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Washing- I i lian- a fol- a a r.Vv- it be s-o s-o ty intt-raated on ei tlie average itcher when he goes up to try ana tut toe nan. is is moss in-varhiblv in-varhiblv in-varhiblv a trial, and an .usucotsful one at that. It fortune does favor him with a base hit it is tea to one that be is so winded in getting to first or second naae on it that when he goes into the box it is a matter of very little dilU- dilU- culty to pound him all over creation. . Pitcher BurrilL the 6. LouU experi ment, is wintering in Joliet, JJL , s s It la a peculiar fact that Georgft should be the Christian name of no leas thaa five of the ban Jose players. - Only four of last year's Princeton nine are in college Young, King, .Wright aa.1 itamsaeU. . Anson has turned out so many good players Chat his recommendation bow seems sufficient to secure -a -a position for any young, man. Sanders, It is said, may play again la t J, and if so, the Athletics will have the first call for his aervicea. But the latter wiU hardly take bandera again at lus own valuation or nimseii. Under the oneJeague scheme Sunday games In the Western dtiea will prove very popular ana proatatiie. . George Miller, the popular Pittsburgh catcher, has now turned his attention u sprinting. , - s Dan Clare, the popular Brooklyn pitcher, who did good work for Dea Moines In 1880. but laid off this year to give his arm a rest, will icsnme pro-frswon&l pro-frswon&l pro-frswon&l work next season. This sea- sea- ton he played in the amateur league in the same organization with Van Zandt, whom Kew 1 ork nas signea ' Communications and exchanges tor this department saouia be aaareaaoa te tba ebeM editor. The UhiUvUIs Chest Club meets at rooms 61S and Ala Com meres Building, Fourth and Main. Booms open at all hours. Ail cbess players welcomed. Problem Na. &. ' Flrt prlis two-mover two-mover two-mover In the tourney of the Susstx Ikes Auocinuoa. Black (lO) - - 23 Ey AfcJ tftJ---C3 tftJ---C3 tftJ---C3 tftJ---C3 tftJ---C3 'i . r" Whits (IS) White to play aad mats la two moves. " !; ; ";'.. Relations. . PHOBLEM KO. S4V 1-B 1-B 1-B B 4 1-PxP 1-PxP 1-PxP (a) ' ft B Kt 5 . S Anything.' : t 3 P mates ' - ' (a) It X any other 1 2 PxP aites. Solved DT i. V. UroKS, A. 1. C W. rl. Klienon. Ixnusvills; Craig Ttilgle, Georgetown; 1. F. Tiller, BeUevue, Pa. ; A. It. H., 6s, aUt- aUt- ttiewa, m.: cues unn, aroinuurg , u. O. U, EllitaWaiowB, sly. I ' The Ja44-Kaewalter Ja44-Kaewalter Ja44-Kaewalter Match. The score now stands 1 r Sbowaltar, 4; Judd, 8; drawn, 3. atr. fiho waiter won the etghta, ntnth aad tenth games la asag. nil! cent style. - The seventh - game wai draws FUth gams played December is and 14. 1891. - ruKERToaraoPEawxo. ' ' White (Mr. J odd) Basek (Mr. Sbowaltar 1 at a. am 1 p q 4 B-P-Q4 B-P-Q4 B-P-Q4 B-P-Q4 B-P-Q4 8 Kt 2 B 9 8 P K 3 8 P K 8 4F-a 4F-a 4F-a sV-a-K sV-a-K sV-a-K sV-a-K sV-a-K a 6 Kt U 3 6 B-K B-K B-K 7 l'jl!c S-PQ S-PQ S-PQ Kt S - 8 B Kt 3 . CjuUes f 6 P Q Kt 3 t 7 Q Kt Q 8 8 B Kt 8 0- 0- P--Q P--Q P--Q P--Q It 3 i 10 it Q B sq 1 11 H-Q H-Q H-Q a i 12 PXP j lit-P-ll lit-P-ll lit-P-ll lit-P-ll lit-P-ll 4 14 Q-B Q-B Q-B 3 ! 15 K B K sq l ii o- o- a i 17 PxP i 18 B Kt tq 1 -JB-Q-R -JB-Q-R -JB-Q-R -JB-Q-R -JB-Q-R -JB-Q-R ft 8 B B ft ! 81 KtxKS J Vd P B 4 ! 8.1 Kt-B Kt-B Kt-B 3 j 94-Q-Q 94-Q-Q 94-Q-Q 94-Q-Q 94-Q-Q 3 j ' Si B H 3 J SO Kt-R Kt-R Kt-R 4 ! e7 a K Ht 84 B B 3 8 R-Kt R-Kt R-Kt sq : JK Ii B ft i 01- 01- Q-Kt Q-Kt Q-Kt 3 ? 32 0 K 3 i 83 P B 8 84- 84- P-Q P-Q P-Q Kt 4 3.V-R 3.V-R 3.V-R Kt)-Q Kt)-Q Kt)-Q $ . Rfl Q H 3 87 B Q 4 i 3S-Rxll 3S-Rxll 3S-Rxll - i lO B J Bl( Hi:4 a 12-Q-K 12-Q-K 12-Q-K 12-Q-K 12-Q-K ' . 14 K IT Q sq lam.- lam.- a I. a Ki Kt C 2 17 q Kt K 4 18 VxP It) K tt JC sq 20- 20- p-K p-K p-K a 21-K-ii 21-K-ii 21-K-ii 21-K-ii 21-K-ii a 32-KUKt 32-KUKt 32-KUKt :i-Kt :i-Kt :i-Kt u a S4 p-p p-p p-p a SV-R-Kt SV-R-Kt SV-R-Kt SV-R-Kt SV-R-Kt I 2ti Kt B sq CT-Q-K CT-Q-K CT-Q-K CT-Q-K CT-Q-K B 3 39 B B rq 80 K Kt a. itO R D 2 Sl-B Sl-B Sl-B Kt S 8-3 8-3 8-3 P B ' aa i-ki i-ki i-ki s 34-Q 34-Q 34-Q R-K R-K R-K a p 11 0 n B Kt sq 37 B H 3 38 BxB -3 -3 Q B S ' 40 RP , 41-QrR 41-QrR 41-QrR 4-2 4-2 4-2 Kt-tt Kt-tt Kt-tt t 4J-KxU 4J-KxU 4J-KxU St-ixQ St-ixQ St-ixQ 45-Kt-B 45-Kt-B 45-Kt-B 45-Kt-B 45-Kt-B S 4A K B 9 47 P-K P-K P-K B 4 43-K-K 43-K-K 43-K-K 43-K-K 43-K-K 3 , 4 K Q 8 60-B 60-B 60-B Kt 1 51 H B 3 , 62 Kt K 63 B PxH D4 PxP 65 B Kt t 60 B B S 67-PxP 67-PxP 67-PxP &S-B &S-B &S-B Kt S Cft B R M sa-P sa-P sa-P KtS 40-BxR 40-BxR 40-BxR I 41-Kt-Kt 41-Kt-Kt 41-Kt-Kt 41-Kt-Kt 41-Kt-Kt S ' 4-K-B 4-K-B 4-K-B 4-K-B 4-K-B sq ! 43 QlB . 4 KlX'i . 46- 46- K-K K-K K-K 3 0 K Q 3 i 47 K 11 3 4 K-y K-y K-y 4 4tt B Q q ftO B B a j 51 P R 3 ! 62 ItxKt 5 SiS-P-Kt SiS-P-Kt SiS-P-Kt SiS-P-Kt SiS-P-Kt 4 j 54 PxP 6i P H 4 1 sv-r-a sv-r-a sv-r-a sv-r-a sv-r-a Kt f a-p-Kt4 a-p-Kt4 a-p-Kt4 a-p-Kt4 a-p-Kt4 ! til 1' B ft j COKUP teMJ t-f-Kt t-f-Kt t-f-Kt t-f-Kt t-f-Kt a . i e-j- e-j- e-j- e-j- p Kt 7 ; 03-r-Kta 03-r-Kta 03-r-Kta 03-r-Kta 03-r-Kta s (14 k-K k-K k-K ft ft-K-Q4 ft-K-Q4 ft-K-Q4 ft-K-Q4 ft-K-Q4 I eo psp ei k-k k-k k-k a cj k 11 a 63 K B 04 K-K K-K K-K t sq eft a u s Drawn. -Kinth -Kinth gBe. Played December 2. 1981. BUY LOPEZ. t White (Mr. Jndd) Black (Vr. BhewaBer) 1 p k a 8 Kt-K3 Kt-K3 Kt-K3 8 3- 3- B Kt 4 t-sstle. t-sstle. t-sstle. 3 P Q4 MJ-Ki MJ-Ki MJ-Ki 7 BxKt a pxp O Kt O 4 1-P 1-P 1-P K4 v ,, 8Kt-QB8 8Kt-QB8 8Kt-QB8 j 3-Ki-ua 3-Ki-ua 3-Ki-ua 3-Ki-ua 3-Ki-ua -; -; rKtlP .1 3 H K 3 ' Kt Q 3 i 7-KtPaB 7-KtPaB 7-KtPaB i - Ki-Kta Ki-Kta Ki-Kta j 8 Castles. 1 lO Kt B 4 ; .. lUKt QB 8 11 K Km. 11-Kt-Ka 11-Kt-Ka 11-Kt-Ka 11-Kt-Ka 11-Kt-Ka J2-BxPKt J2-BxPKt J2-BxPKt 13 Qr-K Qr-K Qr-K aq. 14- 14- 1-y 1-y 1-y 4 14 P QB 4 i 12 KtxKtla) 13-0-U4(bl 13-0-U4(bl 13-0-U4(bl 13-0-U4(bl 13-0-U4(bl 14 I'.-KS I'.-KS I'.-KS i ia-kKt4 ia-kKt4 ia-kKt4 1A-Kt-qq.' 1A-Kt-qq.' 1A-Kt-qq.' 1A-Kt-qq.' 1A-Kt-qq.' 11 P KB 4 . IS B M 4 () IB It K a in k it 17-P-Q 17-P-Q 17-P-Q 17-P-Q 17-P-Q S i It B KtS i 0 j U) , 8O-QB-KB 8O-QB-KB 8O-QB-KB 8O-QB-KB 8O-QB-KB ' St-l'-B St-l'-B St-l'-B St-l'-B St-l'-B i C2-B-B4(): C2-B-B4(): C2-B-B4(): C2-B-B4(): C2-B-B4(): 83- 83- P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 84- 84- PXP I 3-RxBP 3-RxBP 3-RxBP (0 f 8V UxB 87-BxKt, 87-BxKt, 87-BxKt, VO l: K q. (d) 82 Kt-Il Kt-Il Kt-Il 8 S'l-R-Qsq. S'l-R-Qsq. S'l-R-Qsq. S'l-R-Qsq. S'l-R-Qsq. 84 Pxl 85 KK Ksq. 20 BxB 87 Q-Kt3 Q-Kt3 Q-Kt3 A a t f imm otiss x iau uuHAJiw (a) We think Kt B 3 preferable. ' b lime lout. B K 3 was better here. c T break up black's routes pawns ) in oroer so simra we a m m . (el Tbls to the winning aos. --. --. --. (1) Tao 3nlalnt stroas. I . i . .. Caisss Catllsgs. ! . nere la ons a la Dr. Keeney : Why la a heaieeiied kmbana use a ciiwa, pwyer 1 Becaitsa bs St unbapplly mated. A dlnpatch trom iisvana state, that the BSelnini-lBOBiKorin BSelnini-lBOBiKorin BSelnini-lBOBiKorin dimcd wiu wmnwiw January 1, ad arrangements .having :been sompieiea. "- "- - ' . Mr a a. anmrnr. a rlalna f eunc alaver of UK Kt. Louis Club, Is giving a good annnunt, ml klmcelf In his Bltteb Scainst Dr. Sick. - The score stands twe each, with the aith- aith- tamo la progress. ' Si. Louis will ssako an attempt to set the U. a. C A. aieeung nest year, aiummika lha trntrnhfrv would UttdOubtMilr he rtKht royally entetialiied IS would seem better for the good ot Uia aaaoeiaUon thaS it meet at a mw place every year, ana a etiy laruer aass ae seiecteo. wXew ehem ehtbt have been organ txed t uuiwaiM. Ulnn Butte. Mont.. Lincoln. Neb., and one ta aoon to be organised at Farm. N. Dl Interest In cbess ta certainly tnereaalng at an unpreeedenied rate, and the King 01 gnraes wiu sooa aao um eaBrv place ia tao worm. , - r .. ... . - V WANTED ONLY THE CASH. Jlala-Kirest Jlala-Kirest Jlala-Kirest Storea Eatersd By Bar . glars, Bat Goods Left Uatoeched. The detectives yesterday morning la ves tigs led tho robbetiev that were sup posed to have been committed la , tho business beasts on the north side of Mala street, betweea Firth and Sixth. It was found that the burglars bad entered entered a half dosea of the stores. The stock was disarranged, but it was evident evident that they were after money, aa the cash drawers had ail been priced open. It is iuprojed that aome small articles which, could not easily be missed , were taken. r ', . " ' -':. -':. v - - : ' v .': :" : -.. - 1 - . A -. '

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 27 Dec 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 9

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