Dec 7, 1944

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1 WONDERFUL TOMORROW 1 ACCORDING TO AN advertisement we read · ~ other day the world stands on the threshold of "an astonishing age. A truly \vonderful tomorrow, .'said, is about to shape up before our eyes. Among tomorrow's wonders will be television. -Television will carry new thoughts and hopes into ,' millions of homes, the ad continued. It will stir - men's hearts an'd minds in a matter of moments. Then came a challenging sentence: "Television - is ready--are Y O U ? " . Well, that's a hard one to answer. Through - years the world has thought it was ready for - many things that would stir men's minds and ,' and bring new thoughts and hopes. And while television has the power within itself to open doors, - hearts and minds, precedent doesn't _ offer much ' cause for sanguine hope. · Take the case of radio; Anybody who ever - brought in Havana on a crystal set in the small - of the morning can remember that feeling of awe- some wonder which seemed to prophesy the '.-of world brotherhood, Here was a miracle that - going to do miracles for humankind, ^ The novelty wore off, and in time radio,brought ' us not only globe-circling conversation but also - Goebbels, the propaganda specialist, a.nd Doc Brink'. ley, the goat gland "specialist. It brought great ' and the singing commercial, and the poisonous - lory of Adolf Hitler. . We should like to.think t h a t - w h e n - comes to every home, the character of mankind '. might suddenly be ennobled. But we: have a " suspicion that with television we shall be seeing - well a's hearing the singing commercial and the ,' opera, and that girls will be able to sit home - slide to the living room floor in a dead faint ' of having to stand in line before a theater for ; same privilege. · . There really haven't been many new devices r'that have stirred the minds and hearts of the ' to any great and lasting good since the invention " of printing. For the most part, man's better ;'. hasn't been able to keep pace with the scientific - discoveries of his mind. t And so, in spite of Ihe telephone and telegraph - and radio, in spite of electricity and motor cars ' aviation, we Still have wars; cruelty, ignorance, '. poverty. Too often it seems that new inventions Jfmply have a way of refining and intensifying man's '· innate cussedness, " Probably we shall buy a television set when - when-everybody else does. But we shall do it " conviction that the shape of things to come'is " to depend entirely on the intrinsic qualities of ~- minds and hearts, whether those qualities are com" municated by electronics, woodcuts, or tribal

Clipped from
  1. The Brownsville Herald,
  2. 07 Dec 1944, Thu,
  3. Page 4

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