Anne Davies 25 Aug 1949

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Anne Davies 25 Aug 1949 - 427 >a Commercial. According to Miss Ann Davies...
427 >a Commercial. According to Miss Ann Davies Will Attend Two Welsh Festivals i 1 Da-dytn* fi a fy stori! Lie cawn ni ddrechreu?" asked M!w Ann Davies aa she came into The Gazette office. Then she translated for us, "Good afternoon, here I am with my story. Whtrs do Ke start? r Which proves, for certain, thnt Miss Davies, who wa« born in Wales. still speaks Welsh. "I speak It for fun and to keep my mind thinking in both Sr.glish and Welsh," she explained. This Emporia musician has been appointed director of a Urge "Gy- ir.anla Ganu." a singing festival of the Welsh people in Seattle. Wash., this rnonth. She plans to go to Seattle Tuesday. People will attend the festival from Canada, California. Oregon, from such cities ajg Portland. Portland. Beaver Creek. Wash., and others. While in Seattle, she will be the guest of Mrs. J, M. Lea. formerly of Emporin, who visited visited lr. Zm ports la«t spring, Prom Setitle, Ml« Davies will ga to Salt Lake City. Utah, to attend the International Music, festival, called tha "Oymanfa Ganu." The words literally mean "sacred songs." The national Gymanfa Oanu association. association. with International groups MISS AXN DAVIES, EMPORIA .MUSICIAN. IS SHOWN HERE at the minis-ter of music festival at Seattle ccording to the police report, Allred was driv- between Merchant and Commercial streets. Dukes was running west on the sidewalk along the north side of Fifth toward a taxi stand. The accident occurred occurred where the alley crosses the I sidewalk. It was raining at the I time, the report states. Mr. Dukes received a cut hand and a bruised shoulder. He was taken to the 1 hospital by Mr. Allred. . In most countries. Is a fellowship of organ of the Second Presbyterian church, where she is people with Welsh antecedents u-ho Miss Davits will K o Tuesday to direct a Welsh music cr together to sing in churches ""ash- »"<* then to Salt Lake City, Utah, xvhere she will be r.rjronist for elsewhfre, partly for the love of lhe international "Gymanfa Ganu." r. Welsh singing festival in one of ing and partly to fceep alive thc chorus" concerts. (Whitaker photo) guthcr together to sing in ch.urch.e3 * Va *h~ a end sintj the sacred songs of Cambria" in the c . ,. . . . native Welsh tongue. btndicd sn London playing for some singer or instru- Important to Welsh She has studied at London Trinity mcntaUst. However," I would manfa part of their life as sleep And ,w « college and the Royal Academv of unhappy without my little pupils gather, Gy- Music. Her instructors ; " - - - - a elude Henry Gcehl. th: f i<J poser, and Eric Gran; Piano in- «round me; I mbs them this August P com- We here in are fortunate v a musical-minded comm::n- aiitl composition she studied with ilv - * have found the parents work SfEMQRIAL POST V. F. W. HAS ANNIVERSARY PICNIC The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post Np. 7957, and its auxiliary, celebrated the third anniversary of the auxiliary Tuesday evening with a picnic at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Austin, northeast of Emporia. Harvey Harriman, Don Martin and Jack Mitchell sang. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Austin, Mr. and Mrs. Ed J Schallehn, Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Betty, Betty, Mr. and Mrs. William Harriman and son, Harvey: Don Martin, Jack Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Sibel. Mr. and Mrs. Bud McFann, Mr. and Mrs. John Chandler, Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Boone, Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Thomsen, Tommie, Donald and Dale, Mrs. Virgil Bell and LaVon. Mrs. Lena Robinson, Mrs. Ethel McMulIen, Dean and John, and Mr. and Mrs. Andy Tatman and Maxine. Maxine. a Dr ' William Lovelock nnd Margaret Donlnston. She took heretofore. This y festival will be held *!n accoustically perfect Silt tabernacle. There is more to the with the music teachers here, in Chi- Ope must say, most of the students come to us are good workers instructor, special work in children s and eager to learn. I think this goes at the American Con- Da ck to the fine training they get in piano & }- the Emporia schools, laboratory. Mrs. Torn Yearout, 917 Oak, and her sister. Mrs. Glen Davis, of Winfield, Winfield, will go tonight to Durango, Colo., where they were called by the death of their brother, Albert Alexander. Mrs. William A. Smith and daughters. Lois and Avis, of Cody W 3"°- formerly of Emporia. have icturned to Emporia to live. Mr. Smith will join them later. Mr. and Mrs. Emory Groves and family. 1005 Rural, have returned from ~ ' tn= for private studio and public c "y and parochial. schools with Miss Helen Curtis, of "I have worked with two of the l-I. 6 . ?-^\.5 OT ? scrva ! ory ! n .9 hica ,S & flnest department heads at the than world's most intending studies, van church^ ^y n ; Wales^d^was P^esldent/a^ thrSl^lfflS Their heritage as a people predates also a pupil of Edwin Stanley Sedar. Dr. Thomas Butcher Pres Jam S r S8OT B. h Sr5US. I ^ edM r 2^™°- ^ of ""*• c * 1 - SS«Sfe our °™ pl?s - = ss? s; iss'cSSe^ss ^t^5r£iofs ec oS^ iJsrrx-^'aT^t^ pushed the native tribal groups to or other, except the one at thc love to arrange lecond oUno Darts the fringe* of the island, but they College of Emporia. She has been ard harmonS old airs 'or my never subjected them to Roman organist for several Emporia choirs. Another hobby I find inter"rule. inter"rule. The natives settltd in Scot- churches. mainly St. Mark's csting is writing articles for the land, Wales and Cornwall and re- Lutheran church for four years. American-Welsh paper 'Y mained independent. Nor were they and St. Andrew's Episcopal church 'The Mirror.' It is nublished rr ever really under thc domination or for eight years. At present she is at UUca N Y ' and sent the Saxons in 500 A. D. nor the minister of music at the Second parts of' the worM Most of" the ,£ rcma ^f * h ?, "^ subse °. uent * Presbyterian church and she dedi- articles are written "in English but 1066 The native governments were cated the organ there last Decem- I have not forgotten how originally based on a Druid the- ber 12. She also demented the prcs- In U ocracy, and the people lived in ent organ at St. Andrew's. close tribal clans. When the Lyon County Saint From such descendants came Miss David's society was re-organized 10 Davies to the United States in 1922. years ago. thc St. Davids chorus to all frorn a 2-week fishing trip to Min- I neso^a and Wisconsin. Mrs. E. O. Winter, of Lexington, Ky., visited Monday and Tuesdav with her brother, C. L. Soule and Mrs. Squle, 728 West Eighth. Gynianfa Ganu, she will b« organist organist for the first service, September 4 at hte First Congregational church In Salt Lake City. It will b« a typical Welsh worship service, she r , ^.^ said - with "I feel honored in having been asked to this position since there are hundreds of fine organists quail- \ fied to fill the place but the rrvm i "'"-- ' """"'kasie. mittee extended the invitation, and I accepted it," she said. The festival ------ ---- festival iwelf will be held in the Mormon Tabernacle. The evening service will be broadcast over a national network. When Miss Davies arrives in Salt Lake, she will meet several Empor- lans who will also attend the festival. festival. They are Mr and Mrs. Lewis nave not forgotten how to write [James Lewis, Mrs E J Roberts \ the Welsh language, so. I en- Mrs. Her.fy Hughes, Miss Mary' lose a paragraph or two in Welsh Jones, Mrs. Thomas R. DaviP* nnrt once in a while." While A. D. Schmutz, organ in- Thomas R. Davies and Miss Jane Louise Jones, of London, England, who has been visiting In Hughes, and one niece. Libby Nell "AccompanvinE on the uijmn »r sh. ai srt nio,. e f J i,.,^ "^ *L» 1.^ ,. ..-' .,» . . b . ai " c ?™» one sister, Mrs. J. Manual Happy as Accompanist and one Hughes. She joined the music de- organ i?. my partment staff of Emporia State said. "I love my teaching, but I fairs. college In 1926. am happiest when doing a bit of -i thoroughly enjoyed it" she said * on thc piano or she also p'ays for hundred-s^ wed-' delight," Miss Davies dings funerals and communitv af- iunerals and "ommunus «• . concerMn Emporia While she is at ihe National I New York City. the Saint David's chorus., will also be at the festival as well as another friend of Miss Da vies*, Miss Helen Williams, of

Clipped from
  1. The Emporia Weekly Gazette,
  2. 25 Aug 1949, Thu,
  3. Page 4

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