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 - throughout the South to ararm,- ararm,- Wto...
throughout the South to ararm,- ararm,- Wto srMr a I W. aitzht raiafali. Our market has new wrvsrsesd sixty, points from the prices or tea ca-- ca-- ca-- r, and the mora conservative merchants are ast disposed to follow the advance further, advaae-ing advaae-ing tho argument that cotton la bow l"e higher than when planted in tho spring. . B-it B-it B-it taa market will continue to tent the Infioeaes of the light movemeut until the spinners believe the supply will ultimately prove sufheteut to 6U th'lr want. After the dose the market waa steadier on expected light receipts a New Or-Man. Or-Man. Or-Man. Receipt for the coming week are esU. abated at 140,000 to 143 noo. bares." Cincinnati, boot. 24. Cotton quiet and hlga-cr hlga-cr ; a Wiling 7c Liverpool, Sept. 24 Cotton quiet but ateady ; middling 4 8-133; 8-133; 8-133; ssles 10,000 bsles, of which 1.000 were tor speculation, and export, sod included included 7,300 American. Futures closed firm. SS. Louis, Sept. 24 Cotton firm; middling 7e; sales none; receipts 100 talea; shlpmcats 400; stock 30.000. Memphis, rieph 24. Cotton firm :- :- middling 7e: receipt 372 bales; atodt 21,803; ship-rsents ship-rsents ship-rsents 372; sales 200. Galveatan, Sept. St. Ccttau steady: middling 7 3-loc; 3-loc; 3-loc; lowdnlddllng 6 18-loe; 18-loe; 18-loe; good ordinary 6 s-16c s-16c s-16c ; net and era receipt 6.478 hales ; ex ports to Great Britain 0,73d; ecsstwiae 4,100; sales 6-Vei; 6-Vei; 6-Vei; spinner 49; stock 12,289. Now Orleans. Kept. 24. Oottoa steady, middling middling 7 ft-lOe; ft-lOe; ft-lOe; low middling S"o; good ordinary 0se; qsuocelrrt 1,898 biles; gross 1,519 ; ex. ports coastwise 600; sales 1,030; stock 70,333. , FOREIGN COMMERCIAU Xymdun, Sept. 24. The amount of buUlon withdrawn from the Bank si Englsnd oa bsl-tni bsl-tni bsl-tni txlay la 20,000 pounds. : ' Paris. Sepf.- Sepf.- 24. Three per cent, rentes 9M 97ao for the aocouau , ; LsstdoaV Sept, St. t p. m-Closlng-Oaasols, m-Closlng-Oaasols, m-Closlng-Oaasols, m-Closlng-Oaasols, m-Closlng-Oaasols, money 97; do account tr? ; Kew Xvrk, lena-aylvania lena-aylvania lena-aylvania sod Ohio firsts 42; Canadian PadUe Bdt Erte 25 ; ao Snds 107H ; lllinoi Uew trsl 99 ; Mexican ordinary 2-' 2-' 2-' . bt, Paul coai-awia coai-awia coai-awia 611; New York Central 112V; Pennsylvania Pennsylvania to ; Beading 294 J Mexican Central new 4a 081,. . Bar silver S8td. Money s per a-tit. a-tit. a-tit. Bate ot discount in open market for short bills 1 per cent, and for torce-awnUva torce-awnUva torce-awnUva Bills 1 1-1 1-1 1-1 per cent. -, -, : Uvurpwl. ix-pt. ix-pt. ix-pt. 14. Close. Vork effered moderately moderately at unrMttged price. Lard altered mod erately ; spot and September steady at 87s ; Oc-kter Oc-kter Oc-kter snd November steal y at 87s. Wheat and Sour oBere. moderately and unehaagsa. Corn Jffered aaodorately . spot, Ijc-ptember Ijc-ptember Ijc-ptember and October 4a 71 ; November ateady a 4s 7Vd. FOliF.IGN WOOb SALES. ' London, Sept. J4. At the wool sales to-day to-day to-day 14.31S bales of average qualKy wera sOBred. The atteaosnse wss largs snd sue sate a brisk. Price showed a hardening tondeaey. Scoured sold well at extreme eortencies. creasy new clip attracted attention. .. Good greasy super Queensland combings wera In great request., request., A mlr share, .1100 bales, has bcea sakea by Aaacrlcsn, buyers. French buyers made most of the purchases for the continent. FWowing are the sales in dotail and prices obtained. obtained. New South Wales. 4.800 hares ; scoured 106 Us 2tad; do locks snd pieces odSls 114; r-essy r-essy r-essy J'rdSlOi; do locks and pieces 8sd. 1 Queensland 4,000 batoe; scoured IMls 2sd; 4o lock and pieces 7dla; greasy 4rl0-adi 4rl0-adi 4rl0-adi locks and pieces 4tft7ad. . Melbourne snd Vlctorls, 1.200 bates : sesured 7VdttU 4wd-. 4wd-. 4wd-. ds racks snd Piece 4dls; gressy 6dS'sd -. -. ds racks snd pieces sdaod, Sooth AuatrsUs, 800 bsles; scoured, looks and pieces OHdaU; greasy 3w7-d. 3w7-d. 3w7-d. New Zealand. 3.000 bales: aeowred BSdS) Is 84 : do locks and pieces SSStrCad. Cape of Good Hops and Natal. 1.400 bates; aeoured 74AM sd. gressy iO7N. The Imports for tha week were ! From New South Wales, 1,002 bales; from Victoria. 1S18; trmn New Zealand, 2,009 ; from Singapore. 324; from Morocco, 003, and from Various Cttaer piaecs, 1,078. A skin tali waa held at the Csmunereal talcs rooms last night. There were offered 8.800 bales of A astral Ian snd 108.000 of tpt ot Good Hope sal Natal skins. There was an average attendance, but the compeUUoa flagged. Australian akin wen v3d and Cape of Good Hope and Natal skins sv4d lower. Mteh was wkhorawn. - . TURPENTINE MARKETS. CurletcB, Sept. 24. Turpeattne is steady at 20c. Kosln firm; good strsined 90c ; cWvsnnah, Sept. 24. Turpeatino la firm at IO bid. Rosin firm at 61.OV21.10. 1 Wilmington, Sept. 24. Spirits of turrentlns stesdy st 241se. . ., Rusin firm ; straiavd Bic ; good trained 90c Tar firm at 61.80. Crude turpentine steady; hard 61; yellow dip 61-00; 61-00; 61-00; Virgin. gL40. . . : . LIVE STOCK MARKETS. : ' v " CINCINNATI. Cincinnati, Sept. 14. Cattle Receipt 900 head , shipments 250; atarket quiet at 6140 4.00. . nngs-Beealpts nngs-Beealpts nngs-Beealpts 1,000 bead) ahlpmenta 1,700; market weaker st 64.2343.30. Sheep Receipt 100 besd; shipmsnU 770 sesroa snd stnmg at 62.733. Lan-bs-la Lan-bs-la Lan-bs-la Lan-bs-la Lan-bs-la fair demaad at 63-3063.23. 63-3063.23. 63-3063.23. ' KANSAS CITY. . Kansas City, Sept. 24 . Cattle Receipts 5.-000 5.-000 5.-000 bi-ad: bi-ad: bi-ad: shipments 2,800 ; market very dull and unchanged;, dressed beef aod shipping steers 2.603.6i: cows 6l3h2.23; Texas and Indian Indian steers stoekers and feeders 62.40 S8.13. ' Uozs-Reeelnts Uozs-Reeelnts Uozs-Reeelnts 0.800 head; shJpmenU 800 ; market 610c lower, closing 10c lower; ail grades 64.70rf3.30. bulk 63tt3.23. , . tsaeep Recelpta 800 head ; shlurnensa 1.300 ; market quiet sod. stesdy; muttons 64r4JMK t CUIOAUO. Chicago, Sept. 24 The Evening Journal re ports : CaUle-Kceetpta CaUle-Kceetpta CaUle-Kceetpta 4.300 bel ; srdpment 1,500. bulk of receipts Texan and nearly all owned cjr the packer; bvainea Ught, with no tnsnge in ptits. .ST. LOUIS. Rt, Eauls, Bejjt. 21. Cattle Receipts 1,900 besd; shipment bOO; market caster : no aatives ah sale. Texas and Indian steers rfftwS.Tft. Hcgs Receipts 800 head; ahipmotua nune.; market steady st previous 8-rures. 8-rures. 8-rures. Communications and exchanges for this departmeftit should be addressed to the chess editor. - c The LoulvtUe Chess Club sets ' at Rooms 613 and 611 Commcrro Bnlldlng, Fourth and Main. ' Rooms open at all hours. AU chess plsyers welcomed. Problem No. 105. , Honorable mention In solving contest ot the Oertnaa Chess Association. . By M. Ehrenstein. , ; Black (8). mmm ,asJ LJ - aia W0m -Wk -Wk , White (0). -. -. I Whlto to play and mats In three moves. .5 : . rrataaa. j -i -i last week's problem, which should be numbered 104, l a three-mover. three-mover. three-mover. - SolBiions. ' ;:' f PROBLEM NO. 103. ' ' "(- "(- 1 B KB3. ' ' Solved- Solved- by Ben- Ben- 8.' CrtAe," Lerliifftcn ; 11 w5, 2J 'm:-B': 'm:-B': 'm:-B': BAB IcZjLVi K-awlt K-awlt K-awlt - sisal Ahrsa W. Chi ids. Mlddlvsboroughw and B. C. avuxabeihtowa. The Bird.Lasker natch. Tfcls match Proved a deckled waltover ... J-la J-la J-la -VI -VI "H . iM,.,..! Cve atraight games. Below is given the nrt game of the match, rnyea August -Seon -Seon and notes front tha . New Ockans limes-Oeroocrau limes-Oeroocrau limes-Oeroocrau EUY LOPEZ. Waits) (Laskeri Black fRtril i -PK4 -PK4 - 1 P-K4 P-K4 P-K4 Kt KP3 j Ktont 8 B Kti S KI 03 ' - 4 B 1-.4 1-.4 1-.4 - 4 AtxKt (ehl h--xKt h--xKt h--xKt h--xKt - bKt-R3 bKt-R3 bKt-R3 te) e-P-Qt e-P-Qt e-P-Qt e-P-Qt e-P-Qt ; 0P-Q:t 0P-Q:t 0P-Q:t 7- 7- 0 QKt3 ; .; . 7-Q 7-Q 7-Q K-l K-l K-l 8 PxP , - S PxP M - 0-Csjrtres 0-Csjrtres 0-Csjrtres fe) J v : : O- O- P-QBS P-QBS P-QBS 10 QKlll ' Vti 10 p KRI , 11 Kt-H3 Kt-H3 Kt-H3 " 11-P-KKM 11-P-KKM 11-P-KKM 11-P-KKM 11-P-KKM 12 P Cut 12 B K.l 13 - ll-Kb-Va ll-Kb-Va ll-Kb-Va ll-Kb-Va ll-Kb-Va 14 R-MJ R-MJ R-MJ raj 14 Q B3 1V-IV-K3 1V-IV-K3 1V-IV-K3 1V-IV-K3 1V-IV-K3 13-B-QKW 13-B-QKW 13-B-QKW 13-B-QKW 13-B-QKW (J) 1 -Kt-RJ -Kt-RJ -Kt-RJ -Kt-RJ ' . lfl-B lfl-B lfl-B K2 17 P Oivtt , 17 KtKfT 1 fl It Kii eV - , . 1 'Js.st4.-s 'Js.st4.-s 'Js.st4.-s rRr 19-P-R3 19-P-R3 19-P-R3 19-P-R3 19-P-R3 - 1 Kt B VR Rt i . SO-Kl SO-Kl SO-Kl 03 21-Kt-Bl 21-Kt-Bl 21-Kt-Bl 21-Kt-Bl 21-Kt-Bl " 21-P 21-P 21-P QT.3 2-B 2-B 2-B Ktl 22 Kt K sq 2.1-ht 2.1-ht 2.1-ht R4 23 Kt KI3 24 P-QB3 P-QB3 P-QB3 ' 4 l:xB ' SS Exit svKt-K3 svKt-K3 svKt-K3 2r-P 2r-P 2r-P KKf3 " CO 1( Q si 87 R Kt 27-Q-KI3 27-Q-KI3 27-Q-KI3 27-Q-KI3 27-Q-KI3 OS Qlt 22 2R-P 2R-P 2R-P Rt f) 2lV-Rxt 2lV-Rxt 2lV-Rxt " QRxB 30-RxR 30-RxR 30-RxR SO RxR . 81 RXB fchl 31 KtxR . 3-3 3-3 3-3 Kt-ni Kt-ni Kt-ni (gl ,12-P-KO ,12-P-KO ,12-P-KO ,12-P-KO ,12-P-KO ' 8TJ. Qi 33-Kt 33-Kt 33-Kt R3 1 34 KtXKt (hi 54-CxKt 54-CxKt 54-CxKt 3 C-Q8 C-Q8 C-Q8 (chl 33 K R-J R-J R-J 8W-3 8W-3 8W-3 Kti 8 P B3 (l) 87 QxKP (chl 37-K 37-K 37-K Kti ftft K Ktss nn Q-32 Q-32 Q-32 noPKK3 . SO PxP (ch) 40 OxHP d QQfl . 41- 41- vj Kit (dl) 41 K ItS i 4C C B.1 - 42Q-PS 42Q-PS 42Q-PS .- .- " 43- 43- Q-K3 Q-K3 Q-K3 t 43 K-K3 K-K3 K-K3 . - 44 P B3 44 K-4 K-4 K-4 43 K-ltd K-ltd K-ltd . 43Q R7 (eat 41 1 5 K2 4'U Kil 47 t 02 Ich) 47 K B3 4-P-Ktt 4-P-Ktt 4-P-Ktt 4-P-Ktt 4-P-Ktt 4 C PS 40-Q 40-Q 40-Q K3 49-Q--R" 49-Q--R" 49-Q--R" 49-Q--R" 49-Q--R" 49-Q--R" (Ch) BO K Kt3 NV-Q-P.d NV-Q-P.d NV-Q-P.d NV-Q-P.d NV-Q-P.d Jl P--Kt P--Kt P--Kt P--Kt (J) . M-PxP M-PxP M-PxP 6? K Kt4 Vi C Kt7 53 KxP CO K Q2 54 K Kt. , f4 Q-KR7 Q-KR7 Q-KR7 6.V-K 6.V-K 6.V-K It.Ti 6"-Q 6"-Q 6"-Q Kt rwt v net or p p V7 3-Kt5 3-Kt5 3-Kt5 t f.7-C-R7 f.7-C-R7 f.7-C-R7 f.7-C-R7 f.7-C-R7 fit Q B.1 (chl 5r-K 5r-K 5r-K B B9 Q r cH) SO K Ktt AO 0.XCP ich) "dgnv . KOTES. -n (a) rrefewhle, we, belleva to Q-B Q-B Q-B 3. sometime imwi, ijr Wimi Q4 a. B B 4; --- --- --- astlea, P-Q P-Q P-Q 3 1; "--f-' "--f-' "--f-' "--f-' "--f-' "--f-' 3; p b 3: -i' -i' y 3. Kt k a: 10 b k a (ch). wt'h belter game. (b Better seems 8 KtxP. whoa after PxP. KU j P: 10 CastlcK. KtxB; 11 tlik'r n K t etn. (e Perfectly sound, for. H bow 9 Ktx P; 10 BxP (eh. Qx; 11 Q R 4 (chl. B Q 2; 12 OxKt. with O.e advantsgo. (d) This looks good, as Black pracucaBy almost gains a move. e la lwKf, PxP, Instead. urotiH lose nndttnn u'httn wrntild remain with B ana kt, against the two Bs, and besides Black could rvadilv dissolve, h!n doubled Ps. tti This bold sally from ot bis entrenchments entrenchments Is certainly bssarJous. but It Is all over the Impetuous old veteran of fEnguah ehe-s. ehe-s. ehe-s. . have proposed or accepted a draw at this "uT 34 KtxKt P. and nen, if 34 Kt K Kt 4. 33 Kt Q B 5 Iwks elinplcr; but the text move, too, 1 a atruiig one, if more eomplk-ated. eomplk-ated. eomplk-ated. - (i if. Instead. 3fl Q K Kt S, then 37 0 K 7, gnd Whlto wins fit least one P. PVacVi only chance V for a " perpctuaP after Hi. ' ' . .... . ) Finely played.- played.- Tbe whole of this ending in, tn fact a study for the chess kuulcut. Aa Athletic Clab Assigns. Lfxlnfrton, Ky Sopt. 2.-(Specinl.)-The 2.-(Specinl.)-The 2.-(Specinl.)-The 2.-(Specinl.)-The 2.-(Specinl.)-The Lfiintrton Athltt o Club has mode an astditnnH'nt with llcmarrl Sielros ns assignew. The assets are about S100. and the llaliilitUw amount to ."00. FTNANCIAi. es asaSssB6sSBasss4SBsi IS VESTMENT BOJaDS. The following first-class first-class first-class bonds can be had at market prices: Louisville Gas com pany first mortgage as; uouisviue, tancin-liatl tancin-liatl tancin-liatl and Lexington flrst aaortgage 7s: Louisville, Louisville, F.Vonsc.ic an:l ffts Louts first mortgage mortgage 6s. ALMATKUT BROIUEBS, S10 W. t1n r.. Louisville. Kv. rra. W. AACttoLdL oasa Ctpitsl, f300.C00.O0 1 Surras, $100,000.00. PAIS HTHESTlTTIlaB DEPOSITS. SoIicH Yonr A ceo nut. A-aauaBses A-aauaBses A-aauaBses t.y perroswion; t tesiaty Trust CSb.Cs aiaabaa Fiasawa sad Trust Oa. W. G. OSUOlaNE & CO., Stock and Bond Broksra, 464 West Bsls Btraat. ' w-s w-s w-s rwv ssd ftril securities sad BegetUts loa-ts. loa-ts. loa-ts. Trap ta'tbs New Vork btock Exchsaga, JOUaN w. &v. s. gueen, KTOCAKDOSD BEOKEKS, 434 West Mala" gk. Loulsrllls, Ky, Have for sale' soma chc4ce securlUea. Wo tsve also mooy to lend cheap on Craft-class Craft-class Craft-class collateral or mortgago security. Teis-phons Teis-phons Teis-phons call ts. rlsg 9. MEDICAL. 1 will araaraatee that the simple tn aunent which made B man ot me win cvnamiy tare and fully develop any suflrrer from Vaneocne, Wasted Vitality and like innibie. The recipe will be a-at a-at a-at (sesltsll free ts any one wlio will amid qnacki long tnnuirh to rive tt a trial. Address, with stamp. M BfTi.Klt, Box HT, Marshall. Mich AMSY PILLS! aS..4 6ara, aa4 4 to " SOUAh S A. UAkix H Ussa 6actas Oaw Pa.ll. Pa. fl HAIRO REMOVED Iva. IT. T. ' ' '- '- 1 " -nt.ia. -nt.ia. I il laswawaertaWwltk "Itlla MnM 6b4 U U,watM 6s. WiAssa6sMh)Csv,Paila,Pa, ales and children Mko it, Cnrea kid. tcr ii4 Liter Tronble; romoroa t'ac9 lilotchea; xaakes Kosy Cneeka. HOBIKSOaN-PETTET HOBIKSOaN-PETTET HOBIKSOaN-PETTET Ci . Wbnlsaals 1 rents. BATLBOAD TIlCE-TABXEa. TIlCE-TABXEa. TIlCE-TABXEa. - uhAtAi vtjrmu Au-- Au-- Au-- ENaU 8'lau.kl AJ.K AtAVlull. Out ateast Otboa. as souna avs. . aa wen-. wen-. wen-. , July 1 i, iswt. Boats l m a. a... awj, local ursseaaer for Ijeitta fieis. central City, Prince, tan. . pasuesk, AUltsa, and liiwrmediata ais- ais- tiuss; saiiy tv.wpt bsib-aa bsib-aa bsib-aa torn Avluabetatows sod aledgcuvU.s. ftaM p. ra., daily exeept Sanday, rsaaeneer tor Lei ten Held, Caneyvlils, EUrsbetatswa, Mos gsnvule and latermedista suuleus. 7-40 7-40 7-40 p. aa., oslly. Uaaitsa. Isr Memphla, Vickaburg and all point, la West Tenneaaee, M1S11PP. Aaouuiaoas 1xaa sad the bouta and bouthweat. A solid trala. with Pullmaa Bullet bleeping Car from Louisville ts MeiminM. arrlvea at Memphla at ' : a. as. snd Virhaburg 6tl p. at,, hours la advance si Staer line. . - Arrivals t . 8 s40 a. dally enept awmday. pssssnsn froui caneyrllto. Laltenueid. Modgsnvlila sad Eliiab'tiiWwa. - suds, m., dally raeal psssetirsv tents Mr-res. Mr-res. Mr-res. Fulton. Paduoih. Princeton. Oestral Uty and ts BrmeSiate pamta. saiiy exeepa nenaa j. raat HodresvtUo and Ellxahethtoan. T0 a. m . dally limited from Vletuburg. Maatpals. South and bouthwest pots Is. , miTuoAT xmox iuilway go H Bailies r. fttssa, atsssltsr. Qjinf East AA-svs AA-svs AA-svs Lexington at 8 n. aa. WuiUioWr 2-30 2-30 2-30 p as.: cisy toty .407. . Ariiv Aumus i-etot i-etot i-etot 6 AMI fts a.j Jacaaua ouiag tvest Lesvs Jscksoa at 880 a. m.; Lcmbxr Point e u0 a. as. ; Clay City tanaa: Wittcaestut Aft a. as. Amva Laxtngias tO Xily trains between Lexington and Jaekaoa. Connection made at Lumbar Paint with IAS ateamer for heattyylUsv-, heattyylUsv-, heattyylUsv-, .- .- BtUAAV SCOTT. a. a. , 11, 0 HIIRI FYURUPiRII 1 nUULLi ooflnoflrfliiiLLH Is the rreat STSteni streartheser. Lb ' k b :

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