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I Opt-chlna, ; PRICE TWO CEXTS. mi I rn in i ninx it ii i l ii hi n ii 1 1 IVILLLU 111 i IIIUI Hichael Cornsweet Shot in Cleveland 17 R. P. Hawlej, a Non-Union Conductor. . J ' . - PURSUED BY CROWD Ha,wley Is Rescued by Police and Placed in Jail, Charged v with Murder. TROOPS PATROLLING THE CITY Kltraalyeerla I Agsls Ceed aad Pas ecasjer Are Iajarcd Arkltra-tlaa Board Practically ' Gives Is. '-.. Special Dispatch to The Inter Ocean. CLEVELAND. Ohio, July 24. The strike situation here is becoming more and more anarchical. The people ot Cleveland are bestirred by two great emotions. These are sympathy with the strikers and fear to rid en the street cars. The day's events were the most serious af the strike. One man waa killed outright.- ethers were wounded, many arrest were made, another street car was blown up, and mobs gathered all ever the cHy aad used everv device t nuk.tranhl.- : ; Barricades -were erected on tbe track la mere than fifty places. From the center of th city every now and then, tonight can be heard the firing of guns and pistols. Soldiers are patrolling the streets, but their force U utterly Inadequate to cope with the situation. At least 5,000 men are necessary to settle the strike,' and It 1 doubtful it this number of armed troops are ready for service la this state. - The street-car company absolutely refuses to have anything further to do with the union. The state board of arbitration to day practically gave up tne Job of trying to settle the strike. Force, and force only, will again establish order in Cleveland-Mas meetings of strikers and their sympathiser were held here tonight. Speeches thst. attacked the company and other com binations of wealth, as well as the govern ment, were made and wildly cheered by the audiences. The dally bulletin published by the strikers, styled the Cleveland Artisan, had an article referring to the dynamite outrage of Sunday night, in which it accused the street railway company of dynamiting it own car and barn In order to cast odium upon the strikers' cause and occasion a turn out ot the militia.' ' The soldiers were today Instructed to use their own Judgment about firing and not to hesitate when la tight places to use bayonet and bullet. The dynamiters are continuing their work of destruction tonight, and at 8:49 p. m. they blew up a I'earl street car midway between Marvin avenue aad Brooklyn bridge. There were bo passengers en thecarat ths time and consequently the horrible affair ot last night was not repeated, except that tbe car-was ruined beyond repair. The motor- man and conductor were badly bruised and cut, but 'not seriously wounded.-. A patrol wagon tilled with policemen was rushed. to the scene, but could find no trace ot the per sons who had placed the dynamite on the track. - - . .- .- - Dyaaaslte ta Frlahtea .Passeag-crs. In half a dosen other parts' ot the city dynamite cartridges were placed on the track and exploded when the cars passed. It was not Intended that they should do any injury. but they were put there to frighten passen gers." .- Battery A, with eight gatling guns, is on duty in the streets ot Cleveland, their presence necessitated by the strike situation. They have been stationed on Orange street. the south side, and In Newburg. - - - - A riot on Orange street at 12:30 p. m. today resulted In the death of a boy. He was shot and killed by a non-union conductor, Ralph P. Hawley. Hundreds of people who were en the streets and witnessed the killing became frenzied at the sight.: The conductor ran for. his life, with which, in all probability, he would not have escaped but for the fact that he ran Into the arms of a squad of police approaching the scene of the riot. - Sksstlsg et .Csrssweet.' - The killing was the outcome ot an attack on car 430, which was bound down town in charge of non-union men. At Orange and Perry streets, . whtre a crowd had collected. the car was compelled to stop. The people hooted and yelled at the trainmen, and sev eral stones were thrown, .Michael Cora-sweet, aged 19 years, the son of a butcher, at Orange and Belmont streets, sat on ahorse at a watering trough at the corner. A stone was thrown. It struck Conductor Hawley. The latter Jumped from the car, revolver In hand, - and started toward young Cornsweet. Haw ley ran toward the boy a short distance, and fired. The boy dropped from the horse, dead. 1 The ball had struck him In tbe back of the neck and passed through the base of hi brain. It cam out Just below his left eye. Tbe mad chase after Hawley then began. New pursuers started up from all sides, and the conductor was being overhauled whew the police, providently for Hawley, appeared on the scene. The crowd gave way before the officers, wh replaced Hawley on his car. and escorted the car downtown... At the square Hawley was placed under arrest, and taken to the central police station, where a charge of murder waa placed against him. Hawley Is 26 years of age. - Bay Did Xat Threw Staae. ' Hawley claims that young Cornsweet threw the stone which struck him. Pecple who witnessed the shooting stoutly maintained that, while th bov wss an lntroxt.t tator, he did not cay or do a thing. The remains of the boy were taken to the heme of his parents, who were ra ignorance what had taken place until tneir aead son was carried in to them. Their grief was pitiful. ' Thousands of perse ns sssembled In the street. They were wild with lndlgnstlon. and made open threats ot killing a non-union, man before night, to avenge the death ot the boy. H. B. Joynt of No. 479 Broadway, who wit nessed the killing, said: - : "The boy was sitting cn his horse at the watering trough, when the stone was thrown. The conductor was on the platform talking with a policeman, when the stone hit him. Hawley Jumped off. pulled hie gun. and started toward the boy. I grabbed bis arm. 'Hold ,' I said, 'don't you hurt that boy. He didn't thrown that stone. - 'Let go et me or I'll shoot you. the conductor replied. I released him. ad he went on toward the boy. 3irt. Esther Bergman ez-no. rmj -

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