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McDer- p,'r- JUajra- tre-u. 1 I S 1 I 4 .M 4 .1 . 9 a 1 4 I weat- at of ot 1'hila- at up but of luiguge-suiit in. S-hki CuuiBtunioauuns and exrhanrea lor tola dcuutuicnt aiiouid bs addreased te Ui ccllor. The touUnile Chew Club insets at rooms C13 and 014 2omniercs liulldinc. Fourth and Midn. Itnomx nnen at all hours. AU cues players welcomed. Problesa No. 03. Flrvt ortza In totirner nf tha Kentish Hereury. tuy w. leave. London.) Black (81. t ;-." ;-." ;-." fr WfX :t-j.yi :t-j.yi :t-j.yi 5 r I'-r I'-r I'-r U.43 i,JLi i WaJ ff Zsl , Cr3 tjM, El r- r- i i While (II). whlto to lay and mat) la two marts. (tolaiioas. raoBixix NO. 91. 1 Kt-aa. Kt-aa. Kt-aa. fiolred by W. 11. Klkuton. LouKvHte C. U. CUsaoeUitowa ; C. 1L bcohy, lUndiVon. The DlackaaraeLaakcr 11 a tea. Tenth and final caine, pUvtl June 1. QL EF-Vt. EF-Vt. EF-Vt. PAWN OPMNU. White (lAkker). 1 -) -) (J 4 3- 3- r--U r--U r--U r--U 4 Kt- Kt- U 3 114 a l'- l'- k 3 7 B Kl a 8- 8- K1H O ll-C ll-C ll-C 3 ll-msllca ll-msllca ll-msllca (KB), J Ki: vi m Id OK 11 so, ll-Kl-K ll-Kl-K ll-Kl-K ll-Kl-K ll-Kl-K & loU-U loU-U loU-U - lo-P-Ci3 lo-P-Ci3 lo-P-Ci3 lo-P-Ci3 lo-P-Ci3 17 Kt 11 J la It k J ior yKt eo-Kt-C eo-Kt-C eo-Kt-C eo-Kt-C eo-Kt-C 1 .1 CxKt J J P-QR P-QR P-QR 4 a I' al4 S-t S-t S-t Kt u a av-Qxi av-Qxi av-Qxi i 14 Kt 3 a-ixj" a-ixj" a-ixj" ' K1-T-C3 K1-T-C3 K1-T-C3 K1-T-C3 K1-T-C3 HUck(lltkbu i. l 1- 1- VI 4 S Kt KB 3 3- 3- f k a 4- 4- gkt-o gkt-o gkt-o a 3 i Kt-1 Kt-1 Kt-1 4 7 II-K II-K II-K 5- 5- Vxll t P-KKta P-KKta P-KKta !- !- artk. 11 V kll 4 1 J CKt U J 13-li-vi 13-li-vi 13-li-vi 13-li-vi 13-li-vi . J4 b K q li--Q li--Q li--Q li--Q 1 lt-Kt-VJ lt-Kt-VJ lt-Kt-VJ lt-Kt-VJ lt-Kt-VJ 17 Kt kl 2 lr ht I 3 13 Kt K 5 yo-ktxKt yo-ktxKt yo-ktxKt SI Kt U 4 Si-J Si-J Si-J Kt U - ; -Kl -Kl Qst . V4 I -vUl -vUl S-K-Kt3 S-K-Kt3 S-K-Kt3 S-K-Kt3 S-K-Kt3 ' . --Pxl --Pxl --Pxl ti7-n-u ti7-n-u ti7-n-u ti7-n-u ti7-n-u a - ' It It rH m- m- n it -a -a it it 4 no ii fei ao Kll 11 . ai-KK-U ai-KK-U ai-KK-U ai-KK-U ai-KK-U a 3J-l'-Kt 3J-l'-Kt 3J-l'-Kt 3J-l'-Kt 3J-l'-Kt d ao yxa :v4 l:xi ' 35 KxU SH-K-Uiq SH-K-Uiq SH-K-Uiq SH-K-Uiq SH-K-Uiq 37 ti K ii as u-Q u-Q u-Q a 3a-K 3a-K 3a-K K 3 40- 40- P-I1 P-I1 P-I1 3 41- 41- P K 4 4 J-U-K J-U-K J-U-K J-U-K J-U-K Ml 43-P-K 43-P-K 43-P-K 43-P-K 43-P-K 4 41 R viKt M 4a K.-K K.-K K.-K 3 40-P-K 40-P-K 40-P-K 40-P-K 40-P-K 5 47 llhtP 4S R Kim ' 40 K 1! cq 50 1; UH 4 51- 51- U-iKShq U-iKShq U-iKShq 5J-U 5J-U 5J-U KB aa b3-K-K b3-K-K b3-K-K b3-K-K b3-K-K sq 54-lt-It 54-lt-It 54-lt-It 54-lt-It 54-lt-It q 56 P Kt 4 50 PxP M-P M-P M-P Kt 5 " flM K Q 3 50 K K 3 IK K-ll K-ll K-ll 4 BI-B-ll BI-B-ll BI-B-ll BI-B-ll BI-B-ll 4 ;2 H Q U Ml f:i 11 Q 3 04 R-U R-U R-U & ir Itxlt -R-ltT -R-ltT -R-ltT -R-ltT (eh 67 1UP l-VJ-U l-VJ-U l-VJ-U l-VJ-U l-VJ-U . i VJ-u- VJ-u- VJ-u- VJ-u- P. d a3-invi a3-invi a3-invi 114111 11 31-11 31-11 31-11 11 3 aa to. . a a k ii i 3H K K a liu k y 3 . 40- 40- U It 1.J 41 R u a 4i-R-ll 4i-R-ll 4i-R-ll 4i-R-ll 4i-R-ll so. 43 n nj 44 It II l 45 K K 4 4'V-.i 4'V-.i 4'V-.i P 3 47-Kl3iP 47-Kl3iP 47-Kl3iP 4 n -K -K Kt 3 . 4S K K tl C U J11 a ai k it 3 63 K Kt 3 &3 K UU 4 &4 R 11 sq . 11KH' 6!-R-V'n 6!-R-V'n 6!-R-V'n 6!-R-V'n 6!-R-V'n sa 57-K-R 57-K-R 57-K-R 57-K-R 57-K-R rt , 58 R It 7 chl Ml U It 0 -Kt -Kt U 3 61 Kt U sa s-J-lt-U s-J-lt-U s-J-lt-U s-J-lt-U s-J-lt-U s-J-lt-U s-J-lt-U 4 113 P.iP C4-H-U C4-H-U C4-H-U C4-H-U C4-H-U S 0W1KP Ot-K Ot-K Ot-K Kt ii l'.cltn.. End Game. The following position occurred la tho recent team m.tch betwecu the City Clua of New York and the Juniors of Philadelphia: Philadelphia: Black llalpen . h t n 3aLj Si' K ?'1 -! -! LiSiJ ! 1 l-a-vJ l-a-vJ l-a-vJ l-a-vJ l-a-vJ f-J f-J f-J fc-3lJ fc-3lJ fc-3lJ '..) 1 r?r v"" zr r& m mm- mm- o Wutto Youug. Clack wound up the oue la the following prct.T way : 1-P 1-P 1-P KKt4l 3 n-Kta n-Kta n-Kta (cMt px.'i 3 QxQ Rpis5 (ch.) 4 K 1!3 4 B U sq tell.) And mates next ruovs. Cheas tailing. There talk of a nialch bolwecu 3Las-ker 3Las-ker 3Las-ker and lord. Mr. Firmett lUmtlt in his discontinued hl colutnn In the St. Tuil I lo:iv-er lo:iv-er lo:iv-er Prss, and has hcgiia one in (1 l.veidtig Hpatcb. NotlihiK I heard from tl ooe.-s ooe.-s ooe.-s oi ttio C s. C. A. It I it'nc tasi tie next place of ni..vtini; wcie -d -d ided on. In nrJcr to .:ve a pnod mecll"g It stoul Iw 'buanicd'1 for tump biuo ahead. Bp i

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 10 Jul 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 11

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