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Chi JDoilg fJiroQinw QUADRUPLE 3T. SVX9AT MOHJCXaTG, DXC 33, Ul THE CHESS CHAMPION. A Brlf Bhetck ( Capt. Geo. EL Blacken, ala, the 6a eat af th Kew Orieauaa - tCkeM, Chackera and YvTUst cub. Apropos of tie presence in town of Cap. Ceo. H. Mackanile, the chess champion of America, it la proper to remark that bat few readers, tn all likelihood, realire what a rara mris a really great chess player is. la aJ - Mt eTery other game or sport proflolents X the very first class may bo picked out by the seore; ret la chess, played, too, aa It U an OTer the known world, It la doubtf al If Bsre.than ten player ean be named who kfftad absolutely tn tke first rank, etelalts, laen4 and Zakertort, In England; w..a t Anatnn i ol". Germany; Wlaawex and Xachigorin. la Bu5i ftarv: ftosenthg?. tZ fTee; aadkCae. ta tU eoostry, on tne moment's re fiacffa seem, seem to constitute tae world'. Brief list ef great UTlsff eases masters ex tae first order, Tae notability of ou prerent Ylaitav may be veU estimated from tnls slat - yls fact, and the following sketek of ais ea - taer. from tne London "Westmlntter Pa - yen," of Oeteber, 1878, will he read wlta u - terest: Oaorra Henry Maakenzie, the American eaamaion, is a acioo ox an ancient ik family, aad was born near Aber - an tae Stk ataren, 1837. When about twenty years of age ae was gazetted to a aaaaialaikni la tke Ctk Klflea, and. after Mnlig eome years with the colors in India, saade ka first appearance la tke ekeas arena tm taat paradise of tke soldier, tke gty and Jesttre city of Dublin. At that time Osao) tke Dublin Ckess Clnb nnmbered among its mem bars amatenra wboae ekees foroe was seeoad to none in tke ptorlneea. Sir Joan jfmytAtm and Bar. Mr. Balmon kad not tken xetired from tke practloe of tke game, and tke Bar. air. McDonnell was rapidly caTeloptng ike qualities wklob bare slnoe piaced klm amaajr tke foremost players of u time. Eren agalast com peU tors suck as tkeae tke young lleatesanq dlspUyed remarkable remarkable ekess power.and tke London tonr - aameat of lfisi afforded him an oppor - taaity of pitting klmself against tbe greatest master of tke art tken in tke field, tux Anderasen. He entered tke aaadleap tourney, reeelTlng from tke Praaslaa ekampioa tke odds of pawn and ant, and from if eearm. Medley and Deacon tke adds of tke more only. He won botk games of Andersscn, woa two and lost one wttk Mr. Medley, and won two and drew twe wttk Mr. Deacon. Of tke fourteen games ke played in tke tourney be won ten, drew two and lost two, a eoore tkat, it is aardty veeeesary to say. secured tke first prlaa. la tke course of tke year 1882 ke kad played 'a series of abort matches with tbe Ber. Mr. McDonnell, tke gross score in which showed a majority la farorof tke latter. Berea gaoaea to four, we beUere: k?t la a ajealHBiV2 Tr wu Mi rWJB,!el fa December ef tkat year, Mao - aeasie carried off tke Tleeory wttk a score f six games to three, aad two draws. In the year 186 Capt. Mekeazls set tied In Vaw York, aad becoming a member of the ekeas eiab of tkat eity, met orer the ekess kward tke best players in tks States. From thai year ais career is an uninterrupted i ef Ytotoriea. presenting sack a record. indeed, as no player aaVe Morphy can elatm to hare surpassed. Mr. Mackenzie'a rUy trtee la Amc flea were m follows : 1. Woa tke first prise in each of tbe an Taal tosr&azsects of tke Kew York Ckess Club darlag tke years 1863, 1966, 1867 and 18U. . Wen fire games to eae draw In a match agataat Mr. Rdebhelm, of Fklladelpula, In 5. Won serea fames to two draws la a ifek 9g&9f Mr. Belehhclm, of Fkiladel - wkia, la lSei. 4. Woa the first prizs la two tournaments keld la Gef6 Koropa, "bw York, In the years UU and 1M9. 6. Woa tke first prise in th Brooklyn Caessaab Tournament tn the year 1869. 6. Woarthe first prize In tke aeoond Amer - teaa Ckees Congress, keld at Clereland, in December, 187k ...... T. Was tke first priie in tke third. American American Ckess Congress, keld at Chicago, in the year 1874, a. West tke first prise in tke Cate Interna tJoaal Tournament, keld in Kew York, in tke year 1876. tke other winners being, 3d, Mr. Altereai ; Sd aad 4th, a tie between H. AV Bird and Mr. Mason. Capt. Maefeeasle'a successes in Paris hare keen so recently ekronioled in these pe;es tkat it la unnecessary to recite them bare. Bafflee It to say tkat ke defeated the two principal prlze - bearara, aad when, through era aectdentai sort of a draw with Herr fttseaell. kia score was tied with that of Mr. H. ..Blrd, ke woa tke two deciding games, aad serried off tke fourth prize. T tke akere list of Capt. Mackenzie's tetories maybe added acTeral other rery tmpertaat ones, since achieved. Tn 1879 he 'west tke first prise in tke Manhattan Club aaadleap la Kew York, where he conceded adds Tarytag from pawn and more to rook to tke fetker players, aad In tae following Jaauary ke carried off first prise la tke fifth American Ckess Congress .bald in New York. Beeeatly he defeated Max Juddoowlts. tke aetcd chess ekampioa of St. Louis, la a set matck. It is hardly necessary to say tkat so notable notable a record shews tkat we kave now a ohess ataref tea first amacnltude among us. One t ais slateea gasaes played simultaneously Tkarsday night ax the rooms of the N. O. Ckees. Checkers aad Whist Club is appended. appended. Tae terminal position and resulting mate are extremely eurious, considering tkat fifteen other players were engaging hia attention at tke same time. SVA5 iMl:l r. Cpf. J unea Mackensie. Wibiar. Whit. Black. 17. KtX RchK Ks ' 1QKR5 K R A 19. Kt Kt 5 ii Kt '. JO. QB4 2 K B 3 21. K R Kt X P ' - J.BB4 R K B 2. PKB4 Kt Q B 7 24. P K 5 P X P 2. P X r Q X P 26. BXR U X Rch 27. R K Q J JH. Kt B 7 Kt B 4 29. (it 8 h K Kt 3 SO. KtK 5 K Kt 4 Cap. Jaiues Mackenzie. Wlbray. WD lie. Black. l.FEi P K 4 IKtEBIKIQB! 9.BB4 B B4 4.PQK14 B X P l.?UB3 BQH4 6. Caatlcs P U 3 7. F Q 4 P X P 8. T X P BKU . QEtB 3 4 Kt It 4 H.UBK16 Kt K 2 11. Kt Q 5 Q Kt B 3 12. BQ Kt 5 PKBS 13. B X P PXB 14. Kt Peh K B 16. KtS KtA KtK B 4 lAXKtXKKP B X Kt HI. Mate la 2 be M BO Assorted 600 to 600 C Aco at aco feet J 2 M 714 400 B IS Ce Aco l'Pl ct to 123 IS 66 J BU is 12 10 B j 3 do N sks 474 i: 124 7i e5 C 24 J 15 12 10 E 3 2 A It

Clipped from
  1. The Times-Picayune,
  2. 25 Dec 1881, Sun,
  3. Page 16

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