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 - i,t 'f-f 'f-f 'f-f Cowaiuplotions. exchangas,...
i,t 'f-f 'f-f 'f-f Cowaiuplotions. exchangas, etc intended intended fur this department should be addressed addressed to the Cbess Editor. ContribuUons f games, problems and news will be tbank-tuiijr tbank-tuiijr tbank-tuiijr tccelred. Tbe Lrulnvtlie Chesa Club neeta at C2T Third street, second Boor. Hours of play. uy. from 4 to 7 p. m. Sb-angors Sb-angors Sb-angors are lavitcd to sail. Correspondence. thoy all came to hand. 'Ibo njIWng nuiu-cr nuiu-cr nuiu-cr rn not be prucurnL , ' t.. l-etersounr. l-etersounr. l-etersounr. Ky. TT. prublem H t-U t-U t-U W : tuMlilw. itjl Kmr nmvai i m eficOt, wldci luvaaoutra a problem. Try Problem PTo. IS. Awarded sreonrl prize. In tba "School- "School- manter" tounuuuent. lly J. llaUioot. Manchester. I1LACK (8). A! i.;-.:s i.;-.:s i.;-.:s i. 1 i- i- m &4 .i Jr LA Beautiful -' The public is JOHN D. TAG G ART, C2 R-Kt R-Kt R-Kt 5 ltr-Kt ltr-Kt ltr-Kt WII1TB (lO). White to flay aod aiato in two moves. Bolntions riiCHLEM NO. 13.--1 13.--1 13.--1 13.--1 Q Q9 ... 1 Kxi (a) (b) a Uxli Auj aing li It mates. ' (a H 1 ItxU; 2 QxB (cb), 2 K-B4; K-B4; K-B4; 3 It niatob (b) It l E K2 ; 2 QxB (at K7), any ; 3 U mte. , folved ty Warcus Koha. dty; J. F. Tlilcy, l-etei'tburx, l-etei'tburx, l-etei'tburx, Ky. Tschlgorln. The Cable JUatcb. EVANS OAMUIT. tsurin:U. y" 81 K Owi - 3-J 3-J 3-J R-Kts R-Kts R-Kts a-j a-j a-j y it. 3 t t-KU t-KU t-KU 83 V J3 34 l-yK4 l-yK4 l-yK4 XWO KN1Q HTS DEFEXtsB. fteinlU. Trhigurin. xM SS KxU aa-f aa-f aa-f U3 u:i Qii-KBsq Qii-KBsq Qii-KBsq 31-QxUP 31-QxUP 31-QxUP 34 1 i4 Tbe New York Sua Lays of btelnlU's bat moves: Xbore can be no kinder any uoubt that both names are draw Inn to a conclusion, and that UiUik are get Unit very serious lor At tbe JUmohattan Cbess Club It Is generally believed taut anouier Uve or six move will brinx about an ismie. and tbat the verdict ill be In favor of Tchijcir!u In l-oth l-oth l-oth rumen- rumen- It la quite an open serret tat Heinita can pot ionicer hold tbe Two Knlidita UclirtK. - llts kut move 34. Qxlt 1', mij, rerhara. tbe Lext under tlie circumittaarett. lowcver. the luvian will probably now tepty C4"P B 4, thereby putting his oppo-lirul's oppo-lirul's oppo-lirul's queen entirely out of play. lf course time mar li a better lino of play by tukuiit the I! V riirht off. - . " Tl o wove 33. r Q 3 In the Evans Gambit was alntol forced, because the Im-MMxliaie Im-MMxliaie Im-MMxliaie retirement of the kuiK would have been fatal. With ordinary cam TwMcjrla aill xcore this game. Sbuukl, however, Stctnli restcn the other game. It is probable that In nrtfor In ulv. Mi.ln xtteiie)i the Uuiuiian would olfer adiaw, because he would win the aiatch anyhow." ' : Chess' la JSew York. Played in third round of the Xew York Stale Tournament, 1'cuniarv t'3. Score and notes from tho Albany Journal. QUKKX-8 QUKKX-8 QUKKX-8 PAWN OPKNUfO. While (K. Detmar). riack ID. . Ualrd). 1 f-Vl f-Vl f-Vl 4 1 4 2 l-K l-K l-K 3 . 9 3 3 Kt K D 3 3 alt-K alt-K alt-K B 3 - 4 Kt K& An excursion ot no particular value. Black should have duUodicea the Jit. how. ever, within a few move. D Q 8 6 It Q 3 6 Q Kir Q S 6 P K B 4 6 VQ 1 4 7 P U B 3 . . T U K t 8 Canlloj. 8 Kt U . t Kt 4J 2 B Q a lO-O lO-O lO-O Rf it a lO 11 Kt 4' P K R 3 was neoeMary; the text more oreaRs toe K stae oaair. 11 Hxlta-h. Hxlta-h. Hxlta-h. .. 11 QxB 13-Kt 13-Kt 13-Kt Kt 5 lil-bxKt lil-bxKt lil-bxKt 13 H 111) 13 P K R 3 " Mi K & sracefullv riving up the pawn was all titers was loft. This loses a pieca. 14 PxK 14 tvv fXf li Kt-a Kt-a Kt-a a v 15-p-k 15-p-k 15-p-k 15-p-k 15-p-k it 4 . Jf-PxP Jf-PxP Jf-PxP . 16-at-Kt 16-at-Kt 16-at-Kt 16-at-Kt 16-at-Kt 3 . 17-kt-B 17-kt-B 17-kt-B 17-kt-B 17-kt-B 4 17-K 17-K 17-K K-K K-K K-K ' lSpQ Kt 4 18-Oilstles 18-Oilstles 18-Oilstles . - -x -x 10 P Q B 4 IB Q B 5 SO Q K 0 Kt K 4 ' . ftl Q K S Sl-Q-K Sl-Q-K Sl-Q-K Sl-Q-K Sl-Q-K 3 E?H It S S:i K tl !i W4 U J 4 Dr.vlnc the adverse Q out of play, after which Black has a reoun-e. reoun-e. reoun-e. 04 i K.I 3 er. Q--U Q--U Q--U Q--U 7 s Kt r- r- a !I--ixK !I--ixK !I--ixK !I--ixK P - 12 H K l Kt 4 CO-U--K CO-U--K CO-U--K CO-U--K CO-U--K CO-U--K 8 SO Q U Kt 3 31 i: k a 82 Bxll at it Kt a r.e-ilir.i. r.e-ilir.i. r.e-ilir.i. I, v-n-Q v-n-Q v-n-Q v-n-Q v-n-Q a Tl f av 1:7 SI K uh t. t n o 20 K K 4 3'wki-h 3'wki-h 3'wki-h o 31 Kt li 7 33 Rxll H.T V I II A 84 Kt It 3 Notes. T-enla. T-enla. T-enla. S. D- D- has a new and promlilnf Chen club. Ma C. D. Icxwt has taken Mr. Guns-here Guns-here Guns-here ' rlaee as chess edl'Jor of - Knowledge," Knowledge," London. Mr. W. 11. K. Ponork. of r.lUmote. save an exhibition at the Ilrook'yn Club on t!te evonlnK of the 4th. lie pbveti itfmiiltaneouiuy aeaimit twelve strons play ers, wlanliu; ten and two lost, Mr. Blarkburne did not sail for Imdon on tlie 4th as was exiccted. He aikl Ust Wednesday mrnlnit. On his arrival bo will ehoilenire :ti-i..torg: :ti-i..torg: :ti-i..torg: for a mu-h mu-h mu-h of jvm irames. Me. Blatkiiume n empIVei pubUihlne a b-ok b-ok b-ok entitled "Thirty cara Tramp of a Chens Pkiyer." Of Uie SM.OOO required foe the Havana tnuriu mx t next winter 4TJ.COO ban already been sitMieriiet. fend the ntn.en t to a rcrtnlniy. Toere will ro 4v prires, of Vision, rrso naro. .oo, t4oo, .h and f20) rennective'r. - Tbe entrance .fc will be S2.1, the money so secured to be divided an.-inc an.-inc an.-inc th noniiise winners. Tlne Hinlr. twontv moves an hur. There will be 8vo play-days play-days play-days a week. T a" I ' 1 ' ! at. "Tp-m "Tp-m "Tp-m "w4 Kenturky ranks twenty-first twenty-first twenty-first In the mrm- mrm- ershlp roll of the U. A. W. New Vork aeads Ui list vlik 3.137 aiembers. ' Mr. John VI cpleton. of Potndexter, la tbe first Kentucky wheelman to join the League since the openiug of the year, April L.- i A supply of 18 SO road books aas been .dlaoovercd by the Secretary-Treasurer Secretary-Treasurer Secretary-Treasurer of .Kentucky division. Members of the dlvlMon who deiJre a 'py niuy secure It by ad-drekslnK ad-drekslnK ad-drekslnK he ocretary-Tntaurcr, ocretary-Tntaurcr, ocretary-Tntaurcr, 71b Soo-oud Soo-oud Soo-oud mecC The Kxecutlve Committee of the Kentucky Kentucky IHvlMon. U A. will meet at the LiHiUvlllo Cclo Club koiMe at 4 o'clock thU atternoon.' Buine;s of much Importance Is ttt be transacted, and all the members should be on hand. Mr. C IT. Smith, of Detroit.' spent a few days with Louisville wheelmen lass week. Mr. Kniltk to booming the National League, to Mset at Detroit July 16, 17 and J?. Wheelmen 'S that city are preparing to entertain 10.O0O vl&ltors. At tlie Bieetins; tf the Louisville Club Tuesday, Mr. 'lory Crunk, Treasurer, resigned, resigned, and Mr. Auk fiopko was elected to tno vacant oRioc Mr. Crth has performed the duties of a moKt trlOK place admirably, au4 Uie ciib regrets tLat bunlness compdtea his retirement. - The reception, dance and supper of the Louisville Cycln Hub. Wednesday evening, was ss suoccxKfiit as the many pleasant analnt of a similar kind ttat preceded IU The Louisville club Is fast gaining aa ea vlale reputation Sir the excellent entee-t entee-t entee-t inatents It proldes lor its aicuibeis atat their ftleods. '

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 12 Apr 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 20

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