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Thomas Whiteside, Brakeman, as 41 Years of Service With Santa Fe In he Three veteran shop employes and a bralceman with 41 .years of service to nis credit have been placed on the Santa Fe pension roll, it was an nounced yesterday. The tension list includes the names of John V. Gruber, a blacksmith Fred Bolts, a carpenter: John Sedge-wleh, Sedge-wleh, Sedge-wleh, a boilermaker, and Thomas B. hiteside. a brakeman, local men. A brief history of the careers of the men pensioned follows: , Thmis B. Whiteside, a hraeman on the Los Angeles division. -a -a born on A"u8t 8, 1858. in- in- Lancaster coun Pennsylvania. He entered the service of, the Santa Fe in March, 1879. the construction department under A. Robipson, chief engineer, at ... T r .AAA . . riurence, a.nn. in tssj ne, Became a brakeman, with headquarters In Bjir-Hnjrame, Bjir-Hnjrame, Bjir-Hnjrame, Kan. In the following year as promoted to. tonductor. In 1881 he was a brakeman at Emporia, Kan., and in December, 1881, was pro moted to cenductor. In 1884 he was passenger cenductor out Of Emporia. 1887 he transferred to Los Angeles a brakeman, and in January, 1889. became a passenger conductor. serving !n this capacity until 1896. In March, 1S96. he again became a brake-man. brake-man. brake-man. Mr. Whiteside's period of con tinuous service is 41 years, and his monthly allowance will be 143.55. During During his 40 years of falthfu! service Mr. Khiteside is proud of his record of never having received a "Brownie" .or reprimand. John W. Gruber. a blacksmith In the San Bernardino shops, was born on June 1, 1853, in Tobyhama Mills, Pa. He entered the service of the Santa on February 10, 1904, as a black smith in the San Bernardino shops, serving in this capacity until pension- pension- ills period of continuous service s 15 years. , Fred Bol. a carpenter in the bridee and building department at San Ber nardino, was born on February 4, 1849, aaen, Germany. He entered the service of the Santa fe On February iuo, as a neiper in th B. & B. der partment on the Los Angeles division. January, 1910, he was promoted to carpenter, serving in this capacity until . pensioned. . His period of firm Unuous servjee Is 17 yars. John W. Sedgwick, a boilermaker in the San Bernardino shops, Was born on April 28, 1854, in Ft. Wayne,. Ind. He entered the service of the Santa Fe on April 1. 1894. as a boilermaker at San Bernardino, serving in this capacity capacity until pensioned. His period of continuous service is 26 years., and his monthly allowance will be $30. Twelve local employes' relatives will aeain Denents from the coin-party, coin-party, coin-party, it was also announced. Here is a list of former employes whose rela tives were paid benefits: - Frank S. Jordan, brakeman, San Bernardino. George N. Qish, dispatcher, San Ber-nardlno. Ber-nardlno. Ber-nardlno. , r. S. Demaree, locomotive ter, gan Bernardino. H. J. Ahler. locomotivB San Bernardino. J. E.. Butler, dispatcher, San Bernardino. Bernardino. W. E. Collins, mechanical helper, San Bernardino. . A. B. Croskey, machinist, San Bernardino. Bernardino. Jose Martinez, storeman, San Bernardino. Bernardino. J. p. Gonzalez, boilermaker, San Bernardino. H. R. Preston, engineer. J. Q. Hickrnan, stockman, San Bernardino. Bernardino. Dispatcher to Visit Mother and Boyhood Home in Vermont; Gone Two Months , Train Dispatcher A. W. Price will leave today on a vacation trip which will require two months to complete and which will take him back to his boyhood home in Vermont, to many of the larger cities of tbe country and to Canada. Mr. Price plans to visit his mother in Vermont, a brother in New Hampshire Hampshire and his daughter, Mrs. Stock, in San Francisco. He will go to Qhicago, Detroit, Toronto, New York, Washington Washington and cities in the northwest. Because of a general shortage of train dispatchers here, it was necessary to get F. W. Quimbach, well known dispatcher dispatcher of Needles, to work Mr. Price's trick during the latter'B absence. Mr. Quimbach began his work hero yesterday. yesterday. carpen- carpen- carpenter, Joint Line Is Opened Announcement is made by the South. era Pacific Company through General Manager J. H. Dyer pf the completion f its new line in the San Joaquin Valley, Valley, between Porterville and Ducor a distance of 13 miles. By the terms of a Joint agreement the Santa Fe will have equal rights with the Southern -acuic. -acuic. ine latter company will op. erate its trains over that line, schedules schedules for which are now in preparation. Freight tariffs have already been prepared prepared and will become effective Sep. tember 2, 1920. The new line serves the same terri- terri- ijijr iorrneny reacned By an electric road, owned and operated by , the cuutuern a-acinc, a-acinc, a-acinc, wnich has been aban-! aban-! aban-! doned, and the new line, of higher stan-1 stan-1 stan-1 dard construction, easier grades and j curvatures, built to reach nor nnlv orf. ditlonal territory but also to facilitate movement of traffic from a potentially rich and rapidly growing citrus fruit section in which many San Franciscans are interested. S. P. enlarges Fruit Business PASADENA. July Jl. That trie Southern Pacific Railroad has taken over in its entirety the Fruit Growers' Express, owning a laree fleet or . jfrlgerator cars, and will henceforth operate these cars on western lines of I the Southern Pacific, to move Califor-nia Califor-nia Califor-nia fruits and vegetables, waa the announcement announcement made here todav tw n w Wetherby, freight and traffic agent of me oouinern Pacific Company here. Mr. Wetherby stated that acquisl. tion of the Fruit Growers,' Express car will greatly relieve the car shortage shortage on the coast, for which California shippers will be glad.. In the past the Fruit Growers' Express cars were used all over the country, he said, whereas now" they art to be concentrated on the coast. The Southern Pacfflc waa previofn-ly previofn-ly previofn-ly a stockholder In the Fruit Oro. a. Express, b"ut did not have a contro.....,' interest. Tfte consideration whereny It acquired the rolling stock was feot made known. What After Sept. 1? What changes in railroad operation will come after September l.'the date when the "six months' te6t period" for the Railroads will expire? The government guaranteed railroad 6 per cent profit for the -r -r first six months after the federal control. was relinquished. . That the Santa Fe as well as Other lines plan some changes that will bring about more economy and more profit is the belief of many railroad men here. Railroad men in general believe that the Saint and Angel, fast trains form erly operated between San Francisco and Los Angeles, will return. The trains were taken off shortly after America' entered the war. Whether any other trains will be added to the schedule or some re moved is now proving an interesting topic for discussion among local railroaders. railroaders. . Labor Day Committee Meets- Meets- Appointment of a number of commit tee chairmen to have charge of the big Labor Day celebration to be held in San Bernardino on September 6 is expected expected to be effected tomorrow night when the Labor Day committee of the central Labor Council will meet with committees of various organizations of the city. The program and celebration to be held here promises to be the most ex. tensive are held in San Bernardino in ODservance of Labor Day. All mein-bers mein-bers mein-bers of the committees are asked to be present at 7 p. m. and at the Labor Temple. To Play at Kingman j Claude Houser, well known machin. ist, has reorganized the old Santa Fe shops baseball club, which will play its iirst game toaay at Kingman. The Kingman team defeated the local ap prentice players on two occasions, but Houser believes he has a club that will defeat the Arizona nine. He will pitch, using Knuckles for a catcher. "Bill" Holmes and "Shorty1 Ralston, machinists, are in the lineup, as are many of the employes who formerly played on the Santa Fe teams or several seasons past. ' On Vacation-Superintendent Vacation-Superintendent Vacation-Superintendent of Shops A. G. Arm strong and Mrs. Armstrong, with their children, are at the beach on their annual vacation. Allen Quits Here r w. Allen, roundhouse machinist, yesterday resigned his position here and will move pit family to San Diego. They plan to leave San Bernardino shortly. , . Middleton Is Sick- Sick- Tom Middleton, well known car department department employe, was taken 111 yes- yes- terpay. while at work and removed to bis home. Of Work Tom Stansbury, car department em p'oye, has been off work severaj days on account 01 illness. . , Fish In Little Bear-Merely Bear-Merely Bear-Merely because expert fishermen re port fishing very quiet in Little Bear Lake at present, did not stop Train master J. D. McCuly and Chief Dis. patcher C. W. Smith from going to Little Bear Valley yesterday on a fish ing trip. Eefore the two left, they wanted to wager on the size of their prospective catch, but refused to make the prospective catch large enough to get a wager. Mrs. Smith and the Smith family are now in the valley on a summer's summer's vacation. Police Department Row Before Coancil Monday ' (Continued rrom Page Zleves) The Best Physio When you want a pleasant physic try Chamberlain's Tablets. Tl ey are easv ts take and mild and gentle In effect They are hiebiy prized by ;opl who have become acquainted with their rood aualitwa. Thev nnlv rnt n.r. Tier. they are tbe only experienced men left on the force. The police department situation yes terday became the general topic of discussion over the city. Chief Daley said his action In dls- dls- missing the three policemen was in accordance with the instructions from the council to lay off four men. ef fective August 1. It has been generally . understood since the original raw, when the council council summoned the entire police depart ment ana required the officers to tes tify as jo their opinion of the ability of Chief Daley, that the chief held Baldwin and Poppett primarily responsible responsible for the criticism against him. Gus Mespelt, who has be-n be-n be-n nls-M nls-M nls-M drsk sergeant, was laid off, Dal.y said, Decause tie cannot drive an automobile. automobile. It developed yesterday that Mespelt can drive an automobile and holds a chauffeur's license - Is Closed Ineident "As far as I am concerned the Incident Incident Is closed and I hope that the last word has been said," said Police Chief Daley wben giving his opinion of the recent wholesale dismissal of police L, ' . ' s runnru mow mm on me roro who were most efficient," went on I I A or

Clipped from
  1. The San Bernardino County Sun,
  2. 01 Aug 1920, Sun,
  3. Page 12

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