Religious leaders respond to Robert F. Kennedy's death

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Religious leaders respond to Robert F. Kennedy's death - 14 THE MARION STAR Thursday, June 6, 1968...
14 THE MARION STAR Thursday, June 6, 1968 'Something's Wrong With Us Religious Leaders Believe Fatal 'Virus Of Violence' Is Assessed U.S. Has Symptoms Of Moral Sickness, Smoldering Hostility By GEORGE W. CORNELL AP Religion Writer NEW YORK (AP) Something's wrong with us, something blind, hard and wanton which triggers the fury and the fanatic's bullets. That is the assessment by religious leaders of the United States' virus of violence. In the aftermath of the shooting of Sen. Robert F, Kennedy, they saw in that event and in other recent destructive upheavals and deaths both a moral sickness and smoldering hostil Ities pervading American socie ty., Nation of Cynics ' "We've lost tne sense of the sanctity of life," Rabbi Dr. Abraham Heschel, a noted Biblical scholar, said Wednesday. "We've become a nation of cynics, master debunkers of quality, nobility and the great values. . "We've surrendered our religious traditions for a cheap, self-regulating attitude which assumes it has no need of higher laws. It's a conspiracy of all of us. We've all failed." j It is this general environment of shattered standards, strong-j arm tactics and undisciplined behavior not just the mania of individual perpetrators which the religious thinkers cited as a catalyst to the violent acts. . "Statistically, the number that commit the acts are small, in) ,'X ..... ' f !J ' N y L ,v t.-v; - . VI - in i o i. f i f? THEY LOST A FATHER. Five of the 10 children of slain Robert Kennedy, accompanied by their dog, Freckles, are leaving California to return to Washington. They are (left to right) an unidentified girl carrying Matthew, 6; Michael, 10, holding dog; Mary Kerry, 8; Christopher, 4; and Mary Courtney, 11. (UPI Telephoto) Widow of Violence' New Type of Woman Is Thrust Upon U.S. Scene By JEAN SPRAIN WILSON I ed," said his widow a year after Associated Press Writer the tragedy. Eventually Mrs. NEW YORK (AP) - In five ! ?.vers- haunted by memories in Cut they're inclined to do it by,vears of American history, the'""TXVl the whole atmosphere of brute assassin's bullet has thrust upon force," said the Rev. Robert , the national scene a new type of woman the Widow of Violence. The shooting of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, who died today in a Los Angeles hospital with his allowed the mass entertainment I wife Ethel at his side, drew at- media, television, movies and tention anew to the procession comic books, to glorify violence of tragedy, in a terribly unhealthy way. The First, shortly after midnight amount of sadism and masoch- on June 11, 1963, a bullet killed ism is incredible." I civil rights leader Medgar Ev- Others cited the growth of ! ers in the doorway of his Jack- McNamara, a Fordham University sociologist 'We're Sick' "We're sick, sick, sick. We've militarism including the Viet nam war, the trend toward permissiveness and the over-all mechanization of life as engendering intense frustrations coupled with exploding disorder. me crusning Duraen oi ouri enormously complex social structures produces an inner son, Miss., nome. JFK Next Lying prone on the floor inside the house as they had been taught to do at the sound of gun fire were Evers wife Myrlie and their three children. 1 Five months later, on Nov. 22, 1963. President John F. Kenne- at NAACP meetings around the country. A few weeks ago Mrs. Evers said of her widowhood, "You learn to adjust and keep going, but you never get over it." The courage and gallantry that sustained Mrs. Kennedy during the ordeal of her husband's death, her majesty and sense of history in carrying out the President's state, moved to Clare-, captured the admiration of the mont, Calif, where she enrolled world. But the world did not let at Pomona College. Now 35, she1 her retreat into anonymity after will receive a bachelor's degree j leaving the White House. To es- on June 8. To help keep her hus- cape the curious, she gave up band's cause alive, Mrs. Evers her Georgetown home in hope of has written a book, "For Us, the finding privacy in New York- Living." She speaks regularly without success. Father Seeks Seclusion in Jordan Home Like Sister-in-Law Ethel Kennedy Bears Up in Agonizing Hours ness that makes people feel! dv wis shot dornn&D threatened and to react violently," said the Rev. Avery Dulles, of the Jesuits' Woodstock College in Maryland. "It s a perilous time. We re going to have to find some more las. Tex., motorcade with his wife Jacqueline at his side. And two days later Lee Harvey Oswald who the Warren Commission said killed the ! President was killed by Jack cWrly way of channeling thej.Jing CM's Soviet- new dynamics of change." The widespread availability of arms also was seen as accommodating the outbreaks of sniper fire in cities and assasina-tion, including those of the late President John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "The ease with which deadly weapons can be obtained in this country is really shocking," said the Rev. John Macquarrie, a British-born Anglican now teaching at Union Theological Seminary. He also cited a spreading attitude that people, in confronting society's power structures, "must be violent to establish their own identity." While historically such measures may sometimes be justified, he said, born wife with their two young sters in an alien country. On April 4 of this year Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was slain while standing on the balcony of a Memphis, Tenn., motel. leaving behind his wife Coretta andl their four youngsters. Remain in Spotlight Of these Widows of Violence, only the wife of Oswald has been able to regain a measure of private life. The two widows of civil rights leaders chose to remain in the spotlight to carry on their husbands' crusades. At the same time Mrs. John F. Kennedy remains in the national limelight. "When Medgar died, a part of me died. And I have just exist- a fimr for Fmhiom fC GESViXE I Ps IIAFFMA JL w f ElegMKe, exqiiktie n flm J Un tA detdilina and the vyj If t3 finest genuine j ' TLL.i "ii j-. ' knixrted RattM are in this , LOS ANGELES (AP) Joined by increasing numbers of the Kennedy clan, Ethel Kennedy kept vigil Thursday at the hospital wnere her husband, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, fought for survival from a bullet wound in the brain. Mother of the senator's 10 children and pregnant with an 11th, she was briefly separated from him at the instant a gunman shot him down, but cradled his bloody head in her arms within moments of the attack. The wifely gesture was simi lar to that of her sister-in-law. Jacqueline, when President John F. Kennedy was fatally wounded by an assassin at Dal las Nov. 22, 1963. Jacqueline flew from the East and joined Ethel at Good Samaritan Hospital Wednesday evening. The widow of another assassi nated leader, Mrs. Martin Luther King, flew here and made a brief visit to the hospital. Ethel had a room near the intensive care ward where Robert lay for more than 18 hours before he died today. She accompanied her husband in a police ambulance from the snooting scene in the Ambassador Hotel to Central Receiving Hospital, then to Good Samaritan. I A doctor who was with her in those first agonizing minutes praised her conduct highly. "She was very distraught, but si'perb," said Dr. Victor Baz, who-treated the senator at the receiving hospital. . "She was very edgy, but my cwn wife wouldn't have done as well, I don't think. "She didn't believe that he was alive sort of because she could see that he wasn't re sponding. "So, when we began to get a heartbeat, I put the stethoscope in her ears so she could listen, and she was tremendously re lieved." Also at the hospital were Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massa chusetts and two Kennedy sis ters, Pat Lawford and Eunice Shriver. Several of the Kennedys' chil dren had accompanied them on the final campaign trip to California, but none were present at the shooting or at the hospitals. They were taken back to Wash ington by pioneer astronaut John Glenn in a plane provided by Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey. TAIYEBA, Israeli-Occupied Jordan (AP) The father of the young man accused of shooting Sen. Robert F. Kennedy locked up his house today and cried from a window: "I am sorry. I brought up my children to be good." Scores of journalists con verged on ihis sleepy mountain village 2,500 feet high overlooking the city of Jericho. Bishara Sirhan, 53, a short, swarthy man who lives alone in his stone cottage in a field, then retreated behind the shutters and would only say: "I am very, very sorry. I brought up rny children as best 1 could and to fear God. I am sorry for what happened." Neighbors said Bishara Sirhan first went to the United States in 1950, and brought his wife Mary and sons Sherif, Adel, Munir. Sa'aduJlah, and Sirhan to America in 1957. Bishara quarrelled with his wife and returned to Jordan in 1961, neighbors said. In Taiyeba lie built his two-story cottage. Sirhan, who is jobless, said he had had no letters from his sons since he returned to the village, vhich fell under Israeli rule in the Middle East war a year ago. He is an American citizen and visited the United States twice after 1961. The people of Taiyeba, farm ers and shopkeepers, have over the past 50 years, been going to America to earn enough money i to come home and open a busi ness, j Surgeons Reveal Ex ten t o fBra in Damage Is Wide By RALPH DIGHTON AP Science Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) - It was a shattering .22-caliber bul let ramming into the depths of his brain which mortally wounded Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, but the precise medical cause of his critical condition and death-remained a mystery today. Up to his death, public knowl edge of the extent of his brain carnage was limited to sketchy reports. A police official said a post mortem would be performed. Until he died, all questions about the senator's condition were referred to news secretary Frank Mankiewicz. Sizable Clot' But a neurosurgeon quoted one of Kennedys surgeons Wednesday as saying the team of Kennedy doctors had discov ered "a sizeable blood clot in the head" caused by the bullet wound. Dr. Lawrence Pool said he was told Dy ur. Henry uuneo, "The superior cerebellar artery, at the forward end of the brain stem, was torn. . . Dr. Pool said the arterial tear "could be a serious matter, leading to trouble with vision, motion and life itself, affecting as it does the circulation of the brain stem.'' Partial Paralysis Most of the bullet, broken into fragments as it smashed into Kennedy's head at short range. was removed during a inree hour 40-minute long operation! Wednesday morning. One small ! fragment was left in the brain. I Mankiewicz said this was not a matter of reat concern to the j doctors, nor was a second bul-i let, which entered the slim sena-; tor's shoulder and came to rest lodged in his lower neck. At a briefing late Wednesday, Mankiewicz did not confirm nor deny a published report that Kennedy suffered partial paralysis of his left side. "I don't know anything about such a report," he said. "None of the doctors has told me that." Earlier, Dr. John D. French, director of the Brain Research Institute at the University of California at Los Angeles and a neurosurgeon, said in an interview that if the central core or stem of the brain were damaged badly "the outlook may be worse than if almost any other part of the brain were injured." Investigations at the insti tute have shown that this area is related to oenaviorai re sponses sucn as arousal from sleep and the skill with which we use our hands and feet," he said. "Persons so injured have been known to live indefinitely without recovering usefulness they become nobodies." Mourning (Continued From Page 1) dom to dispel the forces of irrational hate among us and to replace them with the love of man and God," Humphrey said. Former Vice President Richard M. Nixon said in a state ment in New York that Kenne dy's death "is a terrible tragedy both for a family and a nation which have known too many such tragedies in recent times." Nixon said, "Sen. Kennedy was a man of tremendous ener gy and. vitality. He was one of the great popular leaders in American history. Our deepest-sympathies go out to the family of Sen. Kennedy in this hour of grief." Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller of New York said the death of Kennedy was "an unspeakable tragedy and a terrible loss to the nation." Rockefeller proclaimed "the day of burial as a day of mourning in this state." A state of mourning for Cali fornia was declared by Gov, Ronald Reagan. 'I have directed that the peri od extend through the senator's funeral and that all flags in California he flown at half mast,' he said. CURRENT EARNING RATES . . . SAVINGS U ACCOUNTS i ACCOUNTS INSURED TO $15,000 HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION 137 S. Prospect St. " Phone 383-1197 Smart Shopptrs Read MARION STAR WANT ADS Vacation Cleaning Time!! adding machine in for a good cleaning. Now's the time to send your typewriter or IT'LL WORK BETTER!! BALSLEY TYPEWRITER Co. 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