"Liberated Frenchwomen tell of horrible life at foul German crematorium near Auschwitz"

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"Liberated Frenchwomen tell of horrible life at foul German crematorium near Auschwitz" - Liberated Frenchwomen Tell of Horrible Life At...
Liberated Frenchwomen Tell of Horrible Life At Foul German Crema torium Near Auschwitz By 8AM SOUKI United rressrstaff Correspondent A MIDDLE EAST FORT. March zz uj.ro LiDeratea French women, still haunted by the nightmare of German concentration camps, are going .home, . Then memories are of the days when their- German captors made uitm cuki uic rvrciuBioromn ana hack out gold teeth they misht discover In the mouths of the dead. They still shudder at the-mem ory of the times when they were iorcea into aeatn cells -to crush the skulls which the fires had not reduced to ashes. Now they want revenge. They want to return, to the foul camp at Birkenau and the nearby crema torium of Auschwitz and there point out their torturers. These French women have been rescued by the Russians and are advancing on Berlin. These women were rounded up In France during, the occupation and taken to Birkenau on various charges ranging from defying German orders to suspicion of being in contact with the Vr French. Ruthlessly, they were torn from their children, their homes and herded Into box-cars and sent to Germany. They were stripped. given coarse uniforms-and nut to work. They slaved 12 hours a day, breaking stones, repairing roads and digging cuxenes. Every day some weary women would drop. Nine hundred of the camp's 8,000 inmates died every month, but more came to replace them from Poland, Czechoslo-vakia3elgium and France. After three months the Ger- Royalty On Coal To Interest U. S. WASHINGTON, March 21 CUJD John L. Lewis' insistence on a 10-cents a ton royalty may bring the government into the soft coal wage negotiations this week. Howard T. Colvln, acting director of the labor department's conciliation service, said inter vention by his representatives was "a possibility." He said the two conciliators who have been observing, negotiations between the United Mine Workers' president and the operators are ready to enter the dispute on moment's notice. The present contract expires in 10 days and UMW tradition has been "no contract, no work." The government has warned, however, that the nation cannot afford even then the briefest stop in production. mans paraded all the women and stripped them for "selection." Two doctors examined every woman. All judged to be too tired for further use and those with any signs of an infectious skin disease would be separated from the rest Still naked, they were pushed into large cells. They knew what their fate would be. and the living were deafened by the shrieks and moans of those about to die. With sunset they were led to the shower rooms and from there to the gas chamber. Then the smoke would start curling from the crematorium's chimneys. The selection parade occurred every three months. Once a year the women who were forced to work in the gas chamber and the crematorium were themselves liquidated. The French women on their way back to France hope some day to return to Brikenau to point out their torturers. The Germans branded their prison numbers on their arms, and these French women are proud as they show you the mark. They are going home, hoping to find children, sweethearts and parents they have not heard from all these terrible years.

Clipped from
  1. The Daily Herald,
  2. 22 Mar 1945, Thu,
  3. Page 5

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  • "Liberated Frenchwomen tell of horrible life at foul German crematorium near Auschwitz"

    staff_reporter – 14 Jun 2018

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