Reformatory Superintendent Takes Direct Action

Marysville Journal Tribune, 12 Nov. 1937

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Reformatory Superintendent Takes Direct Action - 41 MARYSVILLE, OHIO, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1937...
41 MARYSVILLE, OHIO, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1937 By Carrier, Reformatory Superintendent Takes Direct Action After Months of Negotiations Over Small Child When the welfare department of Kentucky failed to show any interest in a b«by at the women's reformatory here, Mrs. Marguerite Reilley, above, went to Frankfort and said: "Here's your baby," Picture, courtesy courtesy Columbus Dispatch. of of on certain over Mrs* Reilley Takes Baby To Kentucky big he When there Is something to be done, ;Mrs. Marguerite Reilley, Reilley, superintendent of the 'Women's Reformatory, is not a person to "beat around the bush." So, when the state of Kentucky Kentucky failed to show any Interest Interest In an 18-months-old baby that has been at the reformatory, reformatory, Mrs. Reilley | made . a Frankfort, Ky., ptnl personally handed It over t"6'" . the head of'Kentucky's welfare deportment' "Here's your • baby, Tm not going to take'it back to Ohio," announced Mrs. Reilley as she put the infant on top of the desk of Mrs. Marks, Kentucky welfare director. "Well, I guess that's that," said'Mrs, Marks. . Thus, ended in'true Reilley style the cutting of red tape after months of correspondence correspondence during which Mrs. Reilley had endeavored to have the neighboring . state take charge of a baby'that she (Mrs. Rcil- ley) was 'illegally holding at the reformatory for .the good of the child. The baby Is Shirley Turner, aged 18 monthjg, daughter of Mr. and *Mrs. Wiyima .Turner of Monticello, Ky. The mother, Clara, aged 23, was sentenced to the reformatory for chicken stealing In dormant County, Ohio, and was admitted to the Institution -on October 3rd, 1935. She was under a one to fifteen years sentence. . The baby was, born while the mother was in the reformatory, and" has .had no other • home since. When the. mother was paroled on August 10th of this year she was released "on i condition condition she return to Monticello and make a home for the baby. Mrs. Reilley is not of the ty,pe,to permit a baby to go . into a home not suitable for its welfare. She wrote to Monticello Monticello for details anc^ learned that the Turner home was not suitable for, the child. Also, the mother has a disease and the child also needs medical treatment. treatment. Although, legally, Mrs. Reilley Reilley was not empowered to keep the child, she would not send, it to the Turner home under under those conditions. She wrote to the Kentucky welfare department department and asked that department department to take custody of the baby as both the father and mother are citizens of Kentucky, Kentucky, and not of this'. state. The Kentucky department ."was not interested In the least, the correspondence revealed. Letter Letter after letter piled up, but no progress was made in getting Kentucky to 'accept the child. Then, on November 4th, Mrs. Turner walked into the Cincinnati Cincinnati police station and de- Shirley turner, aged 18 months, waa dressed in clothing made for. her by reformatory inmates when she was taken to Frankfort. Mrs. Sadie Knolls, shown with Shirley above, was a "mother" to'Shirley while the baby was at the institution. Picture, Courtesy Columbus Dispatch. mended that her baby, be. returned returned , to her or she be returned returned to ithe reformatory. She could not be returned to the reformatory because . she was not a parole violator, and Mrs. Rcilley was determined the baby should noi be placed in the Turner homes; I ;L as t week-enu when Gov. A. Bi- Chandler of Kentucky was in Columbus, Mrs. Reilley attempted attempted to contact him and ask that the welfare department ol his; state take the baby and place It in an institution. The governor • could not be bothered, bothered, It'developed. With the child's mother demanding demanding it, the Kentucky welfare welfare department not Interested in taking it, and Mrs. Reilley in the position of holding it illegaliy-'-the ;rc(formatory superintendent superintendent /took direct' action. action. She placed the baby In her machine Wednesday and dro've to Cincinnati with. the intention intention of taking both the mother and the baby to .Frankfort. 'The mother was under quarantine in the Cinchinati jail and she could not see her. Mrs. Reilley then drove on to Frankfort and putting thefbaby on, the desk of the welfare department department head ended all. the tanglo of events by stating: "Here's your baby." She left with the 'knowledge it will receive the best of care Mrs. Clara' Turner of Monticello, Ky., the mother of Shirley, was told she could have Shirley as soon as a good home was provided for the child. The picture is th/ough courtesy courtesy of Columbus Dispatch. .in a Kentucky institution. The baby has been a "pet" 6f the reformatory during its stay there. It is; a bright youngster youngster and inmates of the institution institution took pride in making it attractive clothing. Shirley •was in charge of Mrs. Sadie Knotts, an elderly inmate of the jreformatory, who took as much interest in the baby as. though it was her own grandchild. grandchild. . .

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  • Reformatory Superintendent Takes Direct Action — Marysville Journal Tribune, 12 Nov. 1937

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