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Daily Independent - March 1874 - ***** * day (except Mondays) By Kerley,...
***** * day (except Mondays) By Kerley, KloQuaid LaCroix. ' -- OFFICE HAIS STREET. Terms.: Subscribers, delivered by -Carritr, pt-r month. - - - - $3 00 By Mail--One copy, "ne mouth, 3 00 *' " " Ihr^e month.,, 6 00 , " " " Kix mouths, 12 00 Deer Lodge Letter. « Business, Markets, Improvements-- Amusements -- Personal--Mining Prospect^- DEER LODGE. March 19, 1874. ED. IsDEPENDisjiT: Having been left *o1e occupant of the old INDBFEN- bjixT sanctum, I have, perhaps from force of hnbit; gathered a few items of general and local interest whirh must ierve as my apology for a letter this weefc. A perceptible revival i n business circles is noticeable and mir wholesnle deafere hare commenced filling orders from the country in riew of early ·pring operations. Winter has not y^t left us, but the increased activity , among. all classes indicate a strong 1 faith in its early departure, and each One is preparing to reap as large a ·hare as possible of the colden hnrvest about to set in. Our merchants report fair stocks on hand at prices low as elsewhere, and with the exception of a few articles, goods are held at same rates aa at the beginning of winter. !*arra produce is selling; as follows : Butter at 30 to 40 cents per pound ; «ggs 30 to 40 cents per doz.; potatoes 2 to 2-V per pound · wheat at 2 to 2-J- cents per pound: otits 2 cents and Soar $3 per hundred. In the way of improvements, Mr. Oranvillc Stuart has purchased the two stnry brick building on A street) between Third i»nd Fourth, and is hav~ ing it put in order for use as a residence. The lar^e hall on the North side will be partitioned off into library, sturlv and office rooms. Messrs Fenner Van Gundy's new brewery is completed *nd brewing has been commenced. They are fitting up Imperial Hall as a distributing point. "Work is progressing slowly on the church but the clam- ages by the late storm are nor yet fully repaired. Sales in real estate have not been ftitensive, but enough to furnish an item. Dr. HigsrinB has purchased the , Richardson cottage in Dance's Addition and will occupy it as a residence so soon aa his family.arrives from the East. Mr. Tthett Wiles purchased the old family homestead on D street a few days ago, and his father's family have taken possession, The Scott House has been newly papered and renovated and now presents a much more elegant appearance than ever before, and this calls to mind tlie really fine hotel accommodations of our city. The Scott House, the largest hotel in the Territory, the McBuruey House, a two story brick, one nf the finest buildings in tbe mountains, and the Jordon House, less pretentious, but popular, each vieing with the other In excellent 1 fare and splendid accommodations. With the price of board and lodging at b^d rock rates batching has been done away with and visitors finding aacL pleasant accommodations and reasonable charges ptolong t h e i r stay, and this is having a telling effect in augmenting our floating population. Since the last issue of the INHEPEX- DENT the aecoDd Public School Exhibition was given under the management of Prof. Smith and his assistant. Miss Keznor. Every et'at in Imperial Hall was taken before the curtnin rose, which was of itself a sufficient t r i b u t e of popular approval, of bothprecepio » and pupils. Next came.the vocal and Instrumental Concerts givVu b.y Slessrs. Chrpie, Stipe, Pokoraey, Marsh and Hewins on which occasions both performers and audiences were pleased. Prof. Charlie, who still remains in Deer Lodge, has proven himself * successful manager. In the way of social amusements the party given at the McBurcey House on the evening of tbe 12th, designed us a pleasant social rend.'off to Messrs. McQuaid and Kwijy on the ev« of their departure fa? JJelens, served a* a *6rt of introduction **» a host of on St. Patrick'* J5ay in tbe Among those beard from are, one at the residence of Mr. Geo. W. L*e, on Lost Creek, one at Black loot, another at Mrs. Or.berly's, m-ar Pioneer, but the Fourth Annual Mssqutrade at WilcoVa HA)], under tbe management of Messm, Sum Scott *nd Joha O'NeH, was the «M«f attra£tiot. Not htricg bees VOL. I. HELENA, MONTANA, SUNDAY, MARCH 22, 1874. NO 1. present I cannot enter into details, but having met many queer looking faces at the hotels and on the street iiiquin ing the way to the Hall, T concluded it was a jolly, social and financial success. Col. L. J. Sharp and wife left Saint Louis last Monday for Deer Lodge and will arrive home early next week. Mrs. Thos, H. Irvine, returning from the East, and Mr. E. H. Irvine, returning from Criliforma, are oa their way up from Coriime lion, Walter B. Dance returned a few days ago from Beaverhead and vrill visit the metropolis be- tore going back to his flocks. Major Daniel Shannahan, the popular Agent oi the Flat Heads, arrived from "Washington on Tuesday's couch. Mr. G. W. Russell, of Pond, Reynolds , Co., Bun Francisco, returned last night from Missoula and will remain here a few days. OUR MIKISTO rilOSPECTS. Tuesday night vre had a glorious old snow storm, and Wednesday morning the valley was covered to the depth of five inches, with -A foot or more in the mountains, aud mining proprietors are looking ''gay and happy." Until recently fears were entertained that Butte, Silver Bow, Carriboo, Emmetsburg and Bear would go short 011 water; but prospects have brightened with the storm, and we confidently expect a more prosperous season than for years. Nearly all the .old claims will be worked with results aa favorably as formerly. We have the following discoveries and developments to report : At Silver Bow. the extension of Jake Harmon's ditch will open up a new and extensive camp four miles fro in the old Messrs. Foster Fitchen. of German, will put down a bed-rock flume in the mouth of Bsef Stiaight. The oivniTs of claims on the upper part of the gulch intend woiking them this season. Dnscoll, Kerr Co., proprietors of the flume in German canynn, struck pay late last full ana will work this season with as large a force as they can manage. At Cable, last year, jaw-bone wtis u ltfg.il tender; but this year quarts mining will be actively carried on unil thousands of dollars put in circulation, The hitherto deserted camp of Georgetown promises to be a lively little place, as Messrs. Murphy, Pemberton, Kelley, Kohrs Bell will work their extensive placers made valuable by tlie extension of the Cable ditch, Mr. John Murphy, the pioneer prospector of the place, has one hundred tons of gold-bearing quartz (decomposed} on the dump, w h i c h will pay well for washing, and he intends, so soon as Supervisor Roberts puts the load in good condition, to order lumber for a whim and w h i m house and proceed with the development of the "Four Johns " lode. The Rock l^lrcek mines were only put in condition for profitable "working last season, and this year some eight or ten companies will commence taking out inimey in May, and prospecting proceed with a fair chance for the discovery of many nion new mines before the close of the S(.as n. Uendeison gulch will be supplied with water from an additional-ditch, and the mammoth hydraulic works of the Boulder Ditch Company will be teimng down the auriferous gravel of Flint Bar with the first flow of water. At Pioneer and Yam Hill the new ditches and extensions pupplying water 10 French gulch^Upptr Pioneer, Squaw gulch and the big bar above Yam Hill, will add largely to the yield of gold, and lurnish additional employment to mimrs looking ior work. On lower Nevada several new companies are preparing to work ground k n o w n to be good, and new hydraulics are going up near Washington gulch. Bratton fc Pembertou's new ditch JUK! flume at Blackioot will make valuable hundreds of acres of rich placers, and th« new discovery on Dog creek promises to build up «* lively camp. TheD, near Deer Lodge, we have tbe new ditch and mines near Mullen's canyon, owned by Mr. J. C, Robinson, jd the new Carriboo ditch. This baaty review »how« I think, conclusively^ that we may expect A proiperoa* s*a- ·on, and * large yi«IJ of tbe precious owtels, g. T«E NEW FUEL.--A Belgian peasant made some time ago the extraordinary discovery that earth, coal and soda, mixed up together would burn as well and better than any other combustible, and the fact has since been proved beyond a doubt. The way in which he found this nut is related by the Paris paper 0 as follows : He had been scraping the floor in his cellar with a shovel in order to bring all the bits of coal Ij'ing about in a heap, which mixed as it was with the earth and other impurities, he put into his stove. To his astonishment he found that this accidental compound burnt better instead of worse than he expected, and emitted much greater heat. Being an intelligent man, he endeavored to discover the cause and found that a good deal of soda, probably the remnant of the last wash, lay about the floor of the cellar, and that some of it might have (rot into the heap. He then made a few experiments, and at length improved his compound sufficiently to render it ptactical. The publicity given in Belgium to this discovery, caused trials to be made everywhere, and it lias now been ascertained that three parts, of earth and one of coal dust, watered with a- concentrated solution of soda, will burn ^ell and emit great heat. LANDSCAPE.--When the sea is perfectly clear and transparent, it allows the eye to distinguish objects at a very great depth. Near Mindora, in the Indian Ocean, the spotted corals are plainly visible under twenty fathoms of water. The crystaline clearness of the Caribbean sea excited the admiration of Columbus, who, in the pursuit of his great discoveries, ever retained an open eye for the beauties of nature. " In passing ovur tliesu splendidly adorned grounds," says Schopf, " where marine Hie shows itself m a variety of forms, thw boat, suspended over the purest crystal, seems to float in the air, so that a person unccostiiuittd to the scene easily becomes giddy. On the clear sandy bottom appear thousands of sea-stars, e a ~ urchin, moHusks, and fishes of a brilliancy of color unknown in our tern- pu.ate seas. Fiery red, intense blue, lively green, and golden yellow perpetually vary; the spectator floats over a grove of sea-plants, gorgonias, corals, alcyoniums, flabeliums, and sponges, that afford no less delight to the eye, and arc no less gently agitated by the heaving waters, than tlie most beautiful garden on eaitu when a gen tie breeze passes through the waving boughs. The sea mouse is one of the prettiest creatures that lives under the water. It sparkles like a diamond and is radiant with all the colors of the rainbow, although it lives in the mud at the bottom of the ocean. It should not have becu called a mouse, for it is larger than a big nit. It is covered with scales that move up and down as it breathes, and glitters like gold shining through a flocky down, from which tine silky bristles wave thatcon- stantly change from one brilliant tint into another, so that, as Cuvier, the great naturalist says, the plumage of the liunittnng bird is not more beautiful. Sea mice are sometimes thrown up on the beach by storms, The statue of Venua, of Parian marble, which was found in 1836 in the town ot Fii'ci'one, Italy, among the ruins of an ancient theatre, has recently been placed in the Louvre. The attituoY- and the drapery of this Venus reoembles those of the Venus of Milo. It is thought that these two and the Venus della Pigua, in the Vatican, illustrate the same myth, and that each belongled to a group by a statue of I*rs. How MUCH WAS A PENNY A DAY ! --Miicb bettor wages than it sounds to us. Tn the time of Christ a penny was about equal to fifteen of our cenla, and as money WAS ten times as valuable as now, the penny a day was as good aa 150 of our ceote; so tbftt the man who worked in the vineyard for that got as good wages as men now have ia Since March, 1S67, 58,618 petitions in bankruptcy have been filed in the United States Courts. The number of discharges granted hns been 38,747. The total expense of the proceedings has been *4,831,7S4. Last week, in Ohio, a young lady died from what an old doctor said was "heartklot, or embyolism of the main flue of the h e a r t ; " but she revived in a hour, ami it was found had been temporarily choked by a chew of sum which she had swallowed. A correspondent of the Key West Despatch says that on Cozumel Island are yet to be seen the walls of the first church ever built on the continent of Korth America. Cortez was the builder, before he conquered Mexico. The foundation and walls are yet par- cially preserved, each side having an elevation of about ten feet in places. The altar is overgrown with brush, and wild flowers bloom and birds sing over the tombs of the early adventurers. Near Merrillan, Wisconsin, is a curious bluff known as the Silver Mound. It contains about 30£ acres, and consist principally of hard quartz rock, being circular in form, about 200 feet high, and having u depression of about GO feet in the centre. There is evidence of ancient mining about the mound. At the top shafts were sunk fifteen or twenty feet, and a drift run from the bottom of one of them perhaps forty fuct. Hieroglyphics are carved in a sandstone ledije. An instrument for observing the latitude of the §un has recently been found under a stone near the liarbor oi" Valentia. Ireland, which is supposed to have belonged to one of the two ships of the Spanish Armada wrecked near that spot. When dibcovured it was inclosed in a case, which, on being touched, fell to pieces. The graduations were .very carefully and accurately made, but there wa« no maker's name or date. The instrument was of a primitive kind, being intended to bis suspended from the observer's thumb while lie made the observation, »ud no such in instruments hnvc been usctl for the last 250 years or more. DE..BESTJ. EO.-INSOIT, S U R G E O N . -- At Weir , Pope's Drug Store, Main streut, HELENA, MONTANA. H. T. WILLIAMS, Attorney , Counsellor-at-Law ^VIRGINIA CITY, MONTANA, {Office Over the Post Office. Wl'LL FJKACXICE TN jLLJj COUBTS OF THl! TEEBITOKV, [45-yl W. F SAJTDEE9, At/tojmey cvrtd Counsellor at; DCii'tv, HELENA, - MONTANA. Will practice in all the courts of record in the Territory. _ rour^l J. H. Shober, T. J. Lowry". SHOBEE LOWET, fc Col- HELENA, - - MONTANA. Office on Jackson, street near Wood, _ marjil MASSENA BULLAED, -A_t;tx JPII oy ciTicl C o\i niello r n/t X-.EVW, Rooms Nos. 30 and 40 St. Louis Hotel, Main street entrance, HELENA, - - MONTANA. Will practice in all the courts of the Territory. attention given to collec- Win. Chumasero, W. F* Chadwick. CHUMASESO OUADWIOZ, A.T Will practice in all tourt* of record in Montana. Rooms 1 and 2 Bently block, __ HELENA, M. T. mar21 JOS. K. TOOLE. T Office en Main Street, Helena, M. T. mar21 _ ER. THOS, EEECE, *incL eSu/rflceoxi,, Office in Bently's Granite Block, MAIN STREET, HELENA, M. T. ____ mar21 E. LAWBEHOE, A T T O R N E Y A T L A W , Office on Broadway, near Main Street. __ _ _ marZl W. It. Cullen, Harry 1C. Oomly. OTTLLEff COMLY, A T T O R N E Y S A T L A W , Helena, Monto-n «,. Will practice in all tho courts in the Territory, and in the United States Land Office* OlBcw in Beutty's Blook, Main atreet, -TOHKSON TOOLE, HELENA, MONTANA. Office on Main street, opposite Firat National Bunk. mar21 "W, B. BTTLLAED, M, D., P H Y S I C I A N A N D SUKGEON, Oflu-e at Parchen Co.'a Drug Store, Main street, corner Broadway. mar21 L, E. HOLMES, M. D., OFFICE-- On Mniu street, next door north of tlie Postoffiee, DEER LODGE CITY. MONTANA. W. J. MoCOEMIOK. ATTOHJVIEY - MISSOL'LA CITY, MONTANA.. Collections and business in Missoula Bounty, iu eluding Cedar Creak, will receive his particular attention. SHAEP NAPTOIf, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law? Deer Lodge City, Montana. Will practice iu all the Courts of the Territory. OFFICE-- AdjoiiiiugWrn. Coleinun'* Store. J. 0. EOBINSOU; Deer Lodge City, Montana. Will practice m all the fourts of the 'IVrritorv. W. J. STEPHENS, Missoula. City, Mouta.ua. Will practice in all the Courts of the Territory. 0. E, lETOH, J?- Tl O 33 A, T 33 J TT 1 O TE1 T ]JEEU LOlJGE COOKTV, MONTANA. OFFICE IN THE COURT HOUSE. F I R S T N A T I O N A L B A N K DESIGNATED DEPOSITORY OF THE UNITED STATES- S. T. HAUSER, JJ. C. CORBIN, President, Cashier, 8. M. HALL, - - Vico-President. T. H. KLFJNSCHMIOT, Ass'l-Cash. AUTHOEIZED CAPITAL, 8500,000 PAID UP CAPITAL $100,000 00 Permanent Surplus Fund,... 50,000 00 Profits, (in excess of ¥50,000 Surplus,) C.OOO 00 Dividend paid March 4, 1874, 30,000 00 Surplus Rfiur paying dividend, 60,000 00 Average Deposits preceding nix months 485,000 00 Invented in U. S. Bonds, k!li,000 00 Wt» transact a General Banking Hua- iocsa, and Buy, at Highest Rutes, Gold Dust, Coin, Gold and Silver Bullion, and Local Securities; arid sell Exchange and Telegraphic Transfers, available in all parts of the United States, the Canadas, Great Britain, Ireland aud the Continent. Collections made, and proceeds remitted promptly. We have also perfected arrangements whereby our facilities for handling SILVER ORES are particularly good, and this braach of our business ·vrill receive special attention. Cash advances made upon Ores, and same shipped for account of owners. Or we will :BTJ Y FCXR C^SH at the very beat rates allowable. Own- era of min es will consult th«ir interest by calling upon us. Of RECTORS i S. T. HATtTSER, JJ. STlCKNEY, Jr., M. MOOJBK T S, M. HALL, JNO. H. MING, JOHN C17BTIN, J, K, BLAINK, IX C. COIiBIN, V. J/, WOHDI1N, PEOPLES' NATIONAL BANE OK Paid in Capital, Authorised Capital, 8100,000 600,000 We draw Exchange oti Deer Lodge, Virginia City, Bozeman, Corinne, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Omaba, 8t, Louis, Chicago, New York, Montreal, and all the principal cities of Europe. We are also prepared to gi»e Teleg- laphic Transfers on either of the named cities. GEO. W. FOX, Fre*l4«*t. C. J. LISTER, Cashier. DIRECTOBS. WIILIAM A. CHES9MA3T, ALEX. H. BEATTIE, WHXIAM ROE, C. JT. LTSTEB, CORNELIUS HEDGES, HENBX" KLEIN, NICK KESSLER. ASSOCIATED BAJVIt FIRST NATIONAL BAM, OP BOZEMAN. L. H. Hershfield Br BANKERS. JItLENA, XONTAXA. A general BanklngBu*Uieai in all its branches. Higheit market rates paid for Territorial County Securities, IDTJST GOLD AND SILVER BULLION. in21(la,wtf W. A, OLAEK, President. K. W. DOKNELI, Vice Pres't, 8. E. LA3ABIE, Cashier/ National of DRAW EXCHANGE CK Ali TUB Principal Citlei of tlie WorM New York Correspondents: Danncll, I^atcson If Co,, NO. t WALL STREET THE S T O R Streof, (Formerly J6hn Derm's old place.) Opens with a¥utf and complete Stock of FANCY ANI) STAPLE TOBACCOS AN1S r All Kind* of CblitoraU Hade * Particular attention will b* Kiren to City Cuatomers. AH ordarsfilled wfttt none but choice goods. Fresh '33ffg» »Ti3 Buttoroomtantlyonhand--«y»ry* thing, is fact* pemdrnlog t» a first* ctasft G-roccr'y EstaWinhiosnt. A ahats of pnblid HSfffXH

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