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woodford - auita." ' C r t . 77 y-- y-- y-- t . i I; i .--...
auita." ' C r t . 77 y-- y-- y-- t . i I; i .-- .-- .-- ' O ' v V' y.' Y--H'i Y--H'i Y--H'i Y--H'i i T'vv-:'..-,': T'vv-:'..-,': T'vv-:'..-,': T'vv-:'..-,': T'vv-:'..-,': ;?.l---i-;i. ;?.l---i-;i. ;?.l---i-;i. ;?.l---i-;i. ;?.l---i-;i. ;?.l---i-;i. ;?.l---i-;i. : rri !',', r'M rmi i : w i yn . j ' . ... i ;r. ' .. -. -. . a 4 t. 5. HEY will come by the hundreds! Aloner the cool, windincr rbadwavs t of Woodford feark and the wood 3d uplands of Osborn Ridge, little folk, and big folk will gather tomorrow at the biggest real estate introduction that has been held in Indianapolis this season! Crowds. brass band music, cool drinks,, plenty of shade; and the inimitable Mayor onanK, wno wm conauci an aucuon saie on one lot ana aisuriouie ;zuu in goia these are just a few of the attractions ! Come, in the morning ! Come in the ' afternoon I Spend the day on the banks of Pleasant Run. ( ' r . ' .',v.' .'. ' 3-; 3-; 3-; I- I- i t Saturday, June 17th 1 i : . .' . r-.'y r-.'y r-.'y Lew Will Auction a'Lot and Distribute $200 in Gold GAM WIN v ' Present at the Spanii office on the grounds, corner of Pleasant Run parkway and Ar-t, Ar-t, Ar-t, lington avenue, your FIVE REASONS WHY ONE SHOULD OWN A HOME IN WOOD-I WOOD-I WOOD-I FORD PARK OR OSBORN RIDGE. Do it before 10 o'clock Saturday morning-. morning-. morning-. No ' "strings."- "strings."- No unnecessary rules or regulations. Just write your reasons plainly on apiece of paper and present them at the gTounds Saturday morning and try for one of the cash awards. First prize, $100; second prize, $50; third prize, $25; fourth prize, a a j .. . A . A 1 . aa. i i $10 i fifth prize, $10 ; sixth prize, $5. m Chaming SuiTOundmgs t. - , Pleasant Run Parkway .winds the thickly wooded banks of the ht-- ht-- ht-- tie stream f roni wjiich it is named l and has its eastern terminal at the wonderful 9-hole 9-hole 9-hole Pleasant Run trolf ' course, recently dedicated by Mr. Shank. This v wonderful stretch of ; home sites is clotted with the pretty, bungalows and more imposing res- res- idences of some of our very finest Indianapolis citizens, - There is no 'pioneering'' in this locality. Scores V-...of V-...of V-...of homes r already estab lished tiere, and v many snore are being planned at ' this moment. All this STound IS EIGHTY FEET ABOVE TOE- TOE- LEVEL OF MONUMENT CIRCLE. , " Convenience ,. . . . -.... -.... The East Washington street car line is only three blocks from Woodford Woodford Park and a' block or two further further from Osborn Ridge. In Woodford Woodford . Park : the residents use gas, . city water, electricity and sewers. In Osborn Ridge, which is just outside outside the city limits but will soon be taken in, electricity is available. BROAD, DEEP LOTS The smallest lot for sale in this locality locality is 50 by 160 feet and most of ' them are larger. H In Osborn Ridge there are a ifew half-acre half-acre half-acre home ; tracts just, across the road from i Pleasant Run golf course. Wise re- re- ; strictions cover all building plans, in both tracts. . .. . . Remarkable Terms All Spann salesmen can be identified identified by badges Saturday. On every, , lot bought on Shank Day there will be no taxes until 1924. The prices of lots in Woodford Park range upward upward from -On -On these lots the . terms are $10 down and 1 a month. IF YOU PAY ALL CASH AND BUILD ON THE LOT WITHIN WITHIN ! THREE MONTHS YOU GET A 10 DISCOUNT. An altcash payment payment entitles .you to 5 discount. Same, terms apply to lots in Osborn Ridge, except that on the $600 lots you: pay only 5.00Down and $2.00 Weekly t,: To Reach . the Grounds The Spann Go. g 25 East Ohio Street. Take East Washington street car to Arlington avenue and go three blocks north to Pleasant Run Parkway. Our automobiles" will travel between the. parkway and .the car line all day Saturday.' ; t , ; Mm' u ; t W V i i ' i . ' . ''iVW .t.i,. .V r : " " -CvrijitVl -CvrijitVl ' rieaat- rieaat- nJ Parkway . rV , ! -Vt -Vt -: -: v' -v -v v. ,. -f -f w.cV . ' ;: ' " 3D 'V V '-.,V-v. '-.,V-v. '-.,V-v. J l7i - :Ta:T mm I- I- j inntw 111 V - t . i -ei. -ei. . I H J Na -S, -S, w.anr-Tna-, w.anr-Tna-, w.anr-Tna-, w.anr-Tna-, w.anr-Tna-, - -T--...n -T--...n -T--...n -T--...n -T--...n ; -t -t I .H v-v-.v v-v-.v v-v-.v v-v-.v v-v-.v :-.! :-.! :-.! 4 ,.-."x.; ,.-."x.; ,.-."x.; j, . .r--5 .r--5 .r--5 .r--5 " U i :-- :-- :-- :-. :-. :-. . ., . - - J - W i' -AVA -AVA f V4 ': v v 1 1 l I f t. i. vt?.,s. c-' c-' c-' r-t- r-t- r-t- r-t- A '"fr -' -' 1 ' . 3 r " firettleat kctnn ever aaw appear On 9tTT kaad. . t t

Clipped from
  1. The Indianapolis News,
  2. 16 Jun 1922, Fri,
  3. Page 18

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