUue Maid, a 13 to 1 shot, however, beat her out at the end. and Trust landed the handicap that rouowea after an exciting contest with Miss Haw kins. The next race was the Pepper Btake. for two-year-olds, and It brought out a field ot thirteen. Faraday was the favorite on account ot Gorman having five pounds pen alty for winning the UoUrataiana (stakes. The race was between the two throughout. and Faraday won by a short neck, but Gor man gave him a good fight and ran an ex- eeedhigly good race. The time. 1 :OJ 3-4, is the best ever tnado over this track for a two-year -old at five furlong, with 118 pouuds up. The Iwt lace el the day was somewhat of a surprise, as Sweet iiiosxom was the favorite, but Two hits won, with Farine second. F.l Corrigan' Handicap and Suburban candidate, licy, was shipped to New York to-day. . One ot the features of the races to-davi was the magnificent spread given by CoL James E. Fepper. iu the 'restaurant ot the grand stand. Immediately after tho IYpper stake was run. At lcat 600 friends par took ot the hospitality. Tbe affair was never excelled, trom a convivial point of tlew. The afternoon pleasure was sadly mac-

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  2. 09 May 1891, Sat,
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