1906 Aug 6 - Hettie Irish - Evening Sentinel - Mardi Gras

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1906 Aug 6 - Hettie Irish - Evening Sentinel - Mardi Gras - LOTS OF GOOD HUMORED fUN ATMARDI GRAS MANY...
LOTS OF GOOD HUMORED fUN ATMARDI GRAS MANY OfflCES TO BE TILLED THIS TALL 6EVKN THOUSAND PEOPLE BALLOTS IN THE NOVEMBER TOOK IN THE MASQUE CARNI VAL AT THE BEACH SATUR DAY NIGHT. The first Mardl Gras festival at the new 'Beach Casino on Saturday evening was a "b'lg Isucceiss. The new board walk, which runs for nearly a mile along the beach, and the electric pier were both beauti- ELECTION WILL liE HEAVILY LOADED WITH NAMES. Does the voter realize that he must tackle a large .ballot when he steps in the voting booth in the November election? The coming State, county and city elections are to be unusually important. C. IF. Curry, Secretary of State, says that this is the order in which, and on 111. im nirlf-Vi f 1 -vn f 11 rr n '! a QTlfl I - 1 ' 5 , t C1C'1U - the parties will be placed upon the were filled with a gay crowd of ofIlpal &UoU Firgt( ,Ilepubllcan. markers, throwing confetti and hay- aecond Democrat; third. Socialist; lng good humored fun witli the fourth rronibitioa clowns in the parade. Thirty special If other nomlnations are made by policemen were sworn in to keep wnventlon or petition, the tickets order and only one arrest was made wm be placed m ,ne baJlot lfl the during the evening. order ln ,wnlch flled statQ Fully seven thousand people took tlcket wl lbft voted fof ln tbJa in the celebration, which ended with order: a wrand masque dou in me auvu 'Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Casino, to the music of the Third Secretary of stat6i Controller, Treas- Artillery Band nreri Attorney General, Surveyor Santa Cruz : is full of visitors at Generai, Clerk of the Supreme Court, this time of the year and the affair ;Su,perlntendent 0f Public Instruction, was planned mainly for their enter- SuperIntendent of State Printing, talnment. twc Associate Justices of the Su- There were 6,728 people who paid preme Court for full term, one As- admlsslon to the Casino ptremlses sociate Justice cf the Supreme Court and the Board walk during the even- for unexpired term of Walter Van lng and 1582 in the big tent for tne .rjyke, deceased; Presiding Justice masquerade ball. of the District Court of Appeals, The costumes wore noticeable for two Associate Justices of the District the care and taste with which they Court of Appeals. Representative ln had been prepared and a large num- Congress, member of the State ber of strikingly beautiful creations iBoard of 'Equalization. Railroad were seen. Any description of those lommlssloner. particularly noticeable would do an Santa Cruz county will elect the Injustice to the others. following: . Two Supervisors, from Fajaro and Seaside districts, Sheriff. District Attorney, Clerk, Treasurer, Assessor, Auditor, Tax Collector, Recorder, Coroner, Superintendent of Schools. Surveyor, two Justices and one Constable from eah of the following townships: Santa Cruz: Felton, Boulder Creek, fSoquel and Watsonville. One Assemblyman is to also be voted for. There is talk of a petition being gotten up for a constable election in ptoa township, which has had (neither a constable nor justice for several years. TO an alleged has the to A as from 148 Cruz IMenlo North the the the St. charter be The prizes were awarded as follows. First Mrs. L. Landsburger of Ban IFranclsco, Summer Bathing Costume. Second Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Roumage, in the ODam Family. Third Mrs. C. I. Norris, Folly in Pink. The above four people received $10 each, while an extra prize was given to T. IS. Whitling of Palo Alto for a Chinese character. The complete list of the maskers at the ball Is as follows: The (Whole Dam Family, F. 8. iRoumage. two Misses Mulligan, (Mr. 'Drjmblll and two Messrs. Masters. Nan Patterson, Eva Neablt and Lillian (Russell. Floradora Girls. 'Ed White, W. H. llaymen and C. H. Carson. Floradora Boys. Mabel S. Taylor as Sis Hopkins, Annie Bayley as School Girl. Allie Bailey as Ballet Girl. Margaret Manson as Grannie. Victor Edison as Uncle Sam. Dr. Frank T. Duncan as Cow- puncher. Maud Foye as Gypsy Girl. 'Mrs. C. J. Norris as Circus Girl In Spangles. 'Mrs. Lilian 'Klllendale ln Sailor Suit. C. D. Hastings of Sacramento as Prince Emily Farley as Queen of Spades Mrs. G. H. INormand as Scotch Irish Girl. G. II. Normand in Pink Domino. E. C. Cowell as iBig Hat Filipino H. R. Judah as German Admiral Mrs. IH. R. Judah as Folly. Miss Christine Judah as Carmen. A. F. Lundburg as Yellow 'Kid Clown. Miss T. Landews as Belle of the Ball. L. W. Shelby as IBlacksmith. Bruce Fargo as The Devil. G. B. Huntington as Lady in Blue. Mrs. Slater as Spanish Dancer. Mrs. iR. Bennett as Carmen. Mrs. H. Jones as Spanish Girl. Miss Levinsky as Mag, the Rag. ,R. E. McCauley as Automoblllst. Chas. W. Stone as Si of Pumpikin-ville. J. Watkins as Monlcey Face. J. F. Colgan as Jockey. Wm. Gallahar and Harold Brent-linger as Clowns. M. Tripp of Tonopah, Colored MlDEtrel. Herbert Shaw, iSamantha of Pumpkinville. 'F. G. Wilson as Domino. Mr. and Mrs. Montroyd Sharpe as Red Domino and 'Little Red Riding Hood. Mrs. Gay and Mrs. Whittle Colored Minstrels. Miss A. Bartholomew as Coon. Mrs. Stoddard of Goldfleld Colored Minstrel. Mrs. Stenson of Tonopah, same. T. S. Whitting of Palo Alto as Chinese. Mrs. Lynch as Fox. Mrs. W. S. Moore. Miss Mollie Whitehurst, Miss Vetta Leonard and Miss Nora Potts as Japanese (Ladies. Mrs. L. Lovett as Jingle Bell. as as Annie Kllfoyle and Emma Hogge. as Queen of Hearts. Miss Plageman as Cinderella, t Frank Zach as Devil. E. Mayer and Laura C. Wilson as Fencing Girls. 'Elizabeth Duckman as Queen of Diamonds. Rose McGarr as Queen of Hearts. Marguerite Worcester as Blue Princes. Miss Pearl Makinney as Parlsienne Mrs. F. W. Swanton as French Peasant. Mrs. Zumwalt In Chinese Fancy Cot.tume. Capt. Menzles as Wizard of Oz. Chas. J. Anderson as Puzzle. W. M. Field as Domino. Adelaide Cowie as Music. Mrs. Geo. Seighbolt and Lola (Stoddard as Colored Minstrel. Ursula Langen as Gray Domino. Bessie Wood as Grecian Girl. Steve Mead as Hiram Green. Isa'belle Willey as Colonial Girl Blue. A. S. iLozier as What Is It. Pearl Swanton as Sunflower. lEdlth Gaden of Tonopah as South Carolina Coon. Hettie Irish as Never a Dull Moment. Delia McCauley as College Girl. F. R. Prosser as Sergeant-Major. Nellie Sherman as Jackey. Mrs. C. A. Turner as Jockey in Green and White. Mrs. C. A. Hargis as India. Mrs. Landsteiger as Bathing Girl. Mrs. G. E. MdLeod as Clarence Mollity. C. E. Shaw as Jessie Bvans. The evening train from San Francisco carried 543 people from the metropolis and wav points, while th S. P. officials estimated that they hauled fully 7200 people during the aay on account of the festival NO IMMUNITY FOR OIL KING. OIIIICAGO. John D. Rockefeller ! will not be served with a subpena t0 appear before the Grand Jury which has been called to convene in this city next Monday to investigate the relations existin? between the Standard Oil Co. and various railways entering Chicago. THie Government officials declared that should Mr. Rockefeller testify before the Grand Jury It would be necessary to grant him Immunity from future prosecution, and th's. It was claimed, is what the Government wishes to avoid

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  • 1906 Aug 6 - Hettie Irish - Evening Sentinel - Mardi Gras

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