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 - CHESS CHAMPIONS MEET. Fourth Annual CongreM ot...
CHESS CHAMPIONS MEET. Fourth Annual CongreM ot th United State Cness Aaso-oiatioo. Aaso-oiatioo. Aaso-oiatioo. Player. At Ltxlugttm Wfc Tesirt To Wla tho thaaapioa- thaaapioa- ! ' alp. Lexiagton. Ky.. Aug. 4. (Special.) There conveoed ia tlie parlors of tlio Ilietmix Hotel tui niorniug-1 niorniug-1 niorniug-1 rei--n- rei--n- rei--n- rei--n- rei--n- tative cher.4 liiajt-rs liiajt-rs liiajt-rs of tlie Uuited State. At 10:30 o-ciock o-ciock o-ciock tlie li-esideut. li-esideut. li-esideut. Mr. '. C Coeliran. of Cincinnati. tUexl tt fourth annual meetiua of tlio L" nit-cU nit-cU nit-cU btutea Cliem Aiaoaiataeu to order. 1 liete are rewent tiljy players from alt pan of tho country. Scvea Urst-clita Urst-clita Urst-clita players catue to enter tlie conttsed for tin) ctiampioa&hip of toe United State. Frvaa New York city cauae Mai. J. M. llanliam. thaniiuoii of Uie MauliaMau Ciiea Club. Mai. iiaiiltdtu receutli attended tlw meeting of tlie Kew. Vork Aaeo-ciaUou, Aaeo-ciaUou, Aaeo-ciaUou, wliero he wuu, tlie cuauipiou-aiup. cuauipiou-aiup. cuauipiou-aiup. Mr. 11. W. luUoci4. the cbero editor of the IVjitiiuoro Sunday News, reurereuta Maryiauu. ir. t'oi- t'oi- loca is one of the leading chess writers and playera of Uie country, ftlr. V. 11. lupley. Secretary and lieas-urer, lieas-urer, lieas-urer, is pre-at pre-at pre-at in his otticiul caincity auu also as lnduuia'k repree.'utative in the thauirian-shio thauirian-shio thauirian-shio tournann ut, Mr. Kipl'-y Kipl'-y Kipl'-y i one of the leading players of Indiana, having lieeu tlirco times ihauuuon ol tlie State. 110 is a very earueid. worker, and lias done 111 ut li for Chen in the lioosier State. Mr. L. Wetleniann. of Chicago, editor of etic limes' Cjii c'Jluinn, Jepresents Illinois; lr. O. lick, of St. Iaouis, rep- rep- rertents MusMiuri; Mr. S. t. J. lralme. of LsiuiMviile. is Kt-utufky Kt-utufky Kt-utufky s represent tive. Mr. J. W. Showalter, of ueorgts. tuwn, Hie j-rcM-nt j-rcM-nt j-rcM-nt j-rcM-nt j-rcM-nt cliampion of the Stnto Association, is litlitiim t retain Ins houot. and haa a fair cliauce of doiug r. Mr. Shuwaiti-r Shuwaiti-r Shuwaiti-r hat beeu twii t-hani- t-hani- t-hani- t-hani- pion of the Lnit.d States Ass.ciation, ami as many times of the State. 1'lay In-can In-can In-can in the cliatnpionsliip 'tourney 'tourney at 11 o'clock, tlie players heing paired as follows: Mr. Kndonanii and Mr. 'Iratiue, Mr. Showalter and Mr. Pollock. Maj. llanham and Or. Kick. Mr. liipley a bye. Mr. Kn.itaann played l'retolf's defense defense against Mr. l'rabue, wlio resigned on the lifty-sixth lifty-sixth lifty-sixth move. lr. Fi-k Fi-k Fi-k of-Jerisd of-Jerisd of-Jerisd a King'.s Gambit, whi.h Maj. iianham di-liued di-liued di-liued alter a li-ird li-ird li-ird tiht. '1 he game was drawn. The lnr'l'-a. lnr'l'-a. lnr'l'-a. struggle was Ix-twev-n Ix-twev-n Ix-twev-n Ix-twev-n Ix-twev-n Mr. Showalter ani .Mr. i'oilo.-k. i'oilo.-k. i'oilo.-k. Mr. .SJio-alti-r .SJio-alti-r .SJio-alti-r .SJio-alti-r .SJio-alti-r oh-ih oh-ih oh-ih 1 with the Ifuy Ipe.. and after u stnuijile of si My-.-'V-n My-.-'V-n My-.-'V-n My-.-'V-n My-.-'V-n My-.-'V-n My-.-'V-n moves, listins wveti hours, Mr. 1'ollo' lc won. Tlie aint w-.m w-.m w-.m Is'uiin in tlie uioruiiii? ami nut liiiislied until U p. in. io-nichi. io-nichi. io-nichi. Dr. lick playivl the liny Lopez auainst Mr. Tr.ilnu-, Tr.ilnu-, Tr.ilnu-, and won 011 th. fortieth move. Maj ll.tnli.iru starte I Ins third Kline of tin- tin- day with Anderson's Anderson's opening, Mr. Ve;letn-inti Ve;letn-inti Ve;letn-inti beinij lii opisineut. '1 lie mame was adjourneil on tl1 ii.r v-wventli v-wventli v-wventli move. The minor Tourney is proeressimi finrt. ly, with isthtis'it players eiit-itsl. eiit-itsl. eiit-itsl. Mr. li. V. M Keiry, of Frankfort, le ds, with three games won and none lost.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 05 Aug 1891, Wed,
  3. Page 5

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