Nixon praised for interactions with Khrushchev

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Nixon praised for interactions with Khrushchev - The Nixon-Khrushchev Nixon-Khrushchev...
The Nixon-Khrushchev Nixon-Khrushchev Nixon-Khrushchev Debate it Nixon Gets Praise By William McGaffin Lincoln Journal-Chicago Journal-Chicago Journal-Chicago Daily News Service - Washington It pays to talk tough to Khrushchev. Khrushchev. That is the moral most observers here are drawing as they assess the aftermath of the heated verbal duel Vice President Nixon had with the Soviet premier on Friday. They are. basing their conviction on the interpretation interpretation the two debaters themselves put on the talks a couple of days later, when both had cooled off. There were no 'hard feelings, they both agreed as they ribbed each other good-naturedly good-naturedly good-naturedly good-naturedly during a Sunday cruise. And they shook hands on Nixon's definition of the Friday Friday talks as "direct, frank and non-belligerent." non-belligerent." non-belligerent." non-belligerent." As a matter of fact, the debate was not as heated as first reports seemed to indicate, according to advices received from Moscow by both President Eisenhower and the State Department. But the debate was much sharper than the telecast shown in the United States over the weekend would indicate. The telecast, it was Krushchev and Nixon in Happier Mood pointed out, failed to include the most spirited exchange between the two leaders. This took place in the kitchen of the model home at the American exhibition in Moscow. Sen. Hubert Humphrey (D-Minn), (D-Minn), (D-Minn), a presidential presidential hopeful for 1960 who had an 8-hour 8-hour 8-hour interview interview with Khrushchev a few months ago, is one of the exceptions among Washington Politicians. He does not think it was such a good idea for Nixon to tangle in public with Khrushchev. "It is difficult to win in any rough and tumble with Khrushchev," he said. ? Praise for Nixon The general consensus here is that it was a good thing for Nixon to stand up to Khrushchevand Khrushchevand he did "a beautiful job of it." One official at the State Department put it this way: "It is hard to conduct diplomacy when the other guy is not abiding by the rules. Khrushchev Khrushchev has been lousing up the Geneva conference conference of foreign ministers with the things he has, been saying outside first in Albania, and more recently in Poland. , "Here is the first attempt by a high U.S. official to meet him on his own ground. Nixon handed him back sonic of his own medicine. And if he should find it distasteful, maybe he'll think again before he carrlei on as he has don In the pait" for Performance Politicians here are reacting with a surpris-... surpris-... surpris-... ing bipartisanship to the highly unprecedented verbal clash. -It -It is to be expected that the Republicans -would -would be patting their man on the back for standing up to the Soviet leader. Sen. Everett Dirksen (R-IU), (R-IU), (R-IU), Senate'minor-ity Senate'minor-ity Senate'minor-ity leader, for instance, said: "I'm glad Dick put his best foot forward, and his chin up, The thing they, respect over there is strength and forthright talk." It was not expected, however, that Demo-crats Demo-crats Demo-crats like Sens. Paul Douglas (111.) and Mike - Mansfield (Mont.) would be equally lavish in their support of Nixon. , But as Mansfield, the assistant majority leader of the Senate, pointed out, Nixon is "our vice-president, vice-president, vice-president, regardless of politics." He said that he had "handled himself well and rolled with the punches" in a difficult and delicate situation. Compared to Mucin Ulan In s,ome ways, this reminded Mansfield of what happened when British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan went to Moscow on a goodwill goodwill trip. ' After a meeting that started with seeming cordiality, Khrushchev suddenly cut loose with a critical speech "while Macmillan was visiting visiting outside Moscow. "Macmillan rolled with the punches and came out with greater stature," Mansfield recalled. recalled. And he thinks that Nixon will emerge with greater stature, too. Sen. Douglas commented that "when Nixon tangles with Khrushchev, we're all on Nixon's Nixon's side." Press Comments Some of the newspapers in London and Paris seemed shocked by the sharp exchange. The London Daily Express called it "a disgraceful disgraceful performance!" But Washington newspaper comment has backed up Nixon solidly. The conservative Star notes that "Pessimists by droves can be counted upon to regard the whole business as an ominous harbinger of things to come." Then it adds that it's doubtful whether any harm has been done by the Nixon-Khrushchev Nixon-Khrushchev Nixon-Khrushchev verbal set-to. set-to. set-to. "Actually-, "Actually-, "Actually-, it may help to:lear the air in a-way a-way a-way that will lead to fruitful results in the private talks the vice-president vice-president vice-president is having with the Soviet premier," the paper says. The liberal Washington Post praises Nixon for rendering a good account of himself. It noted that "he used good judgment and restraint In answering Khrushchev without either resorting to threats or yielding to In-Umidalion." In-Umidalion." In-Umidalion." It said that "his behavior stacks up well against the rather silly Soviet performance in removing books from the American exhibition exhibition and censoring news stories." . The Post pointed out that it was clear enough that what was bothering Khrushchev was the fact that the United States was observing observing "Captive Nations Week" at the very moment that Nixon was arriving in Moscow on a good will mission. The paper felt that the raising of the ia sue at this particular time was "an unnecef lary and rather fuUl pio oi provocation,

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  2. 28 Jul 1959, Tue,
  3. Main Edition,
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  • Nixon praised for interactions with Khrushchev

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