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 - ; : roa-totii Fit-day, AlJ ConiuiuinciUuns and...
; : roa-totii Fit-day, AlJ ConiuiuinciUuns and exchjiuges lor tlili -epai -epai tnicnt bliould be addxeued to Ui diesa iiuir. The Louisville 'he-- 'he-- 'he-- Club meets at rooms t'.i;) and U14 xim:iirce LuildliiK, i'ourth and .MiUn. Itoom open at oil hours. All cbe players welcomed. Correspondence. P. U. K. , Newport. Many thanks for the rroblcm. Your wishes shall be respected. Pro b era N'o. HI. Composed for the Courier-Journal Courier-Journal Courier-Journal by A. H. Bobbins, bt. Louis. Black (A). t-Si' t-Si' t-Si' ' I I i? ' A x!'". ' Ti . rr-.,-, rr-.,-, rr-.,-, rr-.,-, rr-.,-, , is ,1 wm wi m- m- Oik M d White (. White to play and mate In two tuove. Kolalloas. PROBLEaf NO. 48. 1 Q K B 5 1 QxQ a P Q 7 2 Any move 'A V l 8 (Kt), or Ikt twi. mate. fSolved by Chess Club, liardinburg, Ind; B. C. Ui ElUabothtown ; W. H. loiertou, city. Mr. Showaaer's Visiu Mr. Showalter arrired In the city Tuesday nlgiit, and WeUtvuay al ten noon began his, siuiuiianeous pei-lonnance-i. pei-lonnance-i. pei-lonnance-i. pei-lonnance-i. pei-lonnance-i. liay brKn al & o'clock, eleven play era being iaul aainat tho cliauiplon. At o o'clock Jir. siiowaiier luid won eight games, and loi one to Mr. W. I), liceu, and two were adjourned. Uuc of these, Mr. UoneTis, Mr. Showaller resigned wiiea be c.-ne c.-ne c.-ne back. Alter sup;r cloven playeis tried tlieir akill against tlie .single, cue of these being an adjourned Kauie. llay contiuued until 1 a. ru. Mr. .-ho .-ho .-ho alter lost two, to Mr. Trabuu aud Mr. K oh 11, and won eleven, two p.aycr-. p.aycr-. p.aycr-. tu lont their games early In th-. th-. th-. aciijn be-finntiig be-finntiig be-finntiig new ones. TuurMlay aileruoou there was mine simultaneous play, Out oi fonr-teern fonr-teern fonr-teern Mr. Khoa alter lKt omy on-, on-, on-, to 31 iru KnLu. Thursday niglit a blindfold cc-auco cc-auco cc-auco was held, Mr. Sliowalter plaj mg ifiiini MesHrs. Heed ana Hopper, wiuning both games in good htyle iu a,i hour. l'ridy aflernoon ill. ShowalUvr placed U-n U-n U-n gauicn, losing two, to Mr. Couui and Mr. Caldwell, Caldwell, and at the time of this wilting two were unfinished. The following was a pretty frame, begun by Mr. liruadus and tirisiicd by Mr. Trail ue : fc'AS GAM HIT. White (Mr. Showaltcr). Jtlack (Mr. Uroadus). 1 P K 4 2 Kt K B 3 a 11 B 4 4 PQ Kt 4 6 P li 3 i Cat, ties 7 PQ 4 8 PxP ttHxP 10 Lffct 3 1 1 ii B 3 12 K BxKI 13 J K 3 14 Kt B 3 16 QxB lft K li K sq 17 H K 5 18 Q II K so, 1 PxKt liO Q H & 21 11XB (ch) 2 BxP (ch) 23 Q B 5 (Ch) 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 1-P-K 4 2 Kt y B 3 a H li 4 4-BxH 4-BxH 4-BxH 6 lU 4 t Kt U 3 7 I'll' 8 I'-HJ I'-HJ I'-HJ 4 Ktxi 10 Q Kt K S 11 V-Q V-Q V-Q B 3 12 Qxb lo li hi 3 14 IllKt 16 K Q sd 1V Kt II 4 17 KUP 18 ktiKt (ch) lO Vr-Q Vr-Q Vr-Q 5 i h q a 21 Pall ii K B 2 23 K Kt sq A game showing bow Mr. Beed's favorite, favorite, the French, got titers ia great shape. FBKNCH DEFKMsK. White (Showalter). 1 P-K P-K P-K 4 2 PQ 4 a Kt Q B 3 4 B K Kt 6 6 BxKt 6 P K 5 7 Q Kt 4 8 Kt B 3 O Q K 3 lO P K Kt 4 U-CasUes U-CasUes U-CasUes IS-PxP IS-PxP IS-PxP 13 Kt-K Kt-K Kt-K 4 14 K Kt WJ 15 Kt Q tt (ch) 16 PxB 17 Kt K 5 18 QQ B S 1 B Kt 3 SO Kt B 3 31-Kt-Q 31-Kt-Q 31-Kt-Q 31-Kt-Q 31-Kt-Q 4 ifii K Q K sq ta-Ktr-K-t ta-Ktr-K-t ta-Ktr-K-t ta-Ktr-K-t ta-Ktr-K-t ta-Ktr-K-t ta-Ktr-K-t 5 Black (W. D. Bced). 1 ! K 3 a pq 4 3 Kt K B 3 4- 4- It K 2 f BxB i B K a 7 P K Kt 3 8 P K K 4 P K Kt 4 lt P B 5 11 P-Q P-Q P-Q B 4 12 BxP 13 B K 0 14 M Q a 1& BxKt 16- 16- B U 3 17 QxP J ft R B so 15 KS-Q KS-Q KS-Q 3 SO P K a 3 1 Casta.- Casta.- 2-2-PK 2-2-PK 2-2-PK 2-2-PK 2-2-PK 4 il3-Q-B il3-Q-B il3-Q-B il3-Q-B il3-Q-B 4 "C.-W'A "C.-W'A "C.-W'A AY 1. 1 ,. x n if" tl;J;,if 1 1 lit I 1 ' 1,1 i We will boom iiare A .New Soureuir Npoou : With 11 cart-Nil cart-Nil cart-Nil ape liowl And How Knot Handle. Wait And See It, GEO. Fourth Sand for SS0Q.00 Hi SOLD IF YOU GUESS THIS REBUS. Wblea Is Us aaaia of a practice eaaalss nora aauwrr, rain and dayir than aaTlbus alas In theworldTSIaA.TiaiTI WewiilfiTatha : SrataersoBMBdlnf aa a cornet anssaron or 1 balors Ic Slat. latf. hi la to saodaj Vi I vnv Vui a . - " Stfti and in tliasanderaof tba neat laoorraci pianaaera M aaca. Tba aendar nf lb iaat eur- eur- nret aaswar will raeaiT aiw ia uwai cast to tbe last S-t-O) S-t-O) S-t-O) S-t-O) S-t-O) tha next. Saiiaad 9 n.ii t l.hnnui tbara ne ao muri n 4 Xddraaa llOUB'S MaUtlClAaTCOw, Car, tba eaea. a-rlpe. a-rlpe. i.anariu .Lie .ciTo , Liatfiimat 24 QxQ -:.- -:.- -:.- -knP -knP (ch) J KtxIJ 27 B-K B-K B-K 3 -K--CJ -K--CJ -K--CJ -K--CJ -K--CJ 1! 3 JU 1 K II 3 ao p u a ;u it Q Kt 3 :ci b b bq 33 K Kt 7 :V4-I-Q :V4-I-Q :V4-I-Q :V4-I-Q :V4-I-Q B 4 X5 U Q 3 :rt- :rt- H Q It 7 37 B K a :i 1-Q 1-Q 1-Q Kt 4 30 B Kt a And 24 KtxQ 2 j- j- K 11 2 2i- 2i- 1'xKt 27 IA Q It q 2B K Q 3 2 U K 5 :io Kt- Kt- K 3 at Kt li 5 W-Xt-K W-Xt-K W-Xt-K W-Xt-K W-Xt-K 3 33- 33- B-K B-K B-K II 5 34- 34- P-Q P-Q P-Q 5 3i Kt B 4 BJ Kt K j 37 Kill' lie Kt Q S 3 K-B K-B K-B 7 Black won. 1-1' 1-1' 1-1' 4-p- 4-p- 4-p- 4-p- -! -! The Local Match. Tho niatrh for tho rhamploashlp of the club now i-Lands. i-Lands. i-Lands. Trahue. S : Thchw. 2 ; dnawn. 1. Tbe following Is tho seventh gamo of the match : BUY IjOPKZ. While Oir. Tutlas). BlarkjMr. Trabuc). 1 I K 4 2-Kt-K 2-Kt-K 2-Kt-K 2-Kt-K 2-Kt-K B 3 : ii Kt 5 4 1-Q 1-Q 1-Q 3 6 V K It 3 " Kt Q B 3 7 P-K P-K P-K Kt 4 8 IixKt 0 It Kt 5 Hi It Q 3 1 1 Kt K 2 12 Q Kt Kt 3 13 Q-K Q-K Q-K 2 14 Kt R 6 1& Kixli 16 KtiK P 17 Ktxli 18 11-11 11-11 11-11 3 18 s-tle s-tle s-tle (Q E) 'tt i" h. a 11 Kt 4 IixKt q k b a K Kt q P K R 3 O-QS O-QS O-QS 271'- 271'- Q B Beslgn. -K -K 4 -Kt-Ci -Kt-Ci -Kt-Ci -Kt-Ci B 3 -Kt -Kt B 3 -Q -Q 3 -K -K Kt 3 t 11 Kt 2 7- 7- B- B- a --i --i --i 8 IlxB ft 1" K B 3 10 p K Kt 4 11 Kt Kt Ml 1 I' U 1 141 Kt li-l'.xKt li-l'.xKt li-l'.xKt K 2 K Kt sq 1 1 0 3 QKt ji.H- ji.H- Kt 3 111 -.tls -.tls P 21- 21- 24-1 24-1 24-1 21 21 -U- -U- -U- -k -k -a -a 22 BH It! O 11 5 24- 24- B-B B-B B-B 3 25 K R-K R-K R-K 3 2K U-Q U-Q U-Q Kt 3. 27-QxB 27-QxB 27-QxB P Notes. llr. fihowalter say that all the arrangement arrangement for tho Judd-Uphutxhowaitor Judd-Uphutxhowaitor Judd-Uphutxhowaitor match at Lotils are eonipteted. nd Play wUl lrin Ueeember 1. There wlU be thro wparato matches, for the aw Ksuhm i out of sevena drawa not oountinc. AU will so on at once, each player playing four Rames per week. The match U for a purse of 00 a side. The Mate meeting be pins next Thursday. Thursday. Tho proapecta ars fur a pood attendance, attendance, a number of pUyern harinx stsaiOed their intmtJon of attardlng. At before statvl tbere will be a tournament for the championship of the State, with Mr. Know-alter Know-alter Know-alter out. The nwetiuf will ) held at the rooms of the U-xtiiKton U-xtiiKton U-xtiiKton Turf flub. Straio plavrs may find tlie Irxinrton rhe Club In Room 12. Northern building. Every oue who can should alterj. Editor 'is to Mlddleahorosjh. The- The- members of tlie Virginia ! A"Kiation. wh. were ia tl city FViday, afti fpcndinK Friday niglit and a Dor-tioa Dor-tioa Dor-tioa of ynalrrday in Cincinnati, arrived in tl eity airain laft evening, ai.d Wt nt 8:45 o'elo-lc o'elo-lc o'elo-lc for MnldiWooh-ney MnldiWooh-ney MnldiWooh-ney will aprnd to-day to-day to-day seeing tlie sight around Midrllealjoroutli, and, if tlio day h fine, will vhat Cumlarland Gap, tlie llonacle and King Solomon's Cav. Tonight Tonight Uiey wiU leave lor their resctive bomes to resume tLtir editorial peos.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 22 Nov 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 17

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