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 - sayass- m - ' . lj. . jt - i CoTnniunlrationa,...
sayass- m - ' . lj. . jt - i CoTnniunlrationa, . exchanges. , etc. Intended f.r this department shoaM be addressed to th Cbess Editor., Contributions t gaiAcs. problcais sod aewa will be tasnk- luliy tetci ved. . , j i . . The IxulsvWe Chess Oub meets at 2T Tttnt tt.eet, seeoa Boor. - Hour of play, dally, from to. 7 n. at. ' btrangers are iuvUed Vt call. . ; rrohisiaHo..;.li::, . . . fty R. 11. Thompson, Aberdeen, third Lrtse. two mover in tenth ' tourney ef the rlatui Mercury...-."' - ' RLACK (0.) "; ! -A is. - WHITE t-White to play aud state In two moves. " 1 f -. . - . 8oletioas.t'',. : FBOBLEM NO. 19. . 1 Kt B 8 ' Jeflerson Club, Jeffersonvllle. . - Chess la India. " f The following game was reared between in. j 1 1 it inui1. ahwiwi, yi jiinsieua. an ftt. tinittten. looro and nns froin Mr. SteinlU's column la the New York Tiibunc RALVIO CAMBtT. rWhite (A. dcSmltlen) BlarTE (Prince Dadlan. 1U-P K.4 ,S PxP ' S VK Kt 4 pKt a V "6 Q R 5 fcM V-Q Ke-n 8 (a) 7-Q PxKt . 8 P Kt (C) O B R S lO H Kt 8 . 11 Castle (e) 12 jv-fl 13 Kt B 3 H-UxP(ti 1 R Q sq 10 KxQ i IT K K a lftRxB Q SO Q K i.rt- 1 P K 4 C P K B 4 3 K Kt B 3 4 B U 4 6 Kt K 5 6 K B sq 7 KtxKt lb) 0 0 B 3 (d) 10 ki n s j 1 1 Q Q 3 . l - -13 1-K B,.8 13 Kt R 4 14- Kt-B 5 ' " i.i Qxn -in Oxll eh) g IT KUP (oh) (h 16 It Q 3 19-RxB SO H Q sq uesigns. i t . . . - ..KOTK& -. i-(s) sfAst ef the Vienna visiters have adopted this more, which is th Invention of an Ingenious emstcur of tliat city. Ilerr fcrhuLlut. (bi . One of the main point Btor"B 1st move Is that If White now proeep wlU T CiF. tiwn wouht f.ilWiw 7 QQ; KUQ. 1--Q4, O III', or B K2. O ait J6. and should win. e On general .prtnetples. the uaee or tlus pswn ought to J-reuiSUire. il Kt 113 would be prelexahle. d) Kt vTi with a view ef playing Xt KB3, wa undoubtedly superior. le black eould have won l ore at onee ly 11 4 QH. U K KKt4 (It Id B.xQ. and OiO uueenlng cf buck's pawn c"4 not b j ktcriied). 12 F b Ureatenlng P etc. in The Initiation of a briUiaiit and derp-slgbted eomblostioB. (g Pest. If 16 B Q. -ibb; 17 bin, IT KUB: IS PxKU 18Pxl(rh 1 KiP, 19 B B tch. and alas the Queeu. h Kt Ql mlpht have made a better fght of It. hut tue game oouU The Correspondence ToornaaaaaU , Kot many responses have come So tis fequest publlsbc two weeks ago, . t.- the effect tbat those players of the Stat who woukl enter a State correspondence tournament woukt let the fact -be known. A few, however, have expressed themselves In. favor of the tournament, to be couducted by the rhe-a editor of tula paper. Ko doubt, tbers are others who will eater wnea'tne time comes. All thoae who are willing to tnkr will please read the foUjwlng rule, an give their ephVon ef them and t any changes they wool Ufce to have aade. The rules should be made to suit, the player an-t such questions as tlme-llmlt, whether there should be aa entrance fee or not. etc-, shook! be settled by them. . -Below are gtvea a lew general rutM. -Thfio will, of course, have o be rlsytns ruk s, etc., but these sre subultse for ap- rovsi or rejecuoo oy wie jripotua:tup-seatsuts l irtt Karh shall pay an entrance fee of , at tno money so prvuureo. wmkww prise fund. , i Second Each contestant shall play two gantes with every other contestant. Third A player shall forward his answer to a move in not exceeding forty-rteht hours sfter receipt of sst - move. Tne penalty for exceeding the Umo-tlmrt sail II o i loi-fetture or me gaaie. fourth tack player, alter flnUMre his games with an opponent, shall scud a fee-onl of them, ststina the result, ever kls signature, to the chea editor, or whoever simll rnaosse the sournamens, wneeeupon ne will be asMrite a new opponent. nrth n winner ef tue largest number of games shall be declared winner of the tournament provided that no player shall rako a prise who docs pot finis aU his games. Hxth Draws shall, count one-half for each player. fceveuuv Ihe prise fund shall be divided Into three prixes, as follows : First prixe, one-half: secou prixe, onotaird; third prlxe, one six th. Chess With Llrlng Pieces. . A gam ef chess with living pieces win be played t th llibcrnla Theater. JelTen-sonvUJe, next Tuesday evening. The board (will be twenty-four feet square, and the jileces and pawns will be represented bjt yount ladles snd gentlemen, dressed lit red andTwhlte. The same will be played by two Biembeis of the JeOeron Club. The entertuinment Is for the benefit Of fefc. Agnes' Uaild of St. I'aul's church. Delesates t Repablican State Con vcatlon nt Lexlagtea. The Loulrvlllo an Nashville mltroail and the Kentucky Central railway will sell ex-eurdjn tickets from all stations In the State to Lexington at on fare the round trip en May 10 and SO. Tickets will be r-"d for retorn passaae until May S3. IelecateB coming through loulvilla will And three trains dally to Lexington. nialdag quick Urn.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 17 May 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 20

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