illegal orders 1904

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illegal orders 1904 - MORE PROOFS OF RASCALITY Revealed at Last...
MORE PROOFS OF RASCALITY Revealed at Last Evening's Duryea Council Session. TRAFFIC IN BORO' ORDERS. Evidence "That Illegal Orders Were Sold by Wholesale and That the Ac count Books of the Borough Were Burned by the Missing Secretary Additional proofs of rascality were revealed at last evening's investiga tion session o.f the Duryea Borough Council. A large number of witnesses were examined and greater interest than ever was manifested in the proceedings. proceedings. The names of a number of men that appear on borough orders were called and it was announced that these men could not be found. Nobody present at the meeting had ever heard of the men named, and it was taken for granted that the names were fictitious and that the money paid out on the orders in question went into the pocket of somebody who was not legally entitled to it. John Burke denied having endorsed an order for $18, given for work al Icgel to have been done on the road raid which was presented for payment. He said he had worked on the road but one day and that he had never teen the order that bore his endorse mentf Isaiah Kresge was examined at eon eiderable length concerning the man ner m which orders aggregating m alue $1,000 had come into his hands. He had purchased the orders at a dis count of 10 per cent. John Shukawitz was the star witness of the session. The witness was ask ed: ;"Do you know who has been mak ing money on bad orders?" He hesi tated in answering this question and was finally asked to identify certain orders that had been issued to h'm as high constable, a position he sti'i occupies. He also stated that Delaney came to him at various times and sold him orders at a discount. He also testified that in a conversation ho had with Street Commissioner Moleski, af ter the departure of Delaney, Moleski told him that Delaney had gone away somewhere and that Moleski had seen Delaney burn all the books belongin to the borough inclusive of the qne in which Moleski's accounts were kept. He was asked concerning an order for $30 which had been drawn in favor of Shukwitz's father and indorsed by Shukwith six months after the death of the father and nearly a year after he did any worlc on the road. He would not admit, however, that he knew that the order was fraudulent, because Delaney had said it was all right. When asked as to whether Delaney had any more orders in his pockets nt the time he gave him that one he re plied: "Had maybe thousand orders in ins pockets: maybe he give to ever one; I don't know." Witness was then asked to identify seveial orders which he had sold to Pi. Burlington. Order No. 1250 amount 111.25, was shown him and he identi fied it. Order No. 1200 amount $23.75, was then shown him and he identified it as being correct. A number of other orders wore then presented to him and he identified all of them. When asked if ho had ever worked on the road under Moleski he said not, and then an order was shown him which had been drawn up in his name and indorsed by him calling for $l! for four days' work on the road under under Moleski. He still maintained that he did no work on the road, and when asked it and becoming angry he re - he gave ,no suitable reply. After considerable search by the auditors auditors order No. 12C2 was found issued June G, 1903, for the sum of $10.50, and which had been indorsed by Shukwitz himself. Shukwitz said that Delaney had come to him with the order unindorsed unindorsed and that he had bought the or der from Delaney for the sum of $S. He then indorsed the order in his own name and sold it to Dr. Burlington. He was asked why he indorsed the order and sold it to Dr. Burlington without, the indorsement of Zilonis and stated that Dr. Burlington sued him for permitting a nuisance to exist and that he wanted to get the money back. He was then asked concerning his rela tions with Delaney and admitted that whenever Delaney brought any orders to him for himself he always took them and asked no questions and that when Delaney brought him orders for someone someone else he would buy them at a dis count for whatever money he happened happened to have at the time. He was then asked a direct question. The question was: "When Delaney drew up alleged fraudulent orders and brought them to you and you knew that they were bad, did you take them and sell them to outsiders and share the proceeds with Delaney?" He replied in the affirmative and then to be sure that he had not misunderstood misunderstood the question he was again asked it, and becoming angdy he replied replied with emphasis: "Sure."

Clipped from
  1. Pittston Gazette,
  2. 30 Apr 1904, Sat,
  3. Page 3

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