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 - in Camp at Pennsylvania of the Republic...
in Camp at Pennsylvania of the Republic historic battlefield, ground on Eist arranged on The at Washington interfer nnmber in camp armed by Saturday afternoon, with the 3 o'clock were escort Army Band Department Taylor, of drove to camp officers had the ' Sunflowers," 'Doles' 1 are The 'Goats," later in by the I'md white umbrella, that they be- Order of Goats " drawn by goat tagged at ponderous the legend, Lambs, Oivh and Quartermaster assigned to Band by a large to that of maiched National Cemetery an able ser John 12th hymns Grand Army Band camp had thunder shower parade Taylor evening oft servica at headquarters participated finni, of pecnlnr to of the vet had a pic aic witnessed line did not before the military After dre«s read the he and comrades inter parade by the down town the been ar lively in camp all (be in cann morning as in front a number fine appearance I-red. Tate "on of years the him The lid his father's Lonneiu made in injury th n a interfere Fourth Accidents. Last evening, as Mr. Adam Baker and Mr Farber, a Pittsbnrg veteran, were ndmg behind a pair of horses coming down the hill from Birtow's Knoll to the Hams- burg road, the horses became frightened and ran oft, throwing both occupants of thp buggy out as the team made the sharp turn into the road Mr Baker escaped without injury, but Mr Farher was not so fortunate having both bones of his right leg broken above the ankle and an ngly gash in the lelt thigh besides other bruises Hewasbrongbt to town to Mr Rowan's on East Middle street, where he was stopping and Doctors Walter O Neal and Henry Stewart attended the in] unes Yesterday noon, Gertie, daughter of Mr Wm F Lilt, of rrinklin township, fell from a cherry tree and dislocated her heft shoulder joint, which Doctors Walter O Neal and Henry Stewart reduced On Thursday, William, son of Mr George W Sheeler, ol Strabin township, while leading a horse to water was kicked ami had hisnght arm fractured below the elbow, which Dr J B Scott set On Thursday, Jimes Valentine and Wm Cnfl, colored, ol this place, were engaged in mowing on the farm of Philip Honck, near towu The former, whilst trying to escape from a bumble bee cut the latter with his scythe in the leg above the inkle joint, partially severing the tendon A number of stitches were required to close the wound Dr Dukson attended the case HagorstGum Fair At (lie recent meeting of the Managers of tbe Hagerstown Fair Association, which adopted the resolution expressive of tbe esteem in which the former Editor of this paper wa a held as a member r f their Advis ory Btmd as puhhshed in oar lust, the foi lowing bnimesa was done All exhibitors of runchinery will he per routed to connect with the line shift and will he fnrnished with power for operating machinery, tree of charge tbe latter clanae being a departure from the cnstom of past years Tbe secretary was instructed to correspond with n nnmber of expert judges and if pos sible secure their services in tie Jiflerent departments of live stock Thos J Stable n son of H i Stable, rle censed, and prasint editor of the Gettysburg COMI n KB was elected to ill] the vacancy ID the Mr isory Board Tohn L Cost viho tins taken great interest in the poultry department, was pres ent and made valuable suggestions which will result in all probiblllty, in making the ponltry exhibit large and most interesting It was decided to put an addition to the ponltry building, improve the grand stand and other buildings A number ol new attractions will be se- cnred for the Fur next fall, and among them will be a race by horses from tne lue counties comprising the society A novel feature ol the race will be I h i t fur the first half mile the horses are to walk second half mile trot and tnird hilf mile run, a mi c and a half in all Lutheran Reunion at York. As already announced m these columns tbe second annnal reunion of tne Lathers congregations and Snndaj schools of York and vicinity, will be held this year on Thnrs da; and Friday, July 31st and 22d Th committee of arrangements is busy at wor to make tbe same a grand success Th first da; will be Children's Day, on whic there will be a reunion of all the Lnthera Snnda; schools of the city, and as many o the county as can be secured. There wi be a large chorus of the children Amon the speakers for the day will be Revs H I Wile, of Carlisle, Pa., Edwin Heyl Delk J r , of Hageratown, Md , J H Weber, D D , Snnday, Pu , J H Menges,of Philadel phia, Pa , S B Barnitz, D D , of De Momca la, and Mr Henry S Boner .Super mtendent of our Lutheran Publication Honse Tlie General Reunion will take place on Friday, tbe 22d There will be specia selections of music, such aa solos, duets quartets, etc Prof H Gipe will ha\e charge of the music on both days, and wil act as conductor Among the speakers for the day will he Keva W M Banm, D D , of Philadelphia, Pa , E K Bell, D D , of Cincinnati, O W E Parson, D D , of Washington, D C , Sylvnnus Stall, of Philadelphia, Pa , C S Albert, D D, ol Baltimore, Md , and the Secretaries of onr Boards, Ecvs Geo Scholl, D D , A Stewart Hartman and J N Lenker The platform on the grounds will be snDiciently enlarged, and a.iata will be provided for Ihe audience It is believed tbe York street railway company will by that time have their cars propelled b; electricity so that the transit to aud Irom High land Park will be very rapid gnests at the B Koberts C aig Airs Lam-aster Dr J W C party over Bntchelder, took of rail Maryland Siding to energetic- have about of Spring the line Additional rapidly as eflort is to by the begin THF DAISOER 01 1m W A T E R -- I awrence Kenuft, of Oneida, Isew ^ ork, a man of kreat physical strength while at work in his harness CiUory on the lOLb i n s t , swallowed a glo-ssful of ice w iter and some time after felt a «h irp psuu in his riL,ht arm In half IQ hour he wiis pira]} -d m hiH ri^ht side and two hours 1 tier he died Air kcnna w IP in excellent health at the lime mil the doctors called to relieve h i m said his death w is l u e l o t i e i c e w i l e r that (.hill ed tits 1 lood ami parjl}zed the urcuUlioo cf Ihe f l u i d m Ihe arteries The very warm weather in Inue has made the consumption o f i e e w ter general and indiscreet i n d u l Leuce n it is responsible for many deaths flip W I I K V P NUT I II I FD --There are in dicahons of i poor wheat c rop lu these parts notwithstanding the tine appearance of Ihe fields This is d n e t o l h e net weather which pre ailed when the wheat was in blossom Heavy rains at snch times prevent the viheat from filling and we learn from a nnruber of firmers thai there vnll be plenty of poorly filled heads m the fields this year -- (ml ·,/ THF 1 ofa M Ims shown ils enterprise by euteimg the Presidential campaign at the very start In the Time nnmber Senator Hoar aud ex Secretary Pavard discussed the issnes of the contest and the July n n m her, which was issued n day alter the Chica go convention ad| inrned contpms t w o trficles on the 1 residential candidates -"Harrison, ' by Senator Hawley and 'Cleveland " by Charles Francis Adams In these two numbers of 7In Pinum there fore is the ramp ngn material--manutsbel --that the whole '·imimer's discussion will Faiificld Fishing Club. On June 21st the Fairfield Pishing Club had their spnng encampment at the torks of Marsh aid Rock creeks on the farm ol Mrs Joseph Witberow to the delightful place we have been going for ten years During all this time we have enjoyed Ihe hospitality and kindness of the family for which we want to most heartily thank them, for without which much of our comfort would have been destroyed Never have we had a more pleasant visit than this one We had an excellentcook, well equipped ramp and good weather and plenty ol fi-ih Messr" Schearer and McCmley were quite successful as fly fishers, catching some line bass We had visitors every day, amoug whom were Col Swope, Mr Bofhngton and Mr Newe»mer, whcse company we much enjoyed But the last «venmg was made perhaps the most pleasant the club has ever had by the visit of Miss Lizzie Lntt and her two brothers, the Misses Heilman Mr and Mrs Lncian Witherow and the yonng ladies of the place at which we were encamped,and some other young people whose names I do not know I mnst not forget to mention Frank, a very old colored man who was a slave bnt is now living with the Witbeiow family He add ed murh to our amusement by his songs and eloquence We hope to be able at our next year's meeting to accept the invitation of the Witherow family to join them in their centennial celebration ot the building ol their house The honse, by the way, is made interesting by the fact that it is built hall in Maryland and half in Pennsylvania Mason and Dixon's line running right through it and alsodmdlng the firm v ength wise By order of Club J Li N E K I I From Bonncauulllo. The spirit of improvement seems to have strrck our town The members of S,- Joseph H chnrch have removed the nusigluly The section is heavy The ly, and The bright, peaches but Mrs cut badly A yonng here, fell arm between week Dr ing well Workmen old brick new and Mr Devme, one day 1,720 sirce last Jttiii week, alter as Maitin down street, came oft a fngblnl turned the setting pauts was token oflice of several Tom the sustained »ne hind iroken One ler'a horses wing aud badly ir more Rev K H f the ntroeluctory icre on Mr Wm G pending u this or hey will ml Iron? n Topeka Mr Chas he bouse ism and ess He crutrh and Rev Samnel 'bile -*enna ng on his f o r a ide over o Pen Mnr season There n all KI rat telegram fter the ve year-old N K U i or papa Dorothy n leveland he name ghted with le following levelaml Bi/MUD'S Whitney I oa to those hase a lade m my nbonn.led euetulship THF old fence from parsonage and in front of the charch atul lerraced the whole front thereby h reatly improving the appearance Some mist reaot cut the rope from thelhg pole OD Sweet Home public school The wheat is nearly all cut and the croj is good Com is very promising Oatu not ·MI good We had a good hay crop which was generally housed in good order Ihe I r n i t crop is or will be a failure this year Berne*) are plenty The Mitse* Battm in of Philadelphia nieces of Rev J Mcliride, arc visiting him here Kev J Tahb, of Plhcolt City Md , was the gtiest of Mr aud Mrc I A Noel, the pa-st week Tnf and Wm Cronlden, blind children 01 onr fellow townsmen, Jerome Goulden, have returned from the Blind Asylum at Phila delphia, from which institution the elder, William, graduated a few diys ago They are accomplished youths Joseph will re tnrn again this September William is a musician and will offer his services to tune aud repair pianos aud organs \our correspondent witnessed a fight be tween a small meadow rnon«e and a garter smke two feet long, one day lost week, in which the mouse succeeded in getting a firm hold on the lower j iw of the snake and hold ing fast u n t i l the snake qmeted, when the mouse loosed his hold and ran away the snake made a eonvnlmve movement after- waids and was dead Robert J and W Stuart Watson ire visiting their grandfilher, Dr R»bert Wataon, at Fan-field K Arontsvillo Items. says of the dent ' O rover had shown man and confi lence tended for admimstntion ment and dignity h id citi/«Q ami quence was canhdicy by able masses aggressive like him m come and Ins (ordance Wm tl L new and J I F K R greatly Paints, of all kinds prices, We buy from price WM- J Hi 1 at bcrt Mr tt b i n t o LI- K of lit hint l , it M u m m t m t o w S l ' J I Jiuy t it H i j o o/ B ru Lk OJ K.S M

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