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 - flat- as of of it for before I get through with...
flat- as of of it for before I get through with my tale or two cities, Cney will nay all n well. This great Institution now et-mding et-mding et-mding on Con to and Huyal street, inclosed with its iron railing, overshadowed by the orange aud magnolia, having the entire entire confidence of tlie South, wit crowded crowded aviUi in own mean and deposits of punish and Mexican gold ana Dans ncte trom vuilou juaru-rs. juaru-rs. juaru-rs. Ueiua one of a eommittco of five to count the cash. which was packed away .mostly in boxe and kes, 1 found it amounted to tSiree millions and over. A year afterward afterward my lunctiona ceased as a director and others riled uiy place. lime pas -d -d along, wben ine saa ana solemn aitrtp of war was heard ia tlie Mrtttw iranrp. tump, "UTinip i, was heard as 'he men moved along the streets to the txrtuliful time of Dixie, wh ch would make one fight the devd himself. Vndsthen "llw I'Mty Girl I Left Bo- Bo- tund Ale. I lie prenarati-m prenarati-m prenarati-m lor war oa 'itosworiii ncMt, aniier mug wwra, vit notliing to Ut preparation fof war h'eQ. Ihere was no aiuell of new- new- mown hay, but the villainous ccmpound of saltpeter. 1 lie cunip fires wero lm;lited oo all tne public putonv. ana toe rusn oi irepRraiiou tor deadly it-rife it-rife it-rife rwa gTcct'ily increasi-a increasi-a increasi-a on uotu aiue oy te success at Bull Kun and the firing upon Fott SunWcr. Ah. how manv liearts have lioen cruaiied by this saerince cf a million of bravo men on both shies, inis cruet war goe on, Faraquet opens tlie Mia-rissippi Mia-rissippi Mia-rissippi through fire and tlnm ot burn, ina ralte and boats and batteries on each slicre, unre.toateu in tne History ot war. lvlore bis Deet arrive!, my oh friend Hen. Twlgirs was in Confederate eo.uu a- a- d cf tlie c t?, He had informa-tiou informa-tiou informa-tiou ttliroiuU the grapevine line) that tlie Admiral had pauitd the forts. He at once, with his foreia, left the dty by ia 1 throtgh LouKiai-a, LouKiai-a, LouKiai-a, Miasissipi, and uuhapiily tooK all this treasure or the I ank with h in, uik1t the deiuaion that tho FederaW would rob every t ody, es- es- leciuUv the banking ccrporanons. It waa a fatal mistake In every letpoct, aa most of the Southerners, having conu- conu- deuce la Una man, klt tueir tlepoaits there, and unhappily in it, travels Uiroug'i tne country most Of It leaxca out. snd aa tlwvo was no cnoito stop the leaks, it grew smaller bv degree until hnnily theie was little or none left. and to draw it muuiy it Iideu away where tlae wood bine twineto. Abut how the nihility have fallen This groat banU. coequal with tho United Mates liank of lluladcjptua. which Old Hickory" crushed out. is now a saloon, where Uie female jerkers of bci-r bci-r bci-r sing and dance lor a niiKel. " To what base uses we come at last." It is npt my intention to enter into any controversy about our late diffi culties, but have been unwittingly drawn into this nurration of fails, in ticking of the Bank of Louisiana. I iutend, aa iar aa i can, to eonuiw nyseu to wiinss which have come under my observation, and wlirre I. by diau-je, diau-je, diau-je, oeitep the bounds ot piopriety, I a in willing to make the r roper ainendo. as I write with kindly foiling to all, and without malice to any one. It is well to say that the J -ank -ank directors were sued for the loss ef ttiia grcut fund, but nothing wss re covered nothing. CCIHBEBr BULLITT, 'Oommunlcxtloni and excaanges for thl department should ba addressed ' to th chess editor. Ta Loolsvtne Obeat CluB sMeta at rooms CIS and 614 Com meres balldlng. rourth and Mtdn. Coomi open at ail hours. AU ehaas players welcomed. Trebles Ra S3. Composed tor ths Courlecslounial by P. u. aweeacy, scwpnrt, ny. Slack (81. White (11). i White to play and mat la two atovea, S4tis. '; i '. . ; ntOBLKX wa 30k '"".-'- '"".-'- '"".-'- 1-R 1-R 1-R QR4 ' . Solved by starevs Kohn, W. H. rilortaa, LoulsvllU; J. V. Tilley, BsUevue, Xw; Al- Al- trod Edler, Chicago, III. I C- C- F. Helm, Utx-lnpton Utx-lnpton Utx-lnpton : J. C. U., ftt Louis ; It. C. U, KJ.ia-botlilown; KJ.ia-botlilown; KJ.ia-botlilown; (Uie Club, ilaidiusburg. lad,; A- A- H. 1U Kt. lUtthews, Ky. The State Jtsetlag. The third annual meeting of the Ken- Ken- tULky Chest Association began on Nov. 6 In the room of the Lexington Chess Club. The business meeilng was be Id that night Pieaidcnt Locveriliart was la the ehatr. Uw lug to sickness In his hunily. tho 6eeretary, rrol O. b. Thel; was absent, and L. U. f'iulJa was appointed secretary pro tcm. V. II. Lyons, of Newport, was elected Pieoideiit tor the ensuing year; Cap. B. F. William., ot Lexington, VI- VI- rtesiacnt. nd Prof. O. B. Theirs of Louisville, wa iiorled Keeivlary and Tn-isurer. Tn-isurer. Tn-isurer. The r.xrcuu . o Lumstiuee coomau oi the ties ileut. Vice rresklent, tiorrctary aad 11. W. Mclicry, of Frankfort, and W. II. Uroskmaa. of Sit. tttcrUii. The HelecUon of the next nlaco ot BiceUng waa leit to Uie Executive Coipmhhe. A Uttunaiueot was begun, with eight entries, but was not Bulshed on ae-count ae-count ae-count ot Uck of tisoe. itrlow m m be found the results of the games played: Won Lost. C a a a o a s l J. L. lA?n. Ilneton a VT. O. :llock, Lexlneton O H. Loeveehart, Lexlnirioa... L. n. Ki-Ws, Ki-Ws, Ki-Ws, Lexington .3 ..3 ..2 "l ..1 ..1 It. F. William. Lexluzton... W. II. Lroim, KejrpiHt ' It. W. McIJerj, rTauklort..... J. W. linllard, WinclMwtcr... The Champion's Visit. Mr. Shtrwalter left for his hole In George town list Sunday. During his stay he played elality games, winning sixty-seven, sixty-seven, sixty-seven, losing eleven and drawing two. On Friday bight he chose the black men and plaed tte Hvncu against aa out one. Who piayes 1 r J4. lie lust only one gaiuo. Much Interest waa taken In tae exhibitions, the rooms being full every nlahU tie low will ha found two orettv ramea which were among th few won from him. FRENCH PEFEN8E. White (O. B. TbeUs). Ilhu-k Ilhu-k Ilhu-k (ShowaBerV 1-P-K4 1-P-K4 1-P-K4 1-P-K4 1-P-K4 1-1'- 1-1'- 1-1'- 1-1'- K S S P Q 4 8-IMJ4 8-IMJ4 8-IMJ4 a kv-vid kv-vid kv-vid s a rxf a b m k 4 i'Tt 6 Kt K B 3 6 Castles. 7- 7- K Ksq P Q It 3 U 11 K Kt 10 BxKt 11- 11- Q-KS Q-KS Q-KS 13 U Q a 13 Kt-y Kt-y Kt-y a 14-y-ka 14-y-ka 14-y-ka 14-y-ka 14-y-ka 1-ltxKt 1-ltxKt 1-ltxKt 16 Kt-B Kt-B Kt-B I. Kt-KB Kt-KB Kt-KB 3 6 b-Kkt& b-Kkt& b-Kkt& 7 B-K3 B-K3 B-K3 a (buttles. 0 B O 3 10-Kt-Ka 10-Kt-Ka 10-Kt-Ka 10-Kt-Ka 10-Kt-Ka 11-PxB 11-PxB 11-PxB la-p-B la-p-B la-p-B la-p-B la-p-B a 13 -K -K Kiq 14 B klaq ia ki Li 16 BxB 17 B-K3 B-K3 B-K3 17 Ki C 3 IB Q -Q -Q S 18 R K -R -R K3 191111 1 H-lt H-lt H-lt 8 SO Kt B 81 RxB 24-K-K 24-K-K 24-K-K 24-K-K 24-K-K 5 aj k it s4 04 QxB Bastgns. so ii Kt a 81-BxkI 81-BxkI 81-BxkI M S2 BxKt, RP (ckD 8 R Kl S 85 Q Kl ETAKS OAK BIT. 'white (Mr. Shewaltsr) Black (8. TiabasJ l-I l-I l-I K 4 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 4 2 Kt KB 3 2 Kt QB 9 3 B II 4 4 BxP 6 B-B4 B-B4 B-B4 C 1' Q 3 7- 7- 11 Q J 5 Q H 3 a J Kt3 10 Kt-J Kt-J Kt-J sq.' 11 Kt KB 3 12 P OB 3 13 B-B B-B B-B 3 14 Castlra. 14- 14- P-KR P-KR P-KR 3 1 QxB 17 1' QKt 4 15 Px kll-10 kll-10 kll-10 BKt 3 CO P R 3 $1 Kt Ktfi 2d Kt B 4 ca-KR-QKtra, ca-KR-QKtra, ca-KR-QKtra, ca-KR-QKtra, ca-KR-QKtra, 4 p-Kta p-Kta p-Kta Si Ktxkt S.Hi ! jK 4 37 Q-O Q-O Q-O sq. 8 Q K ML, a-p-Kt a-p-Kt a-p-Kt a-p-Kt a-p-Kt 3 30 QXB Tl B QB so. 3 'J t H S a ja on n. 34 H Q 5 So B B.a moves Whit resigned; 3 II B 4 -P-OKt4 -P-OKt4 -P-OKt4 -P-OKt4 6 P B 3 ft-4stlea. ft-4stlea. ft-4stlea. 7 P Q 4 e j Kta a It KKt3 10 p g s 11 QKt QI 15 H U 3 13 Kt-n Kt-n Kt-n 4 14 P-Qlt P-Qlt P-Qlt 4 13-KR 13-KR 13-KR Ksq. 16 BxKt 17 E K 3 is PxKtP lO-Kt-Qa lO-Kt-Qa lO-Kt-Qa lO-Kt-Qa lO-Kt-Qa ISO B-Kg B-Kg B-Kg 8i iin 4 F3-Q F3-Q F3-Q Kt. so ii b a 84 Q B q. SIS Kt Kt3 2V ltKt c-.-c-H c-.-c-H c-.-c-H c-.-c-H c-.-c-H c-.-c-H c-.-c-H a H It 4 to Kt-U Kt-U Kt-U 4 CO BxB HI Q KtS ' 83 H 4JH sq. S3 P KKt3 34-RlK 34-RlK 34-RlK lir-B lir-B lir-B C5 Q B a And ancr a Chess Calliac. TS Jtnns Intaraatlnaal. lct S band. aaya thit ait -arranitomenla -arranitomenla tor tha SelnUa-Tvchlgorla SelnUa-Tvchlgorla SelnUa-Tvchlgorla awtch are mane, and play will begin no later than January 1. A eaets chib ass been .organBea at nn niuff. Ark,, and a Young Men's Club ts ta pragma a? argaabcattoa la Mew York. ate. TVehlcnriB 4s expected wo amv ia Xew York to-dy to-dy to-dy oa La Cnaanpagn. , Dorlng bU stay a wm wrooaniy givs a oiinwras xhiUUoa at ta Bianaatiaa una vihb. The sastoh tor the ehaaplonahlp ot the local dub bas resulted In a wla tor at. Traboe. Sco--Traboo, Sco--Traboo, Sco--Traboo, Sco--Traboo, T; Tbelsa, g; drawn. W. & Hague wlO. challenes ta wiaaor. dtsTatsrk seat out veaterdar SU Louts aald that all airaageawat for th triangular' mstel bad bee maoe. aa that Jood. 8howalter and Upacaiiui will arv rtr tner Dceembet o, ana oeytn may T. Tfcere cr anv aumbcr ot laaton, and tna THnoifala o ao i to know what 1 Uaatstae Prohibit la Cawatl, St. Louis Kov. 28. D. Ward Kins. Chairman of the Prohibition Stabs Oa- Oa- trat Coruinlttee, ha formed a local IYo hlbltion club, and baa seeured a pledire of SS.OOO a a fund t entertaia th rrohlbitiou a om ins tin? conveo- conveo- tiou of 16K2, should 1 Br!et ia tt. Lotus. Mi. John T. field wa appointed to attend attend the National Committee meeting, in Chicago, Deenber 11. and urge th okiuna or St. Liottt rnr tne convention u ecninnetlon with WUliam C Wilson. the - Misaonri xnembor of the Xathxud : Cooamitteet ,

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 29 Nov 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 13

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