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 - Jones very seldom usee it, preferring the study...
Jones very seldom usee it, preferring the study st his home. One of the handsomest pastors quarters in the city is the vesU-y of Calvary church. It adjoins the church, and is very elegantly equipped. An excellent picture of tite Madonna hans ever the manteL The room is furnished la antique oak. ... -. nwia's wosksbop. Thousands ot people daily look Into the office of tlie liev. E. U 1'owcll, of the 1'irst Christian church. There are two rooms. Both are eomlortably itted. One wall is taken up with a big book eass. An excHlcnt steel engraving of Longfellow tells wbu is Mr. Powell's favorite poet. , HkV. MB. BAlftLTOH'S TTTT. Tlie study ef the Kev. S. IL Hamilton-, et the Wr.rren. Memorial church, is one ef tho fiaeet in the City. m ComniuBlritiioDS. exefcwigaa. ete. ta- tendHt fur this department should be sd-reses to the Chess Eultor. ContriMitlons mt ra'nea, problena aod news wUI be thank-tulijr reeeivwt. Tho LrnUvQls Chess Club meets at 27 TMrd street second floor. Hours of play. S illy, from 4 . to 7 p. ra. 6trangers are lufjtod to esll. Correspeadeuce. A. J. C. Citye-If 1 Kt B3; S Q CSS. Kt BtJ, mate. Prebless Ko. 19. (Composed for the Courier -Journal by E. W. Keeney. t. D.. Kewpi rt, Ky.) BLACK (7.) Vlncin- El I I ri m nn rrt rn r? rri 4 f 1 rri n q p ,J iJ -id Lm WiilTK (7.1 Wlilte to play and mate tn two moves. Selatleas. PROBLEM VO. IT. V B K7. v Solved by T. P. M.. city: J. T. Ttlley, Petersburg ; Ilvry Thumiu. Horse Clvt, Stelaits Reslgas. The great cshls match has at left some ImIJI m h" S:SrsSsaSMBHsesMMsaBBBMSflBVaM to an end. btclalts en last Tuealay resigns Ing in both games, lie said that he mlr, prolong the rtrusdle, but in a comspon eaoa .gams as baa. no chance to wia oS draw. This match was brought about ky tw lines of play which eteinlta advocated In Ms book, sud which Tso'iigorta believed t bs unsound. The contested points wersi ninck's eighth move to Utm Evans OtmUl and white's ninth move ia the Two Knlghttf ' itofenae. The match was for CTSO a sld. Although acknowledglug himself beaters Ptolnlrs defends his theurte, and claims Uis it was his fault and not the fault of his theories ttist he wss beaten, lie advances mm excuses the larse amount of work that ho had on hand, and the fact that he ha to play a match with UuoBUerc while till mstch was in progress, btetnior is game, snd wants to try it again. When be esbled his resignation, fas scut tbe following Jsltef to Ir. Ttchlgorin: "lear Kir-T reslmadoa la he tW games of our match haa already baa tor-ward od to vow by cable, and I havs siae wr.ltea to lbs referee, Senor Golmayo, of Havana, asking him to communicate wits the stakeholder. Jiaron Albert von Botha, child, of Vienna, In order that the atilins shall be hauled over to you. Whilst eongratuUMlng joto en your sue cess and your splendid flay. I beg to scat that I do net abandon my opinion about tbe theoretical merit of the two positions, which have been oonteted between as. sn4 fiat I hope to have another opportunity, as seme future time, of testing the same acaiasa you. Yours obortlentlT, , W. BTKXXrr. . Below ars the full score of tbe games I GAMBIT. White (TsehlgutUU Black (StelnluA ii 1 P K4 1 P K4 , 8 K Kt-B3 Q Kt U3 11 Ii 3 11:4 4- p-a aiu -n 31 Kt e 5 V H3 . 6 B R4 e fshiies. .: e Q iu 7 P Qt V T-k Kt-Rl ' S-O l;-K W3 1 6 C-G-J P Q " 1 iCS-a s 10 Q-Ks J , TO It Kl3 11 Kt '4 B3 ; , ll-P Q U2 12 tl K-J I 12 It 12 . 13 Kt-114 I 1 J U K B t 14 P-Q U 1 M-UlF li-Kt 4 KttJ I lJ-gK-Kll 1-J J U P J Kt K3 , . 17 K B so, . 17 kt Kl so. 15 B . 1 P Q BS i! g u-Q so 10 Kt u'i : -0 1--M CO B H-J 1-Kt 35 . 'Jl B Q:l ',' , Kb-kH, I 4 23-Kt X Kt 23 Kt-BV 3 P K KH 24 Kt X it Ctt 4t-Q X Kt 25 R X Kt 2i Q IKS 4T-B X Kt . Cd U PlB S7 B X P .. 1:7 KO Ri) 2 0 x B CS Q x B CO J ?4 - K-a ao h i3 ' so k na 31 R Kt soj .11 It Q cj-n ki." a-j Q d.i t , SviQ Kit i . na-r C3 :mpq k t- :.4ti-K i 3i It KtO i ;,Qu q WMJ-EJ ..ri s-'f-CiA .17-1 X P :i7 K.-KI so. 3 P Beslrns. - -A two rjcicirro' nurrxsB. White (Stdnltz) , Fbwi (TschlfJrtsJ 1 r K 1-P-K4 ft K Kt R3 ,, 2-QKt B3 : 1: iu , -Kt ru " 4 Kt KiS I 4-r-Q4 i 5 IXP 1 : 6 OKI R4 ii KtSchj . : P 113 7 PxP ! 7 RrP S B K3 ' ST-- ERS ' O-KKt K3 n KB-Ud4 " 10 r-Q.T lO-CswTes 11 Kt C3 , 11 Kt WS 12 Kt-Rt Jd B Q:l y jn Kt KKtsd 13 1 KB4 14 P 3113 ; 14 B W 1-P C ' IS P KS 1 I1 JB t trt Kt K - 17 QKI-B.1 17-B K. 1 P-tJKt3 IS B-KtS 11 B K 13 1 10 P B iO Q-B2 SO QxP 1 iv 1 t i. PxP E2 PxP V:; PxP iJ B B4 t-Kt-K y, 24 BlKt - 1 Q K-3 ' t S.WBlR . 2f Q KJ (Ch4 rt K RS tr r.xQ ! -j7 Bxit , Q 1M ! SS Kt B4 , . ! Ii K3 ft JR Ks. : ao bi - no Kt-Q3ko. : " il-Q 3 I'. K5 ' ?' Cik S3 Kali 3 V H.T QR KBse. t, . 34 QsRP 34 P B4 3.--o-Qr7 :i Kt ia S' P jlt- :' RxPch :i7-tKtK :i7 RxK(ch4 3i Kt Km mn 3s It il ?SJ licslffiia. , Xotes. Mr. V. 11. K. Pollm-lr nss wo snf prize In the Baltimore hajdleap tournament. J. H. Bauer, the weU-Hrowa plsree ef Vienna, died April 3, at Coin. Austria. The .Newport tfoclal Ches Club Is to be revived, ard Hro. Keeuey's rich deseilpdons of the praea iil aooa appear regularly til tho Common wealth. In reference to the much-talked of Jodd. Bhowalter aist-h. Mr. fehowalter writes here that lie Las challenged Mr. Judd and that Mr. Judd has accepted, but the exact dais l as not been decided upon. lr. Khnwaltas aiao mau to Uy Mr. Orchard, of AUaeta. a match upon the eompleuoa of his mates with Judd. The editor of this column a been eoto responalng with several prominent play era of Ue ftate In rpfereoce to a Btate correspondence toumaroenW and they are all iileaned with the Mea. It would bs a flne Ibrng for ches In tbe State, and eommunu ratloos are solicited from the players of the btate on the subject. All who would !xe to enter will pleaae let the fact be known, and If enmicu are willing to enter, a sort f aasocladon mlcht be (tirmed and a man. ager or manadng committee appointed. Or, It the players preferred It. the cbes editor -will undertake to supervise it- If the pro'ect lnects spiiroval, a code ot rules, ete.. will be pre na red. and suhmltteS. Tills would undoubtedly So much to further tha rause of chens In the State by getting the plavers scqtialnted with each other axil shoring their relative strength. TJpbteen months ago there were not fifteen, people re Hiding at Cumberland Gap, to-day there are over l.OOO tnhabitaet, wtth fine streets laid out sod haytUvuie structures built.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 03 May 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 20

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