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 - Communications and exchanges for this...
Communications and exchanges for this Qepertment should be addressed to tho ches editor. The LouL9lHe Chess Club meets la rooms 613 and 614 Commerce Building, -xth -xth floor. Hours of play. 4 to 7 p. m. Chess players visiting in the city will b welcome. Corre.poodeacc. J. W. L-, L-, L-, Partsin No. 33 Rlsck can not tnove 1 yjj 7. If I" QKt 7 ; U H 2, mate. If P QB 4 : Kt Kt 5. mate. C 11., Lexington Man v thanks for the problem. Will be glad to bear from you at any time. Problem .'. 30. Composed for the Courier Journal by Clias. Hoeing. Lexington. Ky. HLACK (CI. f 1 r i:,A L.i.a. S . l '..t. .TC. I r : vJ & 1 f V U i, .i WHITE 7). White to play and mate In two moves. Solattons. PKOIILKM NO. 34. 1-Q-K13. 1-Q-K13. 1-Q-K13. 1-Q-K13. 1-Q-K13. Botyed by Marcu Kolm. city; Hardlns-burg Hardlns-burg Hardlns-burg he Club, llardinsburg. Ind. ; II. T. Koertiir, Llidseye, Ind. (Barnes From the Leiiactoa Congress. r.elow i gl-en gl-en gl-en the gams between Mr. J. V. Mioa-ailer Mioa-ailer Mioa-ailer and Ma). I. M. Iluiham. of V'.T .,k- .,k- in 'hk-ii 'hk-ii 'hk-ii the Keutuckisu vaugUt MaJ. Uai.liKiu In au ohi trap. BUY LUPliZ. White (M-J. (M-J. (M-J. llsuhii). Pla;k (Mr. fhowalteri K4 JpK4 i!-KKt-lia i!-KKt-lia i!-KKt-lia i!-KKt-lia i!-KKt-lia u i KKt113 S-tiKl.-H S-tiKl.-H S-tiKl.-H S-tiKl.-H S-tiKl.-H 3 U H kt a 4 P J J Ktil Kl- Kl- ll 3 4- 4- Kb-K Kb-K Kb-K -i -i Lotlng a piece. It Is surprising that the Ha.of vhouid have bten canlu in tin tiap, which has long since ceased to In a novelty, and is uow in the hooks. ftI-B ftI-B ftI-B 3 Kt-QB Kt-QB Kt-QB 4 Thiea truing mate If white takes (he Bx KUKdiP was str-juger. str-juger. str-juger. r Kt Kt 3" 7 B R4 7 1-JKt 1-JKt 1-JKt 4 e I!-Kt3 I!-Kt3 I!-Kt3 (J-Ikt. (J-Ikt. (J-Ikt. U L'.tl' fri-y4 fri-y4 fri-y4 JO VxV JO Far 11 It Kt 3 11-U 11-U 11-U Q3 1? kt 113 12-B-K3 12-B-K3 12-B-K3 12-B-K3 12-B-K3 1 13 Castles. lo r.xPich.! 14 K U q. 4 Kt Kt 5 -f -f to, uio if KxU. while males in two. 16 P KI3 15 P K.U4 le K Kt u i p u a 17 H K sq. 17-QKt 17-QKt 17-QKt K 4 Forclu Uie game. If black replies P B3. white wins by Pa P. 1 RxKl 18 KUR 19 KH 19 IxP (eh. CO K Kt sq. rO U A 8 (chj lie-lgns. lie-lgns. lie-lgns. Played Frldav, Aug. 7. between Dr. O. Flck, of 8t. Louis, and Mr. W. 11. K. I"uU lock, ot lialdmore. UCNUAltlAN DEFENSE. White (Sir. PoUock-i PoUock-i PoUock-i Black (Or. F1CH.J 1 P K 4 "1 P K 4 2 K KtU 3 S Q Kt B 3; 3 11- 11- B4 3 li K 3 4 P-Q4 P-Q4 P-Q4 41 Q 3 5 P n:i a Kt b 3 0 Q K O Ktle. , 7 Castles 7 fl K 6 e P ON 8 Kt-Kt'Sl Kt-Kt'Sl Kt-Kt'Sl tt B QS , 0 Kt Q 2 10 B K3 lOP K K 3 11 O Kt QJ 1 1 Kt B 2 13 P K Ra 12 B U 4 13-K-JU 13-K-JU 13-K-JU 13-K-JU 13-K-JU 13 P li Kt 14 P K Kt 4 15 u K Kt sr ln-lxP ln-lxP ln-lxP ( 17 H Kt 3 1 Kt sq 1C Kt Kt 3 i-oQ i-oQ i-oQ li K q Z1--K Z1--K Z1--K Z1--K Kt aq 2"K--B 2"K--B 2"K--B 2"K--B J -23 -23 PxP (t.) IM K R- R- B 1 Sii PxP li P K R 4 27-KtR 27-KtR 27-KtR P s-nu s-nu s-nu in B Kt 0 30- 30- P K li 4 31 QjlB 3J Kt B S 1 14 B Kt 3 15 P K R 4 15 l:xR r 17 K R sq 18 R K Kt sq II B Kt 3 SO B 15 3 21 0 K - H il d 23 PxP 24 P Q 4 25 PxP 2 Px P 27 BiKt 28 Q Kt B rli KKt 2 (C) 30 BiB 81 K Kt sq 32 Q 3 2 Iieshtus (d) 33 BxKt NOTES BY THE P.ALTIMOliF. NEWS I (a) To jirevent a blocked same, which 1 lack might bring alout i-y i-y i-y P-B P-B P-B , White's construction U sup.-rtor sup.-rtor sup.-rtor rencrally, BUck's 3d. "tii. VtU and lltk move belii ojiposcd . to tlKS harmonious or njmuietrical developmriit of pieces. (b Centrifugal iwn exclianfr are generally generally unadvisable. tut liejfle P U B 4 wouH lose a time and perhaps Uia whole K-nule K-nule K-nule attack. tc) If P-K P-K P-K 5 White might make the very curious njoii.dcr :, Q B 3; Black eouW not tiien either taks or leave either iieco without t s. , Id) For If P K 5 34. RiKt, RR. 3V RR, KMt, 3. tj 11 .1 eli, X Kt 3, 37. Q -R -R U ch. KiKt, 38. 1 Kt ck and mam next move. Ea Pa. .ant. A novel three-cornered three-cornered three-cornered tournament baa beea onamlxed at LelnKton. bime tbe f K. C. A. moi-tlnc, moi-tlnc, moi-tlnc, Mr. Pollock and ilajor Il.ohum havo been the guei-U guei-U guei-U of Mr. bUo-ultr bUo-ultr bUo-ultr nt his country home r.iar Lexlnirton. home tlne since M.iiur llauham exrssed to of the Lexhicioii plaer a desire to niccl Mr. vlioIft-r vlioIft-r vlioIft-r in a nialeh. Iniead of u ma ten. a toui nuiue'it ws orpjn i -d. -d. l-aicn l-aicn l-aicn I j,vir pUv four euMies with tbe other to. Tho ciliii colilnoulcd lCO for prlxca. Plnv Ik-nun Ik-nun Ik-nun Katurdav. Aueust Sii. Mr. sho-waller sho-waller sho-waller won from Major liaiihum and drew with Mr. IVllovk. No further rupota liave bceu received. A team match recently too place between between the town of Biookhaven and Monti-cello. Monti-cello. Monti-cello. Miii. liroofehaveii won by 25 to 20. Mr. Jacob Newman, of Lawirsiccburs. was ii visitor at the locul clab Ut ueuk. 0 to Chicago aad Return via PenastL vnaln Lines. On Saturday, September 6. round-trip round-trip round-trip tickets will be sold from Louisvlle. New Albanv and JelleeonvUle to Chicago at Oie very low rale of to. Trlns k-avo k-avo k-avo Loiiih-vlllo Loiiih-vlllo Loiiih-vlllo at 8:11 aL m. and 7:35 p. m. with ewehes buffet lrlor cars and Ilillman le-peri le-peri le-peri through withoiit change. Aprly nt I enmvrvMila L'res office. Fourth and Market aUrceU, for tuxlhcr information. HOTHI Q IN IT. A aeasatieaal Slory Atteat Teller Al ber.taa's Steal Exploded Br the Compaay. i raroina, Wj.h., Aug. 20. A highly sensationci story in connection with the absconding ot leller Albertartn. of the Fidelity Trui C. nipny' bank, told by a gentleman claiming to be convrrnaut with the fact and tlie polat of his narrative, narrative, ia the alleged fact that Albert-son Albert-son Albert-son got away with $100,00 in securities in ddition to the $10,000 in cash. It is said. Albertoa. luivin access to the vault, took the JloO.OoO in securities, nd then, while in hiding, notified the Trust Company that be would return tlie lime providing his theft ot ffJO.OOO would bo overlooked. Louis D. Campbell, attorney for and one of the most influential directors of the Trust Cotupuny, aitked if there wa any truth, in the above statement, said: - 'I lie securitk-e securitk-e securitk-e are all in tho Trust Company's vaults. We are not negotiat. ing with him and will not let up on hiru -when -when we catcu him." Frightful Loss el Life I Of the many disasters with which man. kind has been visited, ono or the worst is that clM of ailments which onginatli.z simply with Inactivity of the kidneys and bladder, causes suck frightful loaa of Ufo. Under this appalling category con.o BrUht disease, dlattele travel, ordinary nephiUs and catarrh of the bladder. No eUsj of organ lo maladies, against which medical kill Is pitted, ao often baffles the expert pVactlUoiVer and seta his skUt at 'rht. Kasv It U, h iwever, to arrest tbse direful aJlmenta at tks ttart The dlareUe acuon of HostcUer's titomach Hlttew Is lust suffV elent tosrt the bladder and kidney; work, preserve or rescue them from fatal Inactivity without exciting the:. The unmeditated atlmulants of commerce ex. ,).. without either fctrengthenlng or reau-lattng. reau-lattng. reau-lattng. Ho tetter's Stomach Bluer, does both. It is anfuUlng for malaria, dyspepsia, debility. debility. rheuinaUaiA. liver complaint and eoo atlpalkm,

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 30 Aug 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 20

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