Andersonville Prison site and cemetery turned into park

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Andersonville Prison site and cemetery turned into park - Day-late- ANDERSONVILLE PRISON THE HISTORIC...
Day-late- ANDERSONVILLE PRISON THE HISTORIC SITE HAS BEEN TURNED INTO A BEAUTI- BEAUTI- FUL PARK. - Mrs. Sarah D. Winans. chatrman of the Andersonville Prison Board of Managers, after several years of ardu ous labqr In that capacity, gave her hnal report to the twenty-eighth twenty-eighth twenty-eighth national national convention of the W. R. C. Mrs. v inans has labored indefatigably to make this sacred-spot sacred-spot sacred-spot one of the most beautiful on earth, and she has suc ceeded far beyond her highest expec tations. The Andersonville Prison .Park was given to the Women's Relief Corps in 1893 by the Department of Georgia, G. A. R. .It was a barren waste, bits of the old stockade showing above the ground; excavations all over It where -the -the poor, starving prisoners had dug noies to shelter themselves from the pitiless elements; numerous wells dug by the prisoners, often with their hands, and not a tree, a shrub or even a blade of grass would -grow -grow on the ground, which seemed accursed. There was no desire on the part of the wo- wo- of AndersonvlUe. so the stockade was aJl uprooted, . and In lta place were Pres- I ' '. " . v. 'r.w " i , , - . , i wouia noi grow, ana uw mm aieu. a , ,.' r. .r. '., Jubl- r! ff1" " vXl'"ZJr 'I Wi 'TMrn 1. ulawH planted on the asphalt pavement For ?t"JZ V .;."4t -B.V -B.V I ,,j rTi 7 1 1" VL . 12 in the grass started and to get things to grow. At last sod was brought from Ber muda, and that grass, alien to the country,- country,- took sickly root, and la later years has grown luxuriantly. Trees . 1 vnm flnnllv jOAYAd. to stvw. and Tra of 1 ' ,v, v- v- is in splendid condition now, and in a few years will be hearing nuts for profit She also reports that both, the wells are now in good condition, though a short time ago the quicksand had Blenty oeeTnllinrtV I A T .i,v. f M "" There is a windmill and an abundance he of basm ,nto a pool In the. floor and out through the pavilion as a clear and navlrllnn oa whan It- It- Vll.-a Vll.-a Vll.-a fv-. fv-. fv-. H t quench the thirst of the starving am 1 . . ... 1 prisoners, Tne ground around the spring Is beautiful by growing ferna The Wlr monument which waa for la- la- .n a mannra tn tha nrtsnn hnard cir- of managers, because of the fact that com- the Georgia Daughters had purchased . mti .mmn nf land -liiat -liiat nutalda tha entry gate of Andersonville Prison prk. intending to place the monument we the and it la naver nolnted winana aava: "Tha Win be- be- standing In the village Is Its own con- con- repack- demnatlon. It need only stand there of water for use on the rose garden and trees. Providence Spring, she says, was never In so fine a condition as now. The floor of the pavilion Is newly newly cemented. The water Is running through the fountain furnished by the Ex-Prisoners Ex-Prisoners Ex-Prisoners of War Association into a there, now stands In the town of An dersonville, half a mile away. The body of Wlrz lies In the malefactors' corner of Mount Olivet Cemetery, Washington, D. C, and Is unmarked. Very few people know that It Is there out Mra monument A time will come when ,tha South will be glad to bury It from sight." Mrs. Winans mentions a number ' oi presents mat nave been made to Andersonville, Among them the Department of Ohio through One Its president Mary C WentzeL gave a Hud-1 Hud-1 large - bunting flag lor the nagpole. which was dedicated on Manaortal pay. the She also stated that Mr. William Easterlin haa promised to give land machtn- for a boulevard to conect tne irmon Park with th cemetery, making a a deed to the Government when the th I transfer ts mad. A great many mln- handsom presents ' have been mad I to th different rooms of tha cottage at Andersonville by Massachusatts. Ohio. Wisconsin. Indiana and Minnesota, pu exoreaa- monuments hav been rotd Inside Fire th atockade by Maeachutts, Rood aaalst- Island. Michigan, Ohio. Wisconsin and mam- on by the w. R. c to uxsoeia a. Phil- Turner. Past National president ana Life Chairman ot th AnderaonvUl Prison Board, who died at Anderson- Anderson- vlll two years ago. that ad Mrs. Winans says: "To make and keep our country great and strong, education must go hand In hand with patriotism, and a the woman's Relief Corps tranpr to the United States Government her sacred trust of preaarvlnc tha hal lowed spot whr thousand suffarad of a part of th fund set ald for Andersonville Andersonville Priaon Prk than to ua It the I to ancourag thla grand moral sentl- sentl- mentT Th Memorial University. located In the geographlral ajenter of that th United State and dedicated to th by veterans and loyal women of 1111-45. 1111-45. 1111-45. 1 1 only In It Infancy and neads our th patriotic and loving aupport W aow hav tha opportunity of helping to build this living monument to a ftz as "big aa th blggeaf" Mra. Winans then recommends that tha W. U r aitharrlha 15 000 from th NOT Andemonvtil Permanent Fund, bold- bold- Ing It In trust for th Memorial Uni- Uni- Iverslty at Iowa City, for tha beginning oi an rnnowmrni iunv, anMiunv a-re-1 a-re-1 a-re-1 a-re-1 b determined later ana mat in interest on tn tuna w pain ai tne pce- t each year to tha Memorial State Vnlveratty. aim -we -we realize wun aanne. n aai i. "that our veterans are. fast pKng rol- rol- swav, and soon ther will bs none lrt and tell th story of thair hemlam. Th of youthful mind I greatly Impressed by martyrdom h-aa h-aa h-aa of their patrotlum. what mors fitting ua couia h mart has l'Hng accounts of their parole n- n- pro- pro- durance; and In order that th l'm of of sacrlflr) and davotlon to country, a taught by the suffering of th t'rlr" ha r at Annemonvme ana on-r on-r on-r ""'o-th ""'o-th ern priaon. may naver ba forgottfn. 1 offer reromrnendatlon N. J. that 'frr or Patriotic Inatnirtor ak th mini- mini- ment of puhltc llhrarl" X provi I make for a patriotic shelf, davotad to tn wMa. xhllt of books on patriotlam, ar-apraad ar-apraad calbl to readers, and tht upon t' -'a -'a Impre- ehelf b plafed tm snd authanttc t '- '- torla or Anfiraoniii afn o-r,or o-r,or o-r,or aontharn prisons, such a John -"r -"r Kirov's blatory and on wr1:iii v Harry VbIta. glrlng h!a irar1i.-a irar1i.-a irar1i.-a t slxtean months In varlooa porit'fr-, porit'fr-, porit'fr-, prlaona. . "A cor v of tha" h!tori wiiil-1 wiiil-1 wiiil-1 l vlilt)l addition t aSI 1 ' r ' And now mm thla aard fUca l k o j n intn othar hand. 'a.1 I ' of laving loa-n loa-n loa-n tha ir"-i ir"-i ir"-i r-!r r-!r r-!r ! rrr bart, and In M-h M-h M-h 1 bav ;sl ed for ffMirtaan I11"- I11"- t-era, t-era, t-era, 1 v fopfoa a fan!irg r-f r-f r-f ! ot - ' ovar ma, anil p-a!! p-a!! p-a!! g t,-, t,-, t,-, -to -to that Mwrl rrr m r r e"t i , i rr n'rrf VfinM,? ij a t 3 t, . b.- b.- Hall- and on n yesterday.

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  2. 18 Oct 1910, Tue,
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  • Andersonville Prison site and cemetery turned into park

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