Kilauea volcano kills man during 1924 eruption

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Kilauea volcano kills man during 1924 eruption - su-perinten of R. in a of Bige-law he...
su-perinten of R. in a of Bige-law he Para-mashiru by Hama-kaze in VOLCANO TAKES TOLL OF ONE LIFE; ARMY SEARCHING PARTIES HUNT FOR . mo MISSING IN ERUPTION ZONE Photographs of Spot At Time of Explosion Show No Persons At Place Missing Men Believed To . Be Privates Hinman and Simmons, 3rd Engineers Special Star.Bulletin Radio) HILO, May 19. -The rumor that two soldiers were seen at the firepit of the volcano just before the explosion yesterday in which Truman A. Taylor lost his life, is doubted here. Photographs taken of the pit at that time show no one where the two men are said to have been standing. The two men who were said to have been seen standing by the side of the volcano pit during one of the explosions on Saturday may be two enlisted men of the 3rd Engineers who were not with their detachment Friday afternoon when it returned to Hilo. The men are: Pvt. Edward J. Hinman. Pvt. Howard J. Simmons. According to word received at general headquarters of the army today the men were given permission to go on a hike and had not returned when the detachment with which they were connected left the volcano. Whether they lost their lives is not at all certain, as there still seems to be doubt as to whether two men were really seen at the volcano pit. They have not been heard from, however." A dispatch received at general headquarters of the Hawaiian department latt night from the commanding officer of the military camp at Kilauea said that all members of the searching party which eet out to locate two men, said to have been standing by the side of the pit, had been accounted for. The report said there had been a very heavy eruption of the volcano at 11 o'clock on Sunday when two soldiers were reported seen on the edge of the pit..,.; . A search party of volunteers was immediately organized, according to the report, and a thorough search was made of the area where the men had beeri seen. No trace of them was found when all members cf the searching party had been accounted for. The report said the airplane land ing field which is within a comparatively short distance from the pit was covered with big boulders. Th3 report said that no danger was anticipated at the military camp. Army officials said that -the groups or enlisted men who havu been visiting the volcano constituted about 100 men. The fact that the landing field is covered with boulders, officials said, would make it impossible to send an airplane up there. ITALIANS AID Back Experts' Report and Urge Convening of Inter - Allied Conference (Associated Press by Naval Radio) MILAN, May 19. The Italian and Belgian ministers agreed here today upon the necessity for a speedy settlement of the reparations problem by carrying out the findings of the experts' report. They agreed also upon the advisability of convening an interallied conference and that interallied debts should be connected with the reparations problem. RELEASES S. 0; BELGIANS AGREE Oil REPARATIONS H RAM JOHNSON Latest Phase of 54 -' , r .'J. - s.- ,: First picture of the latest phase of activity at the volcano of Kilauea. This photo was taken at 11:20 yesterday morning, when one of the largest explosions of the, series took place. Earlier pictures showed great clouds of very light dust. The later spouts from the great pit contain heavier dust and boulders and rocks of all sizes, and with heavy rain falling the volcanic dust is turned into mud. The photo herewith was taken by Maehara of Hilo. , ... TNI STUDENTS OF T HELD UP HAND ITS Rob Both Young Man and Woman and Disable Auto To Prevent Any Chase Three armed men held up and robbed Theodore Barber and Miss Aileen Willard, students of the Uni versity of Hawaii, about midnight Saturday night on the Kahala road while the young people were re turning from a party. According to Barber's 6tory, they were driving into town along the Kahala road when they were ordered to stop at the intersection of the Kahala road and that leading to the military reservation. Take Money and Gems One of the men entered the car, forcing the occupants at the point of a gun to get into the back seat while he took from them money and personal effects. The other men, according to Barber's story, separated, one standing on one side of the car and the second on the other side of the car. They took from Barber his watch, other personal effects and money amounting in value to about $50 and from Miss Willard her vanity case and other Jewelry, Before leaving they took the key to Barber's car and disconnected wires in the machine, apparently to prevent his folknving them. Barber believes that they had a car not far away in which , they escaped after the robbery. Keep Coats Over Faces Barber is 19 years old and the son of II. D. Barber, internal revenue agent in charge at Honolulu. Volcanic Spout - I ' .-si - . 5- A t ' COVERIOD SAITO . OF KOREA; FIRED ON; IS UNRURT Thirty . Shots Greet Saito l While On Annual Tour of Inspection On Boat (Associated Press cy Naval Radio) TOKIO,' May 19. Baron Saito, governor general of Korea, was fired upon from the banks of the river Daido, Korea, while he was on his annual tour of inspection. according to a dispatch received here today. He was not iniured. Thirtv shots were fired, the governor's guard on the steamer returning the lire. . - i Governor General Saito has been the object of repeated attempts at assassination, A few years ago several of his attendants killed when a bomb was thrown. but the governor escaped without injury. . KonaPair Drive Through District Of Volcanic Rain Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Aungst See Telephone Poles Shattered By Lightning The thrilling experiences of two Bijr Island residents. Mr. and Mrs. T- S. Aungst of who Truman Taylor First Victim In Recent History of Volcano's Activity Volcano House Closed; National Park Vacated As Explosions Menace Life (Special Star-Oulletin Radio) HILO, May 19. Kilauea volcano has claimed its first victim in recent history. Truman A. Taylor, bookkeeper at Pahala, died at 11:30 o'clock last night at Hilo hospital from hemorrhage and shock. One lej? had been amputated at the ankle after it had been crushed by a shower of rocks from the volcano. Taylor was found shortly before noon yesterday by an unidenliiiel man who heard his screams, lie was covered by burning ash, and both legs were crushed. First aid was given by Capt. l K. McKonxio, surgeon at Kilauea military camp, and the injurt'd man was rushed in an array ambulance, accompanied by Miss Moliy Thomas. Hilo nurse. to Hilo hospital, where all efforts to save his life were unavailing. ' Taylor was from Chicago, and had been In I'ahala about two months, after a stay of three weeks in Honolulu. He wore a tag bearing the legend "U. S. A. 3422)44." Mrs It. W. Rouse, a Kistcr at Area, 111, was notified. Funeral services ar being held this afternoon and further arrangements ar being held up pending receipt of instructions from the relatives of the deceased. An inquest is being held today. National Park Closed Thomas Boles, superintendent of the national park, who is in Hilo today, said the Volcano House had been ordered closed and tho national park vacated until the present violent outbreak of the volcano abates. The road around the island remains open, ns it is two miles from the firepit. The park roud, leading to "Waldron's ledge and Uwekahuna, bluff, is closed to all persons. Hangers are stationed on the road with orders to arrest persons who attempt to cross the danger line. Engineer Hoog and Gardener 'fait, who remained at the Volcano House last nignt, telephentd that another eruption had occurred this morni..g at 3:30 o'clock, but was not ns violent as the preceding ones. Stili another eruption occurred at seven o'clock this morning. Roy II. Finch nd the observ.itoiy party returned this morning after a night spent at 1's Miles. Boles Is returning to he Volcano, leaving his family here. Air Full Of Electricity The air about the Volcano is "lighly charged with static electricity. All fuses at "he Valcano Housa have been blown cut, and telephone connections are spasmodic. All foliage within two miles of the Volcano Is covered with nshes and pierced with pebbles. Mud stands an inch thick on the porch cf Holes' house, and has hardened to the consistency of cement. The eave gutters of the Volcano IIouss are broken by the weight of the ashes and rebbles. Angleworms are lying dead all about tho area. The half-mile road leading up to the crater has been destioyed by huge boulders. For the last 24 hours or more the has been at the most violent stage of the present disturbance. Terrific eruptions, explosions of rocks and showers of sand and ashes have occurred almost Incessantly. Kach large eruption is accompanied by a shower of large rocks, which are hurled to a distance of almost three quarters of a mile. These are followed by a downpour of ashes and mud caused by heavy rainfall. Lightning and thunder add to the spectacle. John Watt of Honolulu, former manager of Olaa plantation, received a message today from George Duncan, chief engineer of Olaa, saying: "Kilauea in most spectacular eruption in 100 years. Marvelous sight. If continues, better come.".. Although sightseers are being kept at a distance from the firepit. for reasons of safety, the road around the island, which passe along the edge of the crater ln full view of the spectacle, is open.

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  1. Honolulu Star-Bulletin,
  2. 19 May 1924, Mon,
  3. Other Editions,
  4. Page 15

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  • Kilauea volcano kills man during 1924 eruption

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