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herminia - The much abused term tig time" could be urd In...
The much abused term tig time" could be urd In connection with thla trio of performer but the theatre going publU have reached a stage where they ran no longer be dragged Into a play house where the big big time" stuff Ja a matter of cold typa only Reckless Reck low ana Company Pluck of Star in "Do Ihe Dead Talk" I Adds Thrill in Unusual. Film IIBSBBBBBHp' HaPeMBSBBBm 'n'' BbZ3M W eraBSBBBaliAL - BBBBBBBBBBa ? h. , Vci$ HF SliSHHiajHHSHBSBaB In their cycls and roller skating act hava been aeen In thla cltr before and Uieir abllltr la knoan A feature feature of the act ta a flip - flop on akatea by the child member of the trio Id Addition to the above feature three other itertalnlnc acta will be on today! bill. Including;, Eller and Eller with a Una of comedy singing and talking Davie and Myera In A comedy play? let entitled "Papa Spank," and rrlmor Velly and hia acrobatic dogs In addition to the vaudeville bill. a feature picture will be on todiy'a program 'Do the Dead Talk' HERMINA FRANCE. One f tho finest evtdenres of the pluck that makes movl star wa I given by Hermlna France (he Jack MacCuIlouach itor during the filming of a Are scene la Da the Dt - ad Talk' a timely feature pbotoplny to b pre Mnted at the Majestic theatre start of l - egulutc - 4 studios, but MUa Kmnre mho was the aurrererla Me accident did not let H spoil a good scene and atuck t the nd Jn this pirtlrular arena le urentrta oiled for toe hentinea paper jfi - iloWeen Kiiwn f cath flr while phe eras haea - lnjr rck - o anterns Mr hie rtety effort Wa mod? to mkt the cene realistic very effort waa alao tak" lo safetrusnl the ;ir' lie body beneath the dr an aa wrapped rr fire renliitlnit' material to that he 4ras " uld actually catch flr nd bur without ftnrmlnf th S4 Vtremt and when ih srerte was readt (,ita be) hot mm with dampefl blank W mtooA b - A to rush In shOuH axythlna; o wront Action waa called and the camera Clicked Ml Franca Jumped on a chair, spoke tc her fellow players, and the scene went on with splendid animation The fringe of the g - Irls dress, hung pr lighted lanterps the fabH1 The other lr screamed an.rt realittered terror With flamei racinf up her back and shore her bead Mjsy France held the center of tre suiga until the camera hid reals tpred everything and the director had called for her exit Then, h rah to a jaldeallne - where the flumes were mothered In a blanket and fainted purlng the action the flreprpoflo on her right arm had nurted and the ,,'u - rThTn!:'.pi'.?ii,..Lh; - i - t w"i It to her fleehi Peruli ;he pain of the burn Ml Fanc waa on the floor' Jhe next morning hrlirht a daley The hum HI In than TrnttiT la not make up - Ita the real I thing I The Nfajeetle. will offer a moat un usual attraction for five day atart - tng Tueaday afternoon when - Jack McCullourh a screen production, "Do the Dead Talk," will be the attraction. attraction. The screen version Is Jn six reels, and In addition la presented with an prologue and epilogue em bracing a cast of twelve acting peo ple, and staged with elaborate acenlo and electrical effects' Included In the active fast In the Mysterious Dr X, L ho will answer all questions leaving It to the audience to judge If he has the power to communicate with the dead, or Just depends upon the usual rout ne followed by clalments of the Dsychtc power Dr, 3i Invites you to write your questions at home bring1 them to the theatre and without speaking i word, Dr X will read and glva an swer to )our questions He will tell our full, name and ace Ha will communicate with your missing friends or relatives In fact any ques tlons will be answered by the Mys terlous Dr X i The Screen Version. The days when the r""'"1 wtU c cept any old thing In a motion picture (are past, according to U. J 1'oiiaro I who, aa head of the Ebony Film Cor - - .. i. M.ntinw Tin (he Dead Talk?" Jack MacCulloughs timely picture on rjplntuallsm "There as a time," he aays, when all you had to do was say Moving Pictures to night, and the public, would flock to your doors But no more. Now the people who pay want something mora than mere picture they want story Do the Dead Talk" Jack McCullough McCullough has a story tha( la 101 per cent, and he has handled it In a 101 per cent manner Spiritualism Is a big subject and It took a big man to handle It and MicCullough was equal to the occasion The physic end ef the production has been care fully looked after by Pr II A Cross. ari accepted ithority on spiritual Um so (he pictures lowing public tll not have to put up with Incon sistencies on this vital subject don't want anyone to get the Idea that thia pieture I aplrltialiatu! propaganda, because It Is not. It Is one of tne moat thrilling stories you would Kant to see with Spiritualism. as the theme and ho Is not Inter The female role Is. Itself an extraordinary de tarture from the accepted run of star roles ana iiermina r ranee tne mile European actress who mskes her first screen appearance In this picture handles It exceptionally well." Famous Marcus Show. Greatest Revue of Beauty, Melody and Mirth of the Age, Opens at Palace This Afternoon Ths show event supremo, of the entire 131 theatrical season in Fort Wayne, la now but a matter of hours In awaiting to make Its grand debut of at) entire week a engagement at the Palace theatre thia afternoon Promptly at 1 0 o clock thla afternoon, afternoon, the A. D Marcus Revue of 1120 the most elaborate and captivating beauty, melody and mirth revue, ever developed for the American stage, will make Its bow to Fort Wayne play - goers, who will ba treated to the finest, cleanest, most remarkabls masterpiece of etagecrart and histrionic histrionic achievement of Ita kind they have ever aeen It was originally Intended to have the Marcus show begin Its seven days' engagement here on Monday evening. May H. Through special arrangements arrangements however. Manager Frank E. Stouder of the Palace haa succeeded succeeded In perfecting plans whereby he Is able to open thla auperb theatrical gem with the special Sunday matinee matinee today Although it Includes the most captivating captivating congress of entrancing feminine feminine beauty and loveliness Imaaln able the Marcus show Is ermine white in its moral cleanliness It Is the cleanest and most refreshingly wholesome wholesome of any truly great extravaganxa of beauty ever offered to the theatre - going publio of America Those, who saw the Marcus show when It appeared here last year, are the best Judges of Its grandeur, walth of comedy exquisite musical and vocal features and clenllness There Is not a aemblanco of suggestlvepess In all Ita extravagant exposition of feminine feminine pulchritude and la the type of show which Is morally lit to bs ee by children and grownups alike The Marcus show will be here com plete with all Its old favorites who have won an imperishable pkue In the hearts of all who have ever seen them. There wffl be ecreamtngry funny Mike Sacks, inanely comical little Charlie Abbate, his arch accomplice accomplice in making people quaka with' laughter; mirth provoking Bob Alexander; Alexander; charmingly beautiful. Miss BeeWlnaome Billy Dale, the master songster and peer o fall yodelera, and many other noteables. The same be - wltchlngly goed - looking double dosen Peach chorus, with all Ita old - time vivacity, Charming beauty, and wonderful wonderful vocal and terpsichorean ability, will ba on band, and In every detail It will b the same Marcus show, whlco created the greatest theatrical sensation in the history of Cleveland, last week, where It played to capacity capacity houses throughout the entire weolc Keith Treat to Be Added. Although the great Marcus show is the outstanding theatrical luminary In tba entire theatrical constellation of America this season Manager Frank E. Stduder waa not content to have only thla to close his blgtlme seaaon this year Accordingly he booked to accompany the Marcus show all week beginning Monday evening one of the finest of Keith J vauaeviuo prosrama The headline attraction of this wonder variety bill la Mlsa Albertlna Rasch, famoua American classical dancer who has Just returned from a noteable success in Europe Other acta on thla special vaudeville bill Include The Five Crispins In "Musical "Musical Variations!" and Ilollla I and lane and Harper, In "The Man and tne Manicure." At Cleveland all last week mam moth crowds paid 50c to S2 B0 at night; and Mo to 12 00 In the afternoons, afternoons, to see the Marcua show The prices for the big double program at the Palace will be only COc II 00 and 11 CO at night and Mo and II 00 for the three matinees Sunday Wednes - - day and Saturday WH01SDR.X7" MAJESTIC! S DAYS STARTING TUESDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 17 3 Performance Daily - , 2:30, 7 and 9 P.M. The Screen Version of One of the Most DUcoteed Subjects of the Present Time. When You See This Picture Draw your own conclusion. conclusion. It i the strangest and one of the most interesting interesting photoplay ever produced. Do You Believe - In - Spiritualism "If you are a scoffer, gee it; if a believer, don't miss it; if a skeptic, come and be entertuned." Prologue and Epilogue with 12 Actm? Artist and Elaborate Scenic Production and Electrical Electrical Effect. Does He Bring a Message From the Dead? HE PIERCES THE MYSTERY off the "WHO IS DR. XT - MAJESTIC TODAY ONLY - - SUNDAY - TODAY ONLY 5 SHOWS AT 1357 AND 9P.M. Reckless Recklow & Co. Cycle and Roller Skating Novelty, Introducing the Chad o wonder ot the Vaudeville Stage on Skate j l ELLER SELLER I Davis & Myers! SOUL And Divines Your Innermost Thoughts MYSTERIOUS 2lX I Write Your Questions at Home, Firing Them to the Theatre Without Speaking a Word Dr. X Will Answer Them. The Mott Mystifying and Surprising Attraction of the Seaaon. Price DaDy Matinees, 25c, 35c Night, 35c, 50c. Price indjde Tax. Children lie. saWHOISDR.X?, LYRIC TODAY IN ROLLICKING COMEDY "PAPA SPANKS" PRIMO VELLY And Hi Comedy Acrobatic Dog ALSO PHOTO - PLAY FEATURES Starting Tuesday "DO THE DEAD TALK?'' - w"n is dr. xr Tony Kennedy's Follies Co. ' Featuring Good Singing and Dancing THE ALABAMA TRIO THE HEBREW SENATOR ALL NEW FACES SPECIAL SCENERY and WARDROBES THIS SHOW IS SURE TO PLEASE BOTH YOUNG AND OLD ALL CLEAN, RE - FINED BILLS COMEDY COMPANY, AND A BEAVY OF BEAUTI. FUL GIRLS, WHO CAN SING AND DANCE PHOTOPLAYS JUNE CAPRICE in Rogues and Romance Don't Forget FRIDAY NIGHT, Amateur Night jLYM.C; COMEDY : - : NEWS : - : ' " Ms

Clipped from
  1. The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette,
  2. 15 May 1921, Sun,
  3. Page 8B

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