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cir-I twelve- 1 teo- cauier- aa- J Thom- Trvt- I In at to a Bcheea- ta per-maocutly of f r .lit i m Communications, exchanges, etc.. In tended f.r this department should be ad dressed to the Chess Editor. Contributions of gabies., problems and news trill be thank fully received. Tho I-cnlsvtlle I-cnlsvtlle I-cnlsvtlle Chess Ctub meets at 227 Third rt;v-et, rt;v-et, rt;v-et, second floor. Hours of play. dsily, from 4 to 7 p. . m. Strangers are Invited to call. Correspondence. Typo, Atlanta. Ox. See correction below. Problem Ko. 23. Bv B. CJ. Laws. London. Enff. First prise " Ex Amuo in tourney of the Loudon last cetural limts. BLACK (41. ( i f i I i Sr-.-i Sr-.-i Sr-.-i Sr-.-i Sr-.-i -..... -..... .! L...A an ( i i ' Li L, 1 X I W1UTK f7). White to play and mate In two moves. Kcte Problem No. as. of last week, is a three and not a two-mover. two-mover. two-mover. aVoIatloaa. PROBLEM NO. 2L. 1-Q 1-Q 1-Q B5. Solved bv Marcua Kohif. A. J. C ellv; J. . l ii-v. ii-v. ii-v. fKimuuiu : jeuurson Laun. Kicnwn uis, iuu. i Chess M lib Li via g Pieces. Tbe game with; living chessmen, announced In this column, was played at the 1 liberals J clT ersofi vllle. on May 19. AT sosie maucal selections the curtain was raised, and to tho strain of a mate! lis piejcs filed onto the stage. wLcre tad c!ess. Uiard. twenty-four twenty-four twenty-four feet square, was painted. Tne ytMtng gentlemen and- and- ladies represent ing the cheiKoien were dressed In red and while costs ines of the tima of tha rs:ai-. rs:ai-. rs:ai-. Al-r Al-r Al-r s-rv s-rv s-rv eial skilifui manoeuvers, rekuitina; riuij eaca piece on its proper squnro. play bcitan. Mr. Pilch uiaviuir i iw. ki-Iim ki-Iim ki-Iim and Mr. UM,mis tbe red. iicluw U Uit aooro ui una guiue. KElSEEITsKY GAMBIT. Wbite (Mr. FltcaJ Red (llr. Looudsj 1 P K4 1 P-K4 P-K4 P-K4 it p KHt a pj.p 3 K Kv-B3 Kv-B3 Kv-B3 3 P-KKt4 P-KKt4 P-KKt4 4 P-KR4 P-KR4 P-KR4 4 P Kli ft Kt K & it KU O-KtxKt O-KtxKt O-KtxKt P P Q4 is a better ecnt1nu;t?.on 6 I Q 7-PxP 7-PxP 7-PxP Very bad. O r3 Is the correct move. The book continue 7 Q hUi : 8-il 8-il 8-il iLi, " x-ir x-ir x-ir tia a a.uca better game. 7-Q 7-Q 7-Q K2 (ch.1 8 K B2 6 Ll (J j tch.i t K 13 D P KK4. lO It Kt3 (eh J He should have slaved Kt E3 at The text move odeis hlac-k hlac-k hlac-k ui obnantunilv of winning a piece, of which, bouever, bo wa aax nin.fccir. lO K O n 11 Kt Ba II U Kt5 chj 1-J 1-J 1-J KI3EH li. PxKi tch.l 1 KxKt P 1 Kt (ehJ 14 -K.-RJ -K.-RJ -K.-RJ -K.-RJ 14-PjP 14-PjP 14-PjP (cuj A very pretty finJUh. 15 KxR IV Kl K-J K-J K-J frhJ m-K-KM m-K-KM m-K-KM m-K-KM m-K-KM 16 Kt K7 icli.) 17 K-HS K-HS K-HS l-g-K4 l-g-K4 l-g-K4 l-g-K4 l-g-K4 tcha 1 K H4 1-J-JJ-B.1 1-J-JJ-B.1 1-J-JJ-B.1 1-J-JJ-B.1 1-J-JJ-B.1 1-J-JJ-B.1 1-J-JJ-B.1 (chj 10 K Hi 4jKt1 lr-U.1 lr-U.1 lr-U.1 -O -O K L4 i:i li DJ Mate. A Blacbburae IlriMiaat. Tenowtne's Sews says the following beau tiful game la one of three simultaneous bllnUfoli games pliyed by Blackburne at tho age of niueteeu. and a bee be bad known tho gsnte only eighteen months. SICILIAN 1)KPFSK. WUte tnisckburnel Iiack (Jeisoni 1 P K 4 I p v a a II P K 3 a p b a 41'x 1" Kt n 3 6-mv 6-mv 6-mv r a V Kt 3 8 K Kt K S O Cxtle Jo Kt Kt 3 11 P B a 8 K Kt u s 3 P Q 4 4 P K 5 UxP O Q Q H 7 ii g 3 8 Castles Kt-U Kt-U Kt-U 3 10 O K It 4 11 Q Kt 3 A fatal mistake. Tlils P. should rave keit at il 4 to guard the king's side irom the adverse K. xt.l 12 O R 3 13 Kt K Kt ft 12 O Kt K S 13 P K R 3 14 P Q 15 K tt 01. 14 U Kt K 4 15 Kt B cht I The best move. j u ?i i 1A KtxP 17 i:xP 17i.txU. IS O B 7 A verv remarkaila posttlon. rvnr of White's pieces are en ptise. t-ut t-ut t-ut lilac k cannot cannot take one without being mated at once.) 18 Q Q so. 19 B B T Relgns Chess -News -News aad Views. The sixth Itallsn Chess Congress will be held In April. 1 --.. --.. --.. Sir. Phlneas Moses, a wK-mber wK-mber wK-mber or tne Cincinnati Chess Club, has passed his nine ty-second ty-second ty-second year, but U StUl a tuuiy wijor at the club rooms. The last reception of the eeason or we Brooklyn Che club was given a xhort time aco. Mr. E. Ddmar pinyea simiuiantwusty atmlnst thirteen plsvers. warning eleven. krtlnir one ana drawing ons T.-v.,A T.-v.,A T.-v.,A v von is flrr&t smme In a natch of five nnira with the Deschapolles Club. Tho gaioea are fur tiie purpose ef testing the soundness ox. xno Mi,' or Stone-.Ware Stone-.Ware Stone-.Ware defense to the fcv- fcv- Mut C ambit. l

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 31 May 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 19

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