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 - Hamsters- (CONTINUED FKO.M PAGE 1) "top knot"...
Hamsters- (CONTINUED FKO.M PAGE 1) "top knot" on the head ot the developing fetus. "The cells just slop dif- feremialing," Dr. Caraway explained explained -- lhat is, Ihey never "specialize" to perform the various life funclionb. "For all practical purposes, Ihese would be just vegetables," he said, pointing to tho liltle yellow bodies floalin in the f o r m aldehyde, preservative. "Brain tissue is the only type that can't regenerate itself.' Liver and kidney damage Is as frequent, Dr. Caraway rcporls, but not so critical since these tissues are regenerative, Eye damage occurs, but rarely, rarely, and in some lest series, as few as 5 lo 15 per cent of Ihe young had any of the congenilai defects in the "target tissues," tho researcher reported. Students show strong Interest -- in the high school seminars, iu undergraduate biology classes and in prcdental, premedicnl, were admitted LSD users, and one is a "vegetable" in a state menial health instilulion. "The effects of abuse . ere destructive. Users have to have a baby sitter," Dr. Caraway said, "and there .have been reports that they try to run over freight trains, and oilier feats." He said s t u d e n t s at California's Slanford University when polled, labeled "speed' destructive and too dangerous for anyone's consumption. Jtost young hamsters are sectioned sectioned from (he uterus and "put lo sleep" and the few banisters that were naturally born did nol survive, Dr. Caraway said. The National Institute of Health has had some success in saving young for long-term, third gcneralion breeding stock, Dr. Caraway reported. "They also have the $50 and pieces of equipment to he said. "Evidently: certain tissues develop an increasing affinity affinity to react to amphetamines . The N1H will carry on from «^ ' here, and we exchange ideas ,' grad-lcvel lab courses, r TF TF i! S ' v, , , ,. i "Partial results ' o f D r The problem w e r e dealing Caraway's sludies will b e d with is abuse," Dr.. Caraway published soon in a journal of e m p h a s i z e s . JIany am-abnormal dcvelopmenl and an pbelamines, many drugs in international wiro service pick normal, therapeutic, prescribed O d up early reporls that the '""-""= "" -' 1 ""~'" 1 study was under way. He will present resulls in May al a dosage. But arc not harmful, many pharmaceutical producers and doctors have ceased lo prescribe the central nervous system stimulants. Once commonly used to control appetite in the Irealmcnt of obesity, the amphetamine is no longer a diet pill component, he added. "Speed" chiefly heightens the mood from depressed states, and users learned the various nplehshape and color-codes of different pharmaceutical tablets and capsules. "By blind ex periencc," Dr. Caraway thinks, but he adds that junior and senior high school studenls are well-informed about the various "highs," and ignorant of biological possibilities. Graduate assistants working on thesis papers and undergraduate undergraduate work-study lab workers mount defective tissue specimens on parifin to make slides. Dr. Caraway uses a carousel Elide presentation in the high school seminars and the biology classroom. Uterine sections ot the treated "mothers" show varying degrees degrees of blood coagulation. Tne ]5 or IT marble-like embryos as sume a dark maroon coloration on the slides, and some defective fetuses develop splotchy maroon pigmentation, apparently, from hemorrhaging. The amphetamine is injeclec on Ihe "crilical" seventh of (lie average 3514-day g e s t a t i o n period, Dr. Caraway said; and Ihe hamsler is anesthetized for fetus removal on the 32th day All systems arc fully developed by that lime and further gesta lion is just a maltcr of growth he explained. "The Idea is to lest as many animal embryos as possible," he said. The hamster is often a tcs 1 animal because it is smai enough to be housed under laboratory conditions. Bred by a commercial New Jersey con cern, specimens have been largely free of more routine congenital defects, Dr. Caraway said, anil are procured at lov cost -- $t apiece. With Iho shortest mamalian gestation period, (he high reproduciivity of the rodent related animal combines to mako it a desirable specimen. At the same time, basic metabolism in ihe hamster is about seven times greater than tho rate ot energy conversion In tho human body, so dosage can approach abusive human In take. "Mclhcdrino {the trade name, most commonly refers lo the mclhamphelamine series corresponding corresponding lo the benzedrine abused widely during World War 11) apparently Is damaging to early fetal development" Dr. Caraway concludes generally. Dr. Caraway said posi'lve cases of still blrttv. have been 1 reported from communes and! drug using communities where females were "speed users", early In pregnancy. "There is a validity problem, 1 however," he e x p l a i n e d , "because many limes they also 'turn on' with olher things. Ant) we don't know about dosages. Ono fellow reported (a me thai lie had 'tanked up' on tablets equal lo 1,000 milligrams, which might really blow the mlnrl. But lo much of this illicitly obtained stuff Is probably contaminated." Ho said two sliidentj last year ilalewide medical association meeting. How long will the project con- Jnue? As long as the student Merest pcrsisls, Dr. Caraway said, "although that may change nest year." Since funding is cooperative between the Killgorc foundation, organized research, departmen of biology and general universi :y budgeting, investigation must oSios. be justified in terms of creating k_" student interest m t h e M b i n laboratory. Dr. Caraway agrees lhat Ih aim is important; however, hi adds that universities seem I. )B more rcsearch-eonsclous In Hie Northern states. If the interest level remain high, plans are to diversify investigation "- s . . . . . "downers" -- Iranqulllzers. l o i n c depressants an. Supreme Court AUStIN (AP) _ Ttxas Suprimt Court ApflllcorCcm: Wrll til error crcnled: fAyrll* Frgiler vs. Don R. Yrfynn, Lips- Gmb, Flelchfr Rcbb, IrdlvItJuoHy vs. Htne Veony Co-'emo.7, Individually, Zavolfl. David o. McCartv vl, Jarr.cs a, Morrl on, Dallaf. V/ril of error rtlirJW: W«!ern Preferred LIU ronce Co s. E-T.Dlre Finance Service Inc., Dallas Writ ol trrcr rtfusM, no rtm-Mt 9i^,uw JJII:LU:I UL equipment 10 ct«r!er Oak Fir« Iru m « continue.research on Hie pro- F. T.'owtit, norri«. VI nounced cellular level .effects," 5!Je S, K,°, w vs^Kmwin ww 'Ittt' iDle. - x- - ·Minor Johnson vi. John Edflor Me E. Glvenvvi, Domtd LM Tcrrel lne ' V1 ' *'"" Flora Mw V;h;iaVer vs. Central In s-ronce Co. of An)»rl«j, Dallas. Donald Love vj. Geneva Nell Lm« ' imhxl lor «" Heldr Bros. Trucks vj. Leorel Alverr/, SI;,.,. Inlcmodanal SKuritv Ufi lniuranc« Co, vj, Mese Jpnw/ Jon«. RehscrJrtF of couiri overruled: Waco vs. Texai Retired Tfocheti Rtil ntr.te Ccrp., wcLwman. James Sktrrsrd vi, fi\tt Hourj inc., Troves. RehMrfna tf oppllcfltlon* CYtmled R. E, Boscom vs. firondKn Mam facturlr-c Corp. - «f Ttww/ Johnson. Hfnche) T. McDonlrt vs. tioustxi rlarrls. Gabriel Hlco^os-vs^JomH B. Mclnfyr* TruslM, El Peso, Roloh B, Hutchlrj VJ. HsroM V^ V/elferl, Horrts. Cooper pei/olrg.ii Co. YJ, Lo Glarl 011 Goi Co., Harrli. Pdna Ph:pps vs, Chmler Cors., Ddrlond County Mutucl Iniurance Cu i Texas vs. Alien R, Mown, Jasper A. Alfred Franks vi. .' ' " . Re*d vi. Ann Smith* Toylor t to fill ptWisi fr wr» o! DV*rru1ed: ico inc./ vs, W, C, DovJi, d'ttrk 8-Speed Blender 24" Regular 35.00 Neiv design of i. gives Irue folding action action with less heed for spatula, : less splaller and and m less time,- too! 4 Days Only Starts Wednesday Blender Booh $00 Hecipcs Regular wo' 399 37.M Oven-BroHcr B a K roast on one side.., and toast on the other 13.8R !2-Cup Coffeepot. All stainless stainless steel snd totally Im- mcrsible, 14.99 24.90 Grill-Waffler, For bij Ox9-ln. waffles. Revcrsibla Teflon coaled non . stick grids. 21.88 CHARGE IT on Sears Revolving Charg*

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  2. 24 Mar 1971, Wed,
  3. Page 15

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