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an- ; 2 A o the tn i in- in- all ; erdlaary ef la the la W. 84 at at 98f and Hlk-nols os. ; aa. and 2, 868 I t 1.- 1.- ; and ; 100 good eendrUea aad and yesrunrs. . .j-;..; .j-;..; .j-;..; .1 ." curcnrBTATL . rftnelnnati. May 9, CattVa ltwealpta 8J7 i ahlpmrau 1.7C8-. 1.7C8-. 1.7C8-. r-f-1 r-f-1 r-f-1 r-f-1 r-f-1 ateedy at SO. 28 etJi. ' K-aa-Sneeaota K-aa-Sneeaota K-aa-Sneeaota K-aa-Sneeaota K-aa-Sneeaota 2ASO aeedt aarDsteata ! 770; seed OBmand; niiiwia to Ugh 84-90 84-90 84-90 4 -S3 -S3 ; paektag and butchers 84.794r4JB8. Cheep-Bseelpts Cheep-Bseelpts Cheep-Bseelpts 18AM head; anlpmantt la SSt Commimteatlona and sxehanges lor fsls department ahould ba addressed to the IouktvUle Chess Club meeU aft roooM CIS and 618 Comnteree BulidiSa. FourOj and Mala. Rooms oven at alt tours. All chess players weloomed. Prohleaa Pi a. ft. Oom posed for the Ourtar-Journal Ourtar-Journal Ourtar-Journal by H. Riee, MarthaTltnwn. la. , , Black (6k .. QO0 D i (Walts (0) wkits to play and anata U four movee. Hera la A hard nut fnr the old solvera to' craoK. To the Brst one seudinr correct I soIuBoa a nice bun (Ho of chess papers wilM oc seaxv aJfeehau H las tat) Katea. Tic match between Suowulter ana Zip- Zip- aonutx lor the ebamphvtaWp ot tba United Mates waa tormina tod last Monday. LJn- LJn- aoauBi winning by T to J. and T draws. Tba lourteeniA came, plarcd May n, and toe vteenut May S3, bolk being won by upscnata. gave him tha required aevcu Immediately -upon -upon the conclusion f tba Inst game. Sho waiter cAvUsnmd Uptcbuia ft a Icturn match, and the latter aaroea to outy aouieUute wiUua Urn next iwnrc aoutns. The result af this match Is a renotal surprise. Everyone thought It would ba very close, ana conquering his former aeon against LlpeohuU, the odd were in ShowalUtr'e favor. The decisive Ware made by utHeauta may be atnibutMi tn the fact that Show-alter Show-alter Show-alter played out of form. am tan sMtwaata uevoaopca more aircngta than was expected. Below la mven tan ninth nns. tdaved aif i DOUBLE FIAXCHKTTO. - White ("howalteri. Black (Upauhablk. I PWK4 , 1 P-QKti P-QKti P-QKti S-P-Q4, S-P-Q4, S-P-Q4, S-P-Q4, S-P-Q4, : ft tf-ktft tf-ktft tf-ktft 3 B OJ t : 8 P Kt3 . 4 Kt Ka e a B Kt-J Kt-J Kt-J ' 8 CaaUea , - ti 8 pv. K3 --;.' --;.' --;.' ' P tjlvt U 7-I1-K3 7-I1-K3 7-I1-K3 7-I1-K3 7-I1-K3 Q Qa , O-P O-P O-P B3 7-.astlea 7-.astlea 7-.astlea ft P KB 9 0K8-B3 0K8-B3 0K8-B3 , - 10 ht r!3 11 Q KB so. H Kb Q so. 13 P K113 14 P B.K.U 15 K & so, 16 Q Kt mi 17 P Q4 18 PxP litQB sfl 50 Kt Kka ai Kt oa C3 H CJ &3-QR &3-QR &3-QR KB aa 84 Kt Kt3 S5-Kt S5-Kt S5-Kt R5 i-K i-K i-K K SO. 27 Exit SB Kt Kt3 20-Q 20-Q 20-Q ku sa PO-P PO-P PO-P KU 31 P K3 82 Oj-O Oj-O Oj-O BO. 83 B KB S0 84 F B3 51 Kt RS 3 P Bh 37-B-C3 37-B-C3 37-B-C3 37-B-C3 37-B-C3 88 o kb aa 89 O-Kft O-Kft O-Kft 40 QxK 10 KtO 88. 1 1 P IJ3 18 Kt Rl 13 Kt R3 - 14 1 ivKtd 15 B QRI 18 Q-03 Q-03 Q-03 17 B 01 IS KPxBP 19 Kt-Kt3 Kt-Kt3 Kt-Kt3 CO Kt 14 21 2B a Sd Ci P KH3 !3 P QR4 24 Kt R8 n Q aa i.'t Kt R tq 87 V Kt3 8 BxR 20 B Kt3 HO II K sq 31 P KS 32- 32- KtS0r-wU3 KtS0r-wU3 KtS0r-wU3 34 B b ea ' 85 P KU 30 K K sa 37 Kt H M 38 Kt Qft 39 K B SO 40-R-K 40-R-K 40-R-K 40-R-K 40-R-K salt ttevigns. Tenth game, played Mav 9. VIENKA OPENIHO. White (IJt Btoek (absrwtsxer). 1 P K4 9OKt B3 8 P B4 4 Kt B3 8 B B4 8 P 03 7 P KE3 ft QxBS -Q-OMI -Q-OMI -Q-OMI -Q-OMI (al 9 B B4 8 P Q3 4 K 8 Kt B3 4t-B-t 4t-B-t 4t-B-t 4t-B-t 4t-B-t KtS 7 BxKt J ft Kt OS Kt Qa 10 KtxKt 11 O-KS O-KS O-KS Tft-Castles Tft-Castles Tft-Castles fQR - 13 P-KKt3(dl P-KKt3(dl P-KKt3(dl 14 PxP (e 15 QR K Ktiq If R-KW R-KW R-KW 17 P KB3 18 R B sq 1PQK3 ((rt 20 R Ktaih) I PxP 53 B Ksq S3 R (Kt2)-KXl (Kt2)-KXl (Kt2)-KXl 54 SxH er-4-Rc er-4-Rc er-4-Rc er-4-Rc er-4-Rc BA QxP. - Real una. 10 Kt K 11 KxKt(b 12 QH sq . 13 O B3(e 14 P Bb 15 QxP 16 P K KU 17 P Kt3 18 P ERA 10 B Kfl (0 JSO-P JSO-P JSO-P H5 21 P KMJ fD ast-PxP ast-PxP ast-PxP 23 Tt SA 24 Bx& 25 R R3 en qe a : 2T It n so, . Cft B R8 89 RfReq! RT HOTEB BT STETNIT IN TBXBTJJfB. (a) In the Vienna -tournament -tournament ef 1873 Riarkbume pwved bete agulnst Artdersuen 9 Q KtS. giving up the Hook. Tsehgortn, bat also ainoe adopted that bold tacrine, which rives White a strong attack for a time, but la not strictly wound, for, as Prof. Betger proved In "Ths International Chens Msgaslnc," Black -can -can mibsequenUy escape from all difficulties If at the proper time he makes km exit with I-Qt I-Qt I-Qt tb) A happy thought and quite sound. (c) Incautious; B Kt3 was now hla proper play. - id) Bad plav. for It only furnlshea a mark for White's attack with the KBP whereas 13Kt-Kt8; 13Kt-Kt8; 13Kt-Kt8; 14 B KtS, 14 PxP, followed followed bv P Q 4 would hare given Black aa excellent game. - . . (e) P KB ft waa undoubtedly preferable. f An excellent move, which give white a winning position. mi Obviously, If PxP, White would icpty BxKt eh and eome out a piece ahead. h II 0"PxP, the game might have proceeded Si BxKt eh 81 K Hu; S3 PxR, 2-3 2-3 2-3 RxQ; 23 BxR, with three pleees. Including two Books, for the Queen and a winning position. U Powerful play and decisive. r Cheae CaUiaca, 7- 7- -6tetn!(8 -6tetn!(8 thinks the result of the Sho. walter-Llrr-hatx walter-Llrr-hatx walter-Llrr-hatx walter-Llrr-hatx walter-Llrr-hatx match a great victory tor modern' "HSetfcods. - . Pi el O. A. Browncon died at Rockdale. I A. a red 84. He was publisher ef the Cfaera Journal, a very Interesting monthly, devoted principally to problems. fiontr woa the Cafe De La Eegtnce CbampioTishlp, ullh- ullh- the score ot 19 1-8 1-8 1-8 out of 22. ' ... A chess dob has been organ ired at Z-'dt.' Z-'dt.' Z-'dt.' H.T C. TtetnMts, who died In Hew York Wednesday, was a member ot the Lotdvfle Ora Club, and hrs death waa a great ahoak to sH the members. Dr. Deuiblta was a skittler, that most pleas-apt pleas-apt pleas-apt ot all cbsss piayars. aod his bright face and 'oerry laugh will he sadly missed from the club rooms. mi aerate aemand end ftrm at atva. Tnaihs Onad deaand aad amrket arm; eem at and tVIre spring 86 s 100 Ea. , ft v 13-7 13-7 13-7 J. 1-aul of

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 29 May 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 15

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