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 - to a powder. Kacb roller weighs ?,00O pounas...
to a powder. Kacb roller weighs ?,00O pounas ana tnere are two la every pan." From the dry-pan' the ground clay is eotvevd te tho upi flmr of the factory, where it is fparated by a BCteeninir proei-M, tho tin- clay falling into a bin ami the tailings," or coarse clay, passed by its gravity back into the dry-pna, to b aguin ground until it Is reduced to such a degree of tine-ue as to allow it to p.(M through the screen into tl bin. The clay paesek by pravity from the day bin into the hopper of the Nick machine, first pssiDg through tlte pug-mill, where It is tempered by ater. TbH machine is rather complicated and it workings can not be een from the onv d? The clay goes into the machine and comes out on a belt it a continuous bar, as wide and as thick as the regular biick It ha been. c!mprsbed ry great weight and is very solid. The brick come out of the machine at the Tat of from seven'!- to eishty a minute. Flue sand is fprinkled ou them to keep them from hurning in the kiln or from stick-in? tcaethei. PuKint along on the liels there is an automatic cutter made of tine wire, which cuts the Ion? roll Into the length of regulation bricks. About 4.1,000 bricks are thus molded in a day of ten hour. The brick after beiug molded by th sti5-clay I riclc n.-orhine, or " pipe-pres," as it i reclinicnlly known, are loaded on trucks 'and carried into the drying tunnels. Thee trucks hold 425 bricks. Of course, brick intended for use la tiee tiavinff can be diied in any of tlie wa In which brick made by the stiff-clay pToenM are commonly dried. In the bess form of artiticial dryers the nrick dry wtthent cracking The tunnels ate uaually heated by steam, and are very hot. Pat Bannon's tunnels are ninety feet lontr, there being five ot them with tour trucks ew:h, with a capacity of 20,Ot)O brick in each tunnel. Ihls is the usual ei?e for tunnels. After remaining forty-eight hours in them tun-nol the hilctt become perfectly dry and are ready for burning. They are conveyed to the kilns or the ears on which they are dried and are set f'r trjurninaf. Iha round, down-draft kilns are used. Theso are of brick, twenty-eight feet in diameter and twelve feet high at the erown. One of these kilns holds 15,000 brick. The brick are piled up on ede until the kiln is full, lhen it is plastered up. and tho kiln is ready for burning. Fires are started on four sidee. Ihe heat goes up along the des to the erown of the kiln and thence down through the brick and perforated floor to the chitnney, some ui stance away. It requires seven duvs of incessant heat to brin? about vitrifliation, and five days more for the annealing or couling procexs. If the hot brick were immediately exposed to the cold air they would become, brittle. The Water-smoking," or stemini, of the brick requires about three days, after which tbe temperature of the kiln is gradually rained for twenty-four hours, and then for forty-eight hour additional tlie brick are given heavy and full nrea, in order to thoroughly vitrify the material. The cooling of the kirn is done slowly, the draft being checked after the htial tiros. The blocks are drawn from the kiln by loading them upon wheelbarrows, on which thuy are usually run over a gaugway directly into the cars which are to convey them to some other city or to a, or to the platform, from which tho wagons are loaded, if tlte brick is used In the town in which it is made. . n , CutuibunieaUona and exchanges lor this department should to addroaaod to tut cfcest editor. - The Louisville Cheat Club meets at rooms C13 and 614 Commerce building. Fourth and M:iin. Bonn open at ail hours. All ebena playcre welcomed. Problem So. C8. (Composed for tlie Coutier-JournM by Chas. 8. Jacobs Des Iolnea, 1 wa. ) Moito: "Dainty Baby BelL Black (0) 'A m p id i J mm J 3 f -1 V:hite (111 SVUte io play tu4nM 14 ttt mavos. rnhlcss o. 69. (M. Ussner.-ln Brownaon's Chess Journal.) all aJSd A i QIU QKtS QKtS QBT Ki (White S. black .) White to play and male In three mores. feolatioaa. PROBLEM NO. 65. Correct solutions received ftom A. J. C., W. it. rtn. Louisville; J. M. B., Leb. anon: 1:. c. L.. FJisatetaUrwn: Chess Club, laidlnbui, iud. J'Bor.LEM NO. 6. l-Kt Q7. Corrncl mluUoos from A. J. C, Louisville ; J. W. Lh, J. m. Lebanon; Chess Club, UrJinabiug. ind. Steiaits the Victor. The great match at Havana was brought to s clow lact Minday, Mr. eteJnita winning by 10 to S and flvo draws. It Is said that Tuchtgorln sad an easy winning position, but broke il,c n a letilble blunUar. huang bie game at once. Ueiuw i fa veti the nineteenth game of tbe match, played lobruaiy 10. SCOTCH iJAMBIT. White (M: Tschlgorlu). Black (W. Stelnita). 4 t-P-K 4 S K Kt B 3 SJ Q Kt-B 3 3- F-Q 4 3-f x P 4- Kt x p Q a S 5- Ki-Kt 5 (a) 6 4 X K P ch (b) B K 3 0 K Q sq. . 7 J Kt B 3 T O K 4 (c) 8 Kt Q 5 a Kt B 3 d) K Kt X B P 9 B Q 3 (el 10 p k b- 4, io 4 S. a if) 11 it-Q 3 ll-O X Kt P 1C-K K Kt so. 13-Q X B P 13QB 3 13 Kt iKt 14 Kt X Kt (g) 14- 3 15 Ouitles (Q BJ 15 P U 4 1 U X B P ii.K Kt 3 17 Kt B (h) 17 O B so. U) 14 B x Q P IS a x Kt 10 B x Kt 19 K-B 3 tO IS K 4 20-R B sq 81 K B-B SO. ! 31 B Q 8 22 K Q 3 I ffi R B 3 (J 23 B x B 23-P X B 24 B Q 3 () 84 B H 4 (0 25 B B 3 iiiQB 3 m) ii'i U K 5 eh 26K Kt 2 !i7 K R J mi i 87 Q B (n) 23 K B 3 28Q-Kt 4 29 R Kt 3 2il b Kt 5 3f a O 7 ch. 30 K Kt 3 81 B B 7 ch 81 K B 3 32 B x B Rosigns. NOTES BY STKlNm. (a) This II no answer to H lick's bst move wi fir Hi intrnlii-t bv llerr H-rwif. lb) For a long time 5....B Kt 5 ch used to be plnve4 litre, a.'ter Louis Paulsen, who, hTwever, himself vhowed tbs inutility of his own eefeiiao in a frame agaiilsl Dr. Mcllncr, jlayeu in the icnna lour uaateut of lc8. Puilteu Uien proceeded with the attack as follows: -P QB 3, 6 Qx'vPch; 7-B-K 3, 7 lt-R 4 : 8 Kt Q 2, 8 QK d; 0 Kt- U 4, V Q 8 : 10-Q QU. 10 B KU; J I KKtxQP c!, w llb an exeeUent frame, tot Blrck has nothing better than K B 'lnce If ll....PxKu 12 KtxB. etc, cl Bettor was 7....Q-Kt3, for if 3 Kt Q 3, s Kt Kt 3, etc. M After 8-B-Q3: B KtxB, BHcVs game waa gieatly crainped, no matter how lie rrlork ;e best rn was 9....KUKt; 10 Kt xKt lb"st, lO-QxKtP, etc it Ills Queen wouM liava been equally embriasvd after lo QxKtP; 11-QK Ktw, 11-QxHP OT 11....Q-HA; 12 Kt Kt 5 cb ; 12 H K si., li Q Kt 7 ', and now Wube hiik the option of drawing by attack-Inte the Quceit backward aud forward i Uaq and Kt sq, cr he ntay proceed with tlie ntt-k by 10 B B4 or 13 KtxKt, 13 BxKt; 14 Kt Q S. with a good game. let White's attack has been sptenttMiy cai-He.1 out The text move was cleat ly better than 14 R-R q. 14 QxKch; 15 xQ, 15 KtxBrh. (h) Much superior was 17 B-K4, fob lowd b P U 5 and '. Kt 5 ch. (b 17. ...Pxh : 19 RxB. 13 R B Q ; win of no use on account of the rejoinder 19 Q R 3. mil If 1U....RXKI: 'JO-gxQ. ( l:el. If SS2....C.R-K i; 33-KR -Kl, 2.1-B-KJ: 24-P B k, 24 PxPj 2V-UXH, etc. h, An ncc'.Ver.l moee. aid one that la giOFt ni!Tcilt to encounter. (li Marx fails to master the situation. S4....P QR4 would have given him a good defense, and UH better ii probably 24.... OR-U.n: 2-H Kt3. 2WB-B4-, ami if 2-: B H3. -Jil H QJ: Klack hnd then a good wlunin chaurc on account of his strong pjs&ed KRP. mi A dira-troes blunder, ft K 3 was undr.ubollv hU oniy iMirc. If -J? C- -K 3 : -27 U Kt eh, 27 B Kt 3 : 2? R Q J S C B 5 2" R B a, with a vtnnlng nme. Likewise It 27....QxP; .!J U- Kl 3 ch win In a few aioves. Chess Callings. The annual mnnting of the Indiana Association will bo held at KoBomo, March 11. The Con pi ot tho Britts't Chess As-sor'itbm will be held at tlie rooms of tlio IlrlUnh Che, Club, Leadon. Uatch 7 to 81. Thue will be a national mustcm- tournament aud a:t amateur champiouahif tournament. laaaraace Aseots at War. A peace warrant wss taken out yesterday morning by Jerry King, a solicitor for the Sun Life Insurance Company, azslnst E . Li. Xladlox, tt the iTidcntiiU Lifij lii(-uianoe Company. King called at the Central station yesterday moraine; after be had taken out the warrant, lie wanted a policeman to serve it at once. Maddox was recently dischnrged from tlio Sun Comtany. Ho believed Kirg Lad been tli" tauso of his tronble ami he is stil to have made ttueata against King. Mrs. E. M. LewU, Oxanna, Ala., writes: For over twenty years I have sugered with Leadarhea without relief from tue many remedies and physicians tried during that period. Brady crotlne produce, tlte most mti-,'aetory results. It Is almost as luUsu-lo to JBjr OouXott as Bl too'

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 06 Mar 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 7

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