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be-tion th now .i na that ob ii tne he that be a trial to No for the the not is- at bis of the of for of of put a Sad Details of the St. Nicholas Disaster. Tha explosion of tho steamer St. Nicholas on tli S4 tit of April, in the vicinity of Memphis wn on of the most terrific that hss oceurrrd for years on the Mississippi. It took plao at 10 o'clock Sunday evening, all four of the great boilers exploding at onee when the boat waa un dcr full headway. About sixty lives were lost. and the boat, with a large and valutiblo cargo, entirely destroyed. Th wreck at ono took fire, and soon enwrapped the whole boat in one sheet of flame. The picture revealed by the lu rid fltnie was harrowing in the extreme. Th boat wa bound down the River, and no names from this quarter are contained in the list of killed and wounded. Mr. James Keod, th pilot of th St. Nicholas was in the pilot house with dipt. McMullan and at the whrel conversing. Wa add a portion of hi thrilling statement : I remember distinctly of hearing a report like that of a cannon, and instantaneously felt my self moving through the air. W ben 1 reoovered my senses, I found myself down among the boil ers When the steam and smoke cleared nway a little, I commenced crawling to the roof; in doing so I came across Captain McMullan, lying willi his right foot under the hurricane roof, pi lot hotise, and a lot of other rubbish, which h id been thrown together in one common mass, by the explosion. His right foot and ankle was wedged in tightly by this heavy niaxa of lumber. He hailed me, and I stopped to assist him, at tho same time I called to the second male, whom I saw near at hand, to my assistance, and wo both tried all the means in our power to release him. While endeavoring to release the Captain one of the striker engineers came to our assistance, but the three of us failed to extricate him from his awful position. The flames were rapidly encroaching encroaching upon our territory, and the heat waa becoming intolerable. Cant. McMullan begged us to cat off his leg, but we could find no axe nor any other instrument by whicho do so, else we would have complied with hi wish. Wo worked at the Captain uutil the fire drove us away ho begged us all the lime to remain by bim. W.i did not leave him until the moment arrived when to remain any longer would have been certain death to all ol us without the possibility of relieving the Captain. He was consumed by the flames almost before our eyes. The last words be uttered were, ".By uod! 1 shall have to burn up !" When he saw that he would hav to bum, he ceased his entreaties for us to remain by him, and bade us seek our own safe ty. 1 left Capt. McMullan a few minutes be- lore the others did, and succeeded in reaching the ladies' cabin before the fire closed up that way of escape. i'ie others finding it impossible to follow me, jumped into the river. During tha time I was at work trying to save Captain McMullan, the mate brought the yawl forward to try auJ put the fire out, but the yawl got filled up with men deck bunds and firemen. While thete the yawl also picked up Capt. Ben. Glime from uuder the ruins, and took bim aboard tbe Susquehanna. Susquehanna. By this time Capt. MoMullan was ouipletely enveloped in the flames. I reached tbe ladies cabin, and found the ladies huddled together, acting frantically, screaming for assistance, assistance, and weeping bitterly. Mrs. Mime wus there crying aloi d for her husband I told her 1 hail noised him, which 1 had not al that time, for I did not learn until afterwards that he had been picked up by the yawl. I told the ladies to go down on the main deck, and get away back to the stern of the boat. I preceded them, and when we reached I lie deck room we had t jump eight feet on to the main deck. When 1 got them e'own there. I told them to remain until I could aa up and throw the life-boat overboard. I went up on the roof, and there found my partner, Edward Stevens, who assisted to throw the life boat

Clipped from
  1. Cleveland Daily Leader,
  2. 02 May 1859, Mon,
  3. Page 2

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