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 - aTU'llr'vNI ' 11 Coounuuicatton and exchangrs...
aTU'llr'vNI ' 11 Coounuuicatton and exchangrs for this department ehouM bs addresaed to Ike chess editor. Tbe LouivlHe Cheat Club meoU la rooms SIS and 614 Commerce Building, sixth floor. Hours of play, 4 to 7 p. m. Chess players visiting la the city will bs welcome. Problem No. 33. By a. Love. BLACK fT). SIS' 2 fve't i-4 i-4 i-4 Ti list m mm mm A EI m E WHITR 6U White to play and mate In two moves. ftolatioaa. l-Kt l-Kt l-Kt 'ILKM M. 33. 1 Kt-KB Kt-KB Kt-KB S Bolvad h Mirrm Lakn I I. will. Ua dlnsbtirc (lai Club, liardinsburg ; A. ii. ainfcotirg uioki y 1 11.. St. L-mlies, L-mlies, L-mlies, Ky. Games iron the Lexington Coagreaa. below U the gac which gave Mr. bo-waltor bo-waltor bo-waltor the rharaplonshlii of tbo United States for the tfalid time. It was played Aug. 7, betwee-i betwee-i betwee-i Mr. J. W. iowaIter, of Ocoretown. and Mr. W. 1L K. tollork. of Baltimore. TWO K.MUHTS' DEFENSE. White (Mr. oitoa alter). Black (Mr. Pelloik). 1 Y K 4 O KKt-n KKt-n KKt-n 3 3- 3- 11 L 4 4- 4- f 5- 5- Kt-M.tft Kt-M.tft Kt-M.tft QV 7 QxKt B-P.l' B-P.l' B-P.l' t i K2ck 10 .aMIe. 1 P K 4 2 QKt ia O Kt -B -B J 4-1 4-1 4-1 xP !V Kt-K Kt-K Kt-K 4 tt ktxU 7-P-Q 7-P-Q 7-P-Q 7-P-Q 7-P-Q V 11 K S 10 P KK1 tl-RxQ tl-RxQ tl-RxQ tiS Bxhlt 43 R J B KB 4 t mucb stronp'r here, Ibr If then 11 R Ks. CatiS4 (QU.; and U 12 QxB, 15-KH 15-KH 15-KH v! ; sl- sl- Kt4, 13 Q g 5, with the setter game. 11- 11- Rr-K Rr-K Rr-K q 11 CakUea. it lack at once gcta into diffirulUa, but he appear ta have no Better native. 12- 12- QUI 12 PxKt 18-QxQHP 18-QxQHP 18-QxQHP 13-H 13-H 13-H 'J 2 14 kt -H3 -H3 14 KIt-K KIt-K KIt-K s 15 RxH ch IW!JR e b k a i Q K s IT OxP 1 7 ft D 3 l-0-OT l-0-OT l-0-OT l-0-OT l-0-OT 18-Kt-H4 18-Kt-H4 18-Kt-H4 18-Kt-H4 18-Kt-H4 ID H ii VI 19 kt ll i Co h y u Forcing the exohansa of Queens arid eom-pletety eom-pletety eom-pletety demoralising black's forces. 50 K (JB BQ 51 KxQ J PxU 83 K B sq 84 K K S B5iKi4 ise K K a 87 K K 4 t: 1 n a CO BxP BO B (U S 81 P B 3 S-J S-J S-J R KKt 83 B KtS aetter mtht. with ma lbs- lbs- end baa left Wack no teaource. . 84 RS a 86 K. U 9 So P-iB P-iB P-iB 6 B7 BV-Ke BV-Ke BV-Ke n t ai B-xP B-xP B-xP 4 a T (eM 43 KxP Cealgns. t4 F B 3 6-B 6-B 6-B U4 l B K 17 K-Kl K-Kl K-Kl Q S PxP IO f KB 4 J P U 5 32 K B 8 S3 B QB wh: kneaas at p die SS A B 6 (Oh) 3 R KK ft ST-Kt-Kt ST-Kt-Kt ST-Kt-Kt ST-Kt-Kt ST-Kt-Kt (ekj aKt-C(ca aKt-C(ca aKt-C(ca 3 fciaxB 40 B 41 K.I Q ti -H -H 7 B sq gueens Ea Pnsennt, A' State exchange gets off the follow-ttfi follow-ttfi follow-ttfi "aoorgetown keeps the champion hrp. She waiter does not seem to bhow-alteratien bhow-alteratien bhow-alteratien la hu maateiiy playing and was a Ehow-alter-eecbsr Ehow-alter-eecbsr Ehow-alter-eecbsr Ehow-alter-eecbsr Ehow-alter-eecbsr for tho Cueas COngreaa. W. W-" W-" W-" eaya ta tbe British Chose lfagaalne: "The aequlalte oi a good olutt la eaprit do eerpa, the desire on the part of tta members for something betidee pee aenal advaacemenK too whtnlng of eoti locttve as well as of individual vkatortea. Qli era smart be seal ta entitling rearuita, a eorslal welcome to new members, the train lag of the ruing generation by their seniors, Tbe wrong aort of elub is oae where eaeh mam bar Udnks only of 'hla same' as he wants of hat rasher, hla aews- aews- paper or hia ana chalcaa soesethiag wklek heipe him ta get through the afternoon or aero no praters Star lag wiut ta avssne new opponents i eveinag, where where (as I once heard wm the ease in a provincial club), an energetic aecremry who promo tea aiatekea and doubles tlie plumber f member U repirded a a disturber of the sleepy, but pleading routine of life." Louis Paulsen, the noted chest playjcr and contemporary of Morphy, died in London, London, August 10. Pwilten iras born at KariseiigruMl, in the principality of Llppe, Ofrmsnt, June 15, 1633. His fattier was Dr. Carl Paulsen, the strongest player In the principality, and fmni whom Louis received received his lirkt leaot in chess. In 18"t lie oaine to tbU country and settled in Du-buquo. Du-buquo. Du-buquo. Iowa, where he continued to practice practice the Rame. JHs public career began at the llrst Ainerlean Chess Conferees at Chicago. Chicago. In 16S7, where he took ecotHl prise, being ilef rted only by Morphy. Ills nio-t nio-t nio-t notable achievements are: In 1861 )e Uxik firal prUe at llrlstol, HJ-f., HJ-f., HJ-f., lideaUiig Koden and Koliach. At London, u 1802, he took second prize, Andertien being first. In the smne year lo p'ayod a tnatrh with AiHlerssen, whleh wa drawn, earh winning three games. In 1 rtCT he won first prize at Hamburg, l-7u l-7u l-7u he again played Awtnrtsen. defeating li(m bv a to 4, At LelpHle. in 177. he won first prise over 'Aiifteruen awl ukertnrv, Jin Uien played anotlier match with Ale derein, defeating him by 5 to 3 and one draw. At Frankfort, In 1873 lie won hrs prtxe. Ptul-en Ptul-en Ptul-en was a marvelous blindfokV player. In 1657 he went to Sew York, where he played five simuHanenes 'blindfold 'blindfold gsraea, winning four and Crawlcg one, a Uwn unp -oelinted -oelinted pr-fomtaHiee. pr-fomtaHiee. pr-fomtaHiee. Aft Uberueld, In 1667. he played ten blindfold games at onre. winning tlx and drawing1 four, after twenty hours of play. In 1SH17 he repeated tbe performance tn a much r barter time. For tbe last ten years he haa not played much, and has won no chief prises in biurnajueuL THEY WART POSITIONS. Sixty Applicants Far Government riaoes Examinee Yeaterdar Cesloaa-11 Cesloaa-11 Cesloaa-11 ease News. Georsje H. Uort, of the Civil Servloe Examining Board, at Washington, conducted conducted the examination for positions in the Hallway Mail Servloe and IVptrtnient Servioe at Washlngtoa in the United Stite Ourt-roora Ourt-roora Ourt-roora yesterday. There were sixty applicants, fonr of whom were femalee and three colored. Thirty-five Thirty-five Thirty-five wanted to be mail clerks, fifteen departmental departmental clerks, seven copyists, twS special examiners and one a clerk In the Meteorological Bureia. Chief Deputy Revenue Collector Riley returned yesterday from Bardstown, where he attended the funeral of Division Division Deputy John W. Sayera. Mr. lliley was at hi bedside for a week before his dca-th. dca-th. dca-th. Mr. John W. Clementa, for some tlrtv In the llevenne Office here, but liter tnntkffiTed to Cincinnati, was s Customhouse Customhouse caller yesterday. The internal revenue collections yes-teiday yes-teiday yes-teiday amounted to $19.62.9f. These were divided as fellow: On lis, SIC; on beer, $1.77f ; en whisky. $15,334.40; on cigars. $311. 4f; tobacco, $2,085.12; on specitl tax. SSO. SOLDIERS' REUNION. Gen. tteorgo W. flergaa's Teteraas to fteaaiie at Comberlaad Gap All Ex-Noldiers Ex-Noldiers Ex-Noldiers I a Tiles'. (Cnrreapoudencs ol Ike Courier Journal Midin.e'orough, Ky, Aug. 20. The reunion of Gen. Morgan's old command command (Seventh Ohio Division) will take plate at Middl-'eborough Middl-'eborough Middl-'eborough and Cumberland Gap from September lath to lCtlu Arrangement Arrangement are being made to accommodate accommodate all the O. A. B. poets that will eonie from Kentneky and Tennessee. 1 Coil road fares will be at greatly reduced reduced rates, probably one cent a mile. It In expected that the Kentucky regiments regiments of veterans will be conspicuously foil by mason of these rates. And ol as a matter of State pride and patriotism they should give Gen. Morgan with the Ohio veterans a great reception. "lhe Blue and tbe Gray are united here by what is known, as tlie Veteran AMoolation. Correspondence win be promptly answered, and information given as to rates, board, camplnp, etc No extortionate extortionate charges will be allowed, as contracts will be specially made for-these for-these for-these three days with all the hotels and eating houses foi the benefit of the visitor. It la especially d.wred that the members of tlie Kentucky regiments forming Gen. Morgan's old command, who Intend to come, should write at ones through their officers as to the probable number to be expected. This will be the greatest reunion of veteran soldiers Kentucky lias ever held. Gen. Morgan has had medals rtruck to eom-memosate eom-memosate eom-memosate tlie event, which are very handsome souveniors of hlstorio Cumberland Cumberland Gap aa it waa in 18(2. Middles-borough Middles-borough Middles-borough will surpass her treat booming" booming" effort in welcoming the rets. r. 11. AJlLr. Secretary Veterans' Association. One Dollar te Lexington nad Return. The la sod If. railroad will evil WeteU to tVexington ant return an Wednesday. August August 4 at 1 ; all en account of Lexlncton f air. Train leave Short Line depot, foot ef First street, 7 :41 a. m. returning, loaves Lexington ft :43 p. m. Tickets en sale freat Aagust S te 89. reclusive, good until Aaanrt .'1, retarning: as.aO round-trip. round-trip. round-trip. Call at U and N. TJakei Omea, a. w. eor. Vourth and laeia atrert. er Saert Line dene far ticket.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 23 Aug 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 17

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