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DEC. X TO a. M r .1 ho find at at the war the aad the as Dr. to ex-army and for be once Beav- for the the The an who the of cava who bear fits before out snd finally other ' maa settler party weeks they anything. doctor a might story rumor has for have - "look cow." "happens . pop, KENOSHA MISSES ABDEL KAMI Prince of Egypt Sails Homeward Laden with v the "Truth Knowers " Gold. " : MANY W Millionaire's Widow Him 10,000 Abdel Kartn, Prince of Egypt, aad high priest of the cult of Truth Knowers,' has disappeared. After a brief sojourn at Kenosha, Wis., where he had come aU the way from Egypt to plant the foundation of his sect, ho has suddenly left, supposedly for Egypt, with his coffers enriched to the extent of many thousands of dollars, which it la rumored he will use to propagate his religion in the Orient-Hundreds of sane persons in the United States, among them many women of wealth, have been Infatuated and enthusiastic followers of this new leader. - Hundreds of dollars have been subscribed by various persons, mainly to further the Interests of the new Mllgion In .this country. Among the most enthusiastic proselytes of the sect of YARDS INCLUSIVE. Truth Knowers,. If report be true. Is Mrs. Phoebe Hearst, the San Francisco millionaire and philanthropise It Is said that Mrs. Hearst has turned over Into the hands of Prise Abdel Karin the sum of $10,000. to be used In the teaching of his religion In this country. But Abdel Karin does not seem to hav kept this part of the contract. Kenosha was to be his headquarters. This was th selected site for the erection of a tempi In which Truth Knowers would congregate to worship a personal God along strange, care fully concealed. Oriental tenets. But Abdel Karin has gone, and no on knows where. At least. Kenoshsite are totally Ignorant of his whereabouts. His followers In Chi cago are non-committal, and perhaps equal ly uninformed. But Abdel Karin has car ried away with him a mateiial evidence of th sympathy of his followers,- who were won into the fold by th many picturesque characteristics of this mysterious new re ligion. Some call this religion Mohammedanism, others call It Buddhism, while still others call It theosophy, but Abdel Karin calls it simply "knowing the Truth." Much ' ro mance surround Its Introduction Into ths United 8tates. It has not sprung up In year or two. It has been growing slowly, but steadily, for eight years, and every lmpor taat city from New York to th Mississippi valley may claim a vigorous colony of "Truth Knowern" Th Ooaalasr of kfcelralla. Th first Truth Knower to reach the United States wss Ibrahim O. Kheiralla, who w known In Egypt as the chief apostle of Prince Abdel Karin.- Khelralla'a advent la New Tork created a sensation. Ths mystery ot his Oriental teachings won scores of women at once, and they flocked about him. eager to know the "Truth." ' All students who wished to be Initiated lrto th teachings of Zatial Allah, aa th religion waa dubbed, were bound to absolute secrecy: After a declara tlon of faith was made, the proselytes swor never to reveal to an unbeliever the Inner revelations of th new 'Truth." This aroused th curiosity of hundreds, who took the oath in order to And out the Inner mean Ing. And. strange as It may seem, none has yet broken that oath, whether It may be from fear or awe Is not known. : The foundation of th new religion Is based on th tact that a manifestation ot God re cently appeared on earth. It Is claimed by the Truth Knowers that a manifestation of God went to Acre, married, and died, leaving a son behind him who Is the master, or divine head, of th Truth Knowers. Dr. Khei PAGES 1 TO 12. BY HIS SECRET CULT Said, to Have Given for a Temple. ralla Is reported' to hav said In June, JS99, that th manifestation died In 1892, and th master is his oldest son. and is th rela -carnation of Jean Christ. Dr. Kheiralla also claimed that the souls of Job, Daniel. Moses, Joshua, Elijah, aad of all th ancient prophets have returned to earth, struggllnsj and working at the present hour in the kingdom of God for the spread of these teachings. Kheiralla did not claim that they had yet reached the United States. But they are nevertheless bound this wsy. and will sooner or later U among ua. The time is very near, aad Kheiralla asserted that wo wCl see them soon. ... - ! Khelralla'a MUslaa la Caleac. Kheiralla then came to Chicago, where h Is now busily engaged in preaching to hi followers and In writing pamphlets and book which merely suggest and do not clearly reveal the real meaning of the religion. Kheiralla has been working her steadily tor two years. His following has become remarkably strong. He ' numbers among his proselytes dosens cf prominent professional and business men. ments are so secret and mysterious that little information can be gleaned from them. ' Kheiralla preached and worked, taking instruction from Abdel Kartn at the fountain " head. As his power Increased in the United States he began to formulate doctrines of hi ' own, differing only slightly from the professed revelations of the high priest. Abdel Karin finally grew jealous of Kheiralla' growing Influence and his independence, aad last year ordered him to return to Egypt. Now comes the Interesting portion of thla strange story. Khelralla'a total expenses for the trip to Egypt were not only borne by several New Yorkers, Including Mrs. Phoeb Hearst, but these . New ' Yorkers ac tually accompanied him to Egypt to - visit Adbel Karin. There if is saia ' that" Mrs. Hearst became 'so' Impressed" by Karin's sincerity and religious seal, and by the performance of miraclee, that ah became at once an earnest follower, pledg ing money for the' support of his church. Kheiralla returned to America,' and, con-' tinning to assert his independence, waa ex pelled from the mother church, and haa now established a local branch of his own. ot which he is leader and head. Abdel Karin himself, chief priest, soon- followed Kheiralla to this country. His ad vent occurred only a few months ago. , H came direct to Kenosha, where a small sect of Truth Knowers had congregated. He announced It as his Intention to denounce Kheiralla as an Impostor and to promulgate th real doctrines of "Truth Knowledge.", as -they had been'revealed to him. Oriental Spleaaar la Keaoaha. ' Kenosha was startled by th arrival of the Egyptian Prince. Shopkeepers deserted their counters and farmers abandoned their plows to come Into town to catch a glimpse of th high priest ot Buddhism, who said that the old prophet Moses was walking around some where on earth In the best Of health and spirits. Abdel Karin came In Oriental state. He pitched a big tent Just on the outskirts of Kenosha, which he fitted up with One rich silk "hangings, with luxurious tapestries and . rugs, and lived there in great luxury. A half- ' dozen black slaves had accompanied him. who administered to his wants, and In their leisure hours wandered about Kenosha and fright ened the natives by their bizarre Egyptian dress and black, scowling faces. Accompany ing Abdel Karin was an interpreter, also from Cairo, and the private secretary ot the Egyp- uu nign priest. , On reaching Kenosha, Abdel Karin EffendL as he is called, summoned Kheiralla again to - appear oeior aim, and he also organized n kind of conference of all the Truth Knowers In the Northwest. Leading lights in th sect ' cam from New York, Chicazo. Detroit. To ledo. Cincinnati. Indianapolis, and other minor cities. Abdel Karin was. of course, the central figure. Kheiralla waa humiliated and repudiated for permitting bis own personal ambition to carry him away from th greatest truths of the sect. A few followers ' went over to Kheiralla al the conference, but the main support adhered to Abdel Karin. trine Abdel Karin is considered one of the wisest men of Egypt. He was clever enough at least to get a nice little fortune Into his hands during his very short sojourn In Amer ica. He naa now. it is asserted, gone back to old Egypt with the money. The Truth Knowers in Kenosha were left temoorarilv without a leader, and were as helpless as lost sheep iibui a. b. lane 01 Kenoaha assumed th leadership and became the prophet and teacher ot about 300 followers. Bolt Teaehlaara af Kheiralla. Kheiralla still holds his "own In Chicago His teachings are materially the earn as thos ot Abdel Kartn. A woman who has become a member of this sect speaks of th " teaching In this manner: "Dr. Kheiralla tells us that in 1S44 there appeared in Persia a man named Bab-ed-DIn. He foretold th coming of th kingdom of God. He waa tortured and put to death. Kheiralla claims that this was the prophet Elijah, and be foretold the coming of th manifestation of God and his Boh, th reincarnation of Jesus Christ." The succeeding theory is so cleverly worked up to the climax and th mind so fully prepared that It does not shock One when he hears It, A number of Hebrews have Joined th sect because the dogmas seem to be la a direct line with their belief. They. too. like the Truth Knowers, are looking forward to th coming of the Messiah. Kheiralla la now the high priest of Truth Knowers In America. A book written by Edward T. Browne, professor of Persian and Arable at .Cambridge university, England, corroborates many of the statements mad by Kheiralla, In one place It asserts that "Acre was once a desert waste, but Is now a land of milk and honey." Professor Brown says further: TThe last day was. perhaps, th most delightful of all. snd I was greatly astonished on entering the Acre plain to be- " hold a wealth of beautiful gardens and fragrant orange grove. I mentioned this

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  2. 14 Oct 1900, Sun,
  3. Page 33

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